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Role of software in the solution of problems of state and commercial organizations
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Role of software in the solution of problems of state and commercial organizations


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AACIMP 2010 Summer School lecture. "Information Technologies" stream. ""Smart Planet": Advanced Methods of Analytics" course. …

AACIMP 2010 Summer School lecture. "Information Technologies" stream. ""Smart Planet": Advanced Methods of Analytics" course.
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  • 1. Роль програмного забезпечення у вирішенні задач комерційних та державних організацій. Різноманітність програмних платформ і рішень. Сервіс-орієнтована архітектура (SOA). © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 2. Building a smarter planet New Intelligence: A smarter planet gives organizations the vision to see without being there. Matiq: Employs RFID tags to trace meat and poultry from German supermarket: Uses smart RFID labels the farm to store shelves to ensure safety and freshness to manage inventory with real-time sales data, and provide more transparency to consumers.1 improving product availability and enhancing the consumer experience.2 U.S. power company: Saves $1.2 million annually IBM Deep Thunder: Leverages computing power, by using an RFID-based fleet optimization system to visualization and data analytics to generate high- reduce the amount of repair work on their vehicles.2 resolution weather forecasts for areas as fine as 1 to 2 square kilometers.3 1 Approved Smart Planet Client References 2 Smarter planet sales deck Sam Palmisano speech, November 12, 2008 2 3 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 3. Building a smarter planet Green and Beyond: A smarter planet empowers organizations to do more, using less. Landmark: Revolutionizes petroleum frontier StatoilHydro: Links advanced real-time sensing exploration in Texas by integrating data sources capabilities in the field to collaborate and analyze to increase the likelihood of finding profitable resources across the enterprise for Enhanced Oil sources of oil.1 Recovery (EOH) resulting in significant increased production and improved operational efficiency at reduced cost. Stockholm, Sweden: An intelligent toll system in the IBM’s Carbon Tradeoff Modeler: Manages and city center resulted in 20% less traffic, 40% lower performs analytics to help companies reduce emissions and 40,000 additional users of the public emissions and make smarter, more cost-effective transportation system.1 energy choices.2 1 Approved Smart Planet Client References 3 2 Smarter planet sales deck © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 4. Building a smarter planet Dynamic Infrastructure: A smarter planet enables organizations to solve the problem before the problem. British banks: Utilize real-time data analytics of Bank of Montreal: Created a synchronized secondary complex financial models to help understand and data center 100 kilometers from its primary facility to manage their exposure to risk.1 meet government regulations and ensure the safety and availability of data in the event of a disaster.2 River and Estuary Observatory Network: Will IBM Fire Program Analysis: Uses unique mathematical create the first technology-based real-time algorithms to determine where wildfires will likely occur, environmental monitoring and forecasting network to and helps optimize government funds and resources for guide better policy, management and education for battling those fires.1 the Hudson River and estuaries worldwide.2 1 Original deck Approved Smart Planet Client References 4 2 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 5. Building a smarter planet New Intelligence: A smarter planet gives organizations the vision to see without being there. Ste. Justine Hospital Research Center: Created a Nationwide Insurance: Used virtualization to continually updated reservoir of clinical and genomic streamline IT processes, achieving 85-90% server information to accelerate research while cutting utilization and an anticipated $15 million cost savings administrative costs by 75%.1 over three years.1 Elie Tahari: Boosted intelligence and competitive IMPIRE AG: Faster data management, integration advantage by integrating order, sales, inventory and and analysis has led to 15% annual revenue growth, financial data with retailer and Internet-based 10% market share growth in Germany and 40% demographic information.1 market share growth in Austria and Switzerland.1 5 1 Approved Smart Planet Client References © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 6. Building a smarter planet Green and Beyond: A smarter planet empowers organizations to do more, using less. On Line do Brasil: Used energy-efficient servers Natural England: Implemented an