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Brands on apps_automotive_update_q3_2010

  2. 2. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 INTRODUCTION The first in a series of updates on how brands across major industry sectors are embracing mobile as part of their digital, marketing or product strategy. In our study, we reviewed over 700 branded mobile applications and summarized the key findings and trends to give you a snapshot of who is doing what and how. This update focuses on the Automotive Industry. Other updates for brands will be available soon for the following industries: • Airlines • Fashion • Accessories/Jewelry • Retail • Banking & Finance • FMCG • Cosmetics • Restaurants • Alcoholic Beverages • Hospitality To automatically receive Exicon’s Branded App Updates, subscribe at
  3. 3. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 700+ apps reviewed to date AUTOMOTIVE BRANDS HAVE EMBRACED MOBILE APPLICATIONS 11% of the apps we reviewed in our study were automotive apps. The automotive industry was an early adopter in the application space. On average a brand in the auto industry has 2.6 apps vs an average of 1.4 across all industries. Include dealer apps and that average jumps to 9.7. 11 %
  4. 4. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 Luxury vehicle brands, BMW and Audi were among the first to market alongside major brands Coca Cola & McDonalds. Now all the major auto brands are on board. LUXURY BRANDS BMW Mercedes-Benz Toyota Nissan Volkswagen Audi Mazda Seat Auto app downloads exceed ALL other categories LED THE WAY 2of the first 4 apps created were automotive apps
  5. 5. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 TOP FEATURES & TOP APP FEATURES IN AUTOMOTIVE iPHONE LED THE CHARGE Specific features such as the accelerometer, have clearly driven app development. As other smartphones adopt these features, other platforms will catch up. Location-aware capabilities, integrated maps, product catalogs and personalization options have proven to facilitate real requests from users either by helping to locate the closest dealer, enabling customization of car models or by submitting requests for real test drives. VW Real Racing GTI Quickly became the most downloaded auto app, despite the fact that mobile was the only digital promotion channel used. increase in sales leads and test driving requests 80% The top 6 features stimulate test driving requests TEST DRIVES
  6. 6. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 of Automotive Apps include games 30% GAMES ARE INTEGRAL TO AUTOMOTIVE APPS Audi’s A4 Driving Challenge 4M Downloads First Auto App on iTunes
  7. 7. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 GAMES ARE OFTEN INDEPENDENTLY DEVELOPED Volkswagen partnered with developers ‘Firemint Real’ to create a winning mobile game for the launch of the new VW GTI. 4.3Mdownloads Games cost! Typically games are developed by specialized game development companies. An effective solution can be to leverage the success of an existing game, developed by an independent developer, and customize it for a new model. The advantage is that there is an existing game, user base, brand and appealing user experience. Alternatively, brands can use one game ‘engine’ and multiple ‘skins’ to leverage the cost of development across multiple models.
  8. 8. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 MOST BRANDED APPS ARE FREE Ferrari GT Evolution Ferrari Sound app Ferrari, however, charges US$0.99 Interestingly, Ferrari have reduced the price over time. When GT Evolution was first released in Dec ‘08 it cost US$9.99, then dropped to US$5.99 in mid ’09, US$1.00 in mid ’10 and is now selling for US$0.99.
