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  • Coming to you live, all the way from the great state of Texas, Randy Jackson presents “America’s Best DanceCrew” Oct 12, 2011. Write that date down, hang it up on the fridge, just don’t forget it because the hottest, I mean sizzling dance crew will be there.\n
  • That’s right “Quest Crew” is in the house for 3 spectacular performance all in one night. They are going to razzle and dazzle you with their amazing dance moves and martial art flavor. It’s going to be incredible. \n
  • So head on over to beautiful downtown, Fort Worth at the spectacular Bass Performance Hall. A permanent home to major performing arts organizations of Fort Worth and a premiere venue for other attractions.\n
  • The bass hall boast a 2000 seat occupancy auditorium with spectacular views from every seat. The architectural design is a state of the art acoustical phenomenon. It totally enhances the experience in and all-encompassing delivery of sight and sound. \n
  • The Bass Hall is located in the center of downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square. A vibrant, cosmopolitain area with various shops, entertainment and restaurants to boot. The promotional opportunities are endless because thousands of people frequent the area daily.\n
  • Quest Crew is Hot! After winning the “America’s Best Dance Crew” in 2009, they have been busy touring nationally and internationally performing the greatest dance moves the world has ever seen. Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to them personally\n
  • First of all we have Hok, Born in Tokyo, Japan, he began dancing at the age of fifteen. His dancing style consist of bboying, hip hop, popping and locking. Then there’s Victor, inspired by a commercial of Cuba Gooding, Jr breakdancing. Born and raised in Sacramento, Ca. Not only talented on his feet but also holds a BA in economics. He knows about financial responsibility. Next is Ryanimay, multi-talented as a dancer, musician, composer, writer, digital mixer, and photography. He is the creative one of the bunch.\n
  • Next there is Lydia, the only female in the troupe. Lydia has been dancing since the age of 15. She is 19 years old and calls Los Angeles home. She believes her inner strength lies in her faith in God. Brian Hirano has worked with some of the most talented dancers in the industry and has worked in films such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Ocean’s 13. Feng, banker turned dancer as devoted 100% of his time to the success of Quest Crew.\n
  • Aris, a massage therapist and pharmacy technician is the definition of confident. He can do all styles of dance and fix your computer (maybe at the same time). Steve is responsible for bringing the martial art flavor into the dance. He has been featured on ESPN2 winning world titles in extreme forms of tricking and stunts. He also has a heart for the youth and promoting an alternative to drugs and alcohol through dance. And then there is Andy, the insightful one. He has a three step plan that he lives by. Step one - Set your goals, Step 2- Plan ahead, Step 3 - Never give up.\n
  • Quest Crew is quickly becoming America’s favorite dance troupe because of their innovative routines, their positive role modeling for our youth, their dynamic and diverse personalities and their uniqueness in combining several genre of dance together creating a new spin.\n
  • The young group has been very busy with all their appearances. From The Squeakquel movie to The Emmys, to the Teen Choice Awards, appearing with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Kobe Bryant, and Carrie Underwood with sponsorships from T-mobile and Nike and touring coast to coast and internationally.\n
  • The performance on October 12, is being underwritten by two of their sponsors: Nike and T-mobile. Two world leaders in their specific industry. These two giants appeal to the youth and are in line with the image of the group. \n
  • Here you will find the itinerary for Quest Crew. They will arrive late on Oct 11. They are set up for a photo shoot, meet and greet, 3 performances and a backstage fan club photo op on Oct 12 and will leave early on Oct 13. \n
  • For your convenience, the customary rider for Quest Crew is included. We ask you to please pay close attention to each line item. Because of the high energy that the Crew has to maintain, their dietary guidelines should be followed exactly.\n
  • Included here is the the production crew schedule, which will follow closely with Quest Crew with some exceptions. They are filming all aspect of this tour in a live show DVD format for sale of their debut in Fort Worth, TX.\n
  • Here are the production crew’s riders. Again, please pay close attention to times and events. Their schedule will have to be strictly adhered to in order to coincide with Quest Crew’s schedule.\n
  • The merchandising opportunity for Quest Crew’s apparel, accessories, and novelty are revenue-generating sensations. From t-shirts to back packs, to bandanas, to poster and bands, we have had much success in selling out at our performances.\n
  • These are the suggested prices, conservative estimate of sales and the gross revenue that we expect to generate from the merchandising products and DVD sales. It has been our experience to sell out of most items after the performance and the remaining items shortly thereafter.\n
  • We have projected the total revenue this event should generate. After taking in consideration all expenses, we have tallied up the final projected profit margin for your review. We believe that these figures are on point. We forecast that Quest Crew revenue generating power will increase exponentially has the tour progresses and the more exposure they receive. \n
  • With careful consideration of every detail of this event, there are still situation that may arise unexpectedly. We have tried to come up with a contingency plan for some of the most obvious mishaps that could occur. We have also included a line item in the expense report to cover any miscellaneous items overlooked.\n
  • In my humble opinion, I believe Quest Crew is headed for world-wide acclaim as a staggering force to be reckoned with in the world of dance. We thank you very kindly for your time and consideration and ask that you will view the sizzle reel that is included here.\n
  • Roy live event project

    1. 1. October 12, 2011
    2. 2. FeaturingQuest Crew
    3. 3. Fort Worth, Texas Finest Performing Arts VenueMission StatementThe mission of the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass PerformanceHall is to serve as a permanent home to major performing artsorganizations of Fort Worth and as a premiere venue for otherattractions so as to enhance the range, quality, and accessibility ofcultural fare available to the public; to promulgate arts education;and to contribute to the cultural life of Fort Worth, Tarrant County,and the region.
