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VIDES Pinoy Volunteers News Magazine 2010
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VIDES Pinoy Volunteers News Magazine 2010


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Published in: Education, Travel

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  • 1. Building a Civilization of Love 15VIDES Pinoy @1995 - 2010Celebrating 15 years of being ONE FOR OTHERS
  • 2. Editorial15 Years of Building a Civilization of Love As you flip on the pages in this news magazine, youll get a glimpse of what VIDES is all about, what it hasbeen doing and continues to do, and what to expect. For the past 15 years since VIDES was introduced here in the Philippines, the task of promoting anddefending the rights of children, women, and their families has been a daunting endeavor as volunteers continuallyface various challenges in its community-based programs. Despite the obstacles year in and year out, theperseverance of volunteers have time and again proven that with great love and work, God will surely be there onour side. For the year 2010, countless blessings indeed have arrived. Starting with the daily ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ mobile education project, where one huge mobile libraryvan, donated by Jo Tankers, would go around Metro Manila six times a week, VIDES Philippines in October this year,was granted another mobile library van, courtesy of VIDES Korea. Though the van is of a smaller version than itspredecessor, it can now traverse the narrower streets in the city, thus enabling more communities to benefit fromthe services we provide such as values formation, catechesis, book lending, education to human and children‘srights, educational games, music, arts, and sports, and a lot other cool stuff being taught by our volunteers. As a result, in 2010, an increase in the number of children and youth participants in the BMDK is noted.Aside from this, more scholarships have been provided for a greater number of children, in collaboration with VIDESInternational, VIDES Italy, and VIDES Korea. Educational assistance for regular BMDK participants in the form ofbags, uniforms and school supplies are also given. VIDES‘ programs for mothers and their families have also grown. Aside from the ongoing hog raisinglivelihood project, the ―Baboy Mo, Buhay Ko‖, which was first launched in 2002, VIDES has introduced this year, thegoat livelihood project known as the ―Kambing Mo, Kabuhayan Ko‖. This came out as a suggestion from thecommunities located in the provinces of Laguna, Cebu and Pampanga, where VIDES also conduct solidarity activitiesin coordination with the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. It is noteworthy that in Pampanga, the recipientfamilies of these two livelihood projects are the indigenous peoples of the north: the Aetas. These rural livelihoodprograms are designed to be self-sustaining as each recipient is obliged to return at least one offspring to be givento the next qualified family in their community. Another livelihood program for urban Mothers, called the ―Makina Mo, Kabuhayan Ko‖, was launched inOctober in Bgy. 286, in Delpan, Binondo, Manila. Under this program, sewing machines on a rent-to-own schemewere provided to Mothers to start sewing rags, bags and pillow cases and earn a living. They have been trained bySr. Anelie Lacse, FMA during her immersion program under VIDES and the Asian Social Institute. Our partnership and active collaboration with our colleagues in the Child Rights Network (CRN) and thePhilippine NGO Coalition on the UN CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child) strengthened and deepened ourcommitment and participation in policy advocacy for the promotion and defense of children‘s rights. These and a lot more volunteering activities characterize VIDES‘ continuous drive to contribute to theeducation and development of children, women and their families thru service and solidarity. In simple terms, this isour way of building a civilization of love. As VIDES Volunteers, we adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as our guide in ourdevelopment projects. These are goals identified by the United Nations (UN) and also promoted by the PhilippineNational Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA). Recently though, a lot of sources have indicated that it isnow impossible to achieve the MDGs based on the economic indices we have at present. Indeed, ours is not a perfectworld...we just need to take action and start hoping again … for even the smallest thing we could do, such as asimple act of volunteering our precious time....could indeed make a big difference in this part of the world. True enough, the past year has been a revelation of the fruits of our labor. Take the case of this collegestudent who used to be a timid little girl — she‘s about to graduate from Nursing school! Another is this littlemischievous boy who used to bully everyone on his path, but would then later be transformed by the loving care ofthe VIDES Volunteers — he finished his vocational studies and is now fully employed as technician! Andlastly, another skinny teenager who used to be one of the VIDES youth leaders — he got elected as SangguniangKabataan Chairman in Bgy. 143, Pasay City, in the recent national elections. He has pledged to be our partner inpromoting Children‘s Rights in their community.These are only some of our recent success stories of transformation from Metro Manila. For sure there will be more,some still resting in their cocoon...but someday, like us, they, too, will be builders of a civilization of love throughhuman rights, democracy, and interculturality. - By Raymund Zapanta
  • 3. Table of ContentsEditorial …………………………………………………………………… 2International Meeting in Thailand…………………………… 4-5Solidarity with Haiti Earthquake Victims………………… 6VIDES-FMA-CEI Housing Project in Pasay……………… 6Annual Mission Camp in Cebu……………………….………… 7Volunteers‘ Reflections………………………………….………… 8-10―Eat & Meet‖ Dinner for A Cause…………………….……… 11―Gamitan Lang ‗To‖ Speed Dating……………………..…… 12VIDES Korea in the Philippines………………………..……… 13-15Volunteering from Dubai…………………………………….…… 15Rector Major‘s Strenna 2010……………………………..…… 16Salesian Family Fellowship Day……………………….…….. 16Annual Recollection of VIDES Volunteers…………….... 17CICL Seminar…………………………………………………………… 17Promotion of Volunteerism to SYM Leaders…………… 18Summer Youth Volunteer Program………………………… 18Summer Voice Lessons for BMDK Choir…………….…… 19Youth Leadership Training for BMDK………………………. 19Junior VIDES Volunteers at MOA……………………………. 20―Okay Lang Bang Mamalo?‖……………………………………. 21Stop Corporal Punishment in Schools…………..………… 22-23National Children‘s Month Celebration……………………. 24-25―Tugsayawit para sa Kalikasan‖………………………………. 26NCM at the House of Representatives…………….……… 26Social Mobilization on Tuberculosis………………………… 27―Makina Mo, Kabuhayan Ko‖……………………………..…… 28VIDES Livelihood Projects………………………………………. 28VIDES Shizuoka in Manila………………………………………. 29Food for Thought for Volunteers……………………………. 30BMDK Statistics……………………………………………………….. 31BMDK: Transforming Lives and Communities……….. 32-34National Networking……………………………………………….. 35Living the Preventive System…………………………………. 36SDB-FIS International Seminar on HRE…………………. 37BICE‘s Good Practices Consultation……………………….. 37A Day with President Aquino………………………………….. 38VIDES Solidarity At A Distance Scholars………………. 39Quarterly Medical Missions…………………………………….. 40-41Photo News……………………………………………………………… 42-44Thank You from our Hearts…………………………………… 45Gratitude to the Concepcions……………………….……….. 46-47Thanks to Jo Tankers……………………………………………… 48-49Promoting Volunteerism on GMA 7 QTV……………….. 50Partners of VIDES Philippines…………………………………. 51Where we serve………………………………………………………. 52VIDES Donors…………………………………………………………. 53-54VIDES Volunteers…………………………………………………… 55-56Formation and Bonding Moments………………………….. 57Board of Directors………………………………………………….. 58Announcements………………………………………………………. 58Condolences……………………………………………………………. 58Calendar of Activities 2011……………………………………. 59The Millennium Development Goals………………………. 60 ON THE COVER PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE The Millennium Development Goals Editor-In-Chief Raymund Zapanta(MDGs) are eight international developmentgoals that all 193 United Nations member states Contributorsand at least 23 international organizations have Anna Gonzales, Nimfa Olarteagreed to achieve by the year 2015. Nene Tecson Diaz, Amy Suzara Rude Yaon, Sarah Barde Janette Payoyo, Sheila Cabral, KC Recaña They include eradicating extreme poverty,achieving universal primary education, promoting Photo Editorgender equality, reducing child mortality rates, Amy Suzaraimproving maternal health, combatting malaria, Graphics & Lay-OutHIV/AIDS and other diseases, ensuring Ian Velascoenvironmental sustainability and developing a Consultantglobal partnership for development. Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco, FMA
  • 4. International Meeting in ThailandVIDES Intercontinental Seminar“Builders of a Civilization of Love through Human Rights, Democracy and Interculturality” Volunteers from VIDES Philippines were amongthe participants to the Intercontinental Seminar inThailand last August 2010 organized by VIDES Interna-tional in collaboration with the FMA Human Rights Officein Geneva and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christiansin Thailand. Forty-four (44) participants coming fromthe countries of Italy, Geneva, Mexico, Cambodia, USA,Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indiatook part in the week-long seminar. Messages from FMAMother General Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, Salesian FamilyCouncillor In Charge Sr. Luisa Miranda, and the VIDESVolunteers from North America and the Carribean wereeagerly received by the participants. Sr. Agnese,Provincial Superior of Thailand, warmly welcomed theparticipants to the Ban Than Praphorn, the FMA‘s Houseof Blessing. Sr. Leonor Salazar, FMA VIDES International Director, gave an update on the presence of VIDESworldwide, with 4,425 volunteers in 138 countries. All in all there are 138 VIDES groups and of these, 21 havegovernment recognition. At the ECOSOC of the United Nations, VIDES International holds a consultative status.She also presented the Italian version of the document, ―Guidelines for VIDES Volunteers‖. Mr. Rungrote Tangsurakit discussed the topic: ―Human Rights in the Asian Context‖. At the end of histalk, VIDES Philippines facilitated the first workshop entitled ―Emerging Problems at the national level on HumanRights, specifically concerning women and children‖. The top three problems are child abuse, child labor, andlack of taking responsibility for one‘s actions. Sr. Maria Grazia Caputo, the Director of the FMA Human Rights Office in Geneva and Founder of VIDES,discussed about Human Rights and the UN Process. She also tackled the three generations or levels of humanrights namely: the civil and political rights, the economic, social and cultural rights, and the collective rights. Sheemphasized that as members of the Salesian Family living the Preventive System of Don Bosco, we follow thepath of education, especially of youth, children, and women. After her input, VIDES Philippines facilitated thesecond workshop which yielded the countries‘ respective reports about the challenges, conditions, and benefitsin promoting and defending human rights. The participants identified fear and lack of awareness about one‘s rights as the greatest block inpromoting and defending human rights. Education of the person as well as education to human rights came outas the best condition in being able to promote and defend human rights. For the benefits of promoting humanrights, the results of the workshop showed true peace, development, growth, security and happiness. For the second day of the workshop, Sr. Maria Grazia developed the topic: ―The Right to Education asthe Key to all Human Rights‖. She underlined the value of education, which belongs to the second generation ofhuman rights. According to her, Education is very important in our mission as VIDES Volunteers and FMADelegates. As educators, we are challenged to draw out and develop the potentials and possibilities of the youngpeople. At the end of her talk, the output of the workshop entitled ―All Rights for All‖ included the values andstrategies in promoting the right to education, which include the capacity to choose responsibly, to enhanceteamwork and networking, and to fortify values formation. With regard to economic, social and cultural rights, States Parties shall undertake such measures to the maximum extent of their available resources and, where needed, within the framework of international cooperation. 4 (UN CRC Art. 4)
  • 5. International Meeting in Thailand Mr. Guido Barbera, President of VIDES International and the Italian NGO Coalition, presented the topic entitled ―Democracy: an ideal or a concrete possibility?‖ Democracy, according to him, could be traced in biblical times, when Jesus Himself declared to His apostles that whatever they held bound on earth would likewise be held bound in heaven. He emphasized the value of teamwork in democracy and related this to the role of VIDES members as volunteers. He also said that democracy is a necessity and not a luxury. The fourth workshop facilitated by VIDES Philippines brought out the countries‘ reports on the conditions, challenges and solutions to authentic democracy. According to the participants, access to information and effective participation are the most important conditions for authentic democracy and that the challenges involved are the indifference of people, materialism, and lack of knowledge about democracy. For the solutions, education, networking, and the honest search for truth are among the topmost. In the evening, the film ―Invictus‖ was shown for further deepening and reflection on the topic on human rights. For the third day, the participants presented their respective countries‘ cultures and traditions. This is in view of deepening the topic on interculturality. Madam Chintana delivered her talk about Interculturality, underlining the value of openness, acceptance and respect towards individual differences and cultures. At the end of the three-day seminar, the participants drafted their VIDES Group‘s commitments anchored on building a civilization of love through human rights, democracy, and interculturality. These commitments were formally declared by the VIDES Volunteers before the assembly. To conclude the day‘s topic on interculturality, the Feast of Gratitude and the presentation of various cultural numbers was done at the Hall of Ban Than Phraporn. It was truly a Salesian way of celebrating our gratitude and unity as one big family of VIDES Volunteers and FMA Delegates. The following day, before the next training course, a half-day tour at the King‘s Palace in Bangkok was conducted, which truly delighted the participants. It was a most welcome break after the seminar. In the afternoon, Mr. Guido Barbera opened the ―Project Management Course‖ which lasted from August 18-20, 2010. The creation of the Problem Tree, the Objective Tree and the Logical Framework per country aided the participants‘ understanding of the topic at hand. The participants‘ outputs were individually presented and discussed in the assembly for comments and feedback. This way, the learning process was both interactive and stimulating. Mr. Barbera likewise guided the participants on how to write projects that would enable them to generate grants for the mission of the VIDES Volunteers among youth, women and children. The seminar was indeed a productive one for the VIDES Philippine Volunteers. It was a venue that enabled them to gain more information that could contribute to one‘s values as a volunteer through the discussions and workshops conducted. It was also an opportunity to bond with fellow international VIDES volunteers and to discover their mission as advocates of peace and love in their own countries. Participants from VIDES Philippines included Sr. Josefina Carrasco FMA, Atty. Anna Theresa Cruz, Mr. Jun Pimentel and Ms. Rudelyn Yaon.In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts oflaw, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primaryconsideration. (UN CRC Art. 3) 5
  • 6. SolidarityReaching out to our brothers and sistersin Haiti The year 2010 started sadly for the people ofHaiti when the deadly earthquake which struck them onthe 12th of January left majority of them homeless anddesperate. In Haiti, the FMAs and VIDES Internationalhave been working closely these past years for thepromotion and development of women and children,especially the most disadvantaged. Electronic newsletters about this catastrophewere immediately sent by VIDES International to theDelegates, drumming up support and action. Thus, insolidarity with the earthquake victims of Port-au-Prince,VIDES Philippine Volunteers pooled their resources andoffered prayers, extending their concern and support viaemail thru Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat. The amount raised by the VIDES Volunteers wasturned over to the FMA Philippine Province last February13, 2010, on the occasion of the Provincial EducatingCommunity Gratitude Day for Sr. Sarah Garcia, FMA, heldat the Mary Help of Christians School Gymnasium inCanlubang, Laguna. As VIDES volunteers, we alwaysbelieve that whatever we give will always be great in theeyes of God, as long as it‘s done with much love.VIDES and FMA rebuild houses under CEI Housing Project 129 families gratefully acknowledged the housing assistance provided by the Conferenza EpiscopaleItaliana (CEI) thru the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the VIDES Philippine Volunteers. Rev. Fr. Joselino Tuazon, parish priest of San Roque Parish in Cabrera, Pasay City, presided theThanksgiving Mass offered by the residents of Bgy 143 Gamban, Pasay City last May 1, 2010. Sr. Mabel Pilar,FMA Provincial Vicar and Sr. Ma. Elizabeth Marquez, FMA Provincial Economer represented the FMA PhilippineProvince. The recipients of this housing project are victims of the 2009 typhoon Ketsana (―Ondoy‖) in Octoberand of the December 23 fire in the same year, which struck their neighborhood. For them, these tragedies aretruly faith-filled experiences because they felt God‘s love and providence through acts of solidarity andcommunion expressed by the VIDES volunteers and the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. VIDES Pinoy volunteers actively took part in the purchase and orderly distribution of construction materials, photo documentation, interviews, and counseling. Housing materials included galvanized iron sheets, toilet bowls, cement, wood, nails and assorted plywood for floors, walls and ceilings. VIDES Volunteers continued bringing in donations of food, water, clothing, school supplies, and household supplies to these families. Friends of VIDES volunteers likewise donated their resources in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. Indeed, it is always a joy and fulfillment to serve! The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is the longest and most widely endorsed human rights treaty in 6 history.
