Marketing and how atl and btl activity relate to marketing mc presentation


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Topic: Marketing and how ATL and BTL activity relate to marketing. Managerial Communication presentation presented to Sir Tehseen Ahmed

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  • Marketing is an activity. Marketing activities and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers while making profits for the companies that offer those products.
  • We will guide or put some light on ATL n BTL but before that, what Is Line in ATL or BTL, actually Line marketing is a style of promotional activity that focuses on the medium or the channel we use to communicate with we will communicate to consumers by using which channel whether its mass media or direct meeting etc,(will further elaborate you in next slides).Further There are three types of line MKT, but 2 r majorly used i.e. ATL and BTLJust Read n understand:Through the line marketing activities are those which essentially re-marry the two halves of the equation. It's joining up the thinking to use above the line activities, such as TV or radio adverts to direct the audience to a below the line activity such as a call center or the company website, and making the whole process traceable.
  • Script:-if the target group is limited and specific, it is always advisable to use BTL promotions for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, because when you directly target the audience you cosy will be saved, how? For example:- you one to promote a product let suppose any beauty care soap, he/she will setup ur a stall at malls or the places where the audience are mostly females, because their targeted audience are females.
  • Direct mail is a way of advertising in which advertisers mail printed ads, letters or other solicitations to large groups of consumers. direct mail is the third largest media expenditure, right behind television and newspaper! Example:- Any super market sends their customers a promotional deal (add) of discount price list.The activity of designing or developing a themed activity, occasion, display, or exhibit (such as a sporting event, music festival, fair, or concert) to promote a product, cause, or organization. Also called event creation. Example:- Suzuki motors recently organized “used Car Gala at expo center.”
  • Promotion marketing is any message that includes an incentive to persuade the target audience to take immediate action, thereby driving some form of brand interaction that leads to a current or future purchase. Example: If u buy our detergent, you will get a chance to enter into a lucky draw and through which you can get many exciting prizes.
  • Pamphlet:A small booklet or leaflet containing information about a single subject.Stickers:You must have seen the Sticker of iqra university at the back of the cars which is also a part of marketing.Brochure:A small book or magazine containing pictures and information about a product or service.
  • Marketing and how atl and btl activity relate to marketing mc presentation

    1. 1. Topic “Marketing and How ATL and BTL activity relate to Marketing”
    2. 2. What is Marketing? Marketing  The action or business of promoting and selling products or services is called Marketing.  Marketing is about meeting the needs and wants of customers.  Marketing is about understanding customers and finding ways to provide products or services which customers demand.  “Marketing is the life of trade.” - Calvin Coolidge
    3. 3. What is Marketing? Advantages  It promotes business, through which one get recognition and attention of products and business.  It improves the businesses profits by boosting sales. Disadvantages  Adverting and marketing is costly and timely.  It may have some Communication barrier.
    4. 4. Examples of Marketing
    5. 5. What is Line Marketing?  A style of promotional activity that focuses attention on communicating to consumers via different means:  Above the Line marketing (ATL)  Below the line marketing (BTL)
    6. 6. A.T.L  Medium of A.T.L activities:  Electronic: it include TV adds and radio.  Non electronic: Print media it include banners news papers etc.  Billboards.
    7. 7. Print media
    8. 8. Billboards
    9. 9. How BTL activity relate to marketing?  Below the line marketing (BTL) is the ability to tailor their messaging in more personal manner to audience.  It is a targeted approach.  To reach consumers directly through alternative forms of marketing.
    10. 10. Mediums of BTL  Direct Mail Event marketing
    11. 11. Mediums of BTL  Promotional marketing
    12. 12. How BTL activity relate to marketing  Examples: distribution of pamphlets, stickers, promotions , brochures etc…  Involve product demos & samplings at busy places like malls and market places or at any event.  Ensure recall of the brand while at the same time highlighting the features of the product.
    13. 13. Examples  Pamphlet  Stickers  Brochure
    14. 14. ATL vs BTL
    15. 15. Conclusion Today Marketing is used widely and has become necessary for an organization. Above the line is the repeater approach. Below the line is the revolver approach. Both techniques are used to target consumers in the best possible ways depend on the nature of product. So, Its up to whether to use ATL or BTL technique.