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LUGB Annual Report LUGB Annual Report Document Transcript

  • .SFD *.* .you .lug .bikaner .RajasFOSS .root .var .know .mukt .muft .code . love .tuio .what? . :) .unhides .Sahana Annual Report .drupal .xiph .su .mozilla .HCI .iPhone .Android .hackers .HCI.night .I .Update .0151 .DIY .gesture .grep .crypto .morse .rajasthan . +91 .php .aseemit .swatantra .irc .fedora .caffiene . Sparsh .term .varchar() .multitouch .root .so .hackfest .mibbit .lugb .OLPC2009-10 Linux User Group Bikaner
  • Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer.” -Richard M.Stallman
  • Linux User Group BikanerOn their Way To Build Their Enjoyment With Scratch To Scale Heights Of  Open Source. It’s a matter of rejoice and exhilaration to inform you that LUG, Bikaner is prominently exercising the objective and design; we had laid for dispersing the Open Source movement! We are the geeky ingenious students of engineering college Bikaner society. LUGB was established last year after successful completion of FOSS GN’09 meet, and since then LUGB waving its flag for spreading the kindle of Open source and comparting social aspects from time to time. As the brisk was ignited for open source, we started laying our plans, and a year crossed and we have been bringing home the bacon, to a great extent! LUGB had witnessed a year developing its goals into reality, and all through   the   year   LUGB   had   been   guided   with   its   senior   batch,   who marched its initial requisite. It all started from mission of our seniors to initialize   the   spark   of   Open   source   at   the   Golden   sandy   Campus   of college, which first stepped with carving of FOSS GN’09. View slide
  • FOSS GN09: A   four   days   privy   event   was   scheduled   from   28   Oct.   to   31   Oct.  2009,   for   the   undergrad   students   across   the   country   at   Engineering  College   Bikaner   spreading   the   magic   &   fire   of   open   source   at   an  alarming rate. Talks were delivered over lighting open source software  like   Fedora,   Drupal,   Sahana,   NUI(multitouch)   and   through   the   midnight   hackfest,   talk   sessions   and installfest.  The prominent eye  catching   moment was two days  talks   by   Mr.   Niyam   Bhushan,   well   known   technology   editor   and   columnist.  All a four days  triumphed the   flavor of relishment  and   fervor   for   open source between  the  students   originated   across   India,   which   number   added   upto   300  students. Detailed report:­GN09­Report At the last day dusk arrived the geeks and the learners got on the  stage   to   candle   the   blooming   spark   for   nascence   of   LUGB   under  guidance of  Mr. Niyam Bhushan  with an aim to polarize the waves of  Open source in Rajasthan concluding a high note with declaration of  annual FOSS event to be hosted by Team LUGB as RajasFOSS. This is  the   way   of   transferring   the   torch   from   one   hand   to   other   and  enlightening with the Free and Open Source Movement.1. View slide
  • << skbohra explains sahana implementation >> Hands on multitouch DIY by Anirudh SharmaSetting up of LUG Bikaner by NiyamBhushan and Open sourceenthusiasts in front of a crowd of2000 students On-stage. We lit upcandles to spread the open source fireand passed it to all FOSS teammembers. Team members with the POP tux prepared by the art team 2.
  • The   exhilaration   was   waving   and   sooner   we   embarked   the   initial  requisite like:  We started a Google Groups for the group, an IRC channel (#lugb  on freenode)  We organized successful install fest of fedora, ubuntu at various  hostels, covering around 250 PCs.  Setup a LUGB registration form using Google forms.  We got hosting for our website, from sakshay  web technologies.  An educational trip to FOSS.IN (venue: Bengaluru ) was archived  with 40 students participating.  LUGB   ­   week   to   integrate   more   &   more   students   to   the   group.  Members   took   various   small   sessions   in   college   campus.   As   the  Website got into action we started stimulating our projects through  discussion and online meet at irc (#lugb).3.
  • A glimpse into the happenings of LUGB activitiesWebsite: LUGB website is drupal based, where a registered user can share their   projects   with   the   whole   world,   we   can   have   active   discussion through forum and a user can create issues and blogs.Idea/knowledge   sharing   is   the   key   point.   The   website   was   made   to provide   a   common   platform   where   anyone   can   come   together   share ideas,   views   and   work   on   some   projects   keeping   inside   the   college boundaries, now through some connections we are getting other traffic from outside the college too, some alumnus and other outsiders have also   joined   and   they   discuss   things.We   also   have   some   competitions   like   currently   the   logo   making competition where students can also show their talents and  promote FOSS which is out prime consideration.IRC Channel #lugb: Contribute as early and often as possible. The sooner you establish  yourself as one of the 0.05%, the easier (and more fun!) time you’ll have. With  this concept in mind we drove towards populating  IRC channel. Folks added on to heap & LUGBians helping out the newbie’s to getting started   with   open   source.   IRCs   traffic   kept   on   increasing   with   each passing day.Mailing List: LUGBs mailing list was set up. Open source lovers & other Linux User   Groups   across   the   country   became   its   part.   It   really   proved amazing   to   post   &   share   ideas   individually   &   plan   for   the implementation of same. Truly cool to keep LUG updated. 4.