  • 7. Solidarity VOLUNTEERING IN THE ANNUAL MISSION CAMP VIDES holds 15th Mission Camp in Cebu When I found out about the Mission Camp in Cebu, which was scheduled last June 12 – 14, 2010, I was ecstatic. As a travel junkie, it was initially another opportunity for wanderlust. As I booked my flight, along with building my itinerary after the mission camp, I still had no idea that the mission camp itself would be the highlight of the trip. The VIDES volunteers stayed at the Mary Help of Christians School, a school run by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, which is about an hour‘s drive from the airport. The first day was dedicated to last-minute preparations for the mission camp, along with practicing late at night for a song and dance number for the next day. Nothing could have prepared me though for hundreds of children, along with their parents, filling the gymnasium. I felt clueless about what I had to do, even when we were already briefed about what to expect and what to do. I‘ve gone on several volunteer works before, but none of this magnitude yet. Add the communication gap (the Cebuano children did not understand nor speak Tagalog very well) and it was all very overwhelming at first. Armed with determination and my fondness for children (along with two teenage students who would serve as my translator saviors), I resolved to have fun and make sure the children had fun, too. We did short discussions on proper child discipline (which is Positive Discipline as opposed to Corporal Punishment), the kids presented their drawings, we practiced our cheers and played a lot of games. The best parts for me (because I can‘t choose just one) were when we coached the kids for a presentation (we did a song and dance number which the children conceptualized themselves), when we all ate lunch together (there is fun in messy eating without utensils!), and lastly, when we were giving out the school supplies for the children. Most kids weren‘t able to hide their excitement as they received their brand new school bags filled with clothes and school supplies. I know that each of the 46 VIDES volunteers had their own precious moment then, even if they were already all sweaty and tired. Truly, volunteerism has its rewards, unlike any other. To give a part of yourself, and then to feel how much you want to give more, knowing that it will make a difference not only in other people‘s lives – but also your own. Apart from the mission camp, bonding with the other VIDES volunteers at Moalboal Beach in Cebu was another moment to treasure! I will say it again, there is fun in messy eating without utensils! I‘m looking forward to the 2011 mission camp in Palawan – this time, not because it‘s another opportunity for wanderlust, but because it‘s another opportunity to be one for others.Governments, NGOs, and Chldren’s Groups submit their reports to the UN on the implementation of the UN CRC 7
  • 8. Solidarity MISSION CAMP 2010 - REFLECTIONS REFLECTIONS of a new VIDES Volunteer Seeking for something beyond me… We tend to escape from Eden when it gets too boring. The dreariness drives us to chase material things to satisfy those indescribable, sometimes, intolerable empty feelings. But in our solitude, we wish we can do more substantial, worthwhile endeavors that will bring us closer to our final destiny. Part of my own pilgrimage is to continue seeking for something bigger than what I normally Nimfa Olarte do, something larger than the love for myself. For months, I prayed to GOD to quiet that gnawing restlessness in me; to show me how I can be worthy of HIS generosity & promises. In early May, He opened that door for me thru Liza Manlangit who at our first meeting briefly told me about VIDES, with all exuberance and passion. The rest is history …. Cebu mission camp proved that we can do seemingly herculean tasks because of LOVE, HUMILITY & COMPASSION. To my co-volunteers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very warm reception you have given to first timers like me. I never felt alone. To Sister Jojo, truly you are an inspiration! Not just because you are the coolest nun I‘ve met so far but you infect us with your sincerity and selflessness. To Sister Sarah, it is true when you said that volunteerism… ―disturbs the rhythm of the ordinariness‖. It is truly worth it. With VIDES, I am reborn with a much greater purpose…. REFLECTIONS of a VIDES Volunteer ......."You dont need to have a lot of money to help the less fortunate, sharing simply your time and affection is priceless! My mission camp experience with the VIDES volunteers reminds me of how blessed I am. Though it‘s a little bit far from my comfort zones, I still felt comfort! I‘m glad about the dedication and commitment of the VIDES volunteers….despite their busy lives, they still find Janette Payoyo time to share themselves with those who are less privileged. In just a day of spending time of learning, singing, dancing and playing with the children of Punta Princesa and Minglanilla, Cebu, I realized that I can be an instrument of inspiration to others, too. I may not understand what they are saying in Cebuano, but I can feel what they are trying to express. All the sweat, body-pains, fatigue, etc. vanished, especially when I was embraced by some of the kids wearing big smiles. Being appreciated and embraced by these children is really heartwarming. I know those were just simple gestures from them but they really touched my heart. Of course, I also salute the supporters and donors of VIDES Philippines for their untiring generosity." ...surely, this mission camp will just be my first :) Right is something that is due to a person by law, tradition or nature; it is not earned, you simply have it by nature of being a person. 8
  • 9. Solidarity MISSION CAMP 2010 - REFLECTIONS REFLECTIONS of a Junior VIDES Volunteer …Thoughts and feelings from the heart For me, being a volunteer of VIDES Philippines has changed me a lot. Why? Because I can see how much Jesus loves children and why He loves them. I can see in their eyes that they are happy whenever they see us. Even though I have financial problems, I still want to help unfortunate people - especially the children in areas where poverty is so pronounced. KC Recaña Being a volunteer doesn‘t require any age limit, it‘s enough that we are willing to help others and to sacrifice. REFLECTIONS of a new VIDES Volunteer “We did a great job! No regrets!” Ang ganda nung experience namin nung umakyat kami sa bundok dun sa Minglanilla, Cebu. Matarik yung bundok at talaga, you wonder how they can survive without water and yet wont hear them complain, and they didnt look worried at all; they seemed at peace and contented with what they have for the moment. Thankful kami at binigay ni Sr. Jojo sa amin yung task na yon to do the home visit among Nene Tecson Diaz the recipients of our goat and hog raising livelihood projects. Honestly, its not easy going up there, but Aida, Aimee and I felt we did a great job. Ganun pala, kahit maliit yung nagawa mo for the group, parang ang laki na rin ng contribution mo when you do it with sincerity. Letting these people know they are remembered and cared for and made them feel they belong, too. No regrets talaga. Grabe! its only here in VIDES that we get to experience it! Kaya hats off ako sa‘yo Amy and to Sr. Jojo, such two good souls who never get tired and still manage to always smile despite the hassles and bustles of organizing this Mission Camp....such a feat.....keep it up..... Hope you continue the good deeds.... youre such a blessing to our society. Congrats too to all the VIDES officers and volunteers who made each and every VIDES Mission Camp worthy and worthwhile. Sr. Jojo, thank you so much really for your time and effort, for squeezing your schedules to bring us to and from the airport, and for making us feel comfortable always during our entire stay.A Convention is an international legal instrument that imposes legal obligation upon a State who is a party to thatagreement. 9
  • 10. SolidarityMISSION CAMP 2010 - REFLECTIONSREFLECTIONS of an anonymous long-time VIDES VolunteerReaching Out Down South—One for Others! For over a decade now, the annual mission camp of VIDES had always been held in Malihao, Victorias City, Negros Occidental. Beginning this year, 2010, upon the recommendation of then outgoing Provincial Superior Sr. Alice Fulgencio, FMA in 2009 to Sr. Sarah Garcia, FMA and the VIDES Board of Trustees, all succeeding Mission Camps will be held by rotation in the provinces of Cebu, Palawan, Mindoro, Pampanga, Laguna, and Negros Occidental, on an annual basis. By doing such, the reach of VIDES volunteers will now be extended to more children, women, and their families, especially in far-flung areas where educational assistance, livelihood support, and inputs on childrens rights are much more needed. Last June 13, 2010, more than 1,500 children from Minglanilla and Punta Princesa inCebu gathered at the Mary Help of Christians School in Minglanilla. Forty-six (46) VIDES Volunteers went out of their usual schedules and travelled to Cebu to share their time with their co-volunteers and the children. The theme for this years Mission Camp is "One Community, One Service, One Commitment, One for Others." As in every mission camp, we started the day with the Thanksgiving Mass, animated by the children, catechists, and Sisters assigned at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish of Punta Princesa, Cebu City. The whole day focused on the promotion of Positive Discipline as part of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC). Various interesting activities for the children were prepared by the VIDES Volunteers in order to help them deepen their understanding of what it means to protect children from corporal punishment and other abuses in the home, schools, and their communities. Livelihood projects for mothers were simultaneously carried out with the help of the VIDES Volunteers who prepared the piglets and goats to be distributed among the selected recipient-mothers. Sr. Aurora Roble, FMA represented Sr. Sarah Garcia in the distribution of certificates attesting to their ownership of the goats and piglets. Other VIDES Volunteers were occupied the whole day at the Medical Mission site where they rendered free medical consultation and provided free medicines for more than 500 patients. Volunteer doctors from the Cebu Doctors‘ University Hospital, courtesy of Dr. Enrico B. Gruet, VP for Academics, untiringly dedicated their time and resources for the patients. Other volunteers spent the whole day cutting the hair of many mothers, girls, and boys. Long lines could be seen everywhere, each one patiently waiting for their turn to be served. In the afternoon, before going home, all the children received a backpack filled with school supplies, t-shirt, water jug, food supplies and other goodies, just in time for the opening of classes. Joy and happiness are painted on the faces of these young people and their mothers. Through the efforts of all volunteers, doctors, nurses, students, FMA Sisters and the youth, we had another successful mission camp. If we continue to respect the rights of children and teach others to do the same, we will foster a culture of unity and order, of love, oneness and communion. Thus, we can truly become one community, doing one service, living out one commitment. In rendering all these acts of love and solidarity, we become one for others. VIDES Philippines is once again very grateful to the generous donors, who have made all of these possible. Special thanks to Caritas Italiana for funding the school supplies, lunch and snacks! Mabuhay tayong lahat!! We hope to see you again in next years Mission Camp in Palawan! Invite your friends to come along, and be One for Others! When a State Party signs a Treaty or Convention, it implies that the domestic legislation of that State Party must be in conformity with the provision of the Convention. 10
  • 11. Fund Raising DINNER FOR A CAUSE “Let‟s Eat and Meet!” Last April 16, the third Dinner for A Cause was held at the Don Bosco School in Manila. This time, the VIDES board decided to go Filipiniana, with the theme, "Sariling Atin" (Definitely Filipino). Jun Pimentel, Vice President and Chair of the Socio- Cultural Committee, spearheaded the preparations, together with his companions in the committee. Native plates were used, with the option of dining Kamayan (eating with bare hands). Native Filipino music filled the festive night of meeting old friends and relatives as they enjoyed the volunteers‘ well-prepared Filipino dishes and delicacies. Raymund Zapanta did the ticket designs which were up- loaded at the VIDES facebook. Tony Espinosa cooked kare-kare and bicol express. Ian Velasco brought out his special adobo. Anna Cruz went out of her way to provide the pinakbet and pancit. Ciel Estacio offered her Molo soup. Somebody who wishes to remain incognito donated a huge succulent lechon. For the drinks, Lezeil Ebdane served special red iced tea. Reccie Oliveros prepared special black gulaman. Aissa Manalo whipped up a very delicious fruit salad. Rude Yaon sponsored the unlimited ice cream of Mamang Sorbertero. Mayette Yogawin came in with her native rice cakes and other desserts. Stanley Suzara showcased his skills in Hotel and Restaurant Management with his uniquely prepared assorted fruits and other Filipino viands. Arnel Sibolino together with his friends Cathy and Ivory, rendered the Opening Prayer and performed other songs for the guests. Adding spice to this Dinner for a Cause was the presence of acoustic singer Mr. Top Suzara, who graciously entertained everyone with his very special songs. After his performance, guests and volunteers alike took turns in taking souvenir photos with Top and his wife Rom Rivera. Capt. Rene Kruidenier of Jo Tankers supported this fund raiser dinner not only with his presence but also with his generous donation. Former VIDES President Mrs. Carla Limcaoco likewise sponsored this event. After dinner, the volunteers stayed on to wash the dishes and put things in order. Indeed these guys and gals are enthusiastic VIDES Volunteers in action, ONE for a definite purpose: “we want to make the children of Cebu happy!”Universal, Indivisible, Inalienable, Interdependent, Non-Discriminatory- These are the characteristics of HumanRights and of Children’s Rights. 11
  • 12. Fund RaisingSPEED DATING - “GAMITAN LANG „TO!”“Go out, date and help give “gamit” (school supplies) to poor school children in Cebu!” This was the tagline for VIDES‘fundraising event for the month of hearts:―Gamitan Lang ‗To! Speed Dating for a Cause‖. The event was held at the Whipped!Shop Under Ground Aboveground in MakatiCity last February 4, 2010. Thanks to Guada,its owner and manager, who allowed the VIDESvolunteers to use the space for free. This fundraiser is Paolo Icasas‘ initiativefor the mission camp in Cebu. With the supportof his friends, the volunteers were able to pull itthrough quite successfully. Posters done byPaolo himself were publicly distributed. 22 dates in one night? Quite an experience for each of the 44 participants! Some of them just wanted to experience speed dating, and joined the event purely for the fun of it. Most were thankful that VIDES provided a no-pressure alternative compared to other speed dating events, and knowing that they were doing it for a cause made them more enthusiastic to participate. What is unique about this speed dating was the pastoral reminder from FMA Delegate Sr. Jojo regarding healthy and clean relationships. Proceeds from the fundraiser were used to purchase additional school supplies for the 2,000 oratorians of Minglanilla and Punta Princesa, Cebu during the VIDES‘ Annual Mission Camp. The Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict and the Optional Protocol on the Sale of children, Child Prostiution and Child Pornography are the two Optional Protoclols related to the UN CRC. 12
