Music audience survey research analysis


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Music audience survey research analysis

  1. 1. IntroductionThe purpose of myself producing this questionnaire is to help me to producethe best music magazine that I am to produce with my media abilities. Withinmy questionnaire, I have a variety of open and closed questions to be able toreceive a variety of qualitative and quantitative data. My sample is 10 to beable to get a valid and reliable amount of feedback from my questionnaire.
  2. 2. What is your gender? • According to the data that I have gathered upon this question. These results indicates that more females were interested into the KPOP genre. The individuals that was willing to answer my questionnaire said that they had an interest outside the topic upon the KPOP which was on the Korean culture, fashion, food and the different genres that involve around the KPOP genre.
  3. 3. What is your ethnicity? • In reference to the results that I have received upon this question, it shows other ethnic minorities such as Black British and Filipino are more familiarised, influence or may of seen news reports upon the Korean culture or music. But, as for those individuals from Eastern European, Other Asian, Indian , Pakistani, Mixed, Black(other) and Black African ethnic minorities said that their friends got them in the KPOP genre when their friends let them listen to songs from Korean solo singers and groups. And they say they really love the instrumentals of KPOP songs.
  4. 4. Which type of Magazine do you prefer to read? • Looking at these results , it tells me that out of the 10 individuals that answered my questionnaire, 7% of them said that they would mostly go for music magazine that feature celebrity gossips and music reviews because these articles would keep them up to date with the new and upcoming albums and songs from their favourite artist and to have an insight into their favourite artist showbiz and non-showbiz life.
  5. 5. How much would you spend on a KPOP Magazine? • In reference to my results upon that is presented on the graph on the left, it conveys that most of the individuals who filled out my questionnaire said that they would not spend more than 5 pounds on a magazine because they are that they said such as small item such as a magazine no one should spend that much on a magazine. 9 of 10 would spend at least 2 between to 3 pounds on a magazine but as for the one individual who would not mind spending at least 4 pounds on a magazine said that he wouldn’t mind because he has a part time job working within retail.
  6. 6. What title would you give for a KPOP Magazine?• BAM!!• Empire of KPOP/ K-Empire• K-Style• K-StarReferring to the list above, these are all the ideas that the 4 out of 10 other individuals who were able to give me a feedback. Looking at these list of ideas, has helped me to choose from what is listed or somehow get an idea of what title I should give to my music magazine.
  7. 7. What colour theme would you prefer on a KPOP Magazine? • Looking at my results as shown the graph on the left. 5 of 10 of the individuals that filled out my survey chosen the colour theme purple because they said it would suit the genre that I am basing my music magazine upon. But, as for the other colours themes that I have listed, the other 5 out of 10 said that they picked these colours because they really like these colours and they thought it would go with the genre that I am doing for my music magazine.
  8. 8. What do you focus on when you buy a KPOP Magazine? • In reference upon my results on this question, it tells me that 6 out of 10 of the individuals that filled in my questionnaire said they focus on the focal image when they buy magazines because they said that the main image on the front cover is very big and clear to see as the image is always set in the middle. But, as for the individuals who said they focus on sell/cover lines and prizes/competitions said that they don’t focus on image when they buy magazines because they feel and believe that what is included in a magazines is much important when purchasing a magazine.
  9. 9. If you were to buy a KPOP Magazine, what would convince you to buy the magazine? • 5 out of 10 individual who answered my questionnaire said that they are convince by the images when it comes to buying KPOP magazines because they said that the images brings meaning and interest when the reader looks at and into your magazine. But, as for the other 5 out of 10 individuals who said they are convinced by featuring articles, colours and style of text they all said that this is the main focus in a magazine rather than images.
  10. 10.   What words would you associate with the term ‘KPOP?’Referring to all the words that my 10 participates that were willing to fill in my music questionnaire, associated the KPOP genre with words such as, Asian , Korean , groups, solo singers and pop music. As these individuals were familiar with this genre and know bits of what is involved around KPOP and within the Korean culture. But as for the individuals that did not answer this question said they just don’t know anything about the KPOP genre.
  11. 11. How old are you?• According to the 10 individuals that answered my questionnaire, most of them were around the ages of  17 and 18 but, there was one individual who was 26 years who has an interest in the KPOP genre. As  this tells me that the KPOP genre is not known well amongst young adults and other individuals that  are older.