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This slideshow was used at a workshop on Workshop Development in Vinh Vietnam, December 2008. It relates to the Needs Assessment process. Be sure to click on the video link to see the accompanying …

This slideshow was used at a workshop on Workshop Development in Vinh Vietnam, December 2008. It relates to the Needs Assessment process. Be sure to click on the video link to see the accompanying video documenting the needs assessment process used to prepare for the workshop. The workshop was part of a Uniterra project.

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  • 1. Needs Assessment The Easy Steps Way™ Workshop Management Course Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam Susan Lieberman 22 – 25 December 2008© Susan Lieberman 2008
  • 2. Training Objectives of this Session  After this session, participants will be able to  Appreciate need to engage in needs assessment prior to workshop design & delivery  Identify 3 groups that impact workshop planning  Describe the 4 step process of needs assessment  Select from 5 needs assessment techniques/sources  Adjust assumptions based on data gathered  In groups, create a needs assessment plan for their case study© Susan Lieberman 2008 2
  • 3. Let’s Visit Canada  Let’s say you want to visit Canada for 4 days – would you just show up & go wherever?  Or, would you plan  Where to go  When to leave/return  How to travel  What to do© Susan Lieberman 2008 3
  • 4. How would you go about planning the trip?  Travel agent?  Friends?  Internet?  Library & other books?  Movies?  Food?© Susan Lieberman 2008 4
  • 5. Case Study This Workshop  Last June I heard about Uniterra through my workplace  I applied to come to Vietnam & was accepted & provided with this placement  What did I know about proposed mission?  “Enhance capacity of 30 PAEC, DAEC & CBAET staff in communication skills (participatory facilitation of meetings, trainings & workshops, public presentation & reporting & other communication skills for grass roots extension work” Map image from© Susan Lieberman 2008 5
  • 6. My Challenge  What did I not know?  A lot!  Country (had never been to Vietnam)  Language (do not speak Vietnamese)  Agricultural issues of Nghe an & Thanh hoa provinces  Participants’ backgrounds, interests & skills  Length of workshop per day & number of days  Available facilities, materials & supplies …© Susan Lieberman 2008 6
  • 7. How did I do research? Let’s view a short video about how I conducted a needs assessment for this workshop© Susan Lieberman 2008 7
  • 8. Needs Assessment  Why is needs assessment required? Organization  To ensure workshop Community content & process match needs of Participants  Community  Organization  Participants Workshop© Susan Lieberman 2008 8
  • 9. Gaps in understanding  Community  Nghe an & Thanh hoa provinces?  Agricultural issues?  Organizations  CECI, PAEC, DAEC & CBAET?  Facility/timing constraints  Participants  Descriptions (number, backgrounds, skills, demographics …)  Reasons for taking the workshop – what they hope to get out of it© Susan Lieberman 2008 9
  • 10. 4-step Process Needs Assessment 4-step process for Workshop needs assessment 1. Identify general problem or topic of workshop 2. Create plan to gather data  Identify community, organization, & participants  Match sources of information 3. Gather data 4. Evaluate data And remember, this process can take much time so start well in advance of workshop start date!© Susan Lieberman 2008 10
  • 11. Gathering Data  What are ways to gather data?  Interview people (participants, experts …)  Survey people  Read books/articles  Surf websites  Experience movies/tv/music  Other?© Susan Lieberman 2008 11
  • 12. Now comes the real work!  Evaluate/synthesize gathered data to  Determine what to cover in workshop  Customize content & delivery methods to suit the participants  Examples  First draft for this workshop contained a component to work on computer skills but after receiving the surveys, it became clear that such a session would not be best use of time together  Agricultural research provided material for case studies used throughout workshop© Susan Lieberman 2008 12
  • 13. Evaluation  Compare gathered data to original assumptions  Adjust assumptions to match data© Susan Lieberman 2008 13
  • 14. And remember … Ác giả, ác báo (You reap what you sow) Image from© Susan Lieberman 2008 14
  • 15. Workshop Case Study Needs Assessment  Join your group and identify needs assessment for your case study  Use the worksheets provided© Susan Lieberman 2008 15
  • 16. CitationsImages, Cartoons & Sounds not already cited are from thefollowing subscribed (s) or royalty-free (r) sources Microsoft Office clips (s) (s) (s) (s) The Nightingale Voice Box (s) ClickART Cartoons (s)