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"DRISHTI" - A BHAWA initiative to focus on various events exhibited in the region

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  1. 1. Drishti“Drishti” - a BHAWA initiative launched toconstructively portray the richness and variety of Indian classical dance exhibited in the region.
  2. 2. Kindly direct suggestions and feedback to bhawadubai@gmail.com Disclaimer The intention of this magazine is to showcase and provide an unbiased view on various events in the region, without hurting the sentiments or functioning procedure of any person(s) or organization.Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  3. 3. “When the head, heart and hands speak in unison, a dialectsteeped in grace, poise, inner faith and expression, alien tothe tongue, is born.Transcending barriers of faith and colour, emerges thismusic of the soul called “DANCE”. The artiste who pursuesthis is a delicate blend of perfection and beauty.At BHAWA – Bharatanatyam Artistes’ WelfareAssocation, we regard ourselves as proud ambassadors ofthis poetry in motion, and, DRISHTI is an effort to unite thisfraternity Meera Srikanth President - Bhawa Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  4. 4. Thanks to our Reporters Bhuvaneswari Rathnam Chandra Subramanian Meera Srikanth Neetu Vivek Rajee Murali Rekha Ramachandran Usha Krishnan Vinitha PratishBharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  5. 5. IndexEvent Month Slide Direct linkKRISHNA CHRONICLES Sep-11 6 Goto PagePIYA BAWARI Sep-11 7 Goto PageKAAVYA BHARATHAM – BHAWA Nov-11 8 Goto PageCHINMAYA 2011 Jan-12 9 Goto PageARANGETRAM - PADMAPRIYA PRAKASH Jan-12 10 Goto PageNRITHYOPASANA ANNUAL DAY Feb-12 11 Goto PageSHASTRIYA NATYAM - BHAWA Feb-12 12 Goto PagePUNCH-A-TANTRA Feb-12 13 Goto PagePARAMPARA Mar-12 14 Goto PageARANGETRAM – MEERA SRIKANTH Apr-12 15 Goto PageNATYOPASANA ANNUAL DAY Apr-12 16 Goto PageSHAKTHI - BHAWA May-12 17 Goto PageARANGETRAM – MEENAKSHI SRINIVAS May-12 18 Goto PageSAPTHANJALI May-12 19 Goto PageCONFLUENCE OF CULTURES Jun-12 20 Goto PageNRITYA 2012 Jun-12 21 Goto PageNARTHITHA 2012 Jun-12 22 Goto Page Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  6. 6. KRISHNA CHRONICLES - Ms. Shobana An evening that electrified and dazzled audiences, music that enchanted the souls, dancers who were one better than the other, such was the start of the "Krishna Chronicles". The show was staged on September 16, 2012 at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium. I had high expectations when I first went in. Apart from the smoke machines which created the right atmosphere, I was completely awed by the opening music. It was a foot tapping number from Bollywood , the least expected at a Bharatanatyam show. The entry of Krishna was as interesting as the music - all eyes glued to the Krishna episodes that began to roll. Krishna, the Casanova, was so well portrayed that all dancers in the auditorium felt like gopikas around him. Then entered the young Krishna, a face that had a charm to die for, the smile that is still vivid in my mind and a posture that reminded me of the Krishna in my temple. For a second, I thought it was him, but no it was "the HER", Ms. Shobana, the ace choreographer and the master, behind the masterpiece production which touched so many Krishnabhakthas. As a dancer, I was impressed with the modern twist to the formal dance keeping in mind all the pre-requisites of a good choreography and costumes that complemented the scene and the characters. The rapid costume change was something that was a learning for me. Not only was the change in costume impressive but also the quick change in the characterization! Every dancer was tight as a string in complete chord to the play. The creator of this chronicles touched all episodes of Krishnas life in an interesting manner. Though the dialogues were average, the actors on stage did a fabulous job. The "Radha" character really touched my heart as she truly performed and enjoyed the character so well, that I could only see Radha and not the person. Music was a bit of a commotion, but, the overall execution was extraordinarily brilliant. No wonder Krishna Chronicles was appreciated wherever it was performed. Back to Index Rekha Ramachandran Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  7. 