  • 13. International Volunteer Service VIDES Korea renders volunteer service in the Philippines Last July 24, 2010, fifty-nine (59) youth volunteers accompanied by four (4) FMAs and a diocesan priest arrived in Manila for their International Volunteer Camp in the Philippines . Sr. Rosa Ryu, FMA Delegate of VIDES Korea, organized the foreign youth volunteers and coordinated with Sr. Jojo Carrasco, FMA Delegate of VIDES Philippines, regarding details of their volunteer work in Manila , Pasay and Laguna. VIDES stands for Volunteers International for Development, Education and Services and is present in every continent in the world, particularly in areas where the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians serve. VIDES has been in existence for the past 23 years, having been established in Rome in 1987 and introduced in the Philippines in 1995. Primarily, VIDES serves the youth, women, and their families. This is the third year of VIDES Korea ‘s volunteer service in the country, and its first in Canlubang, Laguna. Among the highlights of their work are the following: 1) outreach among 350 children and 100 mothers of Pasay City , which VIDES Philippines serves, on July 24, 2010; 2) volunteer service among 300 children of Delpan, Binondo, Manila , another area of VIDES Philippines, on July 25, 2010; 3) Socialization and cultural activities with the Aspirants, Postulants, Novices and Sisters of the Canlubang Communities on July 25, 2010. 4) separate encounters with Senior and Junior High School Students of Mary Help of Christians School (MHCS) – Canlubang on July 26, 2010; 5) socio-cultural exchange with all the students of MHCS via cultural presentations, native games, socialization, and dialogue on July 26, 2010; 6) spiritual and cultural enhancement thru a pilgrimage last July 27, 2010, to the ancient churches of Laguna: San Agustin Parish of Bay; San Sebastian Parish of Lumbang; Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish of Pagsanjan; and St. Anthony Parish of Pila; 7) appreciation of nature thru a dip at the Batis ng Makiling hot spring; 8) visit to the Mornese Center of Spirituality of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Pansol, Laguna on July 27, 2010; 9) enhancement of Salesian life thru a series of visits to the Salesian Houses and Communities on July 28, 2010: a) meeting with the Auxilium Catechetical Center students and Sisters; b) visit to the Sisters and Novices of the Novitiate Community; c) visit to the Don Bosco College Seminary and prayers at the Diocesan Shrine of Mary Help of Christians (the Seminary Chapel) and SDB graveyard;In all actions concerning chidren, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts oflaw, administrative auhorities or legislative bodies, the best interest of the child shall be a primary consideration.(UN CRC Art. 3) 13
  • 14. International Volunteer Service 10) unique volunteer experience thru the preparation and sharing of Korean cuisine for the residents of the Tibagan Oratory Youth Center in Laguna; 11) outreach among 300 residents of Sitio Tibagan Oratory Youth Center of MHCS on July 28, 2010; 12) launch of the ― Kambing Mo , Kabuhayan Ko‖ Livelihood Program at Sitio Tibagan Their outreach program consists of various creative games and activities for children, distribution of giftbags containing toiletries and clothes, presentation of cultural dances, and dialogue with the children. Askedabout their experience, the VIDES Korean volunteers found it enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding. They feel so blessed and happy to be able to share God‘s providence to their brothers and sisters in thispart of the world. They hope to bring joy and hope to the people they encounter. They also hope to enhance the life situation of the people they have served. In general, they found the experience positive, satisfying, and very, very wholesome. Their impressionabout Filipino children is that they are free, welcoming, happy, and simple. They observed that Filipinos arehappy in spite of their poverty. Both VIDES Korea and VIDES Philippines expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the community of MaryHelp of Christians School in Canlubang, headed by Sr. Veny Casala, FMA. States Parties recognize that every child has the inherent right to life. (UN CRC Art. 6) 14
  • 15. International Volunteer Service FIRST JOINT LIVELIHOOD PROJECT IN LAGUNA Last July 28, 2010, thru the sponsorship of VIDES Korea and in collaboration with the community of Mary Help of Christians School (MHCS), the rural livelihood project ―Kambing Mo, Kabuhayan Ko‖, was launched by VIDES Philippines for the first time at Sitio Tibagan, in Canlubang, Laguna. Under this project, each recipient family is obliged to return an offspring to VIDES in order to be passed on to the next qualified recipient family. The Sisters of the community of MHCS will assist VIDES Philippines in monitoring the progress and implementation of this project. Present during the launch are Sr. Rosa Ryu, FMA Delegate of VIDES Korea, together with 86 VIDES Korean Volunteers; Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco, FMA Delegate of VIDES Philippines, together with Mr. Tony Espinosa and Mr. Raymund Zapanta, President and Secretary of VIDES Philippines, respectively; and Sr. Veneranda Casala, Directress of Mary Help of Christians School, along with their lay mission partners and members of their MHCS Educating Community. The ten grateful and happy parents who received goats are Edna Rizaldo, Fabian Oruga, Juliet Fajilan, Christopher Regala, Pablito Evangelista, Mamerta Oruga, Atring Damian, Fabian Castillo, Patring Pagaspas and Ricardo Marquez. VOLUNTEERING ALL THE WAY FROM DUBAI! Who says it‘s not possible to be a volunteer from a distance? Well, Dodie says it is! Below is a copy of his blog which enabled our children to receive a lot of useful items for their studies: “I would like to invite you to the Charity Dinner I am organizing on June 5, 2010, 7PM to 9PM at Cabalen Restaurant on Tourist Club Area, behind Fridays and Hardeys Restaurant. Any items such as clothes, toys, books and others will be greatly appreciated. Collected stuff will be donated to VIDES Philippines. Kindly send your confirmation before June 1, 2010. Thank you.” Dodie "Kenneth" Padilla VIDES Philippines received the boxes of donated items from the Charity Dinner organized by Dodie and these were given to the BMDK children during the annual sportsfest held at Don Bosco School Manila last September 12, 2010.States Parties shall undertake all appropriate legislative, administrative, and other measures for theimplementation of the rights recognized in the present Convention. (UN CRC Art. 4) 15
  • 16. Formation of VolunteersRector Major‟s Strenna 2010: We wish to see Jesus During the annual general assembly of the VIDES PhilippineVolunteers held last January 17, 2010, Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco,FMA VIDES Delegate, presented the Strenna of the Rector Major forthe year 2010. Entitled “We Wish to See Jesus”, the Rector MajorFr. Pascual Chavez, SDB, encouraged the Salesians and all membersof the Salesian Family to be disciples of Jesus and witnesses of theGospel values to all, especially the youth. He says: ―Our young people today are in need of witnesseswho will be able to show them Jesus. They are thirsting for God. Theyare longing to see Him.‖ Sr. Josefina stressed on the Rector Major‘sreminder regarding the importance of having an in-depth knowledgeand encounter with Jesus, through the Word of God and theSacraments. These are very basic and necessary in the journey ofbecoming a true disciple of Jesus and in living one‘s Christian life. It is only in this way that the young people whom we serveand minister to will be able to see Jesus in us. At the end of the presentation, Sr. Josefina challenged the volunteers to be bearers of God‘s love to theyoung, especially to those taking part in our mobile education project, the “VIDES Busina Mo, Dunong Ko.”VIDES Philippines joins the Salesian Family Fellowship Day Annually, the members of the Salesian Family hold their day of fellowship and bonding. This year‘s theme, ―We are Strong as One, with Juan‖, brought the members together not only in prayer, but also in moments of fun and light games. This was held on the 14th of February, at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati. Rev. Fr. Vasclav Klement, SDB, General Councillor for Missions, presided the Eucharistic celebration. Geared towards strengthening our group life and celebrating our unity as Salesian Family, various initiatives were prepared by the animators. A variety show featuring the talents of the different members of the Salesian Family took place immediately after the holy mass. This was followed by the opening of fun booths and the roll -out of assorted games with exciting prizes. At noontime, a bingo session was held interspersed with raffle draws. Grand prizes were given out to the lucky winners. With all the fun it brought, one can surely say: ―It is truly good to be part of the Salesian Family!‖ States Parties undertake to respect the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including nationality, 16 name and family relations as recognized by law without unlawful interference. (UN CRC Art. 8)
  • 17. Formation of Volunteers Time out with God: Annual Recollection of VIDES Volunteers Last March 27, 2010, at the Prayer House of the Don Bosco Youth Center in Tondo, the VIDES Volunteers had their annual recollection with Mr. Alvin Espejo as facilitator and Rev. Fr. Ike Veloso, SDB as confessor. The day was spent reflecting on the Word of God and on each one‘s personal life and vocation as VIDES Volunteer. Moments of recreation, sharing, reporting, dancing and soul-searching made the day meaningful and exciting. A special packed lunch was prepared accompanied by the surprise ice cream treat from the FMA Tondo Community of Sr. Carmencita Rodriguez. In the afternoon, the Volunteers went for confession and capped the day with the joyful celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Ike, SDB. Handling Cases of Children In Conflict with the Law (CICL) Last February 25-26, 2010, at the Manila Manor Hotel, VIDES Volunteers Rhea Ramos and Sarah Barde attended the training on ―Handling and Management of Children and Youth in Conflict with the Law Cases‖. This training course was organized by the Foundation for Adolescent Development, Inc. (FAD) and the Rotary Club of Chinatown-Manila in order to train selected youth leaders and partner agencies who will conduct talks and training sessions on Children In Conflict with the Law (CICL) among the youth, parents, Barangay officials and other stakeholders in the communities. Speakers from the Local Government Units (LGUs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) discussed the following topics: 1. The situation of CICL in the Philippines; 2. The factors which may lead to CICL; 3. The rationale, the spirit and intent for the passage of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006; 4. The salient features of the JJWA and identification of the key stakeholders involved in its implementation; 5. The intervention framework and diversion program for CICL including the roles and responsibilities of the differ- ent government agencies / stakeholders; 6. The areas for linkages between and among the different agencies / stakeholders / intermediaries, involved in the Juvenile Justice ystem; and 7. How to refer CICL questions and cases to Dial A Friend CICL Hotline. The topics discussed were all informative which helped each participant to have sufficient knowledge on CICL and the Juvenile Justice Law. The organizers challenged the participants to re-echo the training to the communities they serve. In this regard, Volunteers Rhea Ramos and Sarah Barde successfully re-echoed and integrated this activity in the six areas of the VIDES Busina Mo, Dunong Ko Mobile Education Project. Last April 17, 2010, at San Roque Parish, Pasay City, two representatives of the Foundation for Adolescent Development, Inc. witnessed one of the echo-seminars conducted by the VIDES Volunteers among the children and youth of BMDK Pasay.States Parties shall ensure to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of the child.(UN CRC Art. 6) 17
  • 18. Advocacy on VolunteerismVIDES Pinoy Volunteers promote volunteerism among Salesian Youth Leaders VIDES Pinoy volunteers assembled at DonBosco School Manila for the volunteerism campaigncum Aetas outreach at Sitio Monicayo, Mabalacat,Pampanga last February 20, 2010. Eighty (80)Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) Leaders comingfrom Salesian Schools in Laguna, Manila andPampanga, listened to the input on volunteerismdelivered by VIDES Volunteers Tony Espinosa,Raymund Zapanta, Aissa Manalo and Rudelyn Yaon.Questions regarding motivation for volunteerism,inspiration, obstacles and challenges were raised bythe youth leaders. After the input and open forum, the SYMleaders joined the VIDES Volunteers in the outreachamong the Aetas children. Present during this eventare VIDES Volunteers Beth Espinosa, Lady AnneEspinosa, Amy Suzara, Varry Manalo, Rhea Ramos,Sarah Barde, Farah Chavez and Sr. Jojo FMA. Games and educational activities were prepared by the volunteers, based on the UN Convention on theRights of the Child, with special focus on the right to education. Snacks and clothing were distributed by thevolunteers afterwards. It was a whole day of fun and service, of learning and inspiration. Thanks to all the VIDES Volunteersand SYM Leaders!VIDES PINOY promotes Summer Youth Volunteer Program (SYVP) Boredom could easily creep in when one has gotnothing to do for summer. According to Don Bosco, ―an idlemind is the devil‘s workshop‖. This gave the VIDES volunteersan idea to launch the Summer Youth Volunteer Program amongthose who wish to make their summer meaningful and useful. A number of generous and enthusiastic young peopleresponded to this invitation. As volunteers, they are freeto decide whether to come regularly or not. Most ofthem found meaning in what they did as Junior VIDESVolunteers and thus committed themselves to frequentlyrender their voluntary service as tutors in academicsubjects for children participating in the mobile education project. States Parties shall take measures to combat the illicit transfer and non-return of children abroad. (UN CRC Art. 11) 18
