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YouTube Outsourcing Pre Roll Method. You will succeed 100% Guarantee
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YouTube Outsourcing Pre Roll Method. You will succeed 100% Guarantee



Learn internet marketing from youtube and make money. Youtube is best traffic generation you will learn from here a marketing technique. You''ll see your profit when you apply it before. Many marketer ...

Learn internet marketing from youtube and make money. Youtube is best traffic generation you will learn from here a marketing technique. You''ll see your profit when you apply it before. Many marketer using this technique and They have been successful.



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    YouTube Outsourcing Pre Roll Method. You will succeed 100% Guarantee YouTube Outsourcing Pre Roll Method. You will succeed 100% Guarantee Document Transcript

    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 “Fake ” YouTube Pre-Roll Ads This is a simple method to a quick passive income of over $10 a day. The best part about this method is that it takes almost no time whatsoever before you’ll start earning. Not to mention, it doesn’t require any money, extensive knowledge, or skill. We’ve all seen plenty of methods that use movie trailers on YouTube to jack some traffic, but I guarantee you that you’ve never seen anything quite like this. The breakdown: Source of Income: CPA networks Source of Traffic: YouTube Difficulty: Easy Income bracket: Low (Easy to achieve $10/day) The method: Reuploading movie trailers on YouTube to send traffic to a CPA offer using a fake custom pre-roll ad. 2014 Money Mindset Page 2
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Step 1 (Download Necessary Programs) Alright, let’s get started. You’ll need some sort of program that allows you to download videos straight from YouTube and onto your computer. I’m sure that you could find some sort of paid program online to get this done, but trust me… not worth it. My recommendation: Video DownloadHelper A simple FREE Firefox addon that just straight up GET’S THE JOB DONE. Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/en-U S/firefox/n ew/ (if you don’t already have Firefox… Shame on you) Download helper: https://addons.mozilla.org/enUS/fir efox/addon/video-downloadhelper / Once you have it installed, you should then see the little “3 ͵ primary-colored-balls ” icon below every single YouTube video you view. 2014 Money Mindset Page 3
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 It should also be on your Firefox toolbar but that’s not important. Moving on… You’ll need some sort of BASIC photo editor and BASIC movie editor. Please… stick with the basics; no need to spend money on advanced programs. MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker will do just fine; likewise, iMovie and Paintbrush will do the trick for all you Mac users out there. If push comes to shove, you don’t even need a photo-editing program. You could really do this all with just a basic movie editor. 2014 Money Mindset Page 4
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Step 2 (CPA Network) Alright sweet, no more programs left to download. Unfortunately, there is one final prerequisite before we can REALLY get started with this brilliant method. We need to be accepted to a CPA network, any CPA network. Some of you may already be accepted to some sort of CPA network. If so, great for you… less work and you can skip this step. However, most of you probably aren’t that lucky. There are PLENTY of CPA networks… for this method, any will work, but I’m going to recommend PeerFly. They accept anyone and everyone. Also, they have a decent database of CPA offers; it will be more than enough for this simple method. Especially considering that we only need one CPA offer for the ENTIRE method. PeerFly: https://peerfly.com 2014 Money Mindset Page 5
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 )n this case, we’re going to be signing up as a publisher. 2014 Money Mindset Page 6
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Let me be the first to say that it really is a pain to fill out a CPA network application… but trust me, it’s extremely important that you’re accepted to at least one CPA network not just for this method but most IM methods that you’ll run into in the future. Why not start with a network that doesn’t reject anybody? Incase you’re clueless when filling out the marketing questions on the application… here are some tips: Whenever I apply for a CPA network, I ALWAYS tell them that I’m an email marketer. Even if you’ve never sent a marketing email in your entire life, this is the best way to go. I RARELY get declined. So when they ask for your website URL, just put: http://email.com (Trust me it works) Then, within the comment section of the application… just say something similar to this: “I’m an email marketer with a list of over 10,000 geo- target, double opt-in emails. I send a weekly newsletter to my subscribers and include several offers with it. ” That should do the trick. Feel free to change it up a little bit; you don’t necessarily have to copy + paste. What’s next? Wait. 2014 Money Mindset Page 7
