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Top Trends 2010
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  • 1. Mega Trends & Counter Trends: How to Rock Your World August 2010 Catch the Wave
  • 2. Our mission today… Define and describe mega trends and counter trends that influence your markets. Understand how today’s trends affect how your markets respond to your messaging Learn how to get an edge in creating marketing plans and advertising campaigns with impact 2
  • 3. Definition • Fads – Fleeting, in the moment – Louboutin skin cage pumps or Kors gladiator flats? • Trends – Individualism is established – Flavors, sounds, styles that appeal to the “me” inside – Retro-looking automobiles – 60s clothing 3
  • 4. Mega Trends • Aging population • Immigration and diversity • Population growth • Suburban sprawl Megatrend: large, social, economic, political, environmental or technological change that is slow to form. Influences wide range of activities, processes, perceptions, possibly for decades 4
  • 5. Megatrends and Trends Megatrend: Aging population Trends: Buying habits, elder care, healthcare, workforce gaps when baby boomers retire Megatrend: Assimilation Trends: Shift from acculturation to maintaining ethnic identities Megatrend: Redefinition of family and role of family Trends: Single-headed HHs, unmarried couples, home schooling 5
  • 6. Behavioral Mega Trends • Smart products • Smart kids* • Time compression • Libra effect 6
  • 7. Where kids can do what they Wannado…..250 ways Art Academy Movie production State Farm Bank Circus training Storytelling Flight simulators Broadway theater Pizza chef school City courthouse Publix supermarket Coffeehouse (adults) 7
  • 8. Global Consumer Trends • Age complexity • Gender complexity • Life stage complexity • Income complexity • Sensory experiences* • Connectivity • Individualism • Less is more 8
  • 9. Travel Anywhere….(Be One with the World) 9
  • 10. Consumer Trend #1: Business as Unusual 10
  • 11. Consumer Trend #2: Urbany 11
  • 12. Subtrend: Urban Pride 12
  • 13. Consumer Trend #3: Real-time Reviews Live reviews from aboard the maiden flight of BA’s new all-business service between London City and JFK 13
  • 14. Innovative Marketing Trends – Tools • Leveraging offline & online connections • Green & grey • Co-creation (ideation & products) • CGA (consumer generated adv’g) • Buzz tracking • “New” value marketing • Crowd sourcing (open call)* 14
  • 15. Consumer Trend #4: [F]luxury 15
  • 16. Old Brands are Fresh 16
  • 17. 17
  • 18. Counter Trends • Trend – Life is good • Counter Trend – Trust no one • Trend – Eat healthy • Counter Trend – Eat like a king 18
  • 19. Consumer Trend #9: Profile Myning 19
  • 20. Consumer Trend #10: Maturialism 20
  • 21. Trends in How We Work • Outsourcing / collaboration • 24/7 culture • Authenticity… 21
  • 22. Authenticity • Outsourcing / collaboration • 24/7 culture • Authenticity 22
  • 23. Trends in How We Work • Outsourcing / collaboration • 24/7 culture • Authenticity • Spirituality in the workplace • The third place … 23
  • 24. The Third Place • Def: A place other than home or work where a person can go to relax and feel part of the community • Comfortable place where it’s easy to enter conversation • Are your clients creating this for their customers? • Are you creating this for your employees…your clients? 24
  • 25. B-to-B Marketing Trends • Define customer needs / REAL VALUE • Lead charge / process for ORGANIC GROWTH • Better UNDERSTANDING/ TOOLS for MANAGING VALUE • Generate better B-to-B marketing / METRICS – ROI • SPEED NEW OFFERINGS / HIT RATE – De- commoditization • Bring full strategic impact of marketing to THE C-SUITE ISBM Trends 2010 Study 25
  • 26. 26
  • 27. What do do? • Consumer centric – immerse yourself in their lives • Think small – be a brand evangelist – word of mouth, limited run makes it exclusive • Keep your edge – stay fresh, on trend, cool curiosity • Tap in to pop culture – celebs are trendsetters • Free agents empowered by tech – like niche brands like LG, changing brand loyalty – all about NOW • Brand personality – live relationship with customer – stand for something 27
  • 28. Want to Keep Up with Marketing Trends? tenbyten.org Collects pictures and words every hour with headlines of what’s happening right now. Interactive presentation of the pictures and words that define the time. news.agendainc.com A blog about pop culture and brand strategy. blogpulse.com An automated trend discovery system for blogs. thecoolhunter.net Roaming the globe so you’re in the know. dailycandy.com The latest trendy items by city. Updated daily with features on new products, services, restaurants, more. flavorpill.com Publisher of filtered cultural information, distributed in a series of graphical email magazines. google.com/trends/hottrends A fascinating look at the top search terms, by category. What’s on other people’s minds? iconoculture.com Translates emerging trends and consumer insights across product categories, lifestyle segments, and demographic groups. influxinsights.com Articles about emerging trends. marumushi.com/apps/newsm A visual snapshot of world news. ap/newsmap.cfm psfk.com A blog dedicated to interesting cultural trends and tidbits. splendora.com A fashion and style site with city guides, weekly forecasts, articles, and more. springwise.com New business ideas from around the world. transculturalism.com Focused on cross-cultural interests including identity and the modern quest for belonging. trendcentral.com Bite-sized insights into global consumer trends. trendhunter.com A magazine dedicated to finding what’s cool before anybody else. trendwatching.com “Most visited source” for information on consumer trends. Taps over 6,000 trend-spotters to identify emerging trends. urbanpioneerproject.com A global social anthropology eliciting the aid of urban volunteers. utne.com Reprints the best articles from over 2,000 alternative media sources to collect the latest ideas and trends emerging in our culture. Source: GetFutureThink.com 28
  • 29. Life Philosophy: Keep the Shiny Side Up! Contact me at ssaurage@SaurageResearch.com or on Facebook or LinkedIn Blog: www.RealitySpikes.com @RealitySpikes 29