Rajas FOSS Report


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Rajas FOSS Report

  1. 1. RajasFOSS || Jyot Se Jyot Jalate Chalo || Oct. 8 – 11, 2010 To comprehend & enlighten others with a candle ofknowledge in this digitally fossified scenario. The clock ticked off & zipped forth a four days privy; Largest FOSS event ofRajasthan traditionally followed from FOSS GN 09 all set the real hacking &coding spirit all over the open source enthusiasts from the FOSS community.Conducted by LUGB (Linux User Group Bikaner). It ran parallel to Sakshama,annual techno management fest of Engineering College Bikaner. The event welcomed200 plus delegates.Our vision: express code talk hack virtue wave explore source foss love opensourcetechnologyPre-plottings A month before the event, SFD(Software Freedom Day) organized to preparea ground for newbies. Inviting speakers & sponsorship in form of tshirts fromMahiti(Bangalore based open source organization); DVDs & stickers from fedora,ubuntu; pendrives, diaries, stickers from Google; domain & hosting provided forevent website by Sakshay web technology.
  2. 2. Configuring labs; linuxified systems with fedora & ubuntu a week before. 3Dtux, drupal, wordpress, python GNU logos brought a makeover to labs.Creativity & artwork by our design Team.
  3. 3. Managing and updating the event website www.rajasfoss.lugb.in . Scheduling talks to fit in various domains to cater the audience needs & well suit better alignment. Day-1 : Culmination of our efforts into a rich unconference . Registration desk pumped cool designed rajasFOSS barcoded ID cards to enthusiastic participants & the number crossed 200 at the day-end. A planned itinerary of speakers & sessions on the desk. The audience interested and engaged in a way not often seen at other events, rajasFOSS; a fun place to be.Insidevivek with GNU logo Gimp designed posters by Kavita Panwar & Manu Dixit gave a real fossy feel. Day-2 [10:00 A.M to 5:30 P.M]: Show me the Code
  4. 4. Contribute as early & as often as possible. Inaugral by Prof. M.P. Poonia and Prof. R.C. Gaur with our eminentspeakers by lighting the candle & passing on the flame as rajasFOSS motto conveyed“Jyot Se Jyot Jalate Chalo”. A glimpse into the year long happenings of LUGB (Linux User Group Bikaner)& keynote on open source by Computer Science HOD Mr. Sanjay Ranga. Itattracted around 250 attendees along with on spot registrations. Ankur Saxena, a drupal developer from JIIT-LUG delievered a talk on “Howto make a drupal module in 2 hrs”.
  5. 5. Parallel the newbies were taught to play around with Linux commands. And furtherto keep the adrenaline going, a rapid questionnaire at regular intervals to distributegoodies by the coordinators @RajasFOSS. Narendra Sisodiya free & open source activist; community manager LUG@IITD stepped in to elaborate FOSS & refreshed us all. He demoed on schoolOS project powered on ubuntu for school going kids.
  6. 6. Midnight [10:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.]: All alike in LUGB Ts reassembled for the midnight hackfest. Ankur continued with his day session on drupal ensuring all configurations set on systems. A coffee break to revive & wake up the slept spirits inside us along with aquickfire by vivek & vinay with google diaries & pendrives in their hands as teaser. Next Narendra, a techy by blood carried out a session on remixing &remastering with a linux distro. Customization would be as feasible through UCK;came to the forefront.Good night folks.
  7. 7. Day-3 [10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M]: Nandeep Mali a technical enterpreneur & software consultant & Ankur Sethipython & systems programmer from New Delhi formed an amazing & interactivesession on Pylons-Pythons Web Framework. Linux users typed as instructed in theirterminal. In the other lab we had Shishir Sharma from slideshare delievering a talk onHow to code; How to start & how to finish. It was a wonderful enlightening talk forthe beginners. A lunch break & a head start with Jai Pandya a frontend developer at slideshare & a web evengelist with wordpress hacks & Himanshu Anand delievered a fun-filled talk on NMAP: scanning the internet .
  8. 8. Next we had an ultimate hardware hack awaiting to be processed & popped outof stack & booming feminism to come in play. Priya Kuber an electronic engineer,& open source hardware tinker undertook a workshop on arduino boards. It was funto view girls & boys playing around with multiple leds, bread boards & arduino. A girly geeky conference of chix from all over Rajasthan with Priya Kuberenvied a plethora of men. The attempts of Linux installation fests conducted in girlshostel was shared to rose the geeky feminism. Priya talked about Anita borgsorganization: Systers for women in computing.
  9. 9. The day winded up with anunconference with lugb team &speakers for the feedbacks. Shishir &Jai distributed slideshare stickers.Theentire crew was captured in camera.Say Cheese.
  10. 10. Day-4 [10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.]: An ECBian Jaideep Khandelwaal, student kicked up an aura obligating thecrowd & surprisingly ratio of girls overpowered boys. Folks listened to himzealously. He shared his Gsoc experience & the project Mailman network device heworked upon for systers; women in computing. It was a real pleasure to grab: How toget through google summer of code?He patiently guarded the queries & distributed google goodies he achieved onsuccessful completion of project. Srishti Sethi touched up her internship expierence from Mahiti. A thought provoking session came to an end with a promise from juniors tocarry the legacy of open source & passing on the lamp of knowledge to the nextgeneration keeping alive the magic of FOSS. We pledge to retain the flame ofsuccess.
  11. 11. Let us all look forward to continued discussion, innovation, and sharing … until we meet again next year!
  12. 12. RajasFOSS “Jyot Se Jyot Jalate Chalo”Rajas= Rajasthan, FOSS= Free and Open Source Softwarehttp://www.rajasfoss.lugb.in/Venue: Engineering College Bikaner LabsDate: Oct. 8-11, 2010Speakers: Narendra Sisodia, Jai Pandaya, Nandeep Mali, Shishir Sharma, AnkurSaxsena, Priya Kuber, Ankur Sethi, Jaideep, Himanshu AnandTeam: Nitin, Srishti, Pratik, Vivek, Kunal, Vinay, Amishra, SharadArt: Neha, Jyoshita, Himani, Ashish, Priyanka, AjayLab Setup: Pushpendra, Avinish, Alok, Nitesh, Ashutosh, Ravi, AnkitPhotography: Aditya SharmaThanks to skbohra, touchaddict, pkuhad, abhinav, mdixit, kpanwar, jaideep, coolkartik Report: Content: Srishti Sethi Edit & Design: Vivek Anand Software/Tools used: OpenOffice.org 3.2, GIMP Thanks to Google Open Source Office, Ubuntu, Mahiti and everyone involved :-)