evidence-based to expand its data center operations while cutting carbon measurement and management system to help management time by 30%. The company expects a achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2010.1 full return on investment in as few as three months.1 Energie Baden-Württemberg: Offers residential Centrinet: Created an environmentally-conscious data customers smart appliances and meters that enable center solution and hosting service that has helped them to adjust electricity consumption based on price— reduce electricity usage by approximately 60%.1 reducing waste and easing peak loads.1 6 1 Approved Smart Planet Client References © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 7. Building a smarter planet Smart Work: A smarter planet puts organizations in position to be first and be right. Geisinger Health System: Integrates real-time Canadian bank: Software architecture examines clinical data with medical history information to thousands of sources of information in real time to create a massive storehouse of intelligence that capitalize on constantly changing market conditions.2 will assist doctors in delivering care.1 Metabasis Therapeutics: Highly-accurate, first-of-a- Professional Provident Society: Developed a kind simulation software significantly lowers drug modular application infrastructure that unified disparate discovery time and costs by eliminating 80% of the policy systems, enabling rapid product development at compounds to be synthesized and tested in the lab.1 50% lower costs.1 1 Approved Smart Planet Client References Smart planet deck for IBMers on ThinkForward 7 2 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 8. Building a smarter planet Dynamic Infrastructure: A smarter planet enables organizations to solve the problem before the problem. Moosejaw Mountaineering: Created a seamless, Yansha: Dynamic supply chain management and interactive community shopping experience across the enterprise resource planning cut order lead time Web, stores and mobile devices to enhance customer from 2.5 days to 4.5 hours and improved order loyalty and advocacy.1 acknowledgement from 80% to 99%.1 UBench International: Uses in-car wireless telemetry to automate the auto leasing process from end to end, cutting per-vehicle administrative costs by 35% while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.1 8 1 Approved Smart Planet Client References © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 9. Building a smarter planet Smarter planet: New Intelligence FOAK Examples Improving homeland security by requiring Monitoring, measuring, analyzing and effective intelligence-gathering and real-time predicting key vehicle behaviors in real time to alerts to prevent potential threats. improve safety and performance. Continuously diagnosing and optimizing store Automating medical condition detection and site network effectively and efficiently to treatment via rich monitoring capabilities to ensure right location and right merchandise. improve quality of care while containing costs. 9 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 10. Building a smarter planet Smarter planet: Green and Beyond FOAK Examples Optimizing data center infrastructures for energy Optimizing large-scale, real-time reservoir and space efficiency using advanced metrology production and processes using sensors and techniques and physics-based modeling. advanced analytics. Cost effectively managing and performing analytics for supply chain sustainability of carbon emissions, water, energy and waste. 10 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 11. Building a smarter planet Smarter planet: Smart Work FOAK Examples Creating a Next Generation Partner Ecosystem Improving the software development process to enable partners to find each other, connect to reduce errors in real-time operation of and collaborate. embedded systems. Connecting customers and retailers in more Improving medical care by giving doctors personal ways to deliver new in-store services the ability to browse electronic medical via shoppers’ personal mobile devices. records via a virtual 2D/3D representation of the patient. 11 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 12. Building a smarter planet Smart Work: A smarter planet puts organizations in position to be first and be right. Canadian airlines: Use passenger information to British Airways: Uses mobile device check-in and predict the number of no-shows for each flight, so they other self-service technologies to help facilitate a can strategically overbook while minimizing the risk of trouble-free travel experience and save the airline bumping passengers.1 $3.50 per passenger.2 Max Bahr: A Dynamic Inventory Optimization Solution IBM Research Zurich Lab: Uses visualization software enables the retailer to meet demand for any of 40,000 to render a 3D model of each patient, allowing doctors