    4. 4. Bass Hall Performing Arts Center• 2000 seat capacity• Spectacular view• Phenominal acoustics
    5. 5. Downtown Fort Worth Sundance Square
    6. 6. Winners of ABDC
    7. 7. About me: Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Oxford, England, he with the unique, signature braids, Hokuto “Hok” Konishi, celebrates his birthday on July 11. He began dancing at the age of fifteen and his dance background consists of bboying, hip hop, popping, and locking. Hok is also a former member of the dance crew SickStep and has performed in VIBE, All VC, Kollaboration, and the Sai-Gu Carnival. About me: Victor Kim was first drawn to dancing when he saw a Cuba Gooding Jr. breakdance on a Jerry Maguire commercial. Ever since then, he knew his life would never be the same. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, he isAbout me: also a member of the bboy crew called “Flexible Flav,”I’m an amateur hairstylist, where he first met fellow Quest member D-trix. Victordancer, musician, composer, moved to the Orange County to attend school at thewho enjoys creative writing, University of California Irvine and received a BA indigital mixing, photography, economics.multimedia design and He has also appeared as a guest performer on Americanvideogames . Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and the MIMS “like this” music video.
    8. 8. About me: Brian has remained an active member of QuestAbout me: while working on projects in the dance industry. HeLydia Paek is 19-years-old and has been has worked with Colbydancing for four years, since the age of O’Donis ft. Akon,fifteen, and calls Los Angeles and Natasha Bedingfield,Downey home. As a dancer, Lydia gets to Roscoe Umali, Nike Asiashowcase her talents when she performs Industrials, and was awith Quest in California. principal dancer on America’s Got Talent. HeShe is grateful for the opportunities she has also worked in suchhas been given and gives credit to God as films as Indiana Jonesa source of strength. and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Ocean’s 13. About me: Following college in 2006, where he earned a degree in studio art from UCI, Feng began working at a bank while taking photographs and dancing in his off time. After joining Quest in 2008, the 9 to 5 didn’t fit into the daily grind the crew took on in order to perfect their performance skills. Immediately prior to making ABDC in 2008, Feng left the bank and committed 100% to Quest. In March of 2009, Quest Crew were named the Season 3 Champions.
    9. 9. About me: I have too much confidence for nothing. I can do pretty much any dance style you throw at me. I can fix your computer if you want. I like staying up all night doing nothing About me: (beating the other Quest guys on video Some might say I have a career identity games). I have naturally hairless legs problem. I continue to morph between (don’t be jealous). I have a nice big being a dancer, extreme martial artist, forehead. I really love watching “Family martial arts instructor, tricker, and stunt gu Guy.” I’m a massage therapist and a You might have seen me on ESPN2 pharmacy technician.” winning world titles in extreme forms or tricking at the U.S. Open, or falling off a Andy bike in Memoirs of a Geisha. I am veryAbout me: fortunate that what I do appeals to youngAndy offers a three-step plan to success: people. It has allowed me to exhibit my sport as an alternative to drugs and alcoh– Step #1: Set your goals. You can’t succeed until in Tahiti, reintroduce Korean youth to theyou’ve decided where you want to develop your national sport (Tae Kwon Do) in a new asuccess. exciting light, and use it as a performanc– Step #2: Plan ahead. It’s rare that you’ll reach tool to support causes I believe in.those goals unless you devise some sort of a plan Currently I am representing Paul Mitcheon how to get there. Systems in their Head for Change campaign for youth.– Step #3: Never give up. Use every failure andevery naysayer as motivation because in the endwhen you finally reach your goal, success will bethat much sweeter.