  • 19. Youth Development and Training Summer Voice Lessons for BMDK Choir VIDES Volunteer Rudelyn Yaon sponsored the 2010 Summer Voice Lessons of the BMDK children. Mr. Arnel Sibolino conducted the thrice-a-week voice training at San Roque, NIA Road and Pasay. Ms. Amy Suzara constantly gave her support and assistance throughout the children‘s practices. The BMDK children‘s choir expressed their gratitude and appreciation for this initiative of the VIDES Volunteers. Thru VIDES, they are given equal access to opportunities for socio-cultural development and participation. Youth Leadership Training Program: Servant Leadership Experience Last May 1-2, BMDK Youth Leaders underwent a leadership training program entitled: Servant Leadership Experience (SLEx). Mr. Alvin Espejo of Don Bosco Youth Center Tondo, together with his team of Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) facilitators, animated the workshop and liturgy held at Don Bosco School Manila last May 1. Various team-building activities challenged the youth leaders to work together, share, assist, and above all to grow in humility, discipline and patience. They also had fun in the afternoon debate on social issues, which opened up their thoughts and inspired their hearts towards genuine service and solidarity. At the end of Day 1, they had a meaningful taize prayer and washing of the feet, to pattern their leadership style unto Christ‘s: that of being a true Servant Leader. The following day, May 2, was spent in Tagaytay for their field trip and team-building sessions. It was their first time to go to Tagaytay and see the Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. It was also a most unforgettable experience for all the youth leaders to ride a horse! Towards noon, the VIDES Volunteers surprised the leaders with a special lunch of rice and adobo, shared under the cool and shady trees of the picnic site. For the VIDES Volunteers, it was another day of birthing… of giving life to this future generation of youth leaders. Back at the headquarters, the VIDES Volunteers prepared an electronic newsletter filled with pictures, which was emailed to Mr. John Carlyle D. Quimbo, President of Altus Communications. It is our way of thanking him and his office for sponsoring this worthwhile event.The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right toacquire a nationality and. as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents. (UN CRCArt. 7) 19
  • 20. Youth Development and TrainingJunior VIDES Volunteers rock at SM MOA It was a school day and yet, the Junior VIDES volunteers were allowed by their parents and Don BoscoSchool Manila, to join the culminating activity of the National Children‘s Month Celebration at the SM Mall of Asia(MOA) on October 27, 2010. VIDES Philippines was chosen by the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) toanimate the whole day activity which they have organized together with the SM-SCMC Regional OperationsManager Mr. Royston Cabuñag for the 350 children of SM Foundation, ABS-CBN Foundation, and VIDES. As volunteers for the 350 children-participants, the Junior VIDES helped the children and took part in thefollowing activities: film viewing about the environment, entrance to the Science Discovery, watching the concertof VIDES children about the environment, facilitating the fun games for the children and assistance in thedistribution of snacks, lunch and gift packages from SM. Together with the Junior VIDES volunteers are the 3 rd year combo members who won in the Don BoscoSchool‘s composition contest about the environment. They joined the VIDES concert performers by renderingtheir winning piece before the huge crowd gathered at the MOA Music Hall. Present in this significant event are the officers and employees of the Council for the Welfare of Children,the SM Malls, the ABS-CBN Foundation, and VIDES Philippines. Bright Child Jr. Ambassador BJ ―Tolits‖ Forbesand VIDES youth leader Jennifer San Juan were the masters of ceremonies. States Parties undertake to respect the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including nationality, 20 name and family relations as recognized by law without unlawful interference. (UN CRC Art. 8)
  • 21. Advocacy Publication of the Primer on the Proposed Anti-Corporal Punishment Act of 2008 Filipino Translation of “To Spank or not to Spank”: “Okay Lang Bang Mamalo?” In March 2010, hundreds of copies of ―Okay Lang Bang Mamalo?‖ were disseminated among members of the Child Rights Network (CRN). This is a primer on the proposed Anti-Corporal Punishment Act of 2008 developed by the PLCPD, and translated into Filipino by Ms. Che delos Reyes and Sr. Lynn Grace Palanca, FMA for VIDES Philippines and the CRN, with the support of Plan International. Written in our native language, this primer seeks to reach the grassroots level, in order to have a clearer and deeper understanding of the ill-effects of corporal punishment and the long term benefits of positive discipline. For VIDES, this means educating the parents of the children taking part in the VIDES Busina Mo, Dunong Ko mobile education project on the importance of promoting discipline in the home without the use of punishment. This primer tackles the magnitude of corporal punishment in the Philippines, effects of corporal punishment on children, various forms of corporal punishment, the alternative to corporal punishment which is positive discipline - and the ways on how to implement it, existing provisions of the law pertaining to the protection of children from abuse and violence, and the proposed policy advocacy on the promotion of positive discipline as an alternative to corporal punishment which is currently being discussed by the Legislators at the House of Representatives. For VIDES, Positive Discipline is expressed in St. John Bosco‘s Preventive System, which believes that in every young person, there is a seed of goodness. That as educators, volunteers and evangelizers, we have to strive to ―be loved, rather than feared‖ by the youth so as to make a positive and effective intervention. That, as St. Francis of Sales teaches, ―a spoonful of honey attracts more flies than a barrel full of vinegar.‖, which simply means that in educating and dealing with the youth, kindness attracts while rudeness turns them off. And lastly, ―as opposed to the repressive system which punishes and humiliates the person, the preventive system appeals to the youth‘s capacity for reason, religion and loving-kindness‖. With reason, we are able to explain what is good, correct and true and what is not. With religion, we are able to lead the youth to consider things in the context of our being brothers and sisters in God‘s family and thus be responsible for one another. With loving-kindness, we are able to educate them with patience, understanding, and love. All this, in the hope that whatever it is that they learn from us, they, in turn, will pass on to the next generation. We believe that through the promotion of Positive Discipline, we will have a better genera- tion of youth, who will have experienced love and respect in their homes, schools, communi- ties, and the society and thus multiply the same wherever they may be the future.States Parties shall respect the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.(UN CRC Art. 14) 21
  • 22. AdvocacyStop Corporal Punishment in SchoolsPromotion of Positive Discipline Last August 10, 2010 the launch of the study―Towards a Child-Friendly Environment, a BaselineStudy on Violence Against Children in Selected PublicSchools‖ was held in Sulo Hotel, Quezon City. Inconnection with this, twenty (20) children from theVIDES Busina Mo, Dunong Ko (BMDK) in Pasay werechosen by the Council for the Welfare of the Children(CWC) to do a dramatization of the result of the study.This baseline study was conducted by the PhilippineWomen‘s University, with the support of UNICEF, PlanInternational and the Council for the Welfare ofChildren. The choreographed VIDES song ―Disiplina, HindiParusa‖ (Discipline, Not Punishment) which wasinterspersed in the drama, creatively underscored theimportance of positive discipline as an alternative tocorporal punishment. Aside from this, the BMDKChildren also led the singing of the Philippine NationalAnthem and the Opening Prayer. The comprehensive script was done by the BMDK children themselves while their presentation wasdirected and followed up by VIDES volunteers, Jun Pimentel, Sarah Barde and Amy Suzara. During the launch, VIDES Volunteers Daryl Tecson, Sarah Barde, Rhea Ramos, Varrygib Manalo, AmySuzara, Arnel Sibolino, Rosylyn Arnigo, Dr. Girlie Amarillo, together with Sr. Anelie Lacse FMA and the VIDESBoard of Directors Mr. Antonio Espinosa (President) and Mr. Raymund Zapanta (Secretary) supported thechildren with their presence. The BMDK children received appreciation and praises for their performance,especially from CWC Deputy Director Ma. Elena Caraballo, Ms. Dey Gamboa and the staff of the Council for theWelfare of Children. The said launch of the study was covered by different television networks such as ABS-CBN, GMA 7 and TV 5. Three from our BMDK children were interviewed regarding their individual experiences of violence against children in public schools. Lady Co and Rachelle were interviewed by Ms. Niña Corpus of ABS- CBN which was aired at TV Patrol and Bandila while Jennifer was interviewed by Ms. Angeline of TV 5 and was shown on Aksyon. In general, children‘s painful experiences of violence in school are so unacceptable and unforgettable that they leave a mark in every single child who was a victim of violence in school. What is more important now is that they have already overcome those traumatic experiences they had through the help of their parents and volunteers. The children are looking forward to concrete immediate actions on the cases studied by the PWU so that there will be no more children victims of violence in schools. ―The study found out that at least 4 out of 10 children in Grades 1-3 and 7 out of 10 in Grades 2-6 and in high school have experienced some forms of violence like, spanking, beating, pinching and slapping which were considered ―acceptable‖ ways of discipline children. Verbal abuse is the most prevalent form of violence experienced by children at all school levels. This includes being shouted at and being cursed, ridiculed, teased, or humiliated. Children generally prefer a more positive form of discipline such as being talked to and corrected or guided/counselled in response to offenses or violations committed in school. States Parties shall respect the rights and duties of the parents and, when applicable, legal guardians, to provide direction to the child in the exercise of his or her right in a manner consistent with the evolving capacities of the 22 child. (UN CRC Art. 14)
  • 23. Advocacy Most public schools do not follow a standard way of addressing complaints of violence against children. Thus the process of handling complaints is vulnerable to the personal biases and arbitrary judgment of people in charge, resulting in children‘s distrust of the process.‖ (from the Baseline Study on Violence Against Children in Selected Public Schools 2010) During the media conference, the panelists were DSWD Secretary Hon. Dinky Soliman, DepEd Undersecretary Atty. Albert Muyot, Plan International Country Director Michael Diamond, UNICEF Country Representative Ms. Vanessa Tobin, Dean of the College of Social Work of Philippine Women‟s University Dr. Nenita Cura and Ms. Lina Laigo. According to DepEd Undersecretary Atty. Albert Muyot, the Department of Education will strengthen the Child- Friendly School program and seminars will be provided for the school personnel on managing the behavior of children and preventing violence against them. Lady Co, a BMDK leader, cited her personal experience of violence when she was in Elementary, and asked the panelists what they can do to prevent this from happening again and if the government can promise to provide concrete action on matters such as this. Secretary Dinky Soliman gave her assurance that the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Department of Education will help each other in order to give appropriate response to the children‘s needs. She also advised the children to immediately report their experience of violence to their parents, teachers, or school officials. After the media conference, the launch of the study was conducted. On behalf of the Filipino Children, BMDK kids Janice San Juan and Roberto Tuba, presented the first official copy of the study to Secretary Dinky Soliman, Ms. Vanessa Tobin, Mr. Michael Diamond and Undersecretary Atty. Albert Muyot. This symbolic handing over of the study by the children bears the message and the challenge to all stakeholders: to stop violence against children in public schools. The launching was also reported in an article on the Philippine Daily Inquirer.States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express thoseviews freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with theage and maturity of the child. (UN CRC Art. 12) 23
  • 24. AdvocacyNATIONAL CHILDREN‟S MONTH CELEBRATION“Kung Bright Child ang gusto, Mundo‟y ingatan mo!” This year‘s National Children‘s Month celebration highlighted the promotion of children‘s rights, withemphasis on environmental care and protection. Anchored on the theme prepared by the Council for theWelfare of Children, VIDES Volunteers and children celebrated this last October 17, 2010 at Don Bosco YouthCenter in Tondo, with a series of meaningful and creative activities. Present on this occasion are guests fromthe Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC), Deputy Director Ma. Elena Caraballo and Ms. Dey Gamboa, andthe Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, represented by Sr. Rachel Melissa Flor, FMA Provincial Secretary andSr. Ma. Elizabeth Marquez, FMA Provincial Economer. The day started with the holy mass presided by Rev. Fr. Ike Veloso, SDB. In his homily, Fr. Ikereminded the children of the importance of protecting and upholding their rights as well as owning their specialrole and contribution in achieving a pleasing environment where everyone can live safely, healthily andsecurely. After the Eucharistic celebration, everyone witnessed another significant milestone in the journey of theVIDES Busina Mo, Dunong Ko mobile education project: Fr. Ike‘s blessing of the new multicab donated byVIDES Korea for the BMDK project. This would be of great help in reaching out to poor communities locatedwithin the very narrow alleys of the city, in order to provide the children access to the mobile education facilitiesof BMDK. This day also marked the kick off of the VIDES Alternative Learning System (ALS) Program for the out-of-school youth of Bgy. 143, Pasay City. After the blessing, the program for the celebration of the National Children‘s Month commenced. Sr.Jojo Carrasco, FMA VIDES Delegate, gave the opening remarks and provided a creative input on the UnitedNations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC), with video clips and songs about environmental careand protection. Afterwards, the children were divided into 25 groups, each animated by a team of VIDES Volun-teers, in order to carry out activities related to environment protection. Included among their expected outputs were the following: a poster that depicts how they can help inpreserving the environment; group sharing on their knowledge on children‘s rights; and a creative presentationof their commitment on the said topic through cheers, drama, or poetry. This particular activity showed theuniqueness and creative dynamism of the children. It also demonstrated the love and devotion of the VIDES volunteers to the children through the timethey spent with them, talking with them and sharing their meals together. A child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier. (UN CRC Art. 1) 24
  • 25. Advocacy In the afternoon, a mini-concert was rendered by the Voice of VIDES Choir, giving everyone a glimpse of their series of songs and dances for the upcoming Voice of VIDES concert for a cause. The said concert, entitled “Tugsayawit Para Sa Kalikasan”, is an environmental advocacy which also seeks to provide the children a venue for showcasing what they have learned from the Summer Voice Training Course. On the part of the VIDES Volunteers who trained the children in music and dance, it also meant reaping the harvest of all their sacrifices. Moreover, it is also their joint effort in expressing their solidarity with the children of Palawan, for whom they seek to raise some funds in view of the 2011 Mission Camp to be held there. The highlight of the program was the awarding ceremony for poster-making, creative presentation, and the cleanest home per BMDK area. VIDES Philippine President Tony Espinosa and CWC Deputy Director Ma. Elena Caraballo, presented the awards and certificates to the winners.States Parties shall respect and ensure the rights set forth in the present Convention to each child within theirjurisdiction without discrimination of any kind . (UN CRC Art. 2) 25
