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Resume guideforalumni 1

  1. 1. THE RESUME A Quick Guide For Recent Grads/Experienced Professionals ______________________________________________________ ALUMNI CAREER PLANNING SERIES UNIVERSITY CAREER SERVICESUNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON * STUDENT SERVICE CENTER * (713) 743-5100 1
  2. 2. The key aspects of an effective professional/management resume must include: FOCUS ACCOMPLISHMENTS KEYWORDS 1) FOCUS----Your resume must target your desired career goal with precision. Focus on key strengths. The reader should be able to tell exactly what job you are targeting. Some ways to sharpen your focus include (choose up to three of the following): a. A Headline stating the type of position you seek. b. A Branding statement that positions you for a specific job or type of job (often used in conjunction with the Headline). This statement defines who you are, your promise of value and why you should be sought out. c. An Objective. This is losing popularity and must be effectively worded when used. d. A Qualifications Summary or Professional Profile. This increasingly popular resume component contains 3-5 bullets that represent your top selling points/strengths. Choose bullet points that directly tie your strengths to the requirements of the job you seek. e. A section listing your Core Competencies/Proficiencies/Areas of Expertise. The keywords you select for this section should relate directly to the type of job you seek. 2) ACCOMPLISHMENTS----The professional/management resume must emphasize results, outcomes and performance indicators (this can be a distinct section, or this can be included in the Experience section). Concrete, measurable accomplishments are the points that really help sell you to an employer---much more than everyday duties. Questions to ask yourself: a. How did I contribute to Profitability, Efficiency and Productivity? Think of the PEP formula. b. What was the impact (final result) of my work for my department/organization? Use the SAR technique to describe your accomplishments---Situation, Action, Result. It may be best to reverse the order for the resume (Result, Action, Situation). The SAR technique can be effectively used on a resume and during an interview with a potential employer. 3) KEYWORDS----Include nouns that directly relate to the technical, job/industry-specific skills and experience the employer wants in a candidate. Keywords can be utilized in a distinct section (see 1d, 1e) and/or they can be liberally sprinkled throughout the resume. Find keywords in job descriptions, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, websites of professional associations in your field, company websites, trade publications and professional recruiters (http://marketing- Adapted from Top Notch Executive Resumes by Katherine Hansen, PhD (2008) 2
  3. 3. EXAMPLES OF FOCUS A. Headline Examples: TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS / MARKETING / CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS IT NETWORK MANAGER__________________________________________________________________ B. Branding Statement Examples:Expert in delivering training programs that drive productivity and performanceimprovements.Customer-focused business professional eager to leverage more than 6 years of experience in corporatecommunications and community outreach.AGGRESSIVE/RESULTS-DRIVEN SALES PROFESSIONAL with a consultativeapproach to customer service and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.__________________________________________________________________ C. Objective Example:IT Network management or related network support position that will utilize current qualified trainingand management skills. Focused on obtaining a technical career with strong managementresponsibilities in a growth-oriented company._____________________________________________________________________________________ D. Qualifications Summary/Professional Profile Example:Dynamic training professional with an outstanding reputation for integrity and results. Effectiveinterpersonal skills with an ability to meet and train people at their level. Skilled in facilitatinggroups through complex problem solving to action and improvement. Enthusiastic with apositive and motivating management style.____________________________________________________________________________ E. Core Competencies/Proficiencies/Areas of Expertise example: • Strategic & Tactical Planning • Train-the-Trainer Development • Performance Management • Needs Assessment & Analysis • Cross-Cultural Communications • Mentoring ProgramsAdapted from Expert Resumes for Career Changers by Wendy S. Enlow and Louise M. Kursmark (2005) 3