products in more than 80 outlets with low replenishment to interact with data that improves patient care.2 and storage costs—boosting customer service ratings to 99%.2 1 Smarter planet sales deck Approved Smarter Planet Client References 12 2 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 13. Building a smarter planet Smarter planet: Dynamic Infrastructure FOAK Examples Building real-world-aware solutions on robust, Protecting intelligent utility networks with highly responsive messaging backbones that dynamic security policies that enable enable real-time responses. seamless support for mobile workforces. Automatically analyzing and correlating Building high-performance stream processing information from multiple sources to identify platforms that cost-effectively scale to handle areas of risk and regulatory compliance increasing workload volumes. exposures. 13 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 14. Building a smarter planet Enterprise Architecture Overview IT Systems Strategic Direction Characteristics Flexible Rapid response to business and technological change. Corporate Personal Interested Exploit common systems Staff Business and processes. Customers Customers Parties Customers Enables Cost effective, robust, Service reliable and performant Excellence with continuous availability Enable bank- Facilitate access to shared wide Access systems, information and data to all users where and when required. Secure Protects business assets, secures access systems and data. Standards Rationalisation, Internal Channel External simplification and efficiency through the use of recognised, enforced Connection and Systems Management Services standards Manageable Management processes and tools embracing all aspects of IT systems. Internal Internal access to systems Channel Access to system from Application Services customer facing channels External External access to systems from interested Customer parties Business Connection Systems services Relationship Payment Product Management and providing routing and Support Management Systems Systems Information management access control to systems Systems services Systems Systems Application Workflow, imaging and services support for multiple channels to access common applications Operational data Information Data © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 15. Building a smarter planet Sample bank Architecture External Participants External Data Internal LOB Users Providers Participants Self Service Assisted Service LOB User Interface Customer Credit ATM Agent Business Credit Analytics LOB Systems OFAC Lists Watch lists Banking, Lending, AML, Web IVR Branch etc. Dashboards Credit Card, Telephony, etc. (Adapters) Message Mediation Routing SOA Quality of Service Publish Synchronous/Asynchronous Service Integration Transport Subscribe Content Analytic Master Data Management Services Information Integration Enterprise Management Services Interface S ervices Services Metadata Services epo e n dna y i v t c enno C Identity Analytics Lifecycle Management S ervices Management Information Data Master Data Hierarchy & ETL EII Indus try Models Integrity Quality Event Relationship Authoring Services Services Services Predictive Analytics Management Management Management Services Services Bas e S ervices Unstructured Services Mas ter Data Repos itory t i Data Data Staging Metadata Metadata Master History Reference Metadata Metadata Metadata Data Data Data Data Initial & Incremental Loads (Batch ETL) r t I 15 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 16. Building a smarter planet Actual Application Complexity is Forcing Change in IT… Architecture for a Midwest Corporation Mainframe PC/NT apps Depository Unix apps Vendor Setup Banks Vendor 3rd Party Interface Budget Analysis Tool Maintenance Printer Process Servers (Imaging) Mesa Data NEW Soundscan NPD Group AIG Warranty Guard Roadshow Sterling VAN Mailbox (Value) UAR - Universal Account Reconciliation I17 Customer Perceived In-Stock S20-Sales Maintenance Polling I13- Auto I15 Hand Scan I06 - Customer Replenishment Apps Printer PO Order Insertions S01 - Sales AIS Reports Orders AIS Calendar Corrections Due Dates Print Costing I06 Warehouse General Invoice App Management Stores & Mrkts Broadcast Maintenance E13 Filter E3 Interface Fringe PO Smart Plus Smart Plus M03 - Millennium 3.0 Launcher S04 - Sales Posting S07 - Cell P16 - Tally Sheet Phones I03 Return to M02 - Millennium D01 Post Load Vendor S06 - Credit App Billing Equifax Stock Options P15 EES Employee I12 Entertainment S09 - Digital Change Notice Software Satellite L02-Resource System A04 - Cust L01-Promo Scheduling Refund Chks E01-EDI 1 (Campbell) Analysis P14 On-line New Hire Entry AAS V02-Price Resumix P01- Marketing Washington, Employee Support RGIS, Masterfile Ntl Bus Systems P09 - P17 Cobra Cyborg Frick S11 - ISP Co CTO2.Bestbuy. I10 Cycle Physical Tracking CTS com