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    Gov Gov Presentation Transcript

    • Participation in Government Why Study Government? What is the purpose of Government?
    • Participation in Government Why Study American Politics? Is burning the American flag an act of free speech? Should the government be allowed to seize private property? Are the principles of the Constitution still relevant today?
    • Participation in Government Government – institution through which a society creates and enforces its public policies.
    • Participation in Government Public Policy – things government decides to do
    • Forms of Government: Democracy – Power and policies are created by a majority of the people. Dictatorship – Power and policies are created by a single person or small group Aristocracy – a few, elite citizens create public policy
    • The StateState – body of people, living in a defined area, with government and the power to create public policy.
    • Palestine:A nation withouta stateNation does notinclude physicalboundariesOneida Nation?
    • NationNation – community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, and/or history
    • Nation-StateNation-State – The state is a political and geopolitical entity; thenation is a cultural and/or ethnic entity. The term "nation state"implies that the two geographically coincide
    • Origins of the StateForce Theory - Person or small group claimed control over an area and forced all within to submit to the rule of the group or individual.
    • Origins of the StateThe Evolutionary Theory - government is a extension of the family “head of house” structure Network of families Clans Tribes
    • Origins of the StateThe Divine Right Theory – God created the state, grant power to those of “Royal Birth” (Divine Right)
    • Origins of the StateSocial Contract TheoryEnlightenment ThinkersState of NaturePeople give up freedomfor protectionState created and limitedby the people
    • The Purpose of Government:
    • Where did our government come from?
    • Where did our government come from? British Colonists Established political system Laws, Institutions Romans
    • Limited and Representative GovernmentGovernment is not all-powerful Congress: SenateUnalienable Rights of people House of RepresentativesServe the will of the people
    • Historical Governing Documents:Magna Carta (1215) – Limited the power of King John (England) Trail by Jury (Due Process) Equal Protection No taxes without people’s consent King John
    • Historical Governing Documents:Articles of Confederation Strengths: Post Revolution Small National Government Make War and Peace Treaties Post Office Army and Navy Weights and Measures
    • Historical Governing Documents:Articles of Confederation Weaknesses: No Power to Tax No Power to regulate trade between States No power to enforce polices in states Not flexible
    • Constitution: Six Basic Principles: Popular Sovereignty Limited Government Separation of Powers Checks and Balances Judicial Review Federalism