  4. 4. EXAMPLES OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS If you “tell it”, you are simply stating facts. If you “sell it,” you promote it, advertise and draw attention to it. Look at the difference between these examples: A. Tell It Strategy: Managed start-up of a new 100 employee teleclass center. Sell It Strategy: Directed team of 12 in the successful start–up, staffing, policy/procedure development, budgeting and operations design for a new $1.4 million teleclass center. B. Tell It Strategy: Coordinated all secretarial, clerical and administrative functions for large commodities export company. Sell It Strategy: Implemented a series of process improvements that reduced staffing requirements 20%, increased daily productivity 30% and reduced billing errors 14% for a large commodities export company. Full responsibility for all secretarial, clerical and administrative functions. C. Tell It Strategy: Set up PCs for newly hired sales and service staff. Sell It Strategy: Installed more than 100 PCs and implemented customized applications to support nationwide network of sales and service staff for one of the world’s largest insurance companies. Provided ongoing troubleshooting and technical support that reduced PC down- time by 38% over a 6-month period. What’s the difference between “telling it” and “selling it”?Telling It Selling ItDescribes features Describes benefitsTells what and how Sells why the “what” and “how” are importantDetails activities Includes resultsFocuses on what you did Details how what you did was beneficial to your employer, team, customers, department, etc.Adapted from Expert Resumes for Career Changers by Wendy S. Enlow and Louise M. Kursmark (2005) 4
  5. 5. John E. Doe 120 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90210 (555) 555-5555PROFILESales Manager with more than 15 years of experience managing sales, marketing, operations,personnel and merchandising at the district and regional level for established publishingcompanies. Motivational management style with a record of building and retaining highlymotivated sales teams and distributor networks. Successful in identifying opportunities foraccelerated growth.Sales and General Management qualifications:• P & L Management • Budgeting and Expense Control• Sales and Business Development • Presentations and Training•Strategic and Market Planning • Merchandising / Inventory Control• Key Account Management / Retention • Loss Prevention / Shrink Control• Contract / Price Negotiation • Staff Development and MotivationPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCETrimbel, Inc. Raleigh, NCVice President Sales, August 2005 - PresentSenior sales manager for a $50 million national manufacturer of home and garden products.Broad scope of responsibility included P&L accountability, strategic market planning, salesforecasting, marketing, pricing, training, and personnel for sales through the United States.Hired, trained and supervised 30 sales representatives.• Grew business from one account to over 30 major accounts generating $1million within ayear• Delivered first year’s gross profit 5% above plan• Recruited, hired and trained 30 sales associates in less than 1 year• Created marketing campaign, pricing structure and sales strategy for 600+ SKU lineVice President, Wholesale Replenishment, September 2004 - July 2005Executive with full P&L responsibility for managing $25mm wholesale and retail replenishmentbusiness specializing in home and garden products• Direct responsibility for planning, forecasting, financial shipping budgets, productionplanning, inventory, management, fill rate management, supply chain logistics andmanaging day to day vendor and service provider relationships• Worked with senior management from various functional areas including sales andcustomer service to oversee retail door and model stock planning, promotionmanagement, order management, and other customer service related activitiesStabar Enterprises, Inc. San Francisco, CAVice President Sales, September 2003 - July 2004Senior Sales and marketing executive for start-up manufacturer of niche oriented consumerproducts. Directed all sales and marketing activities, including lead generation, trade advertising,trade shows, account development / management and pricing. Called on all classes of trade,including wholesale, retail, mass, grocery, discount, veterinary, drug and specialty stores.Supervised a staff of 8 sales and support personnel, as well as 50 independent manufacturers’representatives. Developed sales and expense budgets.• Increased sales from start-up to $3 million in 18 months• Established national distribution of product in over 200 accounts 5
  6. 6. • Developed marketing strategies to raise consumer sell-through of product by 20%• Conceptualized a highly effective consumer advertising campaign that was featured inGood HousekeepingDC Retail, Inc. Washington, DCRegional Manager, Operations and Merchandising, February 1999 – August 2003Senior operations and merchandising manager for start-up retail chain with 22 locations and $19million in annual sales. Broad scope of responsibility included P&L, store operations, siteselection, construction, merchandising, purchasing, inventory control, loss prevention, humanresources and marketing. Led staff of 100+, including store managers, district managers, buyersand administrative personnel.• Grew sales to $19 million within 4 years and increased average store volume by 59%• Increased gross profits 12% while reducing total inventory 20% by implementing a POSsystem and strong operational controls• Cut store management turnover 75% through motivation and incentive programs• Reduces sales associate turnover 25% by instituting an innovative compensationprogramDoctor Pet Holding, LTD Williamsburg, VARegional Manager, Operations and Merchandising, July 1992 – January 1999In charge of 50 stores and 6 district managers. Responsible for merchandising, operations andtraining for 125 stores company-wide with $100 million in annual sales. Redirected merchandisefocus to successfully capture a broader market. Provided leadership and direction for a staff of400+ employees, including store personnel, administrative staff, district/regional mangers,buyers, and warehouse staff.