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Slide show presentation of the agenda. Goals and tasks for the Golf and Grounds Maintenance Dept.

Slide show presentation of the agenda. Goals and tasks for the Golf and Grounds Maintenance Dept.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Pinehurst Country Club Greens Committee Meeting Thursday, August 9th 2012
  • 2.  Chairperson Report – Erich Tiepel General Manager’s Report – Loren Pippin Grounds Report – Steve Sarro  Water Update: Lease Status, Pond Master Plan, Ft. Logan Ditch Upgrades  Master Plan Objectives:  15 Tee Renovation and budget estimate,  In-house winter projects: par 3 tee leveling, Sand trap renovation on 4, 9, 18  New Business  Poa/bent trials  Rounds 4 Research
  • 3.  Currently we have used 60 AF of the 125 AF on lease. We are projecting to expire these leases near September 15th if there is no further rainfall. Denver Water has offered to extend the lease with us if needed through October. Irrigation demand is less in October, but recovery will be important
  • 4.  Two projects to assist with delivery of water to Pinehurst and other constituents  1st project: During the expansion of Quincy between Wadsworth and Kipling, a splitter box will be installed. Allows Harriman Ditch to flow into the Warrior Ditch and provide versatility.  2nd project: A second splitter box to put Ft. Logan Ditch into Urban Drainage sooner to avoid ditch through the neighborhood and costly maintenance.
  • 5.  15 Tee Renovation  Includes all tee boxes  Adds up to 30 yards in length to the 1 cone tees  Upgrades the old “runway” design  Increased potential for water savings with native grasses incorporated around the tee boxes  Replaces the cart path and moves it to the right side of the tee box  Minor enhancements to Windmill Hill
  • 6.  Non-competitive bid was approximately $65,000 Up to $6,200 in design fees. (Approximately 10% of the scope of work) Design Fees Include:  Revised Grading Study  Construction Specifications  Bid Forms  Solicit and Collect Competitive Bids  Analyze Bids and Assist with Selecting Contractor  Up to Four Site Visits for Field Adjustments
  • 7.  Par 3 tees to be addressed on both Golf Courses Total of 30,950 square feet of Par 3 tees Till, Amend Soil, Compact and Level Surface:  $3,000 Sand  $7,800 Sod  Contractor: Pinehurst Grounds
  • 8.  Sand Traps are recommended to be renovated every 10-15 years. According to records the Maxwell traps are 12 years old. It is time to determine a replacement schedule
  • 9.  Sand Bunker Goals  Evaluate size and placement of the bunker  Upgrade or install drainage  Install irrigation around perimeter  Re-grass edges of the bunker  New screened sand into bunkers and proper depths
  • 10. Goal: Remove Poa Annua from puttingsurfaces to increase performance
  • 11.  2012: We are providing a drier surface and we have seen a major improvement in bentgrass populations on all putting greens. Maxwell Greens average 20% bentgrass Pfluger Greens average 75% bentgrass Goal: 95-100% bentgrass populations  Better roll and performance  Less water due to deeper roots  Higher tolerance for heat stress Use Chipping Green for poa annua trials
  • 12.  Older varieties of bentgrass is contaminating tees, fairways and approaches. Inconsistent turf surfaces. A new chemical has been developed and studied for a few years that kills bentgrass in other turf species. Goal: To provide consistent turfgrass varieties in all short grass areas.
  • 13.  Suggested trial locations: 5 Maxwell, 3 cone tee and/or 1 Pfluger Approach. Three applications are made in the fall and again in the spring if necessary. Bentgrass turns white and does not process photosynthesis and dies. Re-seeding with blue or ryegrass to fill in any bare spots.
  • 14. Tenacity herbicide trial This trial was performed byOhio State University in a golf course setting.
  • 15.