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Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor
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Lose The ‘Frump’ Factor


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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  • 1. LOSE THE ‘FRUMP’ FACTOR WIN THE JOB with Joyann King
  • 2. Why Your Appearance Matters
    • First Impressions Last
    • Confidence is Attractive
    • Dress for Success
    • Keeping a Positive Image
  • 3. Personal Style, Be Yourself
    • Classic and Traditional
    • Fashion Forward
  • 4. Clothes Have an Expiration Date
    • LOSE secretary blouses, shoulder pads, pleated pants, mid-calf length skirts/dresses, double breasted jackets and white contrast collars.
    • If it’s several years old toss due to wear and tear alone.
    • KEEP investment pieces and clothes with fresh fabrics and modern shapes.
  • 5. Wear Shapes That Flatter
    • Just because it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it works for you.
    • WOMEN : Pencil skirts and button downs are
    • hard to pull off, TRY A-line skirts and dresses and
    • scoop-necked blouses and tailored jackets.
    • MEN : LOSE pleated
    • pants and baggy suits.
    • TRY slim-fit suits and
    • 2-button jackets.
  • 6. Fit is the Most Important Factor
    • Too big: Fix it. Too small: Lose it.
    • Common factors: arms, shoulders, chest, waist and backside.
    • When shopping, size up and tailor for a perfect fit.
  • 7. How To Accessorize
    • Show your personality.
    • MEN : shoes, belt and
    • briefcase
    • WOMEN : shoes, bag,
    • jewelry and tights (lose the hose!)
  • 8. Wear the Right Colors
    • Colors make first impressions and should flatter your skin tone.
    • MEN : navy, black, French blue, white, gray, ecru, and red.
    • WOMEN : navy, black, gray, blue, rose, peach, and ivory.
  • 9. Modern Shapes and Styles
    • Incorporate modern shapes with classic
    • silhouettes to ensure your look is relevant
    • without being too trendy.
    • MEN : Try ONE: slim-fit suit, skinny tie,
    • no-cuff pant, ankle grazing hem, vest
    • WOMEN : Try ONE: skinny pant,
    • tulip skirt, wide-leg,
    • high waist pant, full skirt,
    • boyfriend blazer, vest
  • 10. Purchase a Versatile Go-to
    • Invest in key items and make them work for you.
    • MEN : Great-fit suit and a power tie
    • WOMEN : A slimming sheath, great fit jacket
    • and A-line skirt.
  • 11. Interviewing on the Sly
    • Trade your jacket for a sweater or a sportcoat.
    • Wear casual shoes and slip on
    • formal ones right before.
    • Add a trendy item like bold jewelry
    • or printed scarf.
  • 12. Thank You!
    • Joyann King
    • Email Address / Company?