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Azimuth LLLC

  1. 1. Azimuth Temporary Workforce Employer of Record Azimuth, LLC                                                                                                                                      Azimuth, LLC.                                                                              Origin, 21st Century –                                                                        A Strategic and Progressive Human Capital Management firm. Azimuth, LLC is a full service human resource organization specializing in the role of 3rd party employer of record for the contingent / contract or temporary staffing needs of its client companies.  Disciplines include but are not limited to: skilled industrial, technical, Information Technology, office/administrative and professional staff. What sets Azimuth apart from our competition is our exceptional customer service combined with extremely flexible, client defined service customized to suit each individual client company’s unique selection, prequalification and ongoing payroll needs.  Azimuth works directly with employment professionals and client companies to develop cost effective solutions for contractors and long-term temp to direct hire workers.
  2. 2. Azimuth Azimuth, LLC Azimuth by Definition: (pronounced Az-meth)                                                       Origin, 14th Century – Middle English, prior Medieval Latin. A navigational term used to describe the horizontal direction expressed as the angular distance in degrees, between the direction of a fixed point and a target position. An essential element used in charting a course or direction.  Most commonly known azimuth's from 0 degrees North are 90 degrees (East), 180 degrees (South), 270 degrees (West). Before early navigators discovered longitude they had no way to know exactly where in the world they actually were. Once this breakthrough was made, navigators used azimuths to easily navigate through a largely unexplored world. Let Azimuth help your company navigate toward a “new world” of cost saving employment options for your key contract or temp to hire positions. We offer cutting edge solutions to help your company navigate the constantly changing employment market, while reducing your exposure to rapidly escalating workers compensation and unemployment costs.
  3. 3. Azimuth Available Services for Client Companies Azimuth, LLC DHS Employer ID# 270151073 Services available include, but are not limited to the following:                    E-Verify (formerly the basic “Pilot Program”)    This is provided for ALL new employees regardless of position filled in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.                            Additional services available include:  Detailed private pre-screening of candidates including: * Drug Test                                  * Criminal Background Check * Credit Check                              * Employment Verification  * Professional Reference Check        * 3rd Party Social Security Verification  * Client customized pre-assignment testing and evaluation * Extensive pre-assignment interviews * Long-term client / candidate relationship development.      
  4. 4. Azimuth Available Services for Client Companies Azimuth, LLC Programs offered include: Open ended payroll processing, from one week to over a year. (no time limits). Complete payroll funding and accounts receivable processing. Azimuth is responsible for all general liability, workers compensation and unemployment insurance costs including all state and federal withholding including FICA match.    Collaboration with staffing agencies or internal recruiters to help fill key positions. Affordable and Transportable healthcare benefit plans available to all of our temporary employees, including Benefit administration. Outsourced Human Resources functions for all assigned employees.
  5. 5. Azimuth Available Services for Client Companies Azimuth, LLC Azimuth is the perfect solution for your contract staffing or temp to hire needs.  We will work with you one on one to mirror your internal hiring process and develop in-depth prequalification procedures to minimize the potential for mis-matches for your organization. Azimuth is also a great tool for employers with concerns about the 1099 status of any individual contractors.  Let Azimuth act as the employer of record, completely eliminating any IRS / 1099 worker misclassification. Employers with government contracts, Azimuth is fully E-Verify compliant. Each and every person is electronically verified for right to work status as required for companies doing business  under a government contract. We offer a variety of candidate sourcing options in addition to working directly with your internal Human Resource department.  Azimuth has the ability to work with any 3rd party recruiter or agency but maintains preferred vendor relationships with A.S.G. Staffing, Advanced Search Group, and Solution Partners as its source of qualified, pre-screened candidates.
  6. 6. Azimuth Available Services for Job Candidates Azimuth, LLC Azimuth serves as your W-2 Employer of Record while on assignment. Once you successfully complete our internal hiring process, you will be assigned to the client company who's contract or temporary staffing needs most closely match your skill set. Our process will mirror that of the client company whenever possible in order to facilitate a smooth transition, if or when you are hired on by the client as a direct employee of the company. For 1099 Contractors, we offer W-2 status as an "employee" of Azimuth.    As such, we will handle all state and federal tax withholding as well as match your FICA contribution.  This is beneficial to you when a client has concerns about paying you as a 1099 contractor directly, for IRS Worker Classification reasons. We offer a variety of benefits from 401K with employer matching, to affordable and transportable health care benefit plans from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois.  A variety of supplemental benefits are also available through other carriers. Payroll is weekly based on approved time reports from the client company. We offer direct deposit, payroll "cash card", and traditional paychecks.
  7. 7. Azimuth More About Us . Azimuth, LLC Azimuth, LLC works exclusively with 3rd party recruiters and internal H.R. professionals. Azimuth was developed to address the need for an alternate employer of record where specific pre-screening of contract and contract to hire workers is required by an individual client company.  Azimuth also has the ability to provide long-term temp to hire options, giving its clients the ability to augment staffing needs without the fees traditionally associated with a direct hire placement. Our mission is to provide unique and customizable service levels with respect to each particular client's needs. What sets Azimuth apart is its flexibility and responsiveness to adapt to the specific pre-assignment needs of our very diverse clientele. We serve as the temporary workforce employer of record, providing all payroll, withholding tax, workers compensation and general liability coverage. Additionally, we provide human resource management and 3rd party benefit coordination including 401K with matching contribution to qualified candidates.
  8. 8. Azimuth How It Works. Azimuth, LLC
  9. 9. Azimuth Contact Us: Azimuth, LLC To find out more about us: Contact: Charles R. Nystrom Tom Turigliatto Suzanne Sallay Azimuth, LLC. 231 W. Grand Avenue, Suite 102 Bensenville, Illinois  60106 630-787-6161 630.787.1355 630.787.6166 630-787-0029 (fax) [email_address] [email_address] [email_address]