• Negotiated loyalty program with national vendors, resulting in $2 million in rebates tostores• Increased sales for company’s largest department 25% within one year by designing atracking system to improve product mix.• Delivered a 50% improvement in individual associates “sales per hour” average throughchain wide training initiative.• Developed franchisee loyalty programs to increase company’s wholes sales by 15%• Achieved highest percentage of sales increase for 3 consecutive yearsMorse Shoe Corporation Canton, OHDistrict Manager, September 1988 – June 1992Joined company as a management trainee and advanced rapidly to store manager and then todistrict manager. Opened a new district in Detroit growing the district from zero locations to 22stores within one year. Maintained lowest shrink percentage of all districts nationwide.EDUCATIONUniversity of MichiganMajor: Marketing -- Bachelor of Arts, 1988 6
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  17. 17. JANE B. DOE 123 Street #4B, New York, NYImproving Performance • Enhancing Programs • Inspiring Systemic Change (212) 555-1212 EXPERIENCED EDUCATOR …dedicated to guiding students to succeed while inspiring an insatiable passion for learning and readingVisionary Leader, Bridge Builder and Licensed Educator with a Master’s Degree coupled with 15 years’ experience instructingsecondary and post secondary education students, securing resources, and implementing effective programs. Backgroundincludes three years in the US Marine Corps.SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • An enthusiastic, creative, and passionate educator, mentor and advisor who believes that all children can learn and thrive in a learning environment that is stimulating, comforting and appropriate to their unique talents and abilities. • Specializations include: English as a Second Language (ESL) /History & English for K-12 and Adults in Community Colleges. • Instructional Leadership - Use a balanced blend of motivational and targeted instruction methodologies to enhance curricula, focus on the three ‘R’s - rigor, relevancy and relationships. • Engage Parents – Work closely with parents throughout career, repeated successes securing a high level of parental involvement. • Leverage Resources / Strategic Collaborations – Work closely with district leaders and community partners to encourage parental involvement and strong community alliances. • Utilize a visionary approach with consistency to help students past the threshold of not-knowing to knowing and develop to their fullest extent. HIGHLIGHTED PROFESSIONAL TEACHING EXPERIENCECESAR CHAVEZ HIGH SCHOOL, Houston, TX August 2001 - Present High School Instructor • Facilitate six classes consisting of 30 students for grades 9-12. • Utilize multiple assessments in compliance with district and state requirements to inform instruction. • Use innovative methods and materials to produce effective learning experiences including cooperative learning, thematic instruction and differentiation.Highlighted Achievements • Contributed to a significant increase in student performances on standardized testing. • Provide instructional and administration leadership for the after-school mentoring program, during one semester program nearly doubled in size from 50 to 100 served. The overarching goal of the program is to assist all students using college students as mentors and resources for problem solving, critical thinking and research. • Increased parental involvement by consulting with parents regularly. • Enforced the “No Child Left Behind” Act through supplemental educational services. • Mentored and coached students to help boost their confidence and competencies, as evidence by scores and completion of work.HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Houston, TX May 1994 – May 2006 Adjunct Instructor • Instruct continuing adult education students on English as a Second Language courses, providing various levels of instruction in grammar, conversation, reading, writing and pronunciation. • Incorporate in-house collegiate and external resources to develop lesson plans; create and administer tests; and provide students with feedback targeting areas of improvement and align their strengths with course objectives and intended outcomes. 17
