Nurse recognition day celebration ideas in the Middle East

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Experience sharing of Nurse recognition activities which could be done in Health Care.

Experience sharing of Nurse recognition activities which could be done in Health Care.

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  • 1. Dr. Samir
  • 2. Sharing Experience I am sharing 20 years long Nurse Recognition Celebration ideas. Used to be an organizing committee as a permanent member for a good reason, experience. These ideas are more applicable to the Middle East.
  • 3.  Draft a fund raising letter explaining the event, number of attendees, purpose,Raising Funds date, time, venue. Funds to be used for…… Funds amount/type(give 2-3 options, gold, silver sponsor, donation of gifts, coupons) Funds to be received by ………date Funds to be transferred to …. Bank account WHAT CAN YOU OFFER TO THE COMPANY DONATING? (Advertisement, recognition,) Send the fundraising letter to internal partners like gift shops, coffee shops and service providers Send the fundraising letter to major partners, vendors with x million dollar contracts. Get the highest possible executive to issue the letter and sign it. Assign one executive level member to communicate with vendors, receive donations and gifts, state his contact details in the fundraising letter Send the fundraising letter as early as possible to procurement department to share with vendors, after all they are partners in business.
  • 4. Book Executives 3-4 months, book top executives calendar so that they have enough time to plan and confirm attendance
  • 5. Logo and Slogan Launch a logo competition Fast track logo selection Print on posters, signs and T-shirts Use slogan on all ppt slides across the hospital Printout Slogan and post in all units, coffee breaks Have a graphic designer standby to assist in finalizing and production of logo and other graphics ( Send the graphic design department a request) Have a back up plan in case non of the logo competition participants qualified
  • 6. Poetry Competition The number of nurses who are good in writing poetry about the nursing profession might surprise you. Read the Winners poetry during ceremonies and at Dinner
  • 7. Excellence Awards Establish a Committee Design nomination Criteria for  Excellence in bedside care  Excellence in Team Leading  Excellence in Nursing Research  Excellence in Health Informatics Send the nomination form to all nursing body
  • 8. Organize Sport Event Football Match on the side of the celebration 1 team from each specialty (Medsurg, Critical Care, Outpatient etc…) You need a good organizer to make the matrix who is playing against who and when Buy a ball and 2 colors over body Apron, easily switched among players. Buy 3 Soccer Cup (1,2,3) Football match is the best activity and most attended from my experience
  • 9. Dinner For Nurses This is the most popular and rewarding event for nurses, they feel appreciated Alternative to Dinner, lunchboxes at the units, or for pickup, use unit based coupons to track Light activities parallel to the dinner is helpful Award distribution at the Dinner is popular and encouraged, for some reason the moral is high….. Buffet should have 3-4 lanes at least for appetizers to avoid long waiting lines 4 appetizer lanes and 2 main course lanes will do Drinks distribution at the tables Announce permission to take food out after dinner, you don’t want to throw what is left Prepare taper wares for take out purpose
  • 10. The Weakest Link Easy to set up, very popular and well rated by nurses Nine contestants work as a team to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and amass prize money up to a total of x points per round. After each round, the contestants vote for whoever they consider the worst player. That player is the Weakest Link and is forced to endure the humiliating Walk of Shame. This continues with a decreasing time limit until only two players are left. They play head to head to decide the victor. Only the final winner wins any money. The other eight players leave with nothing. Host is on hand to provide scathing commentary on the players progress (or lack thereof), armed with her legendary catch-phrase: "You are the Weakest Link: goodbye!“) Prepare questions about the hospital, policies, history, fire and safety procedures. Have a top executive serious executive who have the sense of humor to moderate the show Prepare name signs and rehearse the participants
  • 11. Gifts Ideas Trophies for excellence awards is a must Electronics are the most well received gifts Purchase vouchers with long expiry dates are well appreciated. Dinner coupons, travel tickets are well appreciated Prepare storage place to store gifts from donations You can use gift coupon if you don’t have the space on the stage for pick up from store
  • 12. Celebration Do’s and Donts Please do not add academic presentations to the celebration it is not popular Have 2-3 secretary nominated to support the event, they have a lot to do ( Invitations, award certificate, communication, advertising) Prepare gifts for the winners in advance with name Make sure the winners are attending by sending them a congratulation letter Highlight the nominee’s achievements and set them as example to others Organize short entertaining activities in between official call of winners All activities should be culturally appropriate Recognize the football winners in the same ceremony.