I04 Home Inventory ACH Deliveries V04-Sign Prodigy System U18 - CTO Banks - ACH and Pos to POS I02 - Transfers X92-X96 Pay Host to AS400 Plan Administrators Communication (401K, PCS, Life, Spec Source B01 - Stock Unicare, Solomon SKU Tracking Status I11 Price Smith Barney) I09 Cycle Counts Testing Supplier S08 - Vertex Intercept Sales NPD, S02 - Compliance E02-Employee Tax SoundScan Layaways Purchase Spec Source I01 PO Scorecard - HR Receiving SKU V03- Mkt Performance Reactions L60 MDF P09 S03-Polling I05 Coop Bonus/HR V01-Price Management SKU Selection System Inventory Info Tool I35 - CEI K02 ASIS Customer Repair I35 Early Warning Arthur Planning Tracking System I18 Rebate SKU Rep Transfer I55 SKU I07 Purchase Store Information Order Ad Expense Monitor ELT PowerSuite G02 - General Ledger Store Scorecard Texlon 3.5 Sign System NARM I14 Count Corrections Store Budget Reporting Valley Media U16-Texlon B02 Merchandise CopyWriter's Analysis BMP - Bus Workspace performance Mngt EDI Coordinator Merch Mngr Approval Batch Forcasting AIMS Journal Entry Tool Kit Ad Measurement A05 - AP AIMS Admin INVENTORY CONTROL APPS - PC Cellular Code Alarm INVENTORY CONTROL APPS - PC DPI/CPI ACCTS REC APPS - PC 990COR AIMS Rollover OTHER APPS - PC Debit Receivings IC Batching Bad Debt Ad Reporting S05 - House AP - Collections/Credit Devo Sales Inventory Adj/Count Correct Beneficial Fees TM - Credit Card DB Display Inventory Inventory Control Reports Launcher Charges In Home Inventory Levels Beneficial Reconcile JEAXF Junkouts Inventory Roll JEBFA Optika US Bank Recon Merchandise Withdrawal Merchandise W ithdrawal JEBKA PSP File Promo Credits Open Receivings JEDVA C02 - Capital RTV Accrual PI Count Results JESOA Shrink PI Time Results from Inv Projects Connect 3 ICMS Credit AP Research - Inv Cntrl Price Protection JEVSA JEVSF AP Research-Addl Rpts SiteSeer Sales Flash Reporting NSF In-Home Book to Perpetual Inventory Shrink Reporting TeleCredit Fees Data Warehouse Repair Close Out Reporting SKU Gross Margin Connect 3 Connect 3 Computer Intelligence Data SKU Shrink Level Detail (Interfaces to and from the Reports Cash Receipts/Credit Data Warehouse are not F06 - Fixed PDF Transfe Count Corrections USM Cross Ref for VCB Dnlds VCB Downloads displayed on this diagram) Warranty Assets Misc Accounting/Finance Apps - PC/NT Damage W rite Off Billing COBA (Corp office Budget Assistant) Debit Receivings Star Repair Cash Over/ PCBS(Profit Center Budget System) DFI Vendor Database System Display Inventory Reconcile Short Merchandising Budget Display Inventory Reporting Prepared by Michelle Mills “About 35 percent of an enterprise’s software budget is spent on maintaining the multitude of point-to-point application links already in place. — Gartner Group 16 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 17. Building a smarter planet “SOA” Defined: What is …..? … a service? … service orientation? A way of integrating your A repeatable business as linked business task – e.g., services check customer credit; and the outcomes that open new account they bring … service oriented … a composite architecture (SOA)? application? An IT architectural A set of related & style that supports integrated services that service orientation support a business process built on an SOA 17 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 18. Building a smarter planet Convergence in support of SOA Standards Organizational Investment Commitment Protection  Now: Broadly adopted  Now: Business and IT  Now: Tools & methods Web services ensure are united behind SOA can leverage existing well-defined interfaces (63% of projects today business application  Before: Proprietary are driven by LOB)* assets, isolating the standards limited  Before: Communication impact of change interoperability channels & “vocabulary”  Before: “Rip and were not in place replace” Degree Connections Level of Reuse of Focus  Now: SOA services are  Now: SOA services  Now: SOA services can linked dynamically and focus on business-level be extensively re-used flexibly activities & interactions to leverage existing IT  Before: Service assets  Before: The focus was interactions were hard-  Before: Any reuse was on narrow, technical coded and application sub-tasks within application “silos” dependent *Source: Cutter Benchmark Survey 18 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 19. Building a smarter planet Bridging the gap Business flexibility and responsiveness require IT flexibility Process to optimize Case Study: Payments Processing Customer Business Process Model Bank Shared Service Bank 2 – “Supplier” Creating IT flexibility Outsourced IBM SOA Foundation It is impossible to separate IT and Software business strategy. IT doesn’t support the business, it is the business. –Asiff Hirjim Skills & CIO, Ameritrade Support 19 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 20. Building a smarter planet SOA Foundation