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Here is a sample of my work. Please see my website for a complete collection.

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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Susan Leigh Sanfelippo Portfolio
  2. 2. Typographic Morphology: A Systematic Catalog of Structural Possibilities is a sequence of pages that visually and verbally demonstrates the understanding and mastery of typographic principles for paginated print-based systems and how to technically achieve them using a page layout Typography program such as Adobe InDesign. Exhumed
  3. 3. Carved linoleum. Typeset and printed on a Vandercook press. 25 prints & artist’s proof. printmaking 5”x7” Letterpress: Self-Portrait
  4. 4. Cover art by Susan Lukas & James Mlaker Terri Nielsen  A    U Your gift registry is as important as the planning of your wedding. Whether Tracy Bushman you are combining households or decorating your first home or vacation Poet squares are beautifully painted home, with several textures and colors then quotes are added. In these frames you can place your favorite photo, invitation or poem. Custom colors offers you original can be requested from the artist. artwork and unique pieces that cannot be found elsewhere. This catalog is merely a glimpse of what you will discover when you walk through our doors. You will find Susan Corkum gifts to cherish forever. Stained glass with a twist! These original designs are colorful and contemporary. Pick your favorite yard stake or hanging piece. One will surely be perfect for you. This stained glass can be used indoors or outdoors and is lead free. Your invitation sets the stage for your special day, so why should your card be ordinary? Our selection of wedding invitations, save the date, RSVP and more are all handmade here in Wisconsin. Customize your stationary directly with the artist and make your wedding an original, starting with the invitation. Carrie Crockatt P         P      Original oil & acrylic paintings are available in a wide selection. You can also choose a signed and numbered Giclée print. Our painters offer several different styles, one is sure to please you. Chuck Weber Our photography is as varied as our paintings. From the subtle to the Patrice Herbst vibrant, each is a different interpretation on this medium. If you are drawn to black and white, we have a beautiful selection for you to choose from. If it’s color, the sky’s the limit. From layered imaging to familiar scenes, these artists do their craft well. Adrian Friese C    Our ceramics are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. Your family and friends will enjoy choosing a piece from your list or surprising you with their choice. Either way, your dinner table will look fabulous. Susan Radke Hand painted silk makes wonderful shower or bridesmaids' gifts. Shawls, scarfs, shirts, and ribbons are just a few of the handcrafted items available. Match them with your bridesmaids' dresses  or even wrap the ribbons around   the bouquets to give them the perfect look.  Jessie Schroeder Voss J      C When you walk through our doors you are greeted by an artist and welcomed by our artwork. Lynita Wolf Enjoy the gallery! We open our doors because of you. Original jewelry from four designers are the perfect accessories to any outfit. Their use of metals mixed with glass, stone, pearls, and more offer a stunning array suitable for everyday or formal wear. Custom pieces may be created upon request. S C, O Susan Sanfelippo, Graphic Designer Susan Lukas, Logo Design Bridal registry brochure created for Purloin Studio, Freelance Menomonee Falls, WI. Purloin Studio
  5. 5. Create two posters that combine word, form, and context to amplify, shift, or redirect meaning that strengthens the overall design, concept, and message conveyed. Typography 13”x19” Explorations of a Reading Space
  6. 6. made from recycled materials. machine washable. is a multi-purpose travel pouch that combines the features of a cosmetic bag with a lunch tote. everything you need, everywhere you go. rov is a multipurpose travel pouch that combines the features of a cosmetic bag with a lunch tote. “Everything you need, everywhere you go.” Created for FUSE, a store of innovative products created Graphic Design by graphic design students at UW-Milwaukee. FUSE
  7. 7. A photograph is the visual representation of a single moment in time, stopped, and removed from the temporal continuum. SLR camera. Manually processed and printed. Photography 8"x10" Time