Crowd Dynamics

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AACIMP 2009 Summer School lecture by Sara Manzoni. "Mathematical Modelling of Social Systems" course. 2nd hour.

AACIMP 2009 Summer School lecture by Sara Manzoni. "Mathematical Modelling of Social Systems" course. 2nd hour.

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  • 1. 4th Summer School AACIMP-2009 Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics Dr. Sara Manzoni Complex Systems and Artificial Intelligence research center Department of Computer Science, Systems and Communication University of Milano-Bicocca
  • 2. Sara Manzoni PhD in Computer Science (University of Milan) Assistant Professor (University of Milano-Bicocca) Artificial Intelligence – Knowledge Engineering, Representation and Management Complex Systems - Cellular Automata, Multi-agent Systems • Applied Research and Technology Transfer from Research to the Industry
  • 3. COMPLEX SYSTEMS & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH CENTER Scientific and Cultural Reference Point for the promotion, study and applied development of innovative solutions based on models derived from Complex Systems Science and Artificial Intelligence Competences in Science of Complexity, Technology for Knowledge Management and Representation, and the application of Innovative Solutions Members in Social and Productive Environments Stefania Bandini, Davide Ciucci, Giorgio de Michelis, Alberto Dennunzio, Sara Manzoni, Giancarlo Mauri, Daniela Micucci, Gabriella Pasi, Fabio Sartori, Industrial partners ... Pierpaolo Saviotti, Carla Simone, Leonardo & International Multidisciplinary Vanneschi, Giuseppe Vizzari Research Networking Approach
  • 4. Activity Plan (2007-2009) CROWDS (modeling & simulation of crowd CuRM (Cultural Resource Management) dynamics) – Study of the dynamic behavior Computer based Management of of crowds in Social Aggregation Cultural Resources adopting new Environments. The main aim being to Knowledge Representation Models and support the development of methods for Complex Dynamic Systems for the crowd management and security in public organization, valorization and study of spaces. Social and Cultural Systems and their Evolution. CoKEE (Computational Knowledge & DES&ARTS (computational models for Evolutionary Economics) – Development of Design and Arts) – Creation of new computational models for the computational models and tools to representation of Complex Economic support new conceptions of public Scenarios on the basis of the principles of architecture and avant-garde artistic Evolutionary Economics expressions, supporting creativity and new forms of collaboration with Artists, Architects and Designers
  • 5. CROWDS Modeling & Simulation of Crowd Dynamics Study and simulation of the dynamic behavior of crowds in social aggregation contexts within a multidisciplinary approach Develop and deliver (to crowd and security managers in public spaces) -Formal computational solutions - Studies on crowd phenomena - Methodological tools for data acquisition, representation and sharing
  • 6. STUDIES RESEARCH EXPERIENCE RELATIONS Multidisciplinary International Network: Artificial Intelligence, Sociology, Psychology, Ethology, Physics, Urban Planning, Statistics, Architecture, Structural Engineering, Crowds Organization and Management, Science of Complexity. Centre National de la Recherche Scentifique (Toulouse - F) Eindhoven University of Technology (Eindhoven - NL) Krasnoyarsk Scientific Centre of SB RAS Russian Academy of Sciences - Siberian Branch (Krasnoyarsk – RU) Umm Al-Qura University (Makkah - Saudi Arabia) Center of Advanced Spatial Analysis University College London – CASA (London - UK) University of West England (Bristol - UK) TechNet Alliance (Pittsburgh - USA)
  • 7. STUDIES RESEARCH EXPERIENCE RELATIONS “A Passo d’Uomo” (april 2005): first international workshop at the University of Milano-Bicocca Paolo Belotti (Stadio Meazza – Milano) Mike Batty (Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis University College – London) Harry Timmermans (Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning – Eindhoven University of Technology) Nabeel Koshak (Hjji Research Institute – Umm Al Qura University – Saudi Arabia)
  • 8. STUDIES RESEARCH EXPERIENCE RELATIONS April 22, 2005 (Milano - I) – A Passo d’uomo Scenarios and istruments for the study of the social behavior of mobile, distributed, interacting and autonomous entities September 19-20, 2006 (Perpignan, F) – C&CA 2006 1st Int. Workshop on CROWDS & CELLULAR AUTOMATA @ 7th Int. Conf. on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry (ACRI 2006) July 15 – 18, 2007 (San Diego - USA) – At man’s Step Special Track on “Crowds and Pedestrian Simulation” @ Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'07) December 13-14, 2007 (Vienna - A) – Calibration of microscopic pedestrian simulation model @Arsenal research center September 23 , 2008 (Yokohama, J) – C&CA 2008 2nd Int. Workshop on CROWDS & CELLULAR AUTOMATA @ the 8th Int. Conf. on Cellular Automata for research and Industry (ACRI 2008) Crowds & Ped 2009 September 15, 2009 (Milano, I) – Crowds & Ped 2009 International Workshop on CROWDS & PEDESTRIAN BEHAVIOR @IEEE/WIC/ACM Conferences on Web Intelligence (WI'09) and Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'09)
  • 9. STUDIES RESEARCH EXPERIENCE RELATIONS Agent-based computational models to study the dynamics of moving and steady crowds Collision avoidance, emotion dynamics, patterns formation, emotion spreading, … Study and development of software and METHODOLOGICAL instruments • Data acquisition • What-If Simulation • 2D and 3D visualization Meazza Stadium case study in collaboration with the Milano Police (knowledge acquisition and elicitation) Pop-rock concerts case study in collaboration with Brescia Police and artists (knowledge acquisition and elicitation)
  • 10. STUDIES RESEARCH EXPERIENCE RELATIONS Agent-Based Systems (Affective) Situated Cellular Agents Cellular Automata Data Acquisition Technologies 3D Visualization
  • 11. STUDIES RESEARCH EXPERIENCE RELATIONS SELF-ORGANIZING PHENOMENA IN CROWDING SITUATIONS (SITUATED CELLULAR AGENTS) Freezing by Heating – Experiments • Room evacuation: 31x50 sites, Moore neigh., • Density 20-40-60% • After few cycles 80-90% peds in deadlock • Average times increasing Lane Formation – Experiments Corridor: 7x30 sites, Moore neigh., peds in both the directions
  • 12. CROWDYXITY CROWd DYnamics and compleXITY Towards CSAI spin-off (2010) Competition for the creation of new enterprises in the area of Information & Communication Technology in order to enhance public and private research in Milan Municipality of Milan (Department of Research, Innovation and Human Capital) Milan Politechnics Milan University Milan Polytechnics Foundation Bocconi University Milano-Bicocca University
  • 13. …… continues …… I Thank You