Soho Restaurant English menu
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Soho Restaurant English menu



Soho Restaurant English menu

Soho Restaurant English menu



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Soho Restaurant English menu Document Transcript

  • 1. AppetizersSoup du Jour - Served with house bread 28Misu Soup - Tofu, Wakame Nori, Nameko mushrooms and scallions 28Tofu Agadashi - Nameko mushrooms, Tofu, chopped radish, scallions and soy sauce 32Salmon Sashimi - finely sliced with african peppers, olive oil, lemon, green onion and purple onionserved with toast 48Beef Sashimi - Finely sliced in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.Served with toast, baby green salad, garlic confie and Parmesan cheese 51Portobello Mushroom Strips - Sauteed in butter, garlic and coarse salt. Served with toast 56Salmon Tartar - Finely sliced raw salmon seasoned with lemon, coarse salt, olive oil,cranberries and purple onion, served on a bed of avocado with toast 59Tuna Tataki - Fresh scorched tuna sashimi, coated with tempura nori,wasabi sesame and soy sauce, sweet chili, radish and ginger 59Chicken Wawa - Strips of chicken breast wrapped in an Asian coating with hot and sweet chili sauce 45Chicken Wing Chili - A dozen wings served in hot and sweet chili sauce, Thai style 44Gioza - Japanese dumplings filled with teriyaki chicken breast, served with kimchi and cucumber salad 39Teriyaki Goose Liver - 150 g pre-roasted, served with toast 89Chicken Liver Pate - Balsamic caramel sauce, pomegranate caramel and wine. Served with toast 39Chicken Yakitori - Mini skewers of grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce 42Taiwanese Eggroll - Filled with chicken, carrots and cabbage togetherwith sweet and spicy chili sauce and sesame 39Shrimp Eggroll - Filled with shrimps, carrots and cabbage togetherwith sweet and spicy chili sauce and sesame 43Beef Fillet Tortilla - Tortilla filled with beef fillet strips, tomato salsa, purple onion,tahini and guacamole. Served with arugula salad and cherry tomatoes 51Tempura Shrimps - Served in spicy soy sauce (6 pcs.) 51Fried Calamari Heads - Served in aioli sauce, Dijon mustard and Tabasco 45Edmame - Fresh soybean snack served in their pod with coarse salt 19Steak Fries - Fried potato slices served with Aioli sauce 27Cauliflower in Panco tempura – Asian aioli sauce, soy, mustard seeds, garlic and home style mayonnaise 33House Bread 14 Salads (Served with the house bread)Bonn Salad - Arugula, lettuce, homemade croutons, cherry tomatoes, avocado,peanuts and chicken strips served with mustard, honey and thyme dressing 51Oriental Orange Entrecote Salad - Assorted lettuce leaves, entrecote strips, avocado,cherry tomatoes and peanuts served with orange and tarragon dressing, balsamic vinegar and olive oil 63Kofifi Salad - Lettuce, arugula, croutons, avocado, cherry tomatoes, pineapple and corn.Served with mustard, honey and thyme dressing 55Pingo Salad - Chinese apple salad, green apples, dried cranberries, fennel on a bedof mixed lettuce and garnished with Chinese pecans 51Asian Mozzarella Salad - Diced mozzarella with tomatoes, pesto and olive oil,accompanied by lettuce salad, baby greens, cherry tomatoes, radish and cucumber.Served with toast 51Hongo salad - Tempura mushrooms, ginger and soy sauce, american lettuce,baby greens, cherry tomatoes, purple onion rings and feta cheese 55The Caesar Salad – Cherry tomatoes, croutons, baby lettuce,talian parmesan, feta cheese and pecan nuts 51Kiniro salad – Chicken sliced, assorted vegetables with curry mayonnaise and black sesame 54