  • 26. Advocacy“TUGSAYAWIT PARA SA KALIKASAN” After almost a year of honing the VIDES children‘s talents in singing and dancing, VIDES volunteersthought of coming up with a concert where they can let the children share their God-given talents with othersand for a significant cause. Together, the volunteers and children decided to develop a concert about promotingenvironmental protection since they were inspired by the theme chosen by the Council for the Welfare ofChildren for this year‘s children‘s month celebration: ―Kung Bright Child ang gusto, mundo‘y ingatan mo‖. Withtheir trainor Arnel Sibolino and volunteer choreographer Aissa Manalo, they came up with songs such as:Kapaligiran, Anak ng Pasig, Colors of the Wind, etc. Having seen their potential, the children became convincedthat their concert is something truly worth seeing. It was then that they thought of helping the VIDESVolunteers raise funds for their upcoming mission camp in Palawan by selling tickets to the concert. To make itmore interesting, they made it into a concert ticket with raffle. Thus, the ―Tugsayawit Para Sa Kalikasan‖ waslaunched. Tugtog, Sayaw, at Awit or Tugsayawit is not something new nor original. The rendition of the VIDESChildren and Volunteers is. It‘s the first, and surely not the last! VIDES Philippines is truly grateful to the community of Sr. Celia Tacujan, Directress of Don Bosco School,who graciously allowed the group to hold the concert at the DBS Hall last October 24, 2010. It was truly asuccess!CRN Members Celebrate Children‟s Month at House Of Representatives Members of the Child Rights Network (CRN) organized a three-day celebration of the Children‘s Monthat the House of Representatives (HOR) from October 11-13, 2011. Activities prepared by the CRN included thedistribution of advocacy materials, opening of exhibit, speeches from congresswomen and child rightsadvocates, children‘s educational tour, children‘s dialogue with legislators, and discussion on corporalpunishment and positive discipline. As a member of the CRN, VIDES participated by providing guests with free audio CDs of“Disiplina, Hindi Parusa”, an advocacy song on Positive Discipline composed by Eric Zaballero and sung byhis daughters Rya and Rachelle for VIDES Philippines. VIDES Children also joined the dialogue with legislators under the Committee on the Welfare of Childrenand raised their concerns about education, health, and the environment. Present during the discussion areofficers and members of the Committee on the Welfare of Children: Chair Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerilles,Vice-Chair Hon. Bernadette Herrera-Dy, Hon. Lucy Torres-Gomez and Hon. Lani Mercado-Revilla. Together with other children from CRNmembers, VIDES kids joined the handing over ofPledge Posters to Legislators, which says: “I WILLMAKE LAWS THAT PROTECT CHILDREN.” VIDES children also led the choreographedopening prayer and rendered a creative advocacy onpositive discipline thru song and dance. VIDES Volunteers present at these activitiesassisted the children and helped them prepare for thissuccessful children‘s month celebration organized bythe Child Rights Network. States Parties recognize the rights of the child to freedom of association and to freedom of peaceful assembly. (UN CRC Art. 15) 26
  • 27. Advocacy VIDES launches its first health project in Sta. Mesa The dream of doing something good for our neighbors where our office is located finally came true when Ms. Minnie Portales of World Vision invited VIDES Philippines to join their Social Mobilization on Tuberculosis Project (SMTP). Preliminary meetings were conducted as early as February 2010, but it was only in July 2010 when the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed by all the member NGOs and partner GOs. President Antonio Espinosa represented VIDES Philippines in the MOA signing. A series of training sessions were conducted among the volunteers and focal persons which enabled them to conduct Tuberculosis (TB) Classes in their barangays. The mothers mobilized by VIDES Philippines as volunteers at Bgy. 601 and Bgy. 602 are the members of the Mama Margarita Mothers Club of Don Bosco School under Sr. Gigi Imanil, FMA. They are: Mrs. Azucena Lazo, Mrs. Leonida Tolon, Mrs. Marcelina Cane, Mrs. Leonor Naval and Mrs. Helen Marcial, the councilor in charge of health. VIDES Philippines is grateful to the Barangay Chairmen of 601, Hon. Alfredo Calonsag, and 602, Hon. Aldred Olarte, for welcoming this project launch for the elimination of tuberculosis in their communities.States Parties recognize the right of the child to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and tofacilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation of health. States Parties shall strive to ensure that no childis deprived of his or her right of access to such health care services. (UN CRC Art. 24) 27
  • 28. LivelihoodVIDES URBAN LIVELIHOOD PROJECT:Launching of “Makina Mo, Kabuhayan Ko” Last October 2, 2010, at Bgy. 286, Delpan, Binondo, Manila, five (5) brand new Singer sewing machineswere distributed to selected mothers of BMDK Delpan children under the VIDES ―Makina Mo, Kabuhayan Ko‖Livelihood Project. Sr. Anelie Lacse, FMA, a masteral student of the Asian Social Institute doing her immersionunder VIDES Philippines, conducted sewing classes for the mothers. Under this project, the mothers will bemaking regular contributions in order to pay off the sewing machines so as to give other mothers the possibilityof acquiring the next sewing machine to be purchased by VIDES. Each manual Singer sewing machine costs onlyPhp 4,500.The five mothers from Bgy. 286, Del Pan, who are pioneer recipients of this project are:1. Virginia Catamber; 2. Lorna Sarmiento; 3. Rosie Orsolega; 4. Angelica Galecio; and 5. Luzviminda Vigor.VIDES LIVELIHOOD PROJECTS: States Parties recognize the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the childs physical, mental, 28 spiritual, moral and social development. (UN CRC Art. 27)
  • 29. International Volunteer Service JAPANESE STUDENTS FROM SEIBI GAKUEN Sharing from the Heart on VIDES Volunteerism Last March 25, 2010, upon the invitation of Sr. Ludovina Michozuki, FMA and before a group of Japanese students from Seibi Gakuen and some volunteers from VIDES Shizuoka, Ms. Amy Suzara shared her insights and feelings as a VIDES volunteer for the past 15 years. Below is a copy of her talk. St. Dominic Savio used to say: "I cant do big things. But I want all I do, even the smallest thing, to be for the greater glory of God… Death rather than sin." What if someone is in search of life‘s meaning? What if you lost your job for one reason or another? What if you have a job and yet you want to help people to be transformed and be given fresh opportunities? Or what if you are a student but you want to share your free time for a meaningful purpose? Be a Volunteer. Volunteering can be an experience that fills you with gratitude. You probably know that volunteers are individuals or groups who give their time, talent and abilities for a cause they believe in, without pay, and are able to have a great time for free. Volunteering is a vocation. It is a challenge to yourself and others to make a difference. Meeting different kinds of people can help you gain experi- ence and increase your social skills. Being a volunteer is very fulfilling, because here one discovers many things about oneself. It is a formative experience. We will know our self better; and it is basically important to have a healthy self-awareness. In volunteering, we will be surprised to know that our weakness can become our strength which will help us to become a better person. It is a two-way process: we are helping the children, but, in a way, they are helping us more in developing the weakest points of our personhood. Being a volunteer means being a living witness of life and hope for these children. Bringing our heart in doing volunteer work is enough because this is the source of our good attitude and behavior that we need in every helping and working relationship. Working directly with children entails giving them joy, love and happiness. The prize of volunteering comes from within... the inner joy, peace, contentment and happiness. Indeed, it is priceless! This being ―one for others‖... sharing little things unconditionally… can be a source of our happiness, understanding, and being loving and caring persons. It is so because it is rooted in Jesus, who calls us to be VIDES volunteers. Self-giving with humility and sincerity, is doing everything for the glory of God. The secret of having peace in volunteering is freely doing our work, in order to reflect the beauty and the eyes of God. The purification of our commitment and motivation is very important. If we always have this in mind, we will be a volunteer our heart and in the eyes of God. We really thank VIDES Philippines for giving us the opportunity to serve, to share and to give our self... We would like also to take this opportunity to thank the FMA family for giving us the venue for volunteering. For those people who want to find meaning in their life, please do it now, please do not delay… because life is very short. Let our remaining days be a noble and worthwhile one by giving love, joy and happiness to other people. Try to commit and share your time, talent, and resources to render volunteer work anytime! Promise! Happiness is here!States Parties recognize the right of the child to education. (UN CRC Art. 28) 29
  • 30. Volunteers’ Food For ThoughtAmy Suzara’s Reflections on Volunteering with Gratitude―Ang pusong marunong magpasalamat ay pinagpapala ng Diyos‖(God always blesses those who have grateful hearts) Having a grateful heart means treading the path towards continual growth. To be grateful means to bejoyful and loving; to be ready to give time to express our thankfulness; to be humble enough to acknowledgeour being gifted by someone. This way, we learn to grow in virtue and character. When Don Bosco started hiswork among the youth, he taught his collaborators about the importance of making gratitude an essential aspectof our Salesian Family tradition. Today, however, this attitude of being thankful is gradually dying down, evenwithin the circle of our own family, our place of work, and even among our friends. That is why, there is anexistential need to revive it and make it live on. In our daily life, we sometimes have the tendency to forget that everything that we have and are comefrom God. All is gift. All is grace. For this, we need to learn to listen, reflect and contemplate. These are specialmoments for us to rejoice and feel God‘s loving presence and be thankful. As VIDES volunteers we are united by love in order to announce to young people the beautifulexperience of sharing with one another. Above all, we are called to lead them to God, who strengthens ourcommitment to volunteerism, humble service and solidarity. In spite of our work and other domesticresponsibilities, we do find time to share our skills, knowledge, resources, and our very own selves for the goodof others, especially the young people entrusted to our care. From generation to generation, the message of Don Bosco to his educators remains .... ―Make yourselfloved rather than feared.‖ This is the secret of educating with and through the heart. And this is still his messagefor us, VIDES Volunteers, today. Having lived and worked for almost two decades now with the Daughters ofMary Help of Christians (also known as the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco), makes us realize the greatness ofGod‘s mercy, goodness and providence. God‘s love spurs us on to contribute to the continuity of His work. Wethank the Salesian Sisters for their trust and confidence in letting us share in their mission. We assure them thatwe will do our best in living up to the challenges of our commitment and responsibilities as volunteers - towardsGod, the FMA Community, the women and children entrusted to us, and our society. In our mission among the young, we need to always remember to ―Be thankful and grateful working forthem, instead of complaining about them‖. Some people get frustrated with children; because at times, they canreally get on one‘s nerves. There are instances when some children are slow in understanding and in doingthings. They have different behaviors, temperaments and attitudes. Unfortunately, when we lack self-awareness,we sometimes communicate our frustrations on them, making them feel bad about themselves, which results tolow self-esteem. Let us then remember Don Bosco‘s Preventive System: ―Not with blows, but with kindness andlove; you must win over these your friends‖. And believe that ―in every child there is a seed of goodness‘, nomatter how bad his/her attitude may be. As VIDES Volunteers, let us be patient. Let us grab the opportunity toteach them, instead of criticizing them; to appreciate and thank them, instead of rejecting and ignoring them.This is gratitude and love in real action. Let‘s continue building the civilization of love! States Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to: (a) The development of the childs 30 personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential; (UN CRC Art. 29 a)
  • 31. Busina Mo, Dunong Ko NIA Road Recto South Triangle San Roque Pasay Delpan Total VIDES BMDK Children VIDES BMDK Male-Female Ratio 2010States Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to: (b) The development of respect forhuman rights and fundamental freedoms, and for the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations;(UN CRC Art. 29 b) 31
