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India Tourisms New Destination 1192717555707079 4


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Published in: Travel, Business
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  • 1. India Tourism’s New Destination
  • 2. India – Tourism’s New Address
  • 3. Brand India – A Sell Out!
    • “ When you come to India, you’re inspired by the past and you can see the future.”
    • US President George W Bush New Delhi - 3rd March 2006
  • 4. India: An emerging superpower
    • “ We came to India for the costs, we stayed for the quality, and we are now investing for the innovation.”
    • Sr. V.P. Dan Scheinman of Cisco Systems
  • 5. Let’s talk NUMBERS Fastest growing Economies 2006-2020
  • 6. Let’s talk NUMBERS
    • India’s GDP will exceed
      • Italy’s in 2020,
      • France’s in 2020
      • Germany’s in 2025 and
      • Japan’s in 2035
    • Goldman Sachs Projections (US 2003 $ Billion)
  • 7. Let’s talk NUMBERS
    • According to World Tourism Organization estimates, India will lead in South Asia with 8.9 million arrivals by 2020
    • India is poised to emerge as the 2nd fastest growing (8.8%) tourism economy in the world over 2005-14 according to the World Travel & Tourism
  • 8. Let’s talk NUMBERS
    • There has been a growth of more than 13% in foreign tourist arrivals at 3.9 million during 2005, up from 3.4 million foreign tourists who visited India during previous year.
    • Foreign exchange earnings from foreign tourists were up by more than 20% at $5,730.86 million in 2005, up from $4,769 million earned the previous year.
  • 9. India’s Tourism Journey
  • 10. India to drive global aviation growth: Giovanni Bisignani , IATA Indian air travel to grow 20% each year for the next 5 years. Government and private operators will invest $20 billion in aircraft and infrastructure over the next five years, with the number of passenger aircraft doubling to 400.
    • Boom in Air Travel:
    • Overall aircraft movements have increased by 15.3%
    • International (19.7%) & domestic (14.1%)
    • Overall passenger traffic has increased by 24.3%
    • International (17.9%) & domestic (25.9%)
    • Overall cargo traffic increased by 21.9%
    Open sky policy Modernization of Airports Low Cost Operations
  • 11. India : now recognized as a year round destination.
    • World over India is perceived predominately as a October to April winter destination.
    • Marketing initiatives by both the Government and the Private sector is now successfully addressing & changing this perception.
  • 12. New Tourism Products
    • Monsoon magic - focus on months from April to October
    • Rural & village tourism - the tourism ministry is laying special emphasis on infrastructure development in various rural destinations in India.
    • Medical tourism - the Indian Healthcare Delivery market is estimated at US$ 18.7 billion. The industry is growing at about 13 per cent annually.
    • Wellness & Spa tourism – luxurious world class health spa’s are mushrooming across the country.
    • Luxury tourism – e.g. Palace on Wheels, Palaces
    • Adventure tourism – with emphasis on eco-tourism
    • MICE – convention centers coming up in the metro cities
  • 13. Change in perception
    • There has been a positive change in perception about the benefits of tourism in the minds of planners, policy makers and as well as state governments in India.
    • Tourism is now being seen:
      • Engine of growth for the economy and a key employment generator.
      • Low Capital Investment in the trade.
      • Import’s that earn foreign exchange.
      • Cultural revival/ regeneration.
  • 14. New Destinations
    • Till recently the state governments of Kerala and Rajasthan were aggressively marketing their product.
    • Today there is more competition from other states.
      • Gujarat
      • N. Kerala
      • Ladakh
      • Madhya Pradesh
      • Orissa
      • Bihar
      • Rajasthan
      • Uttaranchal
      • Punjab
  • 15. Civil Aviation & Airports
    • Successful identification of partners for modernization of Delhi & Mumbai airports.
    • Non-metro airports – Along with metro airports, the Airports Authority of India will develop 35 non-metro airports in the country.
    • Over the next three years, the Indian skies will be totally unrecognizable
      • Air India will be adding 68 aircraft to its present fleet
      • Indian Airlines 43 and
      • Private airlines around 275
    • By 2010, Indian airports will be handling between 90 and 100 million passengers (59 million domestic & 35 million international passengers
  • 16. Civil Aviation & Airports
    • There’s greater accessibility to secondary (non-metro) airports in India.
    • The airfares have plummeted.
    • The aviation boon has hugely benefited the inbound tourism in the country.
  • 17. India’s Aviation Bilateral Agreements in 2005
    • A total of 14 bilateral agreements were signed by India during the year 2005 as a direct development of India’s open skies policy.
    • Some of the more significant air services agreements were:
        • France
        • China
        • UK
        • US
        • Germany
        • Canada
        • Singapore
        • Belgium
        • New Zealand
        • Philippines
        • Netherlands
  • 18. ‘ Incredible India’ Campaign
    • The ‘Incredible India’ Campaign implemented by the Government of India has proved a catalyst in attracting record tourists into India.
    • Being the first B2C campaign of its kind, it has created a unique brand and identity of India in the world travel & tourism space.
    • The year 2005 has been a significant year, with ‘Incredible India’ catching international eyeballs and the subsequent recognition by the world media.
  • 19. ‘ Incredible India’ Campaign
    • Winner of 2005 PATA Grand Award in the Heritage (HE) category, for its ‘Ajanta Ellora Conservation & Tourism Development Project“
    • Winner of 2005 PATA Gold Award in the Print Media (AD-P) category for its "Incredible-Taj" ads.
    • Winner of 2004 PATA Gold Award for - Marketing, Government for its "Incredible India Campaign“
    • Travel and Leisure- Highest Recall AD -Worldwide
  • 20. Destination Marketing
    • Cultural tourism & Round Trips – covering the popular circuits comprising of the Golden Triangle, Rajasthan, N. India & in South the well known temples, backwaters & beaches.
    • Mass tourism – Goa is a tourism based economy and a leader in this sector, is all set to promote mass tourism. Goa also won the 2nd most popular winter destination in UK.
    • Kashmir – With revival of tourism in 2005, the state witnessed a 40 per cent increase in tourism related activities, due to return of normalcy resulting in the lifting of travel advisories in most countries.
    • Commonwealth Games 2010 – the government is investing in infrastructure, to further develop tourism in and around Delhi.
  • 21. Destination Marketing
    • North East – States such as Sikkim, Arunachal, Assam and Nagaland have emerged as major players. The major focus in 2005 was to develop tourism infrastructure in the region. These states have witnessed a quantum leap in tourist inflow.
    • New States – Uttaranchal for e.g. which attracted 14 million tourists in 2004 witnessed a growth of 40% in 2005. Major focus on marketing to attract high spending tourists, initiatives to create world-class infrastructure.
    • Beautiful South – Aggressive marketing has helped achieve over 25% growth in tourism in southern states. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are witnessing an upswing in foreign tourists, other than Kerala.
  • 22.
    • Thank You
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  • 23. Copyright notice & Legal information This presentation may be freely distributed on the sole condition that it is not altered in any way.