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HootSuite is a social relationship platform for businesses and organizations to collaboratively monitor, engage and schedule posts across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard.

HootSuite Enterprise allows organizations to consolidate social assets (Twitter, Facebook, etc) into one parent account and centralize the management of social media users with advanced permissions and access levels. Advantages to this setup include security, compliance, global reporting, upgraded features and premium service levels. Learn more at: http://enterprise.hootsuite.com

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  • HootSuite Enterprise - Enterprise Social Relationship Platform

    1. 1. HootSuite Enterprise Empower Social Businesses Globally
    2. 2. Social is Exploding Social is Exploding 400M Tweets -38% 32% -40% -20% 0% 20% 40% Source: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, ComScore Social Email 3.2 Billion Likes 5 Billion Servings 4 Billion Videos Watched 5 Million PIctures YoY Growth (18-35 yr olds) Consumers are flocking to Social… …and leaving email behind. One Day in Social
    3. 3. Future Growth is Staggering
    4. 4. Rise of the Social Business “Social is the most effective medium businesses have ever had to engage their customers.” Of companies are adopting Social Technologies. [McKinsey] 70% 2016 Phone  Mail   Fax   Social  Media  In  Person   eMail   When social communication will overtake email and telephone. [Gartner]
    5. 5. ROI of the Social Business Of Global CEOs say social media will be top way to engage customers within 3-5 years. [IBM] 57% Annual value social technologies stand to unlock. [McKinsey] $1.3T Increase in employee productivity due to use of social technologies within the enterprise. [McKinsey] 25%
    6. 6. Anatomy of a Brand Advocate Everyone is looking for advocates. Invested in Your Brand’s Success Willing to Defend your Company Aligned with your Core Objectives
    7. 7. Employees = Brand Advocates
    8. 8. Transitioning to Social Business Social Customer Social Business Social Brand §  Monitoring §  No ownership §  Team Engagement §  Brand Management §  Campaigns §  Customer Service §  Company-Wide Engagement §  Inter-Team Coordination §  Global Policies, Controls & Safety §  Mobile
    9. 9. Develop a Social Strategy 7 Steps to Developing Your Social Strategy 1.  Establish business goals and a plan to achieve them. 2.  Develop policies to protect employees and organization. 3.  Conduct a social media audit. 4.  Map out permissions, workflow, crises triage. 5.  Develop a content strategy. 6.  Prepare the organization and have a trained team. 7.  Choose the right Social Media Management vendor. Source: Altimeter
    10. 10. Need for Social Media Management Need for Social Media Management Sales! Marke2ng! Cust.!Service! Engineering! Finance! HR! Legal! X" =" (Chaos)! But managing social is becoming more complicated… …and there are few solutions up for the task. X"
    11. 11. Introducing HootSuite LargeScreen Command Center Enterprise Engagement Solution 3. Analyze & Measure 1. Listen & Monitor 2.Publish& Engage Suiteof MobileApps
    12. 12. HootSuite by the Numbers •  Founded 2008 •  7M+ Users in 175+ Countries •  24hr Global Presence & Support •  79 of Fortune 100
    13. 13. Built for the Social Business Enterprise Scalability Centralize social media management and reporting across departments Designed for Users Easy to use with coordinated workflows, education and training Security & Compliance Secure & protect branded social assets Connects the Enterprise Integrate with existing systems, platform consolidation, cost savings Built for a Global Workforce Mobile Apps + Language Translations Sales   Research  &     Development   Finance  &   Accoun7ng  
    14. 14. Trusted by Top Global Brands
    15. 15. Industry Leading Relationships Charter Member - Certified Developer Program Certified Product & Strategic Partner Preferred Marketing Developer Launch Partner for Google+ Pages
    16. 16. Enterprise Integrations (Apps + SDK)
    17. 17. Connecting the Enterprise •  Integrate with Existing Systems •  Measure Social ROI •  Advanced Workflows"
    18. 18. Translations + Localization •  English   •  French   •  Spanish   •  Japanese   •  Italian   •  German   •  Dutch   •  Indonesian   •  Chinese  (Tradi<onal  &   Simplified)   •  20+  Others  
    19. 19. Social Media Use Cases Uses extend far beyond simple listening to what is now a growing list of mission critical applications. Customer Service Crisis Management Community Engagement Training Market Research Campaign Execution