  • 32. Busina Mo, Dunong KoTHE BMDK TOUCH: TRANSFORMING LIVES AND COMMUNITIES It is always with joy and enthusiasm that children run up to meet the mobile library every time it arrivesat the community where the VIDES ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ (BMDK) mobile education project is beingconducted. Children of all ages gather around the volunteers assisted by local youth leaders for the learningsessions. In a few minutes, the children settle down by grade level in order to listen to their volunteer teachers.Blackboards, chalk, and other teaching materials help the volunteers facilitate the learning process. Topics andactivities on science, math, history, children‘s rights, English, arts, music and sports occupy the minutes andhours spent together by volunteers and children alike. At the end of each BMDK activity, volunteers feel a deepsense of fulfillment and joy, having been God‘s instrument of love to these children, even for just a few hours. The BMDK is an unconventional way of educating children on the streets. Oblivious to the sounds andsights around them, children continue to show their interest in learning new things the fun way, right wheretheir houses are located, and close to their barangay hall or outpost. The BMDK has inspired other groups of people to give and share. Thanks to JO TANKERS, who donatedthe very first and biggest mobile library van to VIDES Philippines, for it has inspired the young volunteers ofVIDES Korea to also donate a multicab which can enter even the narrowest alleys where the children and theirfamilies live. The BMDK has grown since its launching in May 2006. Education without good health is useless, thusthe VIDES volunteers launched the quarterly medical missions to cover the BMDK areas. Further, in June 2010,VIDES joined the Social Mobilization on Tuberculosis Project (SMTP) of the World Vision in collaboration with theManila City Health Department and three other NGOs. With the help of volunteer mothers, VIDES implementsthe SMTP in three Barangays: Barangay 286 in Delpan and Barangay 601 and Barangay 602 in Sta. Mesa.VIDES Philippines now serves eight (8) barangays in the National Capital Region. BMDK targets ―Zero Out-of-School-Youth (OSY)‖ in the areas it serves by 2015. VIDES Philippinesbelieves that poverty is not a hindrance to education as long as there are people with passion and compassion.BMDK has already gathered the out-of-school youth of Pasay to try out the VIDES literacy program at the hall ofBarangay 143 before merging them with the ALS learners of Don Bosco School Manila in 2011. Fifteen of themhave expressed interest in taking the ALS exams in two or three years. BMDK has increased its number of scholars. With the help of VIDES International, VIDES Italy andVIDES Korea, BMDK helps children at the margins of society realize their dreams of pursuing their studies. BMDK promotes a child-friendly community through Positive Discipline. Volunteers conduct trainingsessions for parents on Positive Discipline, a parenting style which promotes love, care, and patience towardschildren and rejects corporal punishment and bullying. BMDK cares for the children‘s families. Having observed real poverty among the BMDK children,volunteers are launching micro-credit projects and other forms of livelihood that can augment the familyincome. BMDK is forever thankful to God and to those generous persons who make it possible for the VIDESvolunteers to carry out this task of educating children. It has been four years since the initial launch of theBusina Mo, Dunong Ko (BMDK) mobile education project in partnership with JO TANKERS, which donated thefirst and biggest customized VIDES mobile library and financially supports its operations annually.Since 2001, Mr. Joey and Mrs. Marissa Concepcion, has been providing 300 hotdog sandwiches andjuices for the BMDK children every Saturday. States Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to: (c) The development of respect for the childs parents, his or her own cultural identity, language and values, for the national values of the country in which the child is living, the country 32 from which he or she may originate, and for civilizations different from his or her own; (UN CRC Art. 29 c)
  • 33. Busina Mo, Dunong KoStates Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to: (d) The preparation of the child for responsible life in afree society, in the spirit of understanding, peace, tolerance, equality of sexes, and friendship among all peoples, ethnic, nationaland religious groups and persons of indigenous origin; (UN CRC Art. 29 d) 33
  • 34. Busina Mo, Dunong Ko States Parties agree that the education of the child shall be directed to: (e) The development of respect 34 for the natural environment. (UN CRC Art. 29 e)
  • 35. National Networking Philippine NGO Coalition on the UN CRC holds workshop for members Last November 22-26, 2010, at the Capuchin Retreat Center in Lipa City, Batangas, the members of the Philippine NGO Coalition on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) organized a capacity building workshop for its members. Entitled ―Seeing Through the Lens: A Training on CRC‖, the group deepened the UN CRC articles, the reporting process, CEDAW and the Rights of Girl Children, national legal frameworks, Special Protection, the Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children (OPSC), the Optional Protocol on Children in Armed Conflict (CIAC) and the CRC monitoring indicators. This 5-day live-in workshop is intended to build the capacity of the 16 NGO-members of the Coalition. As a member of the Capacity Building Group, Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco, FMA, of VIDES Philippines facilitated the input on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the CRC monitoring process, and the framework on Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities. She shared information and materials received from the FMA Human Rights Office in Geneva, Switzerland. Other members who facilitated the series of workshops include Save the Children (Convenor), Plan International-Philippines, John J. Carroll Institute on Church and Social Issues, Lunduyan, Visayan Forum, Childfund Philippines, ECPAT Philippines, Asia Against Child Trafficking, Open Heart Foundation, and World Vision Development Foundation. Experts were also invited to discuss specific children‘s issues: Ms. Pazie De Guzman on Foster Care, Atty. Rommel Abitria on Special Protection, and Mr. Ramil Andag on the Optional Protocol on CIAC.A child temporarily or permanently deprived of his or her family environment, or in whose own best interestscannot be allowed to remain in that environment, shall be entitled to special protection and assistance providedby the State. (UN CRC Art. 20) 35
  • 36. Living the Preventive SystemPreventing CICL thru ALS – the VIDES BMDK response It‘s broad daylight, yet you sense that your life is in danger because a teenager just grabs your bag andcellphone and then escapes. At times, you walk alone and then this dirty small boy meets you with a knife asking for money. At othertimes, it is a girl stinking with the smell of rugby who suddenly steals your purse and runs away. These are childrenwho come in conflict with the law and end up either at the barangay hall or with the Department of Social Welfareand Development. These are the same children who come to the ―Busina Mo, Dunong Ko‖ (BMDK) to disrupt our educationalactivities and snatch the snacks of other children. They do these things because they are hungry. These children wreak havoc in their communities and even inside their parish church. VIDES volunteershear repeated complaints from barangay officials, mothers, and the priests assigned at the parish. ―They are unruly.They threaten us. They are very stubborn. They are elusive. They steal. They hurt people.‖ Some VIDES volunteers havealready been victimized, losing theircellphones and other electronic gadgets.Thus, after much reflection anddiscussion, the VIDES board finallydecided to do something that willprevent these young people frombecoming Children In Conflict with theLaw (CICL). The board resolved toexpand the BMDK project by providingbasic literacy sessions that will preparethese children to attend the AlternativeLearning System (ALS) program at DonBosco School Manila. This move isgrounded on the Preventive Systemof Education of St. John Bosco,founder of the congregations of theSalesians of Don Bosco (SDB) and theDaughters of Mary Help of Christians(FMA). In coordination with Mr. RichardTamayo, our BMDK leader who won asSangguniang Kabataan (SK) Chairmanof Bgy. 143 in Pasay City, we wereallowed to use one of the rooms at theBarangay Hall for the literacy classesunder Mr. Melvin Caballero, our VIDESstaff. The literacy sessions started inOctober 2010, with 15 out-of-schoolyouth (OSY) and 9 mothers from theVIDES mothers‘ club. It may take a while to see theirprogress and transformation, but withDon Bosco, VIDES Philippines believesthat ―in every young person, there is aseed of goodness‖; and that: ―an idlemind is the devil‘s workshop.‖ We mustthen continually sow good things intothe minds and hearts of our youngpeople, so that we may have abundantfruit in the future. We must never tireof forming the youth ―to becomegood Christians and honestcitizens‖. States Parties shall recognize for every child the right to benefit from social security, including social insurance, and shall take the necessary measures to achieve the full realization of this right in accordance with their national 36 law. (UN CRC Art. 26)
  • 37. International Networking VIDES represents FMA Philippines at the SDB-FIS Human Rights Education Seminar The Salesians of FIS Province in coordination with Jugend Dritte Welt and Konrad Adenauer Foundation held an International Human Rights Education Conference with the theme: ―Promoting Human Rights Consciousness in Youth Development‖ last November 12-15, 2010, in Cebu City, Philippines. Sr. Sarah B. Garcia, FMA Provincial Superior, requested VIDES Philippines to represent the FMA Philippine Province and to take part in this conference on account of its direct work of promoting human and children‘s rights among the youth and its capacity for networking with local and international NGOs. Fifty (50) participants coming from various countries listened to topics on human rights, human rights education, human rights situation in the Philippines, the application of the human rights based approach in Salesian settings and the different interventions for victims of child trafficking, children in conflict with the law, streetchildren and children in multi-ethnic environments. Invited local and international experts on said topics aided the participants‘ understanding of the importance of valuing, communicating, promoting and defending human rights, especially in our work among the most disadvantaged youth. The successful and well-organized conference also included workshops on exploring future networking possibilities, encounters with the at-risk youth in Pasil and Li-loan where the Salesians are directly engaged, and the formulation of action plans per group and per organization. VIDES Volunteer Atty. Anna Theresa Cruz and VIDES Delegate Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco, FMA attended this conference. VIDES participates in BICE’s Good Practices Consultation Last September 14, 2010, VIDES Philippine Delegate Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco FMA was invited by Ms. Alessandra Aula, Deputy Secretary General of the International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE) to take part in their Good Practices Consultation Process. The two of them first got acquainted in Geneva, Switzerland in March 2009, during the Seminar on Human Rights jointly organized by VIDES International, BICE, and the FMA Human Rights Office. This consultation is in view of the selection process to be done by BICE expert groups in preparation for the 2011 BICE International Congress in Paris, France on the right to education of children estranged from their family and / or socially excluded. Ten (10) criteria about good / meaningful practices from the grassroots proposed by the UN Expert, Catarina de Albuquerque, were adopted by BICE in the formulation of the questionnaire. Out of these 10 criteria, 5 are normative: availability, accessibility, affordability, safety and acceptability, and 5 are cross-cutting ones: non-discrimination, participation, accountability, impact and sustainability. BICE acknowledged the prompt response given by VIDES Philippines to their review process.States Parties shall take all appropriate national, bilateral and multilateral measures to prevent the abduction of,the sale of or traffic in children for any purpose or in any form. (UN CRC Art. 35) 37
  • 38. A Day with President AquinoVIDES Kids present the MDG & CRC at Heroes Hall, Malacañan December 13, 2010 was a most special day for our VIDES children who went to Malacañan for thecelebration of the 20th anniversary of the Philippines‘ ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of theChild. Entitled "YES to MDGs & CRC", this gathering of children, NGOs, GOs, and child rights advocatesenabled the participants to promote childrens issues before His Excellency President Benigno Simeon C.Aquino, III. Together with President Noynoy are Secretary Corazon ―Dinky‖ J. Soliman of theDepartment of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Mr. Julio Jaime, President of theBarangay Councilors League of the Philippines (BCLP). The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) arevery important for us VIDES Volunteers and children because all our programs are geared towards the fulfillmentof these goals and rights. Our various programs on health, environment, education and development areinterconnected with each of the other MDGs and the UN CRC. The VIDES children led the opening prayer with the rendition of "The Prayer", accompanied by volunteerMr. Arnel Sibolino on his guitar. Under the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) and the National EconomicDevelopment Authority (NEDA), and together with the children from Lingap, our VIDES children also formed partof the cast who did the Creative Presentation on the MDG and CRC. President Noynoy was truly moved by thechildren‘s message that he gave up delivering the speech prepared by his staff days before. He insteadaddressed the children in Tagalog, speaking to them from his heart. The children were very happy because theyunderstood his message clearly. He started with: "Sa naghanda ng aking talumpati, nagsunog ng kilay, atnagpuyat: ipagpaumanhin ninyo na hindi ko babasahin ang inyong inihanda sapagkat nais kongtugunan ang ipinamalas ng mga kabataan sa akin sa hapong ito. Mga kabataan: noong ako ay batapa, hindi namin naranasang maging malaya. Hindi namin naipahayag ang aming saloobin. Subalit sahapong ito naiparating ninyo sa akin ang inyong mga pangangailangang pang-edukasyon, pang-kalusugan, pang-kalikasan..... He also passed on to them the advise he got from his father Ninoy as a youngboy. Speaking of development, he told the kids: "Kung anuman ang inabutan, iwanan ito ng masmaganda at maayos." and then, on valuing education: "You can bring the horse to the water, but youcannot force it to drink." Kaya, minamahal kong mga kabataan, kung anuman ang darating napagkakataon sa inyo, kunin ito at huwag palampasin. Ang edukasyon ay mahalaga. Baon ninyo panghabambuhay. Nawawala ang yaman at ganda, subalit ang edukasyon ay mananatili. Ipagpatuloyninyo nang may pagsisikap at kasipagan." A total of 17 VIDES children participated, accompanied by some volunteers and officers of the VIDESBoard. It was only an hours encounter with President Noynoy but the children deeply appreciated it. They wereout of their schools that day, but the learning they had was worth more than a days stay inside their classroom. States Parties shall protect the child against all other forms of exploitation prejudicial to any aspects of the childs 38 welfare. (UN CRC Art. 36)
  • 39. Solidarity At A Distance SCHOLARS OF VIDES VIDES Korea VIDES Internazionale 1 Aynaga, Ladyco 1 Aliman, Patricia 2 Baldomero, Jara 2 Amoc, Royson 3 Baquero, Raymond 3 Aynaga, Lady Vic 4 Belarmino, Marian 4 Baquero, Rose Marie 5 Catoltol, Cris 5 Barata, Rylyn April 6 Ortula, Daisy Ann 6 Basagan, Grace 7 Sagaysay, Lucille 7 Benamir, Michelle 8 Sendin, Sheila Mae 8 Borela, Roel 9 Solite, Rey 9 Borela, Ronnel 10 Suzara, Uriel Joshua 10 Bren, Jonalyn 11 Brun, Melba 12 Cabrera, Ailyn 13 Camo, Ella Marie VIDES Italy 14 Canonigo, Sheila 1 Abunyawan, Desiree 15 Cerera, John Edmond 2 Alampayan, Leslie 16 Comodas, Ronalyn 3 Albada, John Mark 17 Contado, Vincent 4 Anciano, Dona Mae 18 Elisan, Jovita 5 Ariba, Franklin 19 Elorde, Louie John 6 Belinario, Arnold 20 Florito, Kevin Francis 7 Belinario, Fatima 21 Francia, Christian Paul 8 Berina, Eziel 22 Gadugdug, Bryan 9 Beriña, John Eric 23 Gadugdug, Cecillie 10 Biaco, Jay Ann 24 Gantuan, Honeylette 11 Canicula, Garce 25 Lansangan, Rachell 12 Dangcasil, Kenneth John 26 Lavarez, Jimmy 13 Dolar, George Jr. 27 Manucom, Christian Joseph 14 Donguines, Junvil 28 Militar, Jasper 15 Fernandez, Honey Grace 29 Misa, Christian Jay 16 Galiza, Johnver Angelo 30 Orquin, Elmira 17 Gargar, Mary Joy 31 Orsal, Richard 18 Hechanova, Joeven 32 Ortula, Charles Dennis 19 Labrador, Arken 33 Padrique, Justin Joshua 20 Mañego, Rambo 34 Parayday, Rhey Ann 21 Molina, Charelyn 35 Rocamora, Lawrence 22 Monterde, Mary Rose 36 Salamatin, Abegail 23 Perulino, Kimberly 37 Salgado, Karen 24 Pontino, Rogelio Jr. 38 Salinas, Sannie James 25 Salaya, Reynaldo Jr. 39 Salvador, April 26 Sales, Rodel 40 San Juan, Janice 27 Sanchez, Elmira 41 Tabios, Jan Marini 28 Sanchez, Ma. Jinky 42 Tamayo, Rose Jean 29 Segotier, Glen 43 Torno, Jovelyn 30 Solera, Ramil Jr. 44 Tuba, Rubylyn 31 Tupas, Ma. Victoria 45 Viogela, Anna 32 Villanueva, Jomar 46 Viogela, Norman 33 Yangco, Camille 47 Zuñiga, Rei AnnIn all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts oflaw, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primaryconsideration. (UN CRC Art. 3) 39