  • Geeky chicks switching to Open Source Operating Systems: Prior to all it was the need of the hour to awake girls in the whole  scenario & ask them to participate and contribute to the open source  community reason being. Driving   away   women   means   driving   away   contributors.  Both women and men: We conducted a midnight install fest in the girls hostel compound  knocking from door to door & expounding them the importance of FOSS  (Free   open   source   software).   We   linuxified   approx   45   systems   with  different flavours Fedora 11 (Leonidasl), Fedora 12(Constantine), Fedora  13 (Goddard) UBUNTU 8.10 & 9.10 along with their installation steps in  detail. We taught them to use terminal window and mostly used linux  commands   on   it.   We   installed   certain   packages   using   YUM   (Update  Manager). Internet Connection was established too. This way we managed to give away windows & spread the fire of open  source & set up a benchmark to the geek feminism. FOSS.IN Bengaluru: From 1st Dec to 5th Dec at FOSS.IN, one of the best & the biggest  free   &   open   source   conference   we   opportune to attend (40 in number from  college).  A   real   community   feel.   Talks,   workouts, workshops, techtalks and bofs  all in one. The concept of contribution, 5.
  • distribution,   modification,   hacking   coding   &   freedom   brought   to   the forefront. A real experience of interaction with geeks. Mozilla weave, Jetpack, KDE desktop environment, Fedora, Sahana, CreativeCommons, Maemo geared us all.  GSoC meetup LUGB members with Pradeepto, on some motivational topic We had a special meetup with Pradeepto from KDE, who motivated us   to   deeper   extents   &   shared   his   experiences   &   troubles   he   faced initially; encouraging contribute to KDE. Last day Raghu Dixits band refreshed our spirits. 6.
  • NSS DATA INTREGATION: As the timed excel we adhere LUGB with social responsibilities, NSS,  A  body   under   the   Ministry   of   Youth   Affairs   &  Sports,   Government   of  India, responsible for social services towards society and nature. LUGB  conjuncted with NSS with the efforts of Mr. Shyam Sundar Jyani, for  the digital documentation of the data for plantation in the villages under  scheme   “VRAKSHAROPARN”.   As   for   smoothly   functioning   of   any  organization, its prior requirement that the data should be bundled in  digital format. Since then we have added the entries upto 11274 at the  LUGB   site.   LUGB   availed   NSS   for   imparting   its   social   activities   and  initiatives to be properly documented.                  For more detail u can visit: OLPC TRAINING ­1 One   Laptop   Per   Child   (OLPC)   is   a   scheme   where   NGOs   and  government   across   the   world   joining   hands   to  distribute   free   educational   laptops   to   the  underprivileged   students.   In   India   it   first  happened   at   Kikarwaali,   Rajasthan,   where   40  laptops were distributed, laptops work on Open  OS Fedora Sugar.   A   team   of   9   students   from   LUGB  contributed   for   a   week   training   Session   to   the  students at Kikarwaali School in the beginning of May 2010, where the  students were taught the basic practical  use  of computers like paint,  write, Wikipedia, camera etc.7.
  • OLPC TRAINING ­2 A visit of honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr. ASHOK GEHLOT was scheduled to kikarwaali village, where the OLPC gallery  was introduced to the CM. On  account of which the CM tested the  students capability of working on  the laptops and there by visioning  further distribution of such OLPC  tablets in Rajasthan Government  School. For the second round training  a  team  of   3  members   from   LUGB   CM of Rajasthan at OLPC gallery visited   the   place   to   revise   the training   to   the   students,   which   they   had   to   project   to   the   CM,   the mission melted to be successful. 8.
  • LUGB­WEEKs: Meanwhile   LUGB   sustained   the   kaleidoscopic   revolution   across  college campus and encouraging the new batches to follow open source  movement,   for   this   we   organized   a  LUGB   week  telecasting   the  importance and use of Open Software. Likewise   LUGB   has   been   assisting   several   projects   and   brainy  contributing to promote the spirit of open Source. Now we are in a stage  of   hosting   an   Annual   event   for   promoting   FOSS   nominated   as  RajasFOSS. 9.
  • Forget this world and all its troubles and if possible its multitudinous  Charlatans, every thing in short but the Enchantress of Numbers. LUGB Report: 2009-10 Content: Prateek Jain, Srishti Sethi Edit & Design: Vivek Anand, Ashish Soni Tux Logo: Kavita Panwar Software/Tools used: GIMP, 3.1 Operating System: Fedora 13Linux Us er Group Bikaner #lugb on freenode