7. PIYA BAWARI - Maayavi Dance Drama Concepts Maayavi Dance Drama Concepts put up their first production ‘PIYA BAWARI’ on September 30 and October 1, 2012. Auditions were held two months in advance and the selected participants were trained by a group of professionals headed by Smt. Bhakti Harish and Smt. Rekha Ramachandran. The story revolved around the two great devotees of Lord Krishna belonging to two different eras. A very beautiful concept indeed! Meerabai, who was a Rajput princess perceived Krishna as her husband, lover, Lord and master. She expressed her love for the Lord through her many poems that she wrote in praise of Krishna. Radha , on the other hand was the daughter of a cowherd leader, and born in a village in Vrindavan. She was very flamboyant in expressing her love for the Lord . Both these characters were beautifully portrayed by Bhakti Harish as Meerabai and Rekha Ramachandran as the flamboyant Radha. However, the character that stood out and touched everyone’s heart was the adorable and mischievous Krishna, performed by a visiting artiste from India. The final transformation where Meera adopts the nature of Radha and vice-versa, in their love for Krishna, was the central crux of the story. A special mention needs to be made about the costumes which were very colorful and rich and made each and every character look beautiful and attractive. Kudos to the entire team for a great effort. Back to Index Chandra Subramanian Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  8. 8. KAAVYA BHARATHAM - B H A W AThe dance ballet “Kaaviya Bharatham” was conceptualized by Smt. Meera Srikanth, and staged by theBHAWA team for a mega event of Tamil Ladies Association, Dubai on the 11th of November 2011, atthe Dubai Women’s College Auditorium, Dubai. The theme of the evening was "ANDRUM – INDRUM"and in accordance with the same, the story was conceptualized.As a pioneer attempt, BHAWA fused poetry (kaaviyam) and song, to suit the times of today and yester-years respectively. Thus evolved the name "KAVYA BHARATHAM or POETRY in DANCE"The lead artistes were Smt. Bhuvaneswari Rathnam, Mrs. Padmapriya Prakash, Mrs. Rajee Murali,Mrs. Rekha Ramachandran, Mrs. Vimmi Easwar and Mrs. Meera Srikanth.The story takes us through the life of a danseuse of today, who transforms from a young, timid lass to astrong mother. In this journey she perceives herself at different points as SATI, SAVITRI and KANNAGI.The protagonist is a dainty danseuse, who sacrifices her passion for dance, in order to serve as anobedient wife. She moulds herself into a strong personality portraying a pillar of support for herhusband in times of need. Later on in the presentation, she dons the role of a mother, who chooses torebel for the sake of her daughter’s dancing career. The characters of Sati, Savithri, Kannagi and theare brought to mind at different points through the presentation.The lyrics were composed by Smt. Bhuvaneswari Rathnam and Smt. Meera Srikanth and set to a liveorchestra. The dance ballet was befittingly dedicated to the husbands for their unstinting support. Back to Index Usha Krishnan Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  9. 9. CHINMAYA 2011 - Smt. Bhuvaneswari N Rathnam“Vishwaroopa Sandarshana Yoga”, as a part of Chinmaya 2011, was a thematic programmeheld in Sheikh Rashid Auditorium on January 6, 2011, presented by the children of Bal Vihar.This Viswaroopa Sandarshana yoga was conceptualized by Smt. Kavitha Raman. This excellentconcept was choreographed by Smt. Bhuvaneswari N Ratnam with musical support from Smt.Sharadha Hari and Sri. Neelshankar Narayanan.The divine vision of Bhagawan’s Viswaroopa to Arjuna in the battle field of Kurukshetra wasdepicted with brilliant and unique choreography. The children were applauded for theirexcellent synchronization. The wholesomeness of the "Viswaroopa" could be felt everywhere.This was the highlight of the show. The depiction of "Viswaroopam" was done entirely withdifferent hand gestures.The Bhagawan’s immeasurable forms with many arms and many weapons were portrayedexcellently on stage. The glorious vision of Rudhra, Brahma, Adhithya and the sages wasconveyed clearly in the item.The final scene when Arjuna sees the Bhagawan as the destroyer, he watches with fear; asBheeshma, Dhrona, Duryodhana, Karna and all great kings and soldiers enter the Lord’smouth . In a nutshell , Smt. Bhuvaneswari Ratnam brought the Vishwaropam in front ofeveryone through her excellent choreography. Back to Index Rajee Murali Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  10. 