  18. 18. • Consult with adults regarding learning techniques, such as active learning, total activity approach, total physical response and suggestopedia. • Prepare student voice recordings and provide follow-up to improve language development and learn word definitions. HIGHTOWER HIGH SCHOOL, Missouri City, TX Sept 1997 – May 1998 Social Studies Teacher • Developed daily lesson plans and testing materials; leveraged the use of technology to enhance instruction, infusing the use the latest technology to conduct research and prepare reports, including: the Internet, department websites, PowerPoint presentation software, and on-line library research. • Served as an instructional leader by modeling high expectations for students and implementing results focused programs. • Ensured compliances with laws, regulations, rules and policies prescribed by the Ft. Bend Independent School District. • Taught students basic application software usage, such as Microsoft Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Internet access using various search engines through browser programs. • Prepared assignments for student reports; assisted students in organizing and writing research findings, bibliographies and final reports. • Implemented various classroom management techniques for maintaining student attention, involvement and discipline. • Partnered with parents in students’ success; provided feedback on students’ progress and to discuss areas needing improvement and additional work. • Chaired the “Publications Committee,” compiled information for the district regarding social studies department activities.HIGH SCHOOL FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONS, Houston, TX Sept 1997 – May 1998 Teacher (9th grade English and Speech and 12th grade Journalism) • Conducted classroom instruction; prepared daily lesson plans; administered tests; provided feedback on learning achievements and needs for improvement. • Managed the publication of the school Yearbook; photographed students and events; used Internet technology for digitizing pictures for print production. PART-TIME INSTRUCTOR EXPERIENCEBilingual Education Institute, Houston, TX English Instructor Sept 1993 – May 1999Kaplan Educational Center, Houston, TX TOEFL Instructor Sept 1995 – May 1996English Language Specialists, Houston, TX English Instructor Sept 1995 – May 1996 COMMUNITY SERVICESpring Branch Education Center, Spring Branch, TX Instructor/Counselor Sept 1996 – May 1998Southwest Family Learning Center, Houston, TX English/GED Instructor Sept 1994 – May 1995Refugee Services Alliance, Houston, TX English Instructor/Case Worker Sept 1993 – May 1994 EDUCATION M.Ed., Educational Leadership, University of Houston, Houston, TX - 2008 B.S., English and History, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX – 1993 Work Study Program-Computer Laboratory Instructor: Instructed students in application software United States Marine Corps - Camp Pendleton, CA & Okinawa, Japan ASSOCIATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS Texas Teacher Certification K-12; English and History Education-Based Training for Microcomputer Technology (Certificate), Ellen Toothman & Associates Texas Association of Professional Educators (TAPE) Texas Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language 18
  19. 19. Angela Barbariol11 Main St Indianapolis, IN 47244 978-555-0123 someone@example.comCERTIFIED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER (K-6)Dedicated elementary teacher eager to resume full-time teaching career (currently a substitute for theSometown PSD). Offer a proven track record of commended performance teaching grades K-6, with apassion for education and a commitment to optimizing student and school success.Core Competencies Classroom Management Standardized Testing/Scoring Creative Lesson Planning Learner Assessment Curriculum Development Experiential Learning Instructional Best-Practices Special Needs Students/IEPsExperienceSOMETOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT Sometown, INSubstitute Teacher (K-12), 1/09 to PresentElementary Teacher (K-6), 8/04 to 6/07Student Teacher (Intern), 1/04 to 5/04Hired as a full-time teacher following student teaching practicum, instructing all academic subjectareas to classrooms of up to 28 1st, 2nd and 4th grade students. Left Sometown PSD (on excellentterms) at the end of the 2007 academic year to provide full-time care to cancer-stricken parent, andenthusiastically rehired as a substitute teacher for the current spring term.Key Contributions: Earned high marks for the quality of classroom teaching, lesson plans and instructional materials used in teaching diverse subjects (e.g., language arts, math, science, social studies and history). Developed innovative approaches that were held as the model standard for meeting district goals in areas including technology integration across the curriculum, experiential learning, literacy and diversity. Taught general education students and individuals with learning challenges within a mainstreamed, inclusive classroom. Consistently commended for ability to redirect students exhibiting behavior problems by replacing disruptive, unproductive patterns with positive behaviors. Led district-wide in-service on classroom management. Served on school committees and taskforces focused on curriculum development, textbook review, fundraising and anti-bullying efforts. Quickly became a “first-to-call” resource in current substitute teaching role, typically working four days per week. Personally requested by many full-time teachers to take over their classrooms during absences.Primary Caregiver, 6/07 to 12/08Stepped away from the classroom to serve as caregiver to parent diagnosed with stage IV cancer.Provided daily care, assisted with financial affairs and coordinated treatment with medicalprofessionals and hospice team.Education & CredentialsINDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY — Marion, INBA in Elementary Education, 2004Indiana Teacher Certification (Grades K-6), 2004 (renewed in 2009) 19
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