    20. 20. Engagement & Brand Monitoring •  Monitor in real time for on-brand messaging and influencer sentiment across multiple social networks & audiences. •  Save time with the editorial calendar to coordinate content. •  Set and forget message scheduling with optional bulk uploading. •  Message optimization including Geo/Demographic targeting. Streamline and optimize across social channels "
    21. 21. Coordination & Team Workflow •  Collaboratively post updates to social networks via web or mobile. •  Smart coordination promotes efficiency by visibly showing assignments, responses and alerts. •  Communicate, share and amplify messages across organization with HootSuite Conversations. •  Scalable – Built to grow with your team no matter the size. Coordinate social media activity across your organization "
    22. 22. Security & Governance •  Multi-level governance offering role-based permissions with workflows for message approvals. •  Prevent accidental postings from web and mobile with advanced profile safety features. •  Secure cloud-based infrastructure with HTTPS, OAuth & Single Sign- On (SSO). •  Social Compliance – pre-review, compliance & archiving for regulated industries. Protect your team and brand’s social assets "
    23. 23. Analytics & Optimization •  Track campaign success and optimize efforts with over 50 social analytic report modules. •  Schedule and automate custom reports and dashboards for teams, clients and executives. •  Manage Twitter Ads directly from dashboard. •  Measure Social ROI by connecting social campaigns to any web analytics platform. Track, measure and optimize social campaigns "
    24. 24. HootSuite Command Center Visual KPI Wall Display Real-Time Social Analytics Add Data Feeds from Other Systems (CRM, Web Analytics) Crisis Management Voice of the Customer Tracking Sponsorship & Promotions
    25. 25. Enterprise Service & Support Everything you require to get up and running – fast. Support & Education •  Account Manager •  24Hr Tier-1 Support •  HootSuite University •  Prioritized Product Feedback Launch Services •  Account Setup •  Dashboard Configuration •  Workflow Optimization •  Role-Based Training •  Analytic/KPI Discovery •  Custom Report Building •  Deployment Planning & Rollout
    26. 26. HootSuite Security Highlights Secure your social assets •  OAuth 2.0 Standard •  HTTPS (SSL) Default •  SSO (SAML) Option •  3 Layers of Permissions •  Approval Workflow •  Password Protection 4 of top 5 risks associated with implementing a social strategy involve security. [Survey of 3,542 corporate executives] •  All Actions Logged •  Daily Hot Backups •  Malware Protection •  Disaster Recovery Protection •  Brute Force Attack Protection •  Guaranteed Uptime SLA 99.9%
    27. 27. HootSuite Security Services 76% of social media crises could have been diminished or averted. SOCIAL ASSET AUDIT Audit your branded accounts and create an Access Control Map. Avoid security risks associated with weak or shared passwords. Prevent employees from posting to the wrong profiles. Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation. CRISIS SIMULATION Education and awareness on best practices and crisis prevention. Review and optimize your crisis response plan, train your team, and simulate a crisis. Post-simulation review and collaborative recommendations.
    28. 28. HootSuite Security & Compliance Listen. Engage. Measure. DISCOVER YOUR BRAND’S SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS Automatically scan social networks to find and categorize your brand’s social media accounts. Receive automated alerts when new or fraudulent branded accounts are created. ✔   MONITOR FOR RISK AND COMPLIANCE Automatically scan every tweet, comment and post with advanced analytics and alert/log/ remove spam, abusive and offensive content, as well as any links to malware, exploits or other dangerous content. ✔   PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNTS FROM HACKERS AND ABUSE Stop social account hacks and tampering with Nexgate's patented Profile Lock technology. Lock down social applications to ensure compliant publishing by employees. ✔   COMPLY WITH INDUSTRY REGULATIONS One-click compliance policies, reports and archiving for FINRA, FFIEC, LIMRA, FDA, HIPAA, FTC, FCC, and many other regulations. ✔   Enterprise-ready security and compliance for regulated industries, including FINRA, IIROC, SEC, FDA, HIPAA and FFIEC regulated firms. Protect. Comply. Archive. Search.
    29. 29. Take Their Word For It “HootSuite is the most commonly deployed platform across enterprise corporations.” -Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group 2012 Study
    30. 30. Find Out More Shane Sauer Corporate Accounts Email: shane.sauer@hootsuite.com Twitter: @ShaneSauer LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shanebsauer Work: +1 (778) 383-1617 Mobile: +1 (604) 644-3066