10. BHARATANATYAM ARANGETRAM – Disciples of Smt. Padmapriya Prakash January 27, 2012 , Millennium School Auditorium witnessed the grand Bharatanatyam Arangetram of six students of eminent dancer, teacher and choreographer Smt. Padmapriya Prakash. The performing artistes were Ms. Rakshana, Ms. Diana, Ms. Debra, Ms. Niveda , Ms. Ashitha and Master Abishek. It was an evening of colour and vibrance. The show started with the traditional NrithaVandanam which was a beautiful opening piece with all dancers showing command over thaalam. The main piece the VARNAM in Kamas and Adi thaalam, was rendered with involvement. The piece Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai was a pick , as the dancer Ashitha, showed good maturity in expression and disposition. The Thillana in Amrithavarshini was short and crisp with agile footwork and good formations. Smt. Padmapriya who has been always known for her choreography skills, added one more feather to her cap by successfully staging these upcoming artistes. The evening was enriched further by the scintillating performances of Smt. Padmapriya Prakash on Nattuvangam, Smt. Meenakshy Srinivas on the vocals, accompanied by Sri. Kannur Sreeni on Mridangam, Sri. Joshy Abraham on Violin and Sri. Priyesh Kanganad on Flute. In a nutshell, a well planned and well executed arangetram. Back to Index Meera Srikanth Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  11. 11. NRITHYOPASANA - Annual Day - Smt. Annapoorna Murali The students of Nrithopasana under the able guidance of their Guru. Smt. Annapoorna Murali presented a very vibrant bharatnatyam dance performance at Westminster Auditorium on February 3, 2012. This show was presented in conjunction with Indian Fine Arts. The show was presented mainly by the junior group of students and hence energy was at its peak. Every student displayed their best abilities. The vivacious blue and green costumes attracted the eye of one and all. The central piece revolving around the life story of KRISHNA- LEELA in Ragamalika - Aadi thaalam with its lovely sancharis was captivating and mesmerizing. All characters played their part extremely well with the KALINGA NARTHANAM stealing the entire number. The Deepa-Mangalam was unique in conceptualization and executed with neatness. Congratulations to Smt. Annapoorna Murali for devising the story concept wonderfully and to her able shishyas for portraying them vividly. The choreography and dance was enhanced by the able support of the wonderful orchestra. Heart warming music from Smt. Visalakshi Shankar accompanied by Sri. Krishna Rajan on the mridangam and Sri. Shankar on the violin, was a treat to the ear. Excellent ambience, lighting and sound made the atmosphere divine, thus enriching the presentation of the dance. In all, the evening was a pleasant and enjoyable one taking one through an authentic journey of Bharatanatyam. Back to Index Meera Srikanth Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  12. 12. SHASTRIYA NATYAM - BHAWA On the 18th of February, 2012, for the very first time three different styles of classical dance that is Bharatanatyam, Oddisi and Kuchipudi was brought together under one roof by BHAWA . It was a unique event where in the same programme three highly eminent and established artistes showcased their talent and enthralled the audience with their abhinaya, excellent footwork and complex choreography. . show started off with Bharatanatyam by Smt. Srividya who has a Ph.D in classical The dance as well as numerous awards to her credit. Srividya struck a chord with the audience as she performed with her little son as the ever-so-adorable and mischievous Krishna. Her captivating expressions as she enacted the episodes on Kaliya-mardanam and Narasimhavataram left the audience asking for more. The second programme for the evening was by Ms. Isha , who performed the Odissi style. Ms. Isha has been the disciple of expert gurus like Guru Sri. Ratikant Mohaptra, Guru Sri Anilkumar Lenka,and Guru Smt. Meera Das and has numerous performances to her credit. She performed a piece on the Goddess and enthralled the audience with her grace, complex footwork, body movements, mudras as well as facial expression. After