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Chromatherapy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CHOROMOTHERAPY By: Sriloy mohanty B.N.Y.S
  • 2. CONTENT• Introduction• Definition• History• Color therapy• Different colors with Indication and Contra- indication• References
  • 3. INTRODUCTION• Chromo therapy is method of treatment of diseases by color• It is best used as supportive therapy along with other natural method of prevention• Such as;- correct diet, adequate rest and relaxation, yoga, exercise, etc…• It was popular method of cure even in ancient times
  • 4. DEFINITIONChromo therapy is a technique of restoring of the imbalances by means of applying different types of colored lights to the body
  • 5. Colour•C- Calm•O- Optimism•L- Love•U- Unique•R- Relax
  • 6. HISTORY• Some 2500 years ago, Pythagoras applied color light therapeutically• Color halls were used for healing in ancient Egypt, China and India• The pioneer of modern chromo therapy was Niels Finsen of Denmark in 1877• he studied the possibility of assisting the healing of wounds with visible light
  • 7. History (cont…)• Dr. S. Pancoast wrote "Blue and Red Light; or, Light and Its Rays as Medicine" in 1877• Edwin Dwight Babbitt wrote "The Principles of Light and Color" in 1878• In 1933 Dinshah P. Ghadiali explain why and how the different colored rays have various therapeutic effects on organisms
  • 8. COLOR THERAPY • According to action and effect of various color on the body, the color are divided in to two groups1. Primary color2. Secondary color
  • 9. PRIMARY COLOR• Red• Blue• Green
  • 11. yogamedicinedescribes the body ashaving seven mainchakras, which arespiritual centerslocated along thespine that areassociated with acolor, function andorgan or bodilysystem
  • 12. Color Chakra Chakra location Alleged function Associated system Gonads, kidneys, Grounding andRed First Base of the spine spine, sense of Survival smell Urinary tract, Lower abdomen, Emotions,Orange Second circulation, genitals sexuality reproduction Stomach, liver, gallYellow Third Solar plexus Power, ego bladder, pancreas Love, sense of Heart, lungs,Green Fourth Heart responsibility thymus Physical and Throat, ears,Blue Fifth Throat spiritual mouth, hands communication Just above the Forgiveness,Indigo Sixth center of the brow, compassion, Eye, pineal glands middle of forehead understanding Connection with Pituitary gland, the universal energies, central nervousViolet Seventh Crown of the head transmission of system and the ideas and cerebral cortex information
  • 13. RED COLOR• Properties  Stimulates And Excites The Nerves  Activates The Circulation Of The Body Red Acts As Counter Irritant• Disease Treated With Red Color Anemia Bronchitis Constipation Paralysis Physical Disability
  • 14. • Contra-indication Anxiety Fever condition Hyper tension Inflammatory condition (swelling)
  • 15. GREEN COLOR• Properties It give the cooling , smoothening and calming effect Acts on sympathetic nerves system It is emotional stabilizer and pituitary stimulator It is sedative, muscle and tissue buildup• Treatment Asthma Bone disorder Heart condition (cardiac problem) Insomnia Digestive disorder
  • 16. BLUE COLOR• Properties Promotes the growth Good for sleep Increases metabolism and build vitality Reduces the nerve excitement• Treatment Insomnia Chickenpox Colora epilepsy
  • 17. • Contra-indication For Cold Rheumatics Arthritics Paralysis
  • 18. ORANGE COLOR• Properties Stimulate the milk production after child birth Maintain BP Maintain Calcium metabolism of body Strengthen the lungs• Indication Hyper and hypo thyroids Menstrual cycle Gout (metabolic disorder) Diabetics mellitus
  • 19. YELLOW COLOR• Properties It is excellent for nerve and brain Stimulating, cleansing and eliminating action for liver and lymph nodes It purifies blood stream and activated lymph system• Treatment Constipation Indigestion Kidney problem Diabetics piles
  • 20. • Contra-indication Fever Diaharia Acute inflammation
  • 21. INDIGO COLOR• Properties Parathyroid stimulator Thyroid depressor Respiratory depressor It is homeostatic• Treatment Asthma Nose disorder Bronchitis Pneumonia
  • 22. VOILET COLOR• Properties  Stimulate The Spleen  Cardiac Depressor  Nerve And Lymphatic Depressor Purified The Blood  Maintain Potassium And Sodium Balance In Body• Treatment  Bladder Disease And Kidney Problem  Skin Problem  Epilepsy  Tumor  Rheumatic Arthritis
  • 23. Thank You…