Kicking off your job search


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A 3-week plan for success in your job search

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Kicking off your job search

  1. 1. Kicking off your Job SearchA 3-week plan to successStuart© Stuart Rosenfield 2013 1
  2. 2. Perseverance =+Focus2
  3. 3. Week 1The Most Important Week3
  4. 4. Week 1Develop your toolkitUpdate LinkedIn ProfileUpdate Resume Get/Order Business CardsDevelop 10 second pitchGet Day Calendar Get Manilla Folder 4
  5. 5. Week 1Develop your toolkit• Master Resume + Cover Letter• Company Folders• Excel Workbook +Worksheets– Contacts– Companies– Other Job Search Sites– Mileage– Submitted Jobs– Unemployment Insurance– Job Hunting Expenses– Who Am I HelpingGet Job SearchFlash Drive5
  6. 6. Week 1Develop your toolkitContacts Worksheet6
  7. 7. Week 1Develop your toolkitCompanies Worksheet7
  8. 8. Week 1Develop your toolkitOther Job Search Sites Worksheet8
  9. 9. Week 1Develop your toolkitMileage Worksheet9
  10. 10. Week 1Develop your toolkitSubmitted Jobs Worksheet10
  11. 11. Week 1Develop your toolkitUnemployment Insurance Worksheet11
  12. 12. Week 1Develop your toolkitJob-related Expenses Worksheet12
  13. 13. Week 1Develop your toolkitWho am I helping Worksheet13
  14. 14. Week 1Activate Unemployment Insurance14
  15. 15. Week 1Inform your network• Your 10 second pitch• Who: Family, friends, former co-workers, clergy, dentist,barber, fraternity/sorority, insurance agent, financial planner,recruiters• How: E-mail, phone call, LinkedIn, FaceBook, In-person• Where: LinkedIn, FaceBook, soccer games, Boy Scouts, PTA,kid parties, gym – anywhere!• You want 1000s looking for you!15
  16. 16. Week 1Determine Networking Groups3:00 - Jewish Family Service9:30 – Women’s Networking Group6:30 – St, Andrews10:00 – Southlake Group5:00 – Dallas Business Club16
  17. 17. Week 1Establish your Board of DirectorsPrevious Co-workersPrevious BossesTrusted FriendsFamily17
  18. 18. Week 2Establishing a Routine18
  19. 19. Week 2 Activities• Get out of house at least once a day and meet people (networking groups,food shopping, extracurriculars)• Goal – meet/connect with at least 8 people a day• Attend career network groups– Get on their job boards/yahoogroups– Get to know facilitators, key people, volunteer at 1 group only– Set up job lead share network (Accounting, HR, Marketing, PR, Sales,Purchasing, IT, Customer Support, etc.)• Linkin with as many recruiters in your space as possible• Go to lunch with an employed person at least once a week• Search your URLs at least once every 2 days; apply where appropriate andlog/file in excel workbook and flash drive; refresh Monster, CareerBuilderresumes• Volunteer and help others• Check-in with Board of Directors19
  20. 20. Week 3 and BeyondFocus and Perseverance20
  21. 21. Week 3 and Beyond Activities• Establish a focused routine for each day of the week• Work on expanding your network– Volunteering, affinity group social events/lunches,seminars– Get out of house at least once a day and meet people (networkinggroups, food shopping, extracurriculars)– Goal – meet/connect with at least 5 people a day• Attend career network groups religiously• Refresh Monster, CareerBuilder resumes• Linkin with as many recruiters in your space as possible• Go to lunch with an employed person at least once a week• Check-in with your Board of Directors21
  22. 22. Find a job you like?• Submit application on-line• Find someone in the company who can hand deliverto hiring manager/internal recruiter– LinkedIn, friend, family, Board of Directors• Follow up with them to make sure the hiringmanager saw it and work to get an interview• Log job in excel spreadsheet and file resume/coverletter in company folder on flash drive22
  23. 23. Got an interview?• Get on the company website and read it• Understand who their competitors are• Understand what is going on in their space• Know almost as much about your interviewers asthey know about you– Company insiders, ex-Company insiders, LinkedIn,Facebook• Send thank you note within 24 hours to everyonewho interviewed with you• Follow up with hiring manager once a week23
  24. 24. Got the job?• Celebrate with family• Save your excel workbook (you may need it in thefuture)• Thank everyone who really helped you/cared• Keep helping others to find jobs– Don’t unsubscribe to network job boards• Unsubscribe to personal job agents• Update Linkedin Profile one week after you start• Do not stop networking; continue with professionalorgs, volunteering, and linking with others24
  25. 25. The Four Gets•Get it together in Week 1•Get out everyday•Get after it everyday•Get a job!25