watching the performance many of the young aspirants looked inspired to learn this style of classical dance. The programme ended with the Kuchipudi style of classical dance by Smt. Dhanya Menon. Dhanya performed the traditional Devadasi style of classical dance which is different from the other dance forms as this concentrates more on drama and storytelling than the technical aspects of dance. Dhanya with her imposing stage presence, impressive footwork and captivating expressions deserved every bit of the enthusiastic applause that she received at the end of the show. In conclusion, it was a great show with each performance having its own mood and theme and each performer excelling in her style. Back to Index Chandra Subramanian Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  13. 13. PUNCH-A-TANTRA – Maayavi Dance Drama Concepts Maayavi Dance Drama Concepts came up with their second production within a couple of months after the first one. This was presented at two venues in February 2012. Auditions were held in the prior three months where children were given an opportunity to bring to the fore any special talent that they possessed, like music, dance, speech and drama. The production was unique in its form and nature as it presented the oft-told tales of the evergreen Panchatantra in a novel flavour. The show began with the story of “The Hare and the Tortoise” which had a cool state-of-the-art Hare called “Romeo”, skateboarding his entry on stage. The race between the HARE and the TORTOISE was particularly mesmerizing with the background effects adding to the on stage performance. Similarly each one of the other primary characters, be it, the LION or the SWAN made a sweeping impact on stage. In totality, the show was a perfect edu-tainer (educational entertainer) for all the children, who took back memorable messages for a lifetime. Congratulations to Maayavi for a great concept and presentation. Back to Index Meera Srikanth Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  14. 14. PARAMPARA – Smt. Shobana Bhalchadra & Smt. Lakshmi Viswanath This unique programme was performed by “Guru & Shisya” and named PARAMPARA This was organized by Smt. Lakshmi Viswanath, a well-known and eminent dance Guru. She had invited her Guru “Smt. Shobana Bhalchandra” from India. This performance was showcased by “Guru and Shishya.” Smt. Shobana is recognized not only as a mature performer, but also as an experienced Guru (Teacher) and an imaginative choreographer. One of the early disciples of the famous dance duo, Dhanajayans, Smt. Shobana was trained in the popular Kalakshetra style. Parampara was a specially choreographed colorful dance programme by Guru Smt. Shobana Bhalchandra. This programme was held on Friday, 23rd March 2012 @ Indian Embassy, Abu Dhabi. Smt. Shobana and Smt. Lakshmi started off with the traditional “Varnam”. The highlight of this show was “Keerthanam” from “Dhaga-Dhagaendruaaduvar – Bharathiyar song”. Padam“Idaividaveruennasakshi”was performed by Smt. Shobana Bhalchandra. Padams are abhinaya items, usually love lyrics and are rendered in a slower tempo. The choreography showed the excellent emotions of the Naayikaa. This programme concluded with Thillana. This Thillana performed was short and crisp by both of them. The “Panchanatai” incorporated with the “Korvai” was brilliant. PARAMPARA, celebrated the essence of dance and music with the innovation in choreography and costume, bringing out the true essence of Bharathanatyam. At the end, this “Parampara” gave a traditional feel to the audience. Back to Index Bhuvaneswari Rathnam Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  15. 15. BHARATANATYA ARANGETRAM – Disciples of Smt. Meera Srikanth The Bharatanatyam Arangetram of Aishwarya Narendar and Varsha Rajan, disciples of Smt. Meera Srikanth ,was held on April 6th, 2012 at the Emirates Theatre . Captivating abhinaya, scintillating footwork and fine choreography marked the arangetram of these two young girls. Both Aishwarya and Varsha showed immense maturity and their remarkably polished performance, won the audience over. All the items were well selected and brought out the immense talent the girls possessed. The main piece of the evening, the imposing Varnam, composed by Papanasam Sivam, in ragam Dhanyasi was very effectively performed. The footwork was firm and precise and