  • 40. Medical Mission VIDES Philippines commits itself to the promotion and development of women and children. An aspect that needs special attention is hygiene and health care, to which VIDES responds through the medical missions. Starting 2009, VIDES expands its services by providing quarterly medical missions in urban and rural areas, rendering free medical services to about 1,500 patients. This is our share in contributing to the realization of UN MDGs #4, #5 and #6. Manila, Cebu City Quezon City, Pasay City 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter Delpan, Binondo Cebu City 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter S. Triangle, Quezon City Pasay City States Parties shall undertake all appropriate legislative, administrative, and other measures for the 40 implementation of the rights recognized in the present Convention. (UN CRC Art. 4)
  • 41. Medical Mission Millennium Development Goals 4,5 & 6 Goal 4: Reduce child mortality rates Goal 5: Improve maternal health Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseasesStates Parties shall use their best efforts to ensure recognition of the principle that both parents have commonresponsibilities for the upbringing and development of the child. (UN CRC Art. 18) 41
  • 42. Photo News The Fulgencios join VIDES BMDK Pasay fire victims Chiang Kai Shek College Volunteers in bringing relief receive rice, clothes and Batch ‗85 celebrate their 25th goods to the fire victims of household supplies donated anniversary with 300 BMDK Brgy 143 , Pasay City. by the CEI in coordination children. Benny Antiporda, ―One for Others‖, thru texting with FMA Philippines outgoing President of the and Facebook! National Press Club, organized the event with the VIDES Volunteers. VIDES Volunteers attend the At the Hotel Dominique in LIVE Volunteers quarterly general membership meeting Tagaytay City, members of conduct catechesis and of the International the Child Rights Network educational activities among Association for Volunteer (CRN) hold a two-day the children of BMDK Delpan. Effort (IAVE) Philippines at strategy planning on policy the SSS Building, Quezon advocacy for the year. City. Pots, pails, blankets, mats, Volunteers reach out to fire Philippine Transmarine rice and food supplies are victims of Recto, Manila Carriers (PTC) share gift bags distributed by VIDES through the distribution of filled with clothes, blankets, Volunteers to the fire victims relief goods. In solidarity and groceries to Pasay fire at the San Roque Parish, with our brothers and sisters, victims, through the kind Cabrera Street, Pasay City. VIDES donors shared their coordination of Mr. Tony resources with them. Espinosa, VIDES President. Parents or, as the case may be, legal guardians, have the primary responsibility for the upbringing and development of the child. The best interests of the child will be their basic concern. (UN CRC Art. 18) 42
  • 43. Photo News Mr. Bernard Cañaberal Mr. Benny Antiporda hosts a FMAs and VIDES Volunteers interviews VIDES at Radio Christmas Party for 500 protest against the Veritas on the ―Busina Mo, BMDK children. Celebrity Reproductive Health Bill at Dunong Ko‖ mobile education guest, Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas, the Quirino Grandstand, project, Positive Discipline, entertains kids. VIDES together with other pro-life and other VIDES Programs. Volunteers meet Mr. Jerry advocates from various Yap, new President of the sectors. National Press Club. Seminarians from the San ALTUS Communications Ms. Ellen Ongkeko, alumna of Carlos Seminary, led by Bro. shares school supplies as Assumption College, enables Richard, organize a children‘s Christmas gifts for the BMDK children to watch the party for BMDK Pasay. BMDK children. documentary film ―Bunso‖ in Games and gifts were Thank you very much! coordination of Ms. Dey prepared which delighted the Gamboa of Council of the children very much. Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC). Students from De La Salle Fr. Joey Tuazon, Parish LIVE Volunteers cap their University render community Priest of San Roque de regular quarterly service at BMDK—Delpan Pasay, poses for posterity volunteering activities with under their National Service with the newly-installed this Christmas Feast for the Training Program (NSTP). members of various Parish BMDK Delpan children. Tutorials in academics form Mandated Organizations part of their outreach. (PMO).States Parties that recognize and/or permit the system of adoption shall ensure that the best interests of the childshall be the paramount consideration. (UN CRC Art. 21) 43
  • 44. Photo News Webcast Technologies, Inc. After months of rigorous NSTP students from UP (WTI) conducts their training, the Voice of VIDES Manila attentively listen to company outreach via a choir launch their singing Ms. Amy Suzara as she periodic Feeding Program for outreach at the San Roque presents the various the six (6) areas of VIDES de Pasay Parish. They are development programs of BMDK. very eager to share their VIDES Philippines for women God-given talents. and children. Rustan Coffee Corporation VIDES volunteers join the Youth and children from donates 2,000 Starbucks Volunteer Fair and Youth VIDES, DBS and PH actively planners for the VIDES BMDK Forum, organized by the take part in the joint Philippine National Volunteer Sportsfest 2010 at Sta. Mesa. children and those studying Service Coordinating Agency VIDES Children reap trophies the Alternative Learning at Miriam College. and enjoy the company of System (ALS). Thanks a lot! other children. Dear VIDES, Thank you for being my ―second‖ family, for trusting me that I can make my dreams come true. Thank you for your never ending support and inspiration, for teaching me to live intelligently and how to be honest, just and fair. Thank you for showing me your love even though you are not my relatives. Thank you for molding me as a good citizen and daughter of God. Love, Jennifer B. San Juan BSN IV – Pamantasan ng Pasay (Note: Ms. Jennifer San Juan “grew up” with VIDES Philippines and will be graduating in March 2011) States Parties recognize that a mentally or physically disabled child should enjoy a full and decent life, in condi- tions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the childs active participation in the community. 44 (UN CRC Art. 23)
  • 45. We thank you from our hearts! Thanks Ate Che and family Thanks Kuya Pao and family Thanks Kuya Tony & Friends Happy Birthday Kuya Raymond! Volunteers know that when we give with joy, we enjoy every bit of the giving. We make others happy when we give , but in the end, the happiness we give comes back to us more than we can ever imagine. God truly loves a cheerful giver! How wonderful it would be if each one nurtures that attitude of giving constantly, no matter how little. That little act of kindness can make our world a better place!The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive andimpart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form ofart, or through any other media of the childs choice. (UN CRC Art. 13) 45
  • 46. Thanks to the Concepcion Family! The parent(s) or others responsible for the child have the primary responsibility to secure, within their abilities 46 and financial capacities, the conditions of living necessary for the childs development. (UN CRC Art. 27)
  • 47. We love you all!No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy, family, or correspondence,nor to unlawful attacks on his or her honour and reputation. (UN CRC Art. 16) 47
  • 48. Thank You, Jo Tankers! States Parties recognize the important function performed by the mass media and shall ensure that the child has access to information and material from a diversity of national and international sources, especially those aimed at 48 the promotion of his or her social, spiritual and moral well-being and physical and mental health. (UN CRC Art 17)
  • 49. BMDK is growing, thanks to you!States Parties shall promote and encourage international cooperation in matters relating to education, inparticular with a view to contributing to the elimination of ignorance and illiteracy throughout the world . (UN CRCArt. 28) 49
  • 50. VolunteerismPROMOTING VOLUNTEERISM ON GMA 7 QTVUp Close and Personal with VIDES Volunteer Amy Suzara Last July 10, television crew ofGMA 7 QTV arrived at Bgy 286 inDelpan, Binondo, Manila to cover theVIDES Busina Mo, Dunong Ko mobileeducation project. They spotted themobile library in Quezon City in one oftheir sojourns and sought anappointment so that they can featurethe BMDK on TV. VID ES Volunteer Am aliaSuzara was interviewed by TV hostMs. Valerie Tan regarding theimplementation and impact of theBMDK project in the six areas beingserved by the volunteers. Amyexplained the different educationalactivities being carried out by theVIDES volunteers such as: booklending, reading sessions, literacyskills, inputs on sports, music andarts, advocacy on human andchildren‘s rights, health and hygieneconsciousness, values formation andtutorial sessions. She also mentioned the counseling services being rendered by the VIDES Volunteers to children andmothers. She also highlighted the importance of collaborating with the parents of the BMDK children because thisis very crucial in the education to values and responsibility. Coordination with barangay officials is also anessential element since this project is licensed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development ascommunity based. She also stressed that in being a volunteer, even her being a person with disability is not ahindrance in serving others. She encouraged her viewers to commit themselves to volunteerism and thus make their livesmeaningful. After this interview, the crew headed to the VIDES Headquarters in Sta. Mesa, Manila where theymet with Sr. Maria Josefina Carrasco, VIDES Delegate in the Philippines. Topics discussed included promotion ofvolunteerism, recruitment of youth volunteers, commitment and dedication of VIDES volunteers, positiveinfluence of the mobile education project, networking initiatives, and the history of the Busina Mo, Dunong Ko. This documentary video was shown on GMA 7 QTV last July 18 at 9:00 PM. States Parties recognize the right of the child to education, and with a view to achieving this right progressively and on the basis of equal opportunity, they shall, in particular: (a) Make primary education compulsory and 50 available free to all; (UN CRC Art. 28 a)
  • 51. Partners Jo Tankers Manila Department of Social International Welfare and Association for Development Volunteer Effort Daughters of Mary Salesian Family International Catholic Help of Christians in the Philippines Child Bureau VIDES International Council for the FMA Human Rights Welfare of Children Office—Geneva Philippine National Philippine NGO Volunteer Service Coalition on the Coordinating Agency UN CRCStates Parties recognize the right of the child to education, and with a view to achieving this right progressivelyand on the basis of equal opportunity, they shall, in particular: (c) Make higher education accessible to all on thebasis of capacity by every appropriate means; (UN CRC Art. 28 c) 51
  • 52. Where We Serve SAN ROQUE : Brgy. Pag-asa RECTO : Brgy 310 NIA ROAD : Brgy. Pinyahan DEL PAN : Brgy. 286 NEW! STA. MESA : Brgy. 601 & 602 SOUTH. TRIANGLE PASAY: Brgy 143 States Parties recognize the right of the child to education, and with a view to achieving this right progressively and on the basis of equal opportunity, they shall, in particular: (e) Take measures to encourage regular at- 52 tendance at schools and the reduction of drop-out rates. (UN CRC Art. 28 e)
  • 53. 2010 VIDES Donors A Abuzo, Nina Marie D Daughters of Mary Help of Christians Adarlo, Engr. Lordinel & Mrs. Madonna DBM Employees Aguirre Family De Guzman, Tessa Albabidi, Ma. Ira Ruth De Guzman, Zarah Altarejos, Alelie De Jesus, Marie Altus Communications De la Peña, Maria Fe & Family Amarillo, Girlie De Leon, Atong, Girlie & Family Amboligan, Heide De Leon, Cecil & Nerir Amoyon, Reynante De Leon, Edwin & Violy Ampil, Mavic De Leon, Mrs. Susan Angeles, Arsenia De Lira, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Antiporda, Benny and Family Del Rosario, Atty. Jean Araullo, Teresita A. Dela Cruz Family Ares, Amado Dela Cruz-Galandines, Justice Marissa B. Arevalo, Atty, Felipe III Dela Fuente, Paching Arnigo, Roslyn M. Dela Peña, Jun Arzaga, Jeoffrey Milnardo A. Delos Reyes, Arizton Assumption HS Batch ‗79 Dizon, Joshua Astilla, Gina O. Doloroso, Peter Atanacio, Mr. Philip & Mrs. Macelle Don Bosco School (Salesian Sisters), Inc. Atanacio, Ms. Purificacion Dr. Venus ATS Internal Audit E Ebdane, Lezeil B Bacason Family Eco, Erma Balares, Sarah Em, Atty. Sonia Balmeo, Lilybeth Enrile, Ronald Barrio, Amer Philip Escabarte, Toni Rose Barrio, Diane Marie Escalante, Bille Loreta Barrio, Marina Espinosa, Tony & Beth Belen, Ms. Myriam Espiritu, Atty. Raffy Biares, Engr. & Mrs. Miguel Jr. Estacio, Ciel Binay, Nita F Fajelagutan, Capt. Daniel Birkle, Mayette Fame, Federico Borja, Renato Faustmann, Juan Luis Borja, Rene Ferraler, Sheila BPI Employees Flores, Nerry BPI Foundation, Inc. FMA Philippine Province C Cabas, Girlie Franco, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Cabungcal, Mr. & Mrs. Romy Fulgencio, Melchie Camunas, Gerard G Galicia, Rey Renato I. Canizalez, Mr. & Mrs. Jose Gallano, Pauline Canullas, Camilo & Lani Gallaza, Nilo Canullas, Dante F. Galve, Vic Canullas, Mr. Leonard Garcia, Necy Canullas, Mr. Philip & Mrs. Tessie Gatapia, Joselito, Debbie & Family Canullas, Ray & Zeny Godalle, Catherine Cariño, Christine Gonzales, Mr. & Mrs. Ghie CARITAS ITALIANA Gonzales, Mr. & Mrs. Lando Carrasco Family Goquinco, Grace Castelo, Edith Gorantes, Mr. Leonorigo Jr. Castillo, Mely B. Grimaldo, Maria Luisa Catanyag, Mayette V. Guevarra, Aurora Cayona, Janet Guintu, Monique CBK Employees Gutierrez, Liway Chanel, Chris H Haboc, Pol Chiang Kai Shek College - Batch ‗85 Hizoro JC Chavez, Farah HTA Past Pupil Batch 77 Chua, Ecel Joy Hugo, Josielyn Chua, Fe I Icasas, Jose Maria Paolo CONCEPCION, JOEY & MARISSA Icasiano, Butch & Carmen Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI) Ilagan, Dr. Vicky Cruz, Akiko J Jackson, Nemia Cruz, Alfred S. JO TANKERS Cruz, Atty. Anna Theresa Jo Tankers Employees Cruz, Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Jocson, Mary Ann A. Cruz, Mr. Ronald & Mrs. Carol Justiniano, Janice L. Cuda, ArleenStates Parties recognize the right of the child to education, and with a view to achieving this right progressivelyand on the basis of equal opportunity, they shall, in particular: (d) Make educational and vocational informationand guidance available and accessible to all children; (UN CRC Art. 28 d) 53
