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  • 1. Steve Rischmiller fresh thinking
  • 2. Understanding design is to understand the value and power offresh thinking - and the difference it canmake when properly applied. Any scale, I approach all projects individually, awarding them with the ideas and experience that bring about solutions that will impart a positive difference.
  • 3. Somerfield Winesargentina origin range branding
  • 4. CampariWild Turkey RTD
  • 5. Avery Global Brand Experience Winner
  • 6. Walls Confectionery cornetto global redesign
  • 7. Sunbeam Café Series Sunbeam Cafe Series Packaging
  • 8. Sunbeam Café Series a brief historical presentation 12.3.2012 Sunbeam Cafe Series Packaging
  • 9. WHEREPRECISIONMEETSDESIRE Sunbeam Cafe Series Packaging
  • 10. Walls Confectionerymagnum glabal ‘origins’ brand design
  • 11. Cadbury Australiaold gold dark chocolate rebrand
  • 12. Amber Lounge Sydney id and fitout
  • 13. UnileverCIF redesign concepts
  • 14. Australian Football League Finals Series livery 2001
  • 15. Asett/Australian Football League ‘pathway’ program id
  • 16. Carlton United Breweries beer fusion concepts
  • 17. other identities
  • 18. freelance
  • 19. Cabernet Savignon 2009 Semillon Blanc 200930.03.2010 concept 2. multilayered
  • 20. Cabernet Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2009 200930.03.2010 concept 3. classic contemporary
  • 21. Iconic... naturally A modern twist to the notion of wholesome goodness, this design is created using an ‘iconic’ interpretation of grain and wheat. This delivers fun and modernity to a normally dry and worthy territory. The graphics would also work off pack extremely well to deliver a campaign that is very distinct and unique. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vivamus elementum consectetuer nibh. Etiam pellentesque. Cras viverra condimentum lectus. Suspendisse vel enim. Nam suscipit, sem ut luctus aliquet, magna lorem tincidunt diam, ac egestas ante diam eget est. Morbi commodo semper felis. Mauris at ipsum vitae mi eleifend malesuada. Sed luctus pharetra lectus. Pellentesque non metus ac dolor pellentesque rhoncus. Vivamus aliquam. Donec convallis nisi at massa. Vestibulum nec nulla non nisl dictum semper. Duis non tellus et magna malesuadaornare. Fusce fringilla erat ut odio. Nunc nisi eros, laoreet vel,sollicitudin eu, laoreet vel, ante. Vestibulum suscipit semper risus.Maecenas ac est at velit suscipit vestibulum. Pellentesque quis pede.Quisque nisl. Ut scelerisque faucibus felis. Etiam mi orci, porta et,sodales ut, molestie eget, neque. Pellentesque lacinia. Maecenas ataugue vitae metus rutrum facilisis. Quisque quis diam. Suspendisseultrices lectus quis risus. Integer bibendum. Mauris massa est, aliquetnon, condimentum id, venenatis vitae, nisl. Morbi sit amet massa atorci tincidunt semper. Sed ultrices diam at arcu. Vivamus estpede, malesuada eu, condimentum et, sodales et, urna. Namdiam purus, malesuada a, gravida ut, scelerisque nec,quam. Vestibulum massa. Cras justo orci, varius a, pulvinarac, pretium commodo, erat. Nullam adipiscing dictum nulla.Nunc volutpat suscipit velit.Etiam id est. Pellentesque a orci non turpiselementum laoreet. Nunc vitae velit id odiopellentesque porta. Cras et massa nec nibhegestas tincidunt. Nulla blandit. Lorem ipsum dolorsit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Curabiturhendrerit dolor eget lacus. Aliquamhendrerit lacus nec est. Curabituraccumsan porttitor lacus.Suspendisse feugiat, dui a facilisis semper, urna arcu condimentum ante, sit amet volutpat mauris ipsum ac urna. Praesent euismod. Maecenas tellus urna, adipiscing et, interdum eget, feugiat ut, ante. Ut orci. Nullam pharetra. Nulla adipiscing nulla. Maecenas faucibus. Nam vestibulum. Nam ut nisi et dolor malesuada auctor. Vestibulum vestibulum, ante in bibendum porttitor, enim ante adipiscing libero, eu viverra lectus nulla non lorem. Quisque cursus faucibus turpis. Vivamus id quam. Nunc malesuada nulla sit amet tortor. Proin nibh magna, commodo sed, blandit sit amet, porta ac, nisi. Nulla pharetra tempus turpis. Cras turpis nisi, facilisis varius, mattis at, ultriciesid, mi. Mauris pede dolor, condimentum quis, fermentum ut, pretiumnec, dui. Nam turpis est, suscipit ac, malesuada ut, hendrerit vitae,metus. Morbi fermentum elit vitae nulla. Quisque nec elit faucibuslorem accumsan adipiscing. Cras a odio. Sed libero. Suspendisse mi 33220_S1_Granite_’Iconic... Naturally’ Steve Rischmiller 11/07/2008 Pringles Granite | Design | Stage 1 03
  • 23. V&S Absolut | Level Packaging Redesign | 16th November 2007TRACK 2 CONCEPT 4 Option 2a ABSOLUT CEDARWOOD OF NOTES OF CITRUS AND TO CREATE A NATURAL PALETTE FINEST WINTER INGREDIENTS CRAFTED USING THE C E DA RW O O D O F N OT E S O F C I T R U S A N D T O C R E AT E A N AT U R A L PA L E T T E FINEST WINTER INGREDIENTS CRAFTED USING THE FROM THE MAKERS OF A Client V&S I M P O R T E D IMPORTED Project name & Job No. 40%ACL./VOL 80 PROOF 700ML 40%ACL. / VOL 80 PROOF 700ML 1909_VIN_LEVEL VODKA PACKAGING Stage 1 / 1909_Working Files 1909_Presentation 16.11.07 File name / Route Date / Author 16/11/07_SR
  • 24. Authentically Superior Authentically Superior Lorem ipsum dolor EL etuer adipiscing aquilum var amet. Aliquam UT volutpat. sapien eget arcu. Ut lorem. Maecenas rhoncus libero ut nulla. Vivamus mauris erat, lorem ipsum dolor Curabitur at ESTE metus potenti. Cras nec enim. Morbi eget odio adipiscing tellus dapibus egestas. Integer vit tristique pROT. tellus dapibuset Cras sodales posuere turpis.
  • 25. Steve Rischmiller design director you thinking?