    10. 10. Definition - Quest Crew• Innovative• Positive• Dynamic• Unique
    11. 11. ***** APPEARANCE HIGHLIGHTS *****The Squeakquel … The Emmys … Teen Choice Awards …Jay Leno’s return to The 2010 Tonight Show … EllenDegeneres Show … NBA Allstar Game Opener w/Usher …American Idol Finale and Idol Gives Back … So You ThinkYou Can Dance? w/Snoop Dogg and Seasons 1 – 4 …Nike Live w/Kobe Bryant … Carrie Underwood HolidaySpecial … Dancing with the Stars w/Whitney Houston …Monsters of Hip Hop … TMZ … Inside Edition … T-Mobile/Samsung 5 City Tour … Winter X-Games Belly Up …Harrahs Resort … Dizzy Feet Foundation … New MexicoTakeover
    12. 12. Sponsorships
    13. 13. Schedule of Events for Quest Crew Oct 11 7:25pm Call to stage9:00pm Arrive at DFW airport 7:30pm 1st Performance9:30pm ;00 Depart for Ashton Hotel 8:45pm 2nd Performance10:00pm Arrive and check in at hotel 10:00pm 3rd Performance Oct 12 11:00pm Back Stage fan club photo op 7:00am Depart for JBCompany Dance Studio Oct 13 8:30am Arrive for photo session 12;00am Depart for hotel 9:30am Depart for brunch “meet and greet”10:00am Arrive at City Light Restaurant 6:00am Depart for DFW airport12:00pm Depart for Bass Hall 8:00am Flight departs12:15pm Sound Check12:30pm Rehearsal2:00pm Depart for Ashton Hotel2:15pm Break5:00pm Dinner6:00pm Depart for Bass Hall
    14. 14. Quest Crew Rider
    15. 15. Schedule of Events Production Crew Oct 11 2:15pm Depart for Ashton Hotel9:00pm Arrive at DFW airport 2:30pm Break9:30pm Depart for Ashton Hotel DT 5:00pm Dinner10:00pm Arrive at Ashton Hotel 5:45pm Depart for Bass Hall Oct 12 6:00pm Resume filming - QC arrival 6:30am Depart Hotel Oct 13 6:45am Arrive at Bass Hall 12:15am Breakdo Breakdown 7:00am Production Crew Meeting 12:45am wn Depart for Ashton Hotel 8:00am Filming package for DVD inspection 6:00am Depart for airport 8:30am Depart for “meet and greet” 8:00am Flight departs 8:45am Arrive at City Lights Restaurant 9:00am Start Filming for DVD production12:00pm Depart for Bass Hall12:15pm Resume filming of Rehearsal
    16. 16. Production Crew Riders
    17. 17. Toothbrush Poster OG Cube Vinyl StickerMerchandising Sales OG Cube Tank Quest Crew Wristband OG Cube Bandana OG Cube Womens Tee OG Cube Back Pack OG Cube Mens Tee
    18. 18. Merchandising/DVD Sales Projected Income Estimated Item Price Gross sales sales T-shirts $20.00 500 $10,000 Backpack $15.00 200 $3,000 Bandana $10.00 1000 $10,000 Wristbands $1.00 1000 $1,000 Stickers $5.00 1000 $5,000 Toothbrush poster $15.00 500 $7,500 DVDs $15.00 1000 $15,000 Total $51,500
    19. 19. Quest Crew Expense Report and Income Projection Projected Revenue AmountTicket Sales $50,000Merchandise/DVD Sales $51,500Sponsorship $50,000Available Cash $151,500 Expense Costs Air Travel $12,000 Hotel Rooms for QC and Prod Crew (4 suites, 13 ppl) $2,000 Food/Amenities $3,200 Production Crew Expenses $8,000 Profit Margin Amount Back Stage Fan Club Expense $1,000 All Sales 35% $35,525 Sponsorship 100% $50,000 Car Travel (1 limo for QC, 1 van for pc) $800 Minus Expenses $31,020 Venue provided by sponsors $0 Profit $54,505 A/V Tech provided by venue $0 Photo Shoot $1,200 Contingency (10%) $2,820 Total Monthly Expenses $31,020
    20. 20. Risk Assessment Consequences Triggers/Probability Mitagation Contingencies small impact/medium have enough lead time flight delayed arriving one day early probability to reschedule flight traveling with crew have several choreographer to helpmember of crew gets low impact/low routines that can be make any dance sick probability performed with less routine changes members necessary inside performance, venue is well sought event will still be high impact/low ticket sales low after, sufficient profitable with lower probability marketing and ticket sales advertising safety concerns are have deal worked out high impact/low fire in building first and foremost for on another venue if probability audience and crew necessary
    21. 21. Thank you for yourtime and consideration Quest Crew VPK Click here