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txtWeb overview

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txt web overview

  1. 1. txtWeb<br />Imagine the Internet and more on SMS<br />Visit us at www.txtWeb.com<br />
  2. 2. Most of the connected people of the world have only a mobile phone without a data plan<br />India Example<br />Broad-band users ~8M<br />Inter-net users ~45M<br />Internet+ mobile data plan users ~50M<br />Mobile phone users ~500M<br />Total population ~1,150M<br />Global approximations<br />Highly connected5-10%<br />Connected40-50%<br />Area of focus<br />Not connected40-55%<br />Short Message Service (SMS) is the most widely used service by the connected populationof the world, with 2.4B active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers<br />Note: Rough approximations to explain the concept. Information is directionally correct<br />Source: Internet & Mobile Association of India, 2009; Wikipedia<br />2<br />
  3. 3. txtWeb’s vision is to address a large unsolved pain of consuming services on a mobile phone<br />txtWebVision<br />Enable anyone to consume contents and/or services even with a low-end mobile phone with no internet connectivity through a single standardized global SMS platform<br />Users<br />txtWeb<br />Business/Developers<br /><ul><li>Convenience
  4. 4. Convenient means faster &/or requiring less conscious effort by user
  5. 5. One-Stop Shop
  6. 6. Several services accessed through a single number
  7. 7. Standardization
  8. 8. Innovate
  9. 9. Seamless integration
  10. 10. Opportunity to impact millions
  11. 11. Own what you build
  12. 12. Provide Core Platform
  13. 13. Support Providers
  14. 14. Acquire & Support Users</li></ul>3<br />
  15. 15. txtWeb – How does it work?<br />It is simple! – SMS “HELP” to +9192433 42000<br />It is FREE<br />You will receive a welcome message from txtWeb with tips to help you get started<br />OR<br />You can SMS any of the sample keywords to try one of our already developed apps<br />@movies – to get movie showtimes in your city<br />@cribuzz – to circket live scores<br />@hman – to play hangman<br />@face - to update facebook status<br />@weather – To get info on weather in your city<br />Try over 300+ apps on www.txtweb.com<br />4<br />
  16. 16. txtWeb platform – How it works<br />5<br />High level architecture <br />txtWeb<br />Platform<br />Phone Carrier<br />Internet<br />SMS<br />HTTP<br />SMS<br />HTTP<br />Developer APP<br />txtWeb platform enables creation and consumption of interlinked information through SMS<br />
  17. 17. txtWeb platform – Example<br />6<br />Step1: SMS to 92433 42000<br />Message: dictionary happy<br />Mobile number : 9991211212<br />Step 3: HTTP Request: GET<br />URL:/dictionary? Message=happy & Mobile number: <hash><br />Step 2: Accepts keyword and invokes the App URL<br />Step 4. App<br />Specific logic<br />DeveloperApp<br />txtWeb<br />Platform<br />Phone Carrier<br />Internet<br />SMS<br />HTTP<br />SMS<br />HTTP<br />Externally Hosted Environment <br />Step 5: HTTP RESPONSE: 80<br /><html> Happy is the same as joy </html><br />Step 6: SMS to9991211212 <br />Happy is the same as joy<br />
  18. 18. Why build on txtWeb?<br />Grow your business, connect with your customers in new ways<br />Connect and share content with current constituency via SMS<br />Expand user base - now reach even those without internet<br />Minimal time investment<br /><ul><li>Get an SMS interface for your product or app in a jiffy
  19. 19. No coding work to “integrate” with txtWeb platform</li></ul>Zero infrastructure investment<br /><ul><li>We manage the whole back-end to SMS enable your app </li></ul> <br />Bonus: 900 characters to the user <br /><ul><li>Normal SMS-based solutions send back 160 characters
  20. 20. txtWeb’s unique solution allows for almost 6x more content to be sent back to the user. Simply amazing!</li></ul>7<br />
  21. 21. Platform advantages <br />Simple, easy, open API<br />Platform is programming language agnostic (use what you fancy – Java, PHP, Perl, Python)<br />Platform provides SMS ⇌ HTTP transformation <br />Makes developer’s life simple for delivering web app over SMS <br />Developer focuses on building an HTTP based app<br />No coding work to “integrate” with txtWeb platform<br />Rapid development – Build, test and go live in no time!<br />Emulator provides easy/instant testing<br />Nothing to download for an end-user to use your app – SMS and go!<br />8<br />
  22. 22. What type of apps can I build on txtWeb?<br />txtSite: Get your own site on SMS in less than 5 minutes!<br />Static and structured content<br />Published as information on SMS<br />Zero Code<br />Examples: Restaurant menu/timings, list of holidays<br />txtApp: Can have an app up running in as little as 5 hours<br />Dynamic content<br />Personalized and user session based<br />Implemented as a standard web-based application<br />Programming language independent<br />Examples: PNR status, games , status update Twitter/Facebook<br />9<br />
  23. 23. How to build a txtSite<br />Login to http://txtweb.com<br />Go to Build and List my Apps<br />Create a new keyword<br />Put in text against the keyword created.<br />Click publish.<br />Test your app by sending an SMS. Its that simple!!<br />10<br />
  24. 24. How to build a txtApp<br />11<br />Login to http://txtweb.com<br />Go to Build and List my Apps<br />Create a new keyword<br />Map your keyword against an external facing Web URL.<br />Click publish.<br />Test your app by sending an SMS. Its that simple!!<br />
  25. 25. 12<br />Excited? <br />To learn more visit<br />www.txtweb.com<br />