  9. 9. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 Car brands are among the strongest “Brand Guardians”. However, there has been evidence of a proactive approach towards dealer applications in order to enable the local penetration of branded applications in the different markets and support channel sales. HQ COMMISSIONED Corporate HQ – BMW Group Premium App Commissioned by BMW Group Local HQ – BMW France Advanced App Commissioned by BMW France Only focus on HQ commissioned apps 1 DIFFERENT BRANDS FOLLOW 2 VERY DIFFERENT STRATEGIES
  10. 10. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 Basic app Commissioned by Dealer Empower dealers to create their own apps MOST POPULAR FEATURES USED IN DEALER APPS: 1. Location aware 2. Integrated maps 3. Phone dialer 4. Twitter integration 5. Facebook integration MOBILE APPS Local Dealer – BMW Atlanta Basic App Commissioned by Dealer • 150+ additional apps issued at dealer level, independent of global or regional HQ • “Dealer apps” enable car dealers to market their own business (particularly popular in US & Canada) • Toyota, for example has 24 dealer apps • The most effective dealer apps can be driven by “App Wizards” thereby protecting the brand image as well as facilitating the rapid roll-out by dealers. DEALER INITIATED 2
  11. 11. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 Most apps reviewed were commissioned by ‘Global’ HQ in N. America or Western Europe. However, increasingly, apps are commissioned by the ‘Local’ HQ & localized for specific markets. More impactful is when the content is market specific, which is a good argument for promoting a localized dealer app strategy . GLOBAL VS LOCAL Portuguese app in Brazil, commissioned by Audi Brazil “An average sales increase ranging from 18 to 22 % when developers make their app available in a local language.” Mercedes also has multiple versions including Chinese Head of Product Marketing, Global App Store
  12. 12. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 Mobile Website Micro-Sites YouTube Channel Twitter Facebook Sites and Apps Online Game Promo Blogs & Feeds THE APP IS JUST THE START INTEGRATION IS KEY iPhone App MySpace
  13. 13. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 Launched in June 2010, in time for the release of the iPad in the Middle East. VW DAS iPad App YOU NEED TO BE PLANNING FOR WHAT’S COMING NEXT VW was the 1st auto brand with an app for the iPad
  14. 14. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 APPS WE LIKEMINI GETAWAY STOCKHOLM IPHONE APP A brilliant idea from MINI. A mobile geo-location multi-player reality game, built around a play-to- win concept. This app not only offers players a fun experience but has a great incentive, with a brand new MINI Countryman up for grabs. The way it works is, players have to hunt down and catch a virtual MINI in Stockholm. Then the real challenge begins, as they now need to escape with it and stay at least 50 meters away from everybody else in the city. The player who manages to keep the virtual MINI in his iPhone at the end of the game week wins a real new MINI Countryman. Locate the virtual MINI Within 50m of the car, ‘steal’ it onto your device ‘Dodge’ your enemies & keep the virtual mini safe Keep it for a week and the real thing is yours.
  15. 15. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 APPS WE LIKEROLLS-ROYCE GHOST This app by luxury maker Rolls Royce stands out because it uses the product interaction and UGC features to let consumers create their custom Rolls-Royce Ghost model. Ghost is the essence of Rolls -Royce in its simplest, purest form. Whatever you have in mind, you can see it take shape with the Rolls-Royce Ghost App. Also available as an iPad app.The quality of the brand is conveyed throughout the app. Customers can immerse themselves in the design process and explore the possibilities of exterior color, leather upholstery and wood veneer.
  16. 16. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 In a mini game, a 360° view and the integration of Augmented Reality users can see a virtual car model with further information by pointing camera at the billboard ad. The mini game also deals with the ecological innovation of the Prius model – educating users about alternative energy power. Interaction Product Education Multi-Touch APPS WE LIKETOYOTA PRIUS EXPERIENCE Part of an overall multi-touch point digital marketing initiative. Provides users interactive information about the car & a way to engage with the model’s billboard ads.
  17. 17. AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE NOV 2010 Visit our website to download a copy of this report and subscribe to receive other industry reports. Other updates for brands will be available soon for the following industries. • Airlines • Fashion • Accessories/Jewelry • Retail • Banking & Finance • FMCG • Cosmetics • Restaurants • Alcoholic Beverages • Hospitality This report was brought to you by Exicon Digital. Exicon Digital is a hub for brand marketers & agencies to get everything they need to build successful applications. Find out more at If you enjoyed this report, then you might be interested in participating in The Expedition, a series of invitation-only workshops about going mobile. Together with leading local brands, agencies and developers, you’ll hear first-hand from people who have been in the trenches. You’ll also be able to discuss how to apply the learnings to your brand as well as meet the relevant people who can make it happen. Let us know which cities you’d be interested in attending and we’ll be in touch when we’re in your neck of the woods. Go to