the complex choreography of the rhythmic passages was executed with confidence and grace. The ‘NINDA STUTHI’ in ragam chakravaham by Subramanya Bharati was another masterpiece. The padam, ‘BHO SHAMBHO’ was well performed by Varsha. The orchestra comprising of Smt. Meera Srikanth on the Nattuvangam, Smt. Vishalakshi Shankar on vocals, Sri. N. Rajendran on the Mridangam, Sri. T.K. Shankar on Violin and Sri. Sreekumar Pillai on the flute was truly remarkable. The performance was a testimony of Aishwarya’s and Varsha’s dedication and involvement and the meticulous training imparted by their Guru, Smt. Meera Srikanth. Back to Index Chandra Subramanian Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  16. 16. NATYOPASANA – Annual Day - Sri. Sasi Kotakkal 20th of April was a special day for a group of students who were undergoing training in Classical dance under the guidance of Guru Sri Sasi Kottakal. The intense effort put in by the Guru and his students for the past few months had prepared them for a special occasion. They were geared up for the 6th Annual concert “Natyopasana” which was held at the Crescent English High School, Dubai. Some of the participants in the group were already established performers. Where as for other children it was an occasion that was equivalent to an Arangetram. On “The Day” all the participants were impeccably decked up and looked beautiful, specially so after the makeup done by Sri Roy. Sri Kumar who inaugurated the function by lighting the traditional lamp spoke about Sri Sasi’s presence and contribution in most of the dance programs held in and around Dubai. The first item was performed by the senior group lead by the Guru himself, giving a good start to the whole evenings’ proceeding. The items that followed were performed by the little children who charmingly presented themselves with a constant smile on their face that most obviously came from the reinforcement by the guru to “Smile” when they danced. The program continued with a Mohiniattam Cholkattu, Todayam, Jatiswaram, Shabdam, Pancharatnam, Shiva stuti and the cherry on the icing came when the Tillana was performed in Gambhiranattai by Sri Sasi and his prime disciple Kum. Renuka. The performance came to a conclusion with every participant receiving a trophy. It was indeed a NATYOPASANA-“sitting near to dance” experience, where you could see dance, hear dance and feel dance from different angles; in different intensities, which is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of dancing. Back to Index Neetu Vivek Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  17. 17. SHAKTI – BHAWA - Kum. Ramya Suresh BHAWA presented on 5th of May 2012 ‘SHAKTI – THE DIVINE FEMININE POWER’ - a Bharatanatyam Recital by visiting upcoming artist from Bangalore, Ms. Ramya Suresh. Kum Ramya Suresh took over the audience from the beginning. She started with Nrithanjali and Amba Sthuthi, which proved her excellence in the expression and the footwork. Varnam is the traditional test of the performers mastery of the dramatic elements through coordination of facial expression, hand gestures and intricate footwork. Ramya took “ Mathe Malayadwaja," the well-known Daru Varnam and depicted the beauty and power of Goddess Parvati in the form of Meenakshi. In her sanchari she literally brought the battle between the Goddess Durga and the Rakthabhija in front of the audience . The anger of the Goddess and the relentless battle between the Asura and the Goddess was portrayed with skill and involvement. Padams Arputha sirpiyadi and Naanoru vilayaatu Bommaiya were presented beautifully . “The doll movement in the second padam was particularly captivating and made an impression on the minds of the onlookers. She completed with thillana in Hindholam comprising of elegant postures and impressive footwork. On the whole, Ramya presented the evening with grace and depth in her dance and moved the audience to experience the divine feminine power. Special mention needs to be made of her ARAMANDI which is the most basic yet most difficult posture in dance. She maintained this posture with ease from the start to finish, which in itself, is a marvellous achievement! Congratulations to her Guru for being particular about the basics and providing such excellent training. We are sure that our young children who are learning bhratanatyam would have been inspired by her performance. Back to Index Rajee Murali Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  18. 