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interns present the Business & Career Library

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Newest brooklyn business & career library

  1. 1. BROOKLYN BUSINESS & CAREERLIBRARY By Danielle Bowen, Yenesis Lovato
  2. 2. At The Business & Career Library we provide free access tobusiness and investment resources to help people start a business,write resumes, find jobs, and go further in their education!
  3. 3. HISTORY 1857: A group of young men start the Brooklyn Mercantile Library Association of the City of Brooklyn, after Athenaeum is opened for business purposes. 1869: Four years after the Civil War, the Mercantile Library and the Athenaeum compiled collections and moved into a new building at 197 Montague Street, called the Montague Street Branch Library . This library came with an all includive second floor named the Buinesss Reference Department! 1878: Mercantile Library turns into the Brooklyn Library! June 1st 1962: Business Library opens to the public, at its new and current location, 280 Cadman Plaza West!
  4. 4. REASONS TO GO! Cause we’re there! (MIP’s FTW!) :D There are many resources for college-planning, including test preparations for SATS,PSATS,APs, GEDs, scholarship finder handbooks and financial planning! It’s a great place to find all the essential tools to research, study and create the foundations of your career. We also have college information including FAFSA form instructions, practice forms and pamphlets that provide testing centers and test prep websites.
  5. 5.  Every Tuesday you can get help constructing, reconstructing and fine- tuning your resume. Practice tax forms are available for the 1040, 2441, IT-216 and more. Be your own detective with the Cross directories. All you need is a Name, Address, or Telephone Number and you can then find the persons name, address and telephone number. Using a microfilm machine patrons can read old magazines and newspaper articles (especially NYT). When asked about old stocks, we use microfilm to find the stocks and see if they exist or if they have possible changed names.
  6. 6. WHAT WE DO IN THE BIZ! Edit the BPL Website Explore the Millennium! Use microfilm to find information in old newspapers or books Order/delete books (We be Weedin!) Help set up Business events Help find books for patrons and help them with any other queries they might have. Help our wonderful mentor Sandra  And a lot of other cool things
  7. 7. THE END!El Fin!