  • 2. Fish and SeafoodFried Calamari Rings - Served with lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley 89Shrimps in butter, garlic and white wine 91Fried Shrimps and Calamari - Served with lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley 99Shrimps with Chili and Coriander Sauce 93Curry Shrimps - Served with coconut milk, dry tomato and basil (spicy) 93Tom Yam Shrimps - Served with cream, Parmesan cheese, nana and lemon 93Oysters -1 kg. of open New Zealand oysters in garlic, butter, purple onion and scallions sauce 99Jumbo Seafood Mix in Crab Sauce 139Okinawa Salmon - Fresh fillet of salmon with Dijon mustard and cream sauce served on a bed of mashed potatoes 85Open mullet - Served on a bed of mashed potatoes in butter 97Open Trout - Served on a bed of Chinese egg noodles, sauteed in onions, scallionss, chili, cherry tomatoesand a touch of coriander 89 NoodlesChili Sincimo - Egg noodles, scallions, purple onions, corn, sprouts, carrots,red and green peppers together with chicken and goose liver - Spicy 79Chili Pepper Noodles - Egg noodles, scallions, purple onions, corn, sprouts,carrots, red and green peppers together with chicken and beef - Spicy 54Filipino Noodles - Egg noodles, scallions, carrots, sprouts, corn, red and green peppers, cabbage,cauliflower, mushrooms and chicken breast in cream sauce 54Vegetable Noodles - Egg noodles, egg, carrots, corn, sprouts, green and red peppers,cabbage, cauliflower and mushrooms –. stir fried with soy and garlic sauce 45Patai - Rice noodles, egg, carrots, cabbage, sprouts, tofu, scallions and peanuts 51Seafood Patai - Rice noodles, egg, carrots, cabbage, sprouts, tofu, scallions, peanuts, shrimp and calamari 71Soho Patai - Flakes of rice noodles, egg, broccoli, chicken strips, scallions, snow peas (in season) and black soy 55Hot Egg Noodles - Slender egg noodles, fresh ginger, chili, cherry tomatoes, scallions, purple onions (Spicy) 44
  • 3. MeatChicken Liver - Stir fried chicken liver with onion jelly and red wine, served on a bed of mashed potatoes 59Goose pate sandwich in Teriyaki sauce. served on a hot giabatta with strips of goose liver (150g pre-roasted)with Teriyaki sauce, onion jelly, lettuce, tomato and purple onion. Served with steak fries in aioli sauce 99Japanese Teriyaki Entrecote - 350g aged meat, grilled to order, served with steak fries and arugula salad 119Japanese Style Lamb Chops - Served with home fries of sweet potato on a house bread 115Beef Fillet in Teriyaki Sauce - Three beef fillet covered with black pepper, served in mustard and cream/red wineand pepper sauce. Served on a bed of mashed potatoes and onion jelly. 115Extra crown of goose pate 34Hunter’s Fillet - Diced beef fillet stir fried in Asian style with onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoesin red wine. Served with mashed potatoes 112Beef Fillet Medallions - Three beef fillet medallions on a bed of diced yams with salsa and tahini sauce 115Veal Spareribs (limited number of servings) 139 Chicken & riceChicken Breast coated with Japanese Panco - Served with diced potatoes with spicy sauce 55Thai style spicy chicken - Grilled on a bed of sautéed vegetables 53Garlic and Honey Chicken balls - Served on a bed of Thai rice - Spicy 49Chicken Fried Rice - Thai rice stir fried with vegetables and chicken strips 45Chicken Oshiro - Chicken in an assortment of oriental spices, served with mashed potatoes withDijon mustard, cream and herb sauce 59Chicken Fillet - Grilled chicken served on a bed of glazed yams in a sauce of thyme, garlihoney and white wine - Delicate sweet flavor 57Chicken Teriyaki - Served on a bed of white rice, diced fresh tomatoes, coriander and onion 53Coconut Chicken Curry - Chicken strips served on a bed of white rice in coconut teriyaki sauce,eggplant, red and green pepper sauce - Spicy 53Cajun Sandwich - Grilled chicken marinated in a mixture of Oriental herbs with onion jelly,aioli sauce, lettuce, purple onion, tomato and roasted pepper. Served on a hot giabatta with steak fries 62Tom Yum Tofu - Tofu cubes served on a bed of white rice in tom yum sauce, cream and parmesan cheese,corn, beans, cauliflower, red & green peppers and basil 57