Reference Model A Foundation for SOA Infrastructure Business Services Supports enterprise business process and goals through businesses functional service Interaction Services Process Services Information Services Enables collaboration Development between people, processes & Orchestrate and automate Manages diverse data and Management business processes content in a unified manner Services information Services Integrated environment Manage and for design and secure creation of Enterprise Service Bus services, solution assets applications & resources Info Assets Partner Services Business App Services Access Services Apps & Build on a robust, Facilitate interactions with Connect with trading scaleable, and secure existing information and partners services environment application assets Infrastructure Services Optimizes throughput, availability and utilization 20 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 21. Building a smarter planet The SOA Foundation Reference Model in Action Marketing & Customer Component Products Rentals management Rental Fleet Logistics Business Administration Management Customer Segmentation Rental Pro duct Strategy Location & Channel Strategy Corporate / LOB Strategy Fleet Strategy Location De sign & Layout Direct Customer Relationship Strategy Fle et Planning Financial Management & Planning Business Model Pro duct Development / Design C hannel Design & Layout Marketing St rategy & Planning OEM Relationship Planning Re al Esta te Planning C ustomer Behavior Modeling Alliance Management Channe l & Location Profitability OEM Performance Management Promotions Management Business Business Performance Reporting Market & Compe tito r Research Location Operations Mana gement In-bo und Logistics Legal & Regulatory Comp liance Segmentation Management Control Pricing Manage ment Reservations Mana gement Real Estate & Construction Ma na gement Ca ll Ce nte r Risk Management Wo rkforce Management Stock Ledger Ca mpaign Management HR Management (C areer Dev., Training, Recruiting) Dashboard HR Ad minist ratio n / Payroll Customer Service Purchasing / Sourcing Location Operations Rentals & Reservations Corporate Audit Preferred Me mber Mgmt D emand Forecasting C orporate Accounting (GL, AP, A/R, Treasury, Time & Attenda nce Fleet Servicing e tc.) Execute C ustomer C ommunications Indirect Procurement Mass Ma rketing & Advertising Fleet Management PR & Investor Relatio ns PR & Investor Relations Target Marketing IT Systems & Operations Business Services Client Supports enterprise business process and goals through businesses functional service Request Interaction Services Process Services Information Services Enables collaboration between Development Portal & people, processes & Orchestrate and automate Manages diverse data and Federated Management Services Collaboration information business processes content in a unified manner Query Services Integrated environment for Manage and design and Service secure creation of Registry & Enterprise Service Bus services, solution assets Repository applications & resources Done! Info Assets Partner Services Business App Services Access Services Apps & Build Service on a robust, Legacy Analytics Facilitate interactions with Real-time trading Connect with scaleable, and secure App Legacy existing information and Data Supplierpartners Collab. Components services environment application assets DB (EJBs, .Net etc.) App Access Assemble & Infrastructure Services Develop Optimizes throughput, availability and utilization Service-Level Services Management & Security 21 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 22. Building a smarter planet SOA Solution Stack An architectural framework with a solution perspective An SOA is composed of multiple layers. At the heart of the SOA are services, components that realize services, and service flows. Customers Employees Other Consumers QoS Layer (Security, Management & Integration (Enterprise Service Bus) Monitoring Infrastructure Services) Data Architecture (meta-data) & Business Process Business Intelligence Composition; choreography; Governance business state machines r e m s no C ec vr e S Services atomic and composite i Service Provider u Service Components Packaged Custom OO Application Operational Systems Application Application Atomic Service Composite Service Registry 22 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 23. Building a smarter planet SOA Lifecycle provides a comprehensive approach  Discover  Construct & Test  Compose  Integrate people  Integrate processes  Gather requirements  Integrate information  Model & Simulate  Design  Manage IT resources  Manage services  Sharing and reuse of services  Monitor business metrics  Establish decision rights  Policies, measurement and control for SOA oversight 23 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  • 24. Building a smarter planet Thank you 24 © 2009 IBM Corporation