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Job Search Tips
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Job Search Tips


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Published in: Career, Technology
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  • 1. From the CEO of RiseSmart Sanjay Sathe
  • 2. Searching for a job?
    • You’re not alone
    • But you need to stand out
    • Practice these tips from seasoned hiring managers
  • 3. 1) Your resume
    • Represents you
    • Is scrutinized
    • Is read for 5 seconds!
    • Make an impression quickly
      • Keep it to 1 page
      • Use a clean layout
      • Make it easy to scan with bold headlines and bullets
  • 4. 2) Your cover letter
    • Determine if your resume will be read
    • Keep it short, <10 sentences
    • Include a personal intro
    • Include why you want the job, not just because it’s a job, but why the company is the most interesting one to you
  • 5. 3) Your social networks
    • Leverage them - add friends immediately after meeting them, stay active.
  • 6. 4) Your online reputation
    • Share your knowledge in Yahoo or LinkedIn Answers
    • Create a Google Alert for your name –know everything that’s said about you online  your future employer will.
  • 7. 5) Include pictures
    • Yes, you will be “Facebook-ed”
    • Include some personal and professional pictures
    • Remember that any picture may be seen by a future employer  do you want that drunken night out to be public knowledge?
  • 8. 6) Network!
    • Free events are plentiful – attend them!
    • Bring business cards, make personal ones
    • Check or Facebook for events
    • RSVP and show up in time for cocktail hour.
    • Be outgoing – introduce yourself to others
  • 9. 7) Know your goals
    • Know yourself and your goals
    • Have a good answer to “what are you looking for?”
    • Have a clear list of industries, salary reqs, and company reqs
    • Create a list of target companies
  • 10. 8) Search early, search often
    • It’s good to be early in the application process. Jobs may get 50+ candidates, later ones are often ignored
    • Use meta-search engines, or
    • Use a meta-search service,, so you never miss an opportunity
  • 11. 9) Send follow-up emails
    • If you don’t get a reply to your email, send a follow-up
    • The worst that can happen is no reply
  • 12. 10) Stay organized
    • Use or a task manager to stay on top of your job search
    • Don’t drop any balls
    • Find opportunities, find networking connections, and get your applications in.