  • 54. 2010 VIDES DonorsK Kruidenier, Capt. Rene Reyes, PaoloL Lamela, Llorena G. Rodica, Evelyn C. Lamela, Maria Luncy G. Rol, Tonette Leyva, Atty. Danilo Rustan Coffee Corporation (Starbucks) Lim, Henry and Col S Sagana, Jayson Limcaoco, Chito & Carla Sagana, Vilma LIVE Volunteers Sagarino, Gabby Lugue, Petercon A. Sagpang, VicenteM Macalintal, Ronald Salar, Jennylou Macawan, Wilfredo Salaya, Butch, Miguel & Raffy Mahilum, Dr. Corazon Salazar, Renato Jr. Manalo, Aissa Sales, Engr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Mangubat Family Sales, Engr. Jojo Marito, Mike Santos, Dra. Aileen Masangcay, Joven Santos, Saning Masangkay, Charlene Saulog, Atty. Alejandro Mede, Lourdes Jean Seguis, Jarah Mendiola, Arnold & Teegee Seibi Gakuen - Japanese Students Mendoza, Cris & Noni Serrano Family Mendoza, Dr. Angela Sheng-Young, Dr. Catherine Mendoza, Gigi Silva, Imelda Mindanao Family Silvestre, Goning Mioraeus, Chris, Rowena & Elyse Suato, Jeck Miravalles, Brinice & Brian Suratos, Jack Monserrate, Lani Susi, Katherine Montefalcon, Susan Suzara, Alily Morales, Lerma Suzara, Angie Morneau, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Suzara, Larry Mother Provincial of the DMHC Suzara, Stanley Musni, Divine T Tamo, Allan Muyargas, Wilma Tarrobal, JustinN NOKIA Employees Tayag, Maribeth Norwegian Crew Management Tcheng Lee, SusanO Olarte, Nimfa Tenorio, Robelinda Oliveros, Reccie Teran, Elna Olorvida, Mariano Timbol, Marty Manalastas Ong, Becky, Jason & Marie Tolentino, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ong, Jackson Tongcua, Ms. Remy A. Ordiales, Melissa Torres, Camille Orfano, Lenie Tupaz, Armando Ostrea, Sonia U Umaly, EmmaP Padilla, Florendo Uri, Lorna G. Pareño, Ellias V Vargas, Vanessa Pasay City (Host) LEO Vidad, Atty. Lucas R. Paz, Brianna Simone VIDES International Paz, Nelia & Virna VIDES Italy Pecaoco, Felix VIDES Korea Perez, Zarah VIDES Pinoy Volunteers Pestaño, Arnel Villaviray, Riza Philippine Womens University Vinluan, Cheryl Plastic & Metal Engraving Services Vinluan, Lydia & Family Poe, Ding & Gladys W Webcast Technologies, Inc. Poquiz, Atty. Eduardo Jr. Whipped! Shop Underground Aboveground PTC Employees Y Yaon, Rudelyn Pulgar, Dr. Melanie Yogawin, Mayette Pura, Cindy Yuquico, RyanQ Quimbo, John Carlyle Z Zapanta, Luis M.R Randy & Glenda Zapanta, Maria Redublo, Badette Zapanta, Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Resurreccion, Dr. Mayet Zapanta, Raymund & Juliet Rey Hipolito, Boyet & Feding Zapanta, Tristan & Kathleen Reyes, Estelita Zapanta, Zaldy & Ana Reyes, Gina Reyes, Guada COLLABORATORS Reyes, Nene Cebu Doctors University Hospital – Dr. Enrico Gruet Reyes, Oscar Jr. Sr. Lacse, Anelie FMA Sr. Palanca, Lynn Grace FMA States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that school discipline is administered in a manner 54 consistent with the childs human dignity and in conformity with the present Convention. (UN CRC Art. 28)
  • 55. 2010 VIDES Volunteers A Abadejos, Katrina E Ebdane, Lezeil Abanto, Abegail Eduarte, Jervis Amarillo, Girlie Em, Atty. Sonia Amboligan, Heide Escabarte, Toni Rose Aninipot-Gonzales, Engr. Ludy Espinosa, Lady Anne Marie Arnigo, Rosylyn Espinosa, Lilibeth Astilla, Gina Espinosa, Tony B Balagtas, Mark Julius Espinosa, Tristan Jess Balatayo, Eugene Estacio, Mariciel Balmeo, Lilybeth Estacio, Marvinne Barde - Aguilar, Sarah F Flores, Ellen Gaye Barona, Aida Flores, Gillian Barona, Aimee G Gallano, Pauline Barzo, Rosenni Gamboa, Mary Jane Bautista, Eschanns Garcia, Necy Belarma, Ramy Gonzales, Anna Lorraine Belgira, Anabelle Gonzales, Mara Bernardo, Eloisa H Hugo, Ariane Pearl C Cabral, Sheila Hugo, Aries Cabredo, Niño Hugo, Josielyn Camarines, Arnel I Icasas, Jose Maria Paolo Camarines, Rose Inosanto, Togs Carin, Jaqueline K Kabigting, Edward Vincent Caruana, Winniebel Khan, Jo Chavez, Farah L LIVE Volunteers Chua, Crecille Joy Lugtu, Norina Co, April Mae M Manalo, Maria Aissa Corro, Analiza Manalo, Suzette Corro, Eyen Manalo, Varrygibb Cruz, Atty. Anna Theresa Manlangit, Liza Cuenca, Helen Rose Manocsoc, Maialyn D Diaz, Nene Maquio, Berlin Diaz, Patty Marayag, Ivy Loren Dimaculangan, Joyce Marito, Mike Dizon, Joshua Joseph Marquez – Zapanta, Juliet Doloroso, Peter Jerome Musni, Divine Grace Dr. Alota, May Ann (CDUH) N Nabos, Juliet Dr. Baliog, Annette O Olarte, Nimfa Dr. Barlan, Raquel Oliveros, Alejandro Dr. Bayona, Jessica (CDUH) Oliveros, Reccie Dr. Burgos, Vivian Orendain, Catherine Dr. Carabeo, Jojo P Padilla, Dodie Dr. Dango, Ailene Ella (CDUH) Padron, Gloria Dr. Despi, Vi-Ann Payoyo, Janette Dr. Ebdane-Fernando, Marianne Pesaliza, Fernando Dr. Fernando, August Pimentel, Jun Dr. Gamboa, Cecil Punit, Pauline Dr. Go, Sandy Prado, Parsley Mae Dr. Guerrero, Grazula Pura, Cindy Dr. Javier, Ma. Benette R Ramos, Rhea Dr. Juanich, Maria Josefina (CDUH) Raña, Charito Dr. Lao, Jackeline (CDUH) Regunay, Glezyma Dr. Malapo, Evangeline G. Rocamora, Niño Dr. Mercado, Emily Rodriguez, Abie Dr. Panganiban, Olinda Rodriguez, Ronabel Dr. Pimentel, John Benedict S Salazar, Tina Dr. Pulgar, Melanie Sancho, Stephen Dr. Ratcliffe, Jonathan U. (CDUH) Sanding, Carlo Dorie Dr. Resurreccion, Mayet Santos, Leonardo Dr. Rosell, Kurt (CDUH) Santos, Erika Anjelika Dr. Samporna, Omaira (CDUH) Sentin, Baby Sheirlyn Dr. Sia, Cherrie Mae S. (CDUH) Sidamon, Joan Dr. Sim, Cindy (CDUH) Suzara, Amalia Dr. Tan Puracan, Lucille (CDUH) Suzara, AngelicaStates Parties shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life andshall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic, recreational and leisureactivity. (UN CRC Art. 31) 55
  • 56. 2010 VIDES VolunteersT Tamondong, Karriza Tecson, Daryll Tenorio, Robelinda Torres, Camille Torres, Jhen Tungol, Katherine ThereseU Unciano, DonaldV Vallejo, Lauren Rae Vargas, Carol Anne Vargas, Vanessa Velasco, Christian Veloso, Fr. Ike SDB Vidal, Wilfredo Viernes, Cristina Villanueva, Gigi Villaviray, Riza Villegas, MyrnaY Vinluan, CherylZ Yaon, RudelynJUNIOR VIDES VOLUNTEERS Albabidi, Suzanne E. Arpon, Kat Azurin, Nicole Barreto, Justine T. Borje, Ma. Klarize S. Bulosan, Trisha Capangpangan, Aljohn Castor, Celine Margaret T. Conda, Angela De Guzman, Zarah M. Dela Pasion, Christine A. Delgado, Hanz Christian A. Delos Trinos, Alyana Mae C. Dizon, Alecx Mari M. Emerenciana, Ana Dominic E. Escobar, Agatha Pauline A. Garcia, Micaela C. Gonzales, Ma. Lorraine Dominic V. Grafil, Abbie Gregorio, Jesha Manalang, Angela M. Masangkay, Charlene Marie D. Muñoz, Aryanna Cristelle O. Oliveros, Miho Oliveros, Nicole Padilla, Kirch Padilla, Mari Angelu S. Palteng, Jessica D. Peralta, Iris Pintac, Gabbie Ramos, Kenneth M. Recaña, Kristine Cleofe T. Sadorra, Ysabela T. Salar, Jennylou D. Somaoy, Tine Soriaga, Illyssiah G. Tarrobal, Justine M. Torres, April Norma D. Valientes, Jemimah Kirstin V. Varona, Ella Mae L. Villareal, Charles John M. States Parties recognize the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the childs education, or to be harmful to the childs health 56 or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development. (UN CRC Art. 32)
  • 57. Formation BONDING MOMENTS: STRENGTHENING TIES AMONG VOLUNTEERS Last September 25, 2010, VIDES volunteers went to Batis ng Makiling (a hot spring resort south of Manila) in Calamba, Laguna for some relaxation and bonding activities with co-volunteers. Despite the fact it took the group three hours to drive from Manila on a Saturday night, they still managed, immediately upon arrival, to listen intently to the opening message of Sr. Jojo. She prepared the volunteers for the upcoming arrival of Don Bosco‘s Relics in January 2011, an international initiative of the Salesians and truly a once-in-a-lifetime event, in view of the 200th birth anniversary of St. John Bosco in 2015. She also showed a movie clip on the life of Don Bosco, the patron saint of young people, which is something highly recommendable for the volunteers to see, as part of VIDES‘ advocacy on protecting the rights of marginalized children in the Philippines. After the film, the volunteers grouped themselves into 4 and had a small group discussion and sharing of each one‘s ladder of life. This is something similar to a timeline wherein we wrote on a piece of paper the major events in our life that led us from our younger years up to the present. We also shared about how we became VIDES volunteers, and how we see ourselves in the future, which includes our aspirations in life. It is one of those rare moments that made us all realize and reflect on the path which we have gone through in our life and how we have reached this point of serving God by being ―One for Others‖. It was almost midnight when everyone had a sumptuous dinner of all-time Filipino favorite dish, the adobo, coupled with Tilapia fish, fresh tomatoes and a lot more, courtesy of favorite VIDES cooks, Tony Espinosa and Ian Velasco. Without wasting so much time, the volunteers dipped themselves into the hot-spring pool of the resort to relax and unwind. By the following morning, everybody woke up late and enjoyed the fresh breeze of air in the surroundings of Mount Makiling, a 1,090-meter above sea level inactive volcano south of Manila. As a final activity before going back to Manila, each volunteer wrote on a small piece of paper their commitment as volunteers. It was cut and shaped like a flower with rounded petals, where each petal was folded towards the center. Each volunteer then carefully placed the folded paper on the pool, and watched how each folded petal opened slowly like a new flower bud starting to bloom…Though the bonding time spent was short, the mere silence of the surroundings surely made everyone relaxed and feel recharged.States Parties undertake to protect the child from all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.(UN CRC Art. 34) 57
  • 58. Board of Directors Antonio Espinosa Jun Pimentel Raymund Zapanta Aissa Manalo President Vice-President Corporate Secretary Treasurer Anna Theresa Cruz Rudelyn Yaon Maialyn Manocsoc Board Member Board Member Board Member Sr. Ma. Socorro Bacani, FMA Sr. Ma. Josefina Carrasco, FMA Board Member Board Member & FMA DelegateAnnouncements1. Farewell and Happy volunteering to Atty. Ana Theresa Cruz who will be rendering voluntary service at the FMA Human Rights Office in Geneva, Switzerland from January to March 2011.2. Welcome to VIDES USA Volunteer Tessa Krebs who will be assigned at the VIDES Philippine Office from January to August 20113. Welcome to VIDES UK Volunteers Hazel English and Greg Ball who will be volunteering from February to July 2011 in Palawan4. Welcome to VIDES Slovakian Volunteers Dr. Kristina Paulikova and Dr. Lenka Holkova who will be volunteering in the Social Mobilization on Tuberulosis Project and in the VIDES Medical Missions from June to July 2011CondolencesPRAYERS FOR THE ETERNAL REPOSE OF:+ Mrs. Priscilla Bacani - mother of Sr. Socorro Bacani, FMA+ Mr. Juan Garcia - father of Sr. Sarah Garcia, FMA+ Mrs. Rosario Palajorin – mother of VIDES Volunteer Analiza Palajorin Corro+ Manay Emma - aunt of VIDES Volunteer Cheryl Vinluan who accommodated all the VIDES Volunteers during the Anislag, Albay 2007 outreach.+ Mrs. Sinforosa Tacujan – mother of Sr. Celia Tacujan, FMA No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Neither capital punishment nor life imprisonment without possibility of release shall be imposed for offences committed by 58 persons below eighteen years of age; (UN CRC Art. 37)
  • 59. Calendar of Activities 2011January July Annual VIDES General Assembly,  ―Eat and Meet‖ Dinner for A Cause Salesianity Formation, and Elections  Rural Expansion of VIDES Busina Mo, Departure of VIDES Pinoy Volunteer Dunong Ko in Palawan Anna for Geneva  Annual VIDES Mission Camp and Team Meeting with SMTP partners Building in Palawan ALS Pasay resumption of classes  Departure of Hazel and Greg back to UK Meeting at JJCICSI on JJWA 2006  VIDES Korea Annual Outreach Arrival of VIDES USA Volunteer Tessa  Orientation - AFS Volunteer Jacqueline Stuebe Krebs in Manila General Assembly of Philippine NGO August Coalition members  JJWC meeting  Lung Month CelebrationFebruary Meeting of Child Rights Network members September Arrival of VIDES UK Volunteers Hazel  3rd Quarter Medical Mission English and Greg Ball  Microcredit Project Launch  Leadership Training for BMDKMarch Tie-up with DBS ALS Reach-Ed Program October Graduation of VIDES BMDK Scholars  National Children‘s Month Celebration World TB day celebration  Volunteers‘ Formation and Bonding Moments 1st Quarter Medical Mission  BMDK – ALS National ExaminationsApril November Keyboard lessons for BMDK children  16th Anniversary of VIDES Philippines BMDK Soccer tournament  24th Anniversary of VIDES International Annual Recollection of VIDES Volunteers  4th Quarter Medical Mission Blessing of 3rd new mobile library New BMDK presence at Sacred Heart December Parish – Sta. Mesa, Manila  International Volunteers‘ Day  Linggo ng Kabataan (Dec 7-11)May  International Human Rights Day BMDK Best Practices presentation in Paris, France Summer Sports fest of BMDK Children Youth Leadership Training ProgramJune Distribution of School Supplies to VIDES BMDK children Arrival of VIDES Slovakian Volunteers Dr. Paulikova and Dr. Holkova Graduation of BMDK Scholars at LVTC Strategy Planning of Child Rights Network 2nd Quarter Medical Mission
  • 60. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger ▪ Target 1A: Halve the proportion of people living on less than $1 a day ▪ Target 1B: Achieve Decent Employment for Women, Men, and Young People ▪ Target 1C: Halve the proportion of people who suffer from hungerGoal 2: Achieve universal primary education ▪ Target 2A: By 2015, all children can complete a full course of primary schooling, girls and boysGoal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women ▪ Target 3A: Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education preferably by 2005, and at all levels by 2015Goal 4: Reduce child mortality rates ▪ Target 4A: Reduce by two-thirds, between 1990 and 2015, the under-five mortality rateGoal 5: Improve maternal health ▪ Target 5A: Reduce by three quarters, between 1990 and 2015, the maternal mortality ratioGoal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases ▪ Target 6A: Have halted by 2015 and begun to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS ▪ Target 6B: Achieve, by 2010, universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS for all those who need it ▪ Target 6C: Have halted by 2015 and begun to reverse the incidence of malaria and other major diseasesGoal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability ▪ Target 7A: Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programs; reverse loss of environmental resources ▪ Target 7B: Reduce biodiversity loss, achieving, by 2010, a significant reduction in the rate of loss ▪ Target 7C: Halve, by 2015, the proportion of the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation (for more information see the entry on water supply) ▪ Target 7D: By 2020, to have achieved a significant improvement in the lives of at least 100 million slum-dwellersGoal 8: Develop a global partnership for development ▪ Target 8A: Develop further an open, rule-based, predictable, non-discriminatory trading and financial system ▪ Target 8B: Address the Special Needs of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) ▪ Target 8C: Address the special needs of landlocked developing countries and small island developing States ▪ Target 8D: Deal comprehensively with the debt problems of developing countries through national and international measures in order to make debt sustainable in the long term ▪ Target 8E: In co-operation with pharmaceutical companies, provide access to affordable, essential drugs in developing countries ▪ Target 8F: In co-operation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications VIDES Philippines Volunteers Foundation, Inc. of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (Volunteers International for Development, Education and Solidarity) 3500 V. Mapa Extension, Sta. Mesa Manila 1016 PHILIPPINES Tel. No. (02) 703-5606, Telefax: (02) 715-6740 Email: Website: DSWD License to Operate No. NCR2008 L-014