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Search 2013

  1. 1. Campaign Search Team/ Individual Name : Members of the Team : Srinivasan L.A, Karthick Ragav R Name of College and City : SASTRA University SRC. Course of specialization : B.Tech Computer Science Year/ Batch: IV Year College ID:21400395, 214003044 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project : Prof. Manimolzhi.K
  2. 2. Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Prototype: My best friend is always Google, what ever I ask it gives me a result but the results are not structured or categorized, people find uneasy to find their answers to their query. Campaign Search brings the best solution by integrating all the social media into a single screen. The design of campaign search is user friendly to grab the information easily and puts you into your screen.
  3. 3. The Innovation Summary of the innovation : • Chosen industry (one industry) : Public Services • Chosen technologies: Social Media and Analytics • Objective : Bringing information from multiple sources into a single screen. • Approach : Web based access driven. • Describe the innovation developed : The Campaign lookups for the best result in the social world. It searches the social media around the world & puts the result on your screen. – Searching people, place, objects made easier using Campaign search. – This is made possible by grabbing information from the Social Network. Maximum Points: 10
  4. 4. Compelling need for the innovation • Campaign search provides the best segregated search from the social media, and helps in getting the exact knowledge behind each search result. • It helps to find the characteristics/information about people, place or objects in the social sense. • Using Campaign search, people can easily find social updates and keep track of their feeds. • It categorizes each search query into different social search engines and provides a best output with out any redundancy of results. • Each search query are searched in all the social medias simultaneously and puts the result in the screen so that the user can pick up his need to followed or to be in-touch with the search query. Maximum Points: 20
  5. 5. Impact • Campaign search enables people to connect all their social network account into a single application. • People can get all their social results simultaneously in a single query. • Campaign search combines the results of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked in, Wikimedia and so on. • It can also build a graphical view based on the statistical information that was collected. • User can also keep track of the search query they search and can also able to view their connection between the search query & their social network connections. Maximum Points: 30
  6. 6. Implementation • Almost all the social media provides API to access their information. Campaign search makes use of these api’s to access and provide analyzed output. • Campaign search uses Oauth service to connect all the social network into a single screen. • Using API of all the social media it can search the people, place, object easily and render them in a single screen. • For the best user-interface Campaign Search uses Twitter-Bootstrap for the design and it includes D3.js or Cytoscape for a connected networked view. • Campaign Search is a data driven process from all the connected social media and fetches the results in a single screen. Maximum Points: 50
  7. 7. The Competitive Advantage • Campaign search avoids redundant search results and provides accurate result according to the users needs. • People need not search separately on different social networking platform instead they can use campaign search which provides the output in a single screen. • Helps the user to correlate different results in different networks. • People find easy way of searching their query using Campaign search Maximum Points: 30
  8. 8. Thank You