  • 4. Sashimi - Fillet of fish without rice (3 slices) Tempura SandwichSalmon Sashimi 33 Four wedges coated with rice tempuraTuna Sashimi 34 and nori filled with fish or vegetableYellowtail Sashim 35 Yam and avocado tempura sandwich 44Sea Bream Sashimi 33 Spicy avocado tempura sandwich 42Bass Sashimi 33 Salmon and avocado tempura sandwich 44 Sashimi - (3 slices) Baked salmon, avocado and teriyaki tempura sandwich 44Salmon Sashimi 39 Smoked salmon tempura sandwich filled withTuna Sashimi 39 roasted pepper, cream cheese and avocado 44 Spicy salmon and avocado tempura sandwich 44Nigiris (2 pcs.) Salmon skin and avocado tempura sandwich 44A rice finger with a slice of fish, Red tuna and avocado tempura sandwich 44vegetable or seafood Spicy tuna and avocado tempura sandwich 44Avocado Nigiri 19 Diced scorched tuna, mayonnaise, onionTamago Nigiri (Sweetened egg crepe) 19 and avocado tempura sandwich 42Salmon Nigiri 26Tuna Nigiri 27Yellowtail Nigiri 28Sea Bream Nigir 25Bass Nigiri 25Shrimp Nigiri 29Onagi (Eel) Nigiri 29Goose Liver Nigiri 38Crazy Nigiri – 4 pcs. of Salmon Nigiriwith Japanese spread, tobeko and scallions 49 Hosomaki - A thin roll of nori filled with rice, vegetables, fish and seafood6 pieces - Nori Out (Nori outside, rice inside)Vegetarian Maki - Avocado and cucumber 21Tamago Maki – Sweetened egg crepe and avocado 23Taka Maki – Red tuna, cucumbers 26Saki Maki – Salmon and avocado 24Onagi Maki – Teriyaki eel 288 pieces – Inside Out (Rice outside, nori inside)Yam Tempura Maki - Inside out filled with yams, avocado and cucumbers 25Tofu Maki - Inside out coated with avocado in teriyaki sauce filled with tofu and sweet mushrooms 32Vegetarian Roll - Inside out coated with, cucumber, avocado, carrots and asparagus 27Spicy Saki Maki - Inside out filled with diced salmon, spicy chili, tempura, avocado and cucumber 29Salmon Skin Maki - Inside out filled with finely sliced fried salmon skin, mayonnaise, scallions, avocado and cucumbers 29Salmon Skin Roll - Salmon wrapped inside out, filled with salmon skin, cucumber and avocado 43Spicy Sesame - Inside out filled with fresh diced salmon, spicy chili mayonnaise, avocado and cucumber,coated with toasted sesame 39Salmon Ikura – Inside out wrapped in avocado, filled with salmon, salmon caviar mayonnaise and cucumbers 41Caterpillar Roll - Inside out wrapped in avocado filled with baked salmon and cucumbers seasoned with teriyaki 39Chicken Teriyaki – Inside out wrapped in avocado filled with chicken, cucumber and mayonnaise 35Kimo Maki – Inside out filled with goose liver pate, avocado, yams and peanuts, with teriyaki seasoning 49Scorched Tuna Maki – Inside out wrapped in asphodel, filled with diced scorched tuna, mayonnaise, onion,cucumber and avocado 42Lihi Roll - Inside out wrapped in salmon, tuna and sea bream and filled with spicy tuna, cucumber and avocado 44Spicy Taka Maki - Inside out filled with chopped tuna, hot chili, tempura, avocado and cucumbers 32Spicy Tuna Lemon – Inside out wrapped in avocado, filled with diced tuna, lemon sashimi strips,avocado and cucumber 38Mexican Roll – Inside out coated with yam flakes, filled with diced tuna, asphodel, avocado and chili 37Spicy Tobeko – Inside out filled with fresh spicy tuna and mayonnaise, spicy chili, avocado andcucumber, coated with tobeko 44Ronin Maki - Inside out wrapped in salmon, sea bream, tuna, shrimps and avocado filled with surimi and cucumbers 41Spicy Nagi Suzuki –Inside out filled with diced bass and sea bream, with scallions, tempura and chili - Spicy 28Abikiyu Maki - Inside out filled with tempura shrimps and cucumber 32
