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Gcompris proposal
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Gcompris proposal


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  • 1. Braille Concepton GCompris GSOC 2011 Proposal for GNOME
  • 2. AbstractBraille has been the mode of knowledge consumption for the visuallyimpaired for quite a while. Although to most of us it remains a mystery.The primary reason for this is the fact that very few applications thatcould teach braille to normal sighted people is very less. The purpose ofthis application is to develop educational application for children onbraille concept with usable interface.During GSOC,my tasks would be to develop an engaging user-experienceby extending GCompris to kids between the age group(2-10) lettingthem to explore a variety of interactive activities theming braille.
  • 3. MotivationI chose this project since its rooted from FOSS and highlights theGNUosphere concept,bring linux to kids. In past I’ve been associatedwith similar projects like SchoolOS , which avails free & open sourceeducational tools to students.This implementation will enable the sighted elementary kids to discoverthe braille world & share literacy who otherwise are fascinated by brailleas a kind of “secret code”.They will began to understand itssignificance for people who are visually impaired in a play-way manner.
  • 4. Proposal DesignThe proposal for GCompris intends to focus on providinginformation , activities & game conceptualizing braillepertaining to kids under the age group of (2 to 10) .Tohelp them unlock the braille code which is usually inform of embossed raised dots ( forming a grid of six dotpositions , arranged in a rectangle containing two columnsof three dots each.)The educational GCompris Braille will embrace the following activitiesvisually categorized in the flowchart.
  • 5. GCompris Braille Activities➢ Introduction to Louis Braille : -Story narration of Louis Braille life in a lively style. It will include introduction to his biography,discovery of braille,tactile technology & books used by blind kids. see :-➢ Learning the braille code : - Kids will be taught the braille code in an interactive manner. It will be further classified into 3 activities :- alphabet,numeral & symbols. As shown in the picture, for each letter there will be a separate lesson with explanation for the corresponding braille code. See:- v=sqQ3gdE7ks0➢ Deciphering : - To identify, read & interpret the braille code. ➢ Dicey-Dicey : - A pair of dice with braille code embedded on them as shown. Kids need to identify the code & also perform mathematical calculation according to the sign +,-,/,* & write the result in the missing blank below the question marked dice.
  • 6. ➢ Rhymes & Riddles : - A set of riddles will be put up for answering, braille code will be given as a clue. Read a riddle and decode the braille code. Also some rhymes with missing blanks in similar way be given.➢ Braille O Art : - Time to testify creative skills of kids. ➢ Color the dots : - A coloring tool box will be provided on the screen. Kids need to pick a color specified & fill in the braille dots to come up with a letter. ➢ Speaking Doll : - Play with the braille buttons on doll tummy to discover the code. It will contain 3 max levels. Number of dolls in each game = Game level number➢ Braille O Fun : - Fun activities with braille code. ➢ Recognize Objects : - To identify objects with braille code given as a clue.
  • 7. ➢ Braille Lotto : - This activity will be implemented in networking mode. There could be multiple users. An algorithm will figure out the master for the game. The master mode will have the control over lotto board & users will be having the duplicate tickets with them,both braille coded & numeric one. Flow of numbers will take place over the local network. User has to cross the numbers on both the tickets.
  • 8. Implementation➢ To begin with,implementation would include a deep study of interaction & code flow between GCompris core (that includes all utility methods & menus) & activity plugins in GCompris game sequence.[1]➢ Create menus in xml formats for each activity including all important information & fields related with activity.➢ To develop the activity,use of python programming language & eclipse IDE with Pydev plugin & git as a version control system.➢ Designing the User interface with PyGoocanvas to implement the canvas widgets & PyGTK for creating the GUI.➢ Use openclipart & gimp for creating the icons,skins,etc➢ Developing algorithms for each game activity.➢ Integrating algorithms with the code.➢ To get started with sample code of pythontest & pythontemplate activities.➢ To code an activity,gripping over the set of functions implemented by plugin activities both :-mandatory & optional entry points using GCompris python API. Creating a class for activity to form the python board structure of GCompris. Timeline | Roadmap April 25 - May 23 ( Community Bonding Period) ➢ Further discuss the activity ideas with the mentor ➢ Final list of activities to be implemented under GCompris Braille. ➢ Read & study documentation on PyGoocanvas ,PyGTK ,Python GCompris API. ➢ Setting up the development environment. ➢ Study the overview of game sequence & interaction between GCompris core & activity plugin.
  • 9. ➢ I would love to code in python using eclipse helios. Getting familiar with writing a GCompris activity using the code snippets of python test & python template activities.➢ Assembling skins ,sounds ,content ;designing icons & logos using GIMP & openclipart for the activities. May 24- July 11( Interim Period )➢ Start Coding!➢ Designing the UI for the activities : Intro to Louis Braille, learning braille code & deciphering.➢ Building up algorithms for these two activities➢ Code integration of activity plugin with the UI.➢ Task completion in regard with one activity per week.➢ Document the work Mid Term Evaluation Submit three complete activities Intro to Louis Braille,learning braille code & deciphering along with documentation. July 12- August 15(Interim period)➢ Designing UI for Art Braille & fun Braille.➢ Code integration of both activities with the UI➢ Document the work.➢ Debug ,reduce code complexity. August15-August23 (Pencils down)➢ Testing ,documentation & debugging.➢ Final Release.
  • 10. StudentName : Srishti SethiEmail : srishakatux@gmail.comIRC nick : SrishAkaTuxBlog : Url : : Rajasthan ,IndiaTimezone : +530 GMTI am a final year student pursuing bachelor of engineering & technologyin Computer Science at Engineering College Bikaner ,RajasthanTechnical University ,India. I am a FOSS enthusiast & familiar withFOSS from more than 2 years now. In past I’ve been associated withSchoolOS project, which avails free & open source educational tools tostudents. I worked on a mini project 1WPS (One wikipedia per school)to create ubuntu based wikipedia dump using distribution remixing.I have working knowledge of python,c++,zend framework & java. I haveworked on coding projects like sms-gateway,music-store application,testconducting system & usb device detection.I am already well versed with community interactions/dynamics of OSSprojects, I use irc, mailing lists, version control systems, such as git &host all my projects at github hence I can start early with coding. I takeSummer of Code as an opportunity to get engaged with GnomeCommunity as a contributor and continue this association even afterGsoc. I have submitted two patches so far (#646961,#185360) including abug report and will be submitting more.Rest apart I am a member of Linux User group Bikaner lugb.Contributedin organizing FOSS event http://rajasfoss.lugb at our college campus &delivered couple of talks.I would love to be contacted if any part of this proposal is not clear toyou. Thank you for considering this proposal and for your time!