18. BHARATANATYA ARANGETRAM – Disciple of Smt. Meenakshi Srinivas Kum Pooja Balaji , disciple of Smt. Meenakshy Srinivas did her arangetram on 18th May in Emirates Theatere Auditorium . She gave a good start with the Gambeeranatai pushpanjali and Alarippu followed by the Jathiswaram. The varnam is the most enthralling, challenging and complex item in a bharatanatyam recital. Pooja showcased her talent in the varnam “Swami naan undhan Adimai” (where the nayika professes her spiritual love for the Lord Shiva) with the excellent foot work and the shringara bhakthi . In the padam “Thandavesha”, Pooja showed Lord Shiva’s Cosmic form of the Universe . “Sri Chakra Raja” where she showed the Glory of Devi and “Aadi kondar” padam again proved Pooja to be a good dancer . Her smiling face with lovely eyes throughout showed her stamina and sincerity. The guru’s dedication and devotion was completely adorabale. We wish Pooja a great future in the field of this great art … Back to Index Rajee Murali Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  19. 19. SAPTHANJALI – Smt. Vinita Pratish and Team SAPTHANJALI - An event initiated, choreographed and devised by Smt. Vinita Pratish and her group of SEVEN talented and professional artistes was a memorable event in the classical arena. This was staged at Emirates Theatre, Emirates International School on May 25, 2012 and at Indian Social Centre, Abu Dhabi on May 26, 2012. The dancers were Vinita Pratish, Ashwathy Sherin, Anjali Panicker, Lavanya Girijan, Shruthi Subramaniam, Renuka Sajiv Kumar and Jatin Subramaniam. The invitation of Sapthanjali looked too inviting - words like “Kuravanji” had started sounding ancient. An evening of local talent with nattuvangam was exciting to me as a performer. I went with an intention of being there for a minimal time , however, as the curtains unveiled I saw seven confident performers , or, should I say professionals, who welcomed the audience with their invocatory item that got me glued to my seat. That evening I witnessed what my Guruji used to tell me , about dance being a sadhana, a tapasya and an aradhana. I fall short of adjectives, as every item they performed was done with extreme perfection and absolute great geometry . Every dancer added her/his own grace and style that they had learnt for years to a great effort , the result being that the audience found it hard to keep their hands apart. The highlight of the evening was the “KUTRALA KURANVANJI” which was choreographed with a lot of humour and grace. Vinita , as the KURANVANJI, ANJALI as the NAAYIKA, JATIN as the KURAVAN, Shruthi as the KURAVAN’s friend, LAVNYA and ASHWATHY as the friends of the NAAYIKA and RENUKA as the deceptive Kuravanji stole the hearts of one and all. The chemistry and body language of the artistes was truly amazing. The performance was ecstatic and the orchestra added flavor to this ecstacy . The voice of Sri. Arun Gopinath was a treat to every art-lover. He encompassed expression with the raaga and he was dancing in his music! Kudos to the great artiste, Sri. Arun Gopinath! Every instrument seemed as if it was set to the dancers bells . Infact, I had reached a point where I was contemplating whether I should close my eyes and listen to the scintillating music, or, need to watch a spine lifting performance. The face enacted all mudras that were being performed on the stage! My feet couldnt stop tapping to all the jatis. To do an entire traditional Margam , and keep the audience waiting for more in itself , an achievement of the show. A truly, art rich evening and an amazing performance. Back to Index Rekha Ramachandran Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  20. 