  • 5. Hot SushiDragon Roll – Inside out filled with yams, avocado and peanuts wrapped in onagi and teriyaki sauce 46Salmon Cheese Roll – Inside out filled with salmon and avocado, wrapped in salmon and parmesan cheese 47Hot Salmon Teriyaki – Inside out filled with spicy salmon and avocado coated with baked salmon and teriyaki sauce 47Jackie Roll – Inside out filled with shitake mushrooms, tamago and avocado, wrapped in yams 37Crazy MakiCrazy Sesame – Roll filled with avocado, cucumber and asparagus, coated with toasted sesame, slicedinto 8 pcs. covered with a mixture of salmon, tobeko, ikura, Japanese mayonnaise and scallions 49Crazy Sobeko – Roll filled with avocado and cucumber coated with tobeko, sliced into 8 pcs. andcovered with fresh diced spicy tuna 49Typhoon Roll – Roll filled spicy tuna, cucumber, yam and avocado, cover with salmon, heatstroke, teriyaki,mayonnaise, crispy yam and chives 51Hurricane Roll – Roll filled with avocado, cucumber and hot salmon cover with tuna, heatstroke,spicy mayonnaise, sobeko and chives 59Futomaki - A broad roll of nori filled with rice, vegetables, fish and seafood (4 pcs.)Vegetarian Futomaki – Tamago, pickled radish, cucumbers and sweet mushrooms. 29California – Inside out filled with salmon, avocado and cucumbers. 35Soho Futomaki – Inside out filled with salmon skin and salmon, with avocado and cucumber 41Nagi Maki – Asphodel coated inside out filled with tuna, salmon, sea bream, avocado and cucumbers. 41Spider Sushi – Crispy inside out filled with tempura shrimps, yams, avocado and cucumbers, seasoned with teriyaki. 41Spicy Shrimps Tempura – Crispy inside out filled with tempura shrimps, yams, avocado and cucumbers – Spicy 42Onagi Kimo Tempura – Crispy inside out filled with goose liver pâté, yams, avocado, cucumber with teriyaki sauce 49TamakiTamago Tamaki – Sweetened egg crepe with avocado, cucumber and sweet mushroom 23Saki Tamaki – Salmon, cucumber and avocado 25Spicy Saki Tamaki – Diced salmon with spicy chili, avocado and cucumber tempura 26Spicy Taka Tamaki – Diced tuna with spicy chili, avocado and cucumber tempura 26Sakamuri Tamaki – Salmon and salmon skin with cucumber and avocado 27Soho Tamaki – Salmon, tuna and sea bream with cucumber and avocado 32Abikiu Tamaki – Shrimps tempura, yam tempura and cucumbers, with teriyaki sauce 29Ikura Tamaki – Salmon caviar, mayonnaise, cucumber and avocado 29Tamaki Peanuts – Eel, avocado, cucumber, teriyaki sauce and peanuts 32CombosVegetarian Combo – Tofu maki (8 pcs.), Avocado maki (8 pcs.), Nigiri Tamago (1 pc.), Nigiri avocado (1 pc.) 66Veggie Combo – Vegetarian roll (8 pcs.), Yam tempura sandwich (4 pcs), Tamago tamaki (1 pc.) 86Spicy Combo – Spicy taka maki (8 pcs.), Spicy saki maki (6 pcs.), Tuna nigiri (1 pc.), Salmon nigiri (1 pc.) 79Sesame Combo – Crazy sesame (8 pcs.), Spicy sesame (8 pcs.), Salmon sashimi (2 pcs.), Tuna sashimi (2 pcs.) 123Nagi Combo – Caterpillar roll (8 pcs.), Nagi maki (4 pcs.), Salmon nigiri (1 pc.), Sea bream nigiri (1 pc.) 109Soho Special Combo – Spicy saki maki (8 pcs.), Smoked salmon tempura sandwich (4 pcs.), Soho Tamaki(1 pc.), Saka tamaki (1 pc.), Salmon nigiri (1 pc.), Avocado nigiri (1 pc.) 136Hot Combo – Dragon roll (8 pcs.), Jacky roll (8 pcs.), Hot salmon teriyaki (8 pcs.) 118
  • 6. DessertsCreme Broulet Pyramid - with banana sauce and hot caramel 43Homemade Chocolate Fudge - with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream 39Pavlova – Meringue base with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberry sauce 39Belgian Waffle – Served with vanilla ice cream, dolce de leche, almond and pistachio spread 43Dragon Ball Yogurt – Yogurt ice cream 3%, with season fruit salad, chinese pecans and halva 39Cookies and Cream Pyramid – Chocolate, rice crispies and nougat cookie withCookies & Cream ice cream, in nougat and almond sauce 46Strawberries/Berries and Cream – Mascarpone and cadaif noodles (in season) 46Banana Lotti – Tempura coated fried banana served with cookies and cream ice creamand dolce de leche sauce 41Vanilla Parfait – Coated with halva and dolce de leche sauce 39