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Once you get accepted (which shouldn’t take too long) you can proceed to the next step. Step 3 (Find an Offer) This is a very easy yet very important step to this method. I usually suggest finding a CPA offer somewhat related to movies, since our customers are obviously interested in movies. Another thing that should influence your decision while picking an offer is the amount they pay per lead. Pay attention to what “action” the customer must perform before you’re paid. For example, an email submit is easier to obtain when compared to a credit card submit. Back when I was using this method, I happened to come across a Netflix offer. Talk about the PERFECT offer. 2014 Money Mindset Page 8
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Just browse PeerFly and look for an offer you like… I came across this offer that I believe would work super well with this method: It’s called Redbox Instant Trial and it’s PERFECT. Related to movies, has a nice landing page, and the payout is good. The only downfall is that it’s a credit card submit offer, but since it’s a free trial and a “trusted” brand… there shouldn’t be a problem with conversions. Unfortunately, this offer does require that you request approval before you can run it. Not all offers will require this. It doesn’t mean you should run away from the offer; it just means you’ll have to wait a little while to be approved. Just put something like this: 2014 Money Mindset Page 9
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Okay, so we’ve successfully found an offer to promote on PeerFly… Let’s move on. Step 4 (Create a Pre-Roll Video Ad) I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with pre-roll ads… especially on YouTube. There are tons of them. Just like the name states, they’re just video ads that play before the actual video. So what we’re going to do is stick an 8-second pre-roll ad in front of a bunch of movie trailers. Before we can do that, however, we’ll need to actually create the pre-roll ad. There are two ways to do this: 2014 Money Mindset Page 10
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 1. Edit up an image with a photo editor and just place that image in front of each movie trailer with a time of 8 seconds 2. Just create an 8 second title slide with Windows Movie Maker I’m going to use option 1 because once the image is made, I’ll never have to make it again… which means less work for each video. You’ll definitely want to throw some kind of call-to-action in the image. For example, Click the link in the description… (which is where the link to the CPA offer will be) You want to create the pre-roll ad as if you are the company, in this case, Redbox. Here’s an example pre-roll ad... Oh, and btw, make it 1280 x 720px This way it will be in high definition just like the movie trailer will most likely be. 2014 Money Mindset Page 11
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 BOOM! It’s perfect… and it literally took me about ʹ minutes. As you can see I just got the logo from Google and put it on a red background, added some text, saved it, called it a day. Alright, so now that we have the offer picked out and a pre-roll ad created, we’re ready to start downloading some movie trailers. 2014 Money Mindset Page 12
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Step 5 (Download Movie Trailers) This is the easy part… All you have to do is look up the most popular movies, preferably movies that haven’t been put in theaters yet, and download them with the help of that Firefox addon we downloaded earlier. Obviously there is no specific amount of trailers to download… the more you download, the more potential money you could make. I highly recommend using this website to find upcoming movies: http://comin gsoon .net Using the site, I was able to find this movie, which I can use for an example: 2014 Money Mindset Page 13
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Now go find the trailer on YouTube and download it! Click the Video DownloadHelper icon… 2014 Money Mindset Page 14
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Save them to a folder on your desktop… each video will automatically download as the highest resolution possible. Step 6 (Add the pre-roll ad to each trailer) Just load one of the trailers into the movie editor that you’re using along with the pre-roll ad image. 2014 Money Mindset Page 15
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 Set the image to about 8 seconds and put the trailer right after it. Finally, export the video (HD quality) back to your desktop. It’s now ready for YouTube! Step 7 (Upload to YouTube & Collect $$$$) Uploading to YouTube is pretty much self-explanatory…I just want to go over the title, tags, and description. Then )’ll send you on your way to an easy, passive $10 a day. (or more) If you want, go ahead and create a YouTube channel specifically for movie trailers. However, this isn’t required. 2014 Money Mindset Page 16
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 For the title, just use the same title from the original video that you jacked. The description is the most important part… Start the description with the link to the CPA offer… in this case, the Redbox offer. Follow the link with a paragraph about the movie that you can just steal from any movie website. The tags should just be the movie name, or movie name + trailer… anything along those lines. Once your video is live… anybody that watches it will be a potential customer and could put some extra money in your wallet! Remember, this method is scalable… don’t just upload one video but trying uploading many! Stay on top of your game too 2014 Money Mindset Page 17
    • The Pre-Roll Method 2014 because once the movie gets out of theaters, it will probably stop receiving any views. Now get to work! Best of luck! More Successful Online Marketing Product Is Here: www.media4zone.com
    • 2014 Money Mindset Page 18