20. CONFLUENCE OF CULTURES Courtesy : KHALEEJ TIMES A traditional performance highlighting “Unity in Diversity” and the cultural richness of India was showcased on June 6, 2012 at Manarat Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi. The show was coordinated and visualized by famed teacher Smt. Ketaki Hazra as a representation of the country for the Indian Embassy. The entire piece consisted of three different types of classical dance. It began with a stunning Odissi performance on Lord Surya followed by a traditional Bharatanatyam piece on Lord Ganesha . In succession was presented a Kathak piece and the performance concluded with a patriotic number involving all the dancers. The international audience was truly spell-bound by the variety and unity of the country. All dancers were professionals in their own fields and each added colour and vigour to the performance. The Odissi dancers were disciples of Smt. Ketaki Hazra, Bharatanatyam dancers were Smt. Tripti Bhupen, Smt. Annapoorna Murali, Smt. Meera Srikanth and the Kathak number was done by students of Gurukul, under the leadership of Smt. Pali Chandra. The finale involved all the above artistes in combination with the disciples of Smt. Ketaki Hazra representing the grandeur and unity of our nation. In all, a great effort to bring together so many professionals and a wonderful artistic salute to our motherland by all artistes involved. Back to Index Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  21. 21. NRITYA 2012 – Annual Day - Sri.Prem MenonNritya is a spectacular and colourful annual dance extravaganza of Guru Shri. Prem Menon, which wasconceived in the year 2000. to provide his disciples a stage to showcase their talents.This year’s program was held on Friday, 22nd June 2012 at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian HighSchool, Dubai premises.The program started off with the official welcoming of the Chief Guests for the evening Shri. K. Kumar,Convener, ICWC and Founder Member and President of SAATHI, and, Smt. Meera Srikanth an eminentdancer, teacher and choreographer, and, President of BHAWA .The recital started with Vandanam. The evening commenced with Nrithyanjali & ArdhanareeswaraStuthi. This dance was performed by Guru Shri.Prem Menon and his senior disciples. Their dynamicstage presence instantaneously created an affinity with the audience. The dance included the verses ofAdiShankara’s Ardhanari Ashtakam. Ardanareeswara, is an androgynous deity composed of lord Sivaand his consort Shakthi, representing the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies whichsymbolizes the constructive and generative power.The highlight of the evening was Dasavatharam in which Sri. Prem Menon and his disciples describedthe ten avatars of the Lord and showed how Vishnu incarnated from time to time to save mankind, tore-establish dharma or righteousness and destroy tyranny and injustice on earth. A flurry ofmovements and subtle expressions enhanced the performance of Dasavatharam.The audience attention was captured by the amazingly choreographed lively mix of popular folk danceand Bharatanatyam- KavadiChindu. Nritya 2012 culminated with a twist, Swaralaya, instead ofThillana, where the artists performed Mohiniattam and Bharathanatyam in the form of a Jugalbandhi.The children came in tandem for the Mangalam song and paid their gratitude and thanked theaudience for their appreciation. Back to Index Bhuvaneswari Rathnam Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12
  22. 22. NARTHITHA 2012 – Annual Day - Sri. Manoj Manikkoth Shri Manoj masters annual programme - Narthitha 2012 saw yet another successful year. Each programme of his are filled with surprises and this year was nothing less. The show started with "Sabha Vandanam" where all the dancers gave their salutations to the Almighty and the audience. A truly mesmerizing sight to the eyes as the first scene showed all the students surrounding Lakshmi Devi sitting on a beautifully hand made lotus. Majority of the items were in Bharatanatyam with just one item in Mohiniyattom and Kuchipudi each. It was a pleasure to see a mixture of traditional and new compositions of Shri Madurai R. Muralidharan. The highlight of the show was the Varnam - Swami naan unthan adimai. Though a very common number,it was choreographed and performed very interestingly with many sancharis. The Guru himself performed this item with 3 students. A commendable performance with utmost perfection. Another different yet impressive number was - Nagendra Haraya, that described the Panchakshari Sthothram. It was a visual treat in all aspects. To make things easier to a layman, there were audio visuals and brief descriptions of each dance prior to the performance. All credits go to Shri Manoj for moulding each student to a high level of perfection rarely seen nowadays. Back to Index Vinita Pratish Bharatanatyam Artistes Welfare Association - BHAWA, Dubai June 12