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Mobile social games company Zadoo Studios
- By Srijan Gupta And Bharat Kumar

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  • We’re planning to begin a startup that develops Mobile social games.So what are mobile social games? let me explain.. But first let’s see how they came into existence..
  • Then technology grew better, mobiles became more powerful, so we saw games like…
  • But meanwhile we saw a new trend, Facebook. And the word social became more powerful than ever.
  • Companies like Zynga launched games like farmville(image), mafia wars, which grew very popular amongst fb users. They were highly social and the game enabled the users to form groups inside the games by adding their own friends to it and compete with them online to stay ahead on leaderboard.
  • And that’s how these games grew viral within months and started attracting millions of users worldwide.
  • Seeing this success and the new mobile technology, few companies merged the concept of mobile games and social games and launched the mobile social games.These games are highly popular in us, japan, Europe, china etc. Many of us might not even have heard of these games.So we want to take this opportunity and establish a company in India for the same.So what are we trying to do in this?
  • It would be inherently social, which means, the user will not only have the option to add friends from his facebook network to his gang in the game, but also he will be able to add users from all over the world. This will save users the trouble of finding friends from fb.Communities formed using only a user’s friend circle in fb result in low socialization, but if users have the option to add anyone from the gamers community, this will result in high user base and much more socialization.
  • The Game will allow multiple communications (chat) within groups/communities in the game, this will allow users to formulate strategies and diplomacies with users allover the world, to get a better status in the game and more power and friends. This will increase the level of socializing to an extreme.
  • No Mobile social game has ever given the feature to exchange virtual goods, and virtual money within the game. This combined with the in game chat feature will result in high level of socialization.
  • Freemium – In India, no one pays to buy a game so, We will sell the game for free, on Google play, and on Apple Store (when we are done with Android), so that we can easily attract as many users as possible. The revenue generation will be through selling the in game Virtual goods, and Virtual Money/coins.To generate revenue initially we’ll use ads from google.
  • Ther’s almost no competition within India, as there are small number of game developers in India, and the existing products are of very low quality.Also we’ve upper edge over The foreign companies who are trying to enter the Indian Mobile Gaming market, from outside India asWe understand the young Indian population better and that’s why At first we’re targeting high number of users, and want to have a huge user base in India which plays our games. before making money.
  • After the initial stage of success, our focus will begin on, making newer and better games.Once the game gets a good start in India, then we’ll start launching it in other parts of the world, where users are very likely to buy in-game virtual products. After the launch of the game in other parts of the world, and proper advertisements and promotion, we expect heavy number of users. This will not only help us in getting much bigger but will also help to have stable offices worldwide. We expect to be the top Mobile Gaming Company in India in next three years of time, in terms of revenue, and user base.
  • Mobile social games

    1. 1. Mobile Social Games ZADOO Studios
    2. 2. Nokia’s BounceNokia’s Snake
    3. 3. Angry Birds Asphalt
    4. 4. The Next Level of Social and Gaming Introducing Inherently Social Games
    5. 5. Hey Random Group, add me to yourThe Next Level of Social and Gaming gang! I’ve got powerful weapons and money!! Inherently Social Games Introducing the Element of Politics Only if you help vote out our Gang leader by your power
    6. 6. Hey Dude! Can I buy your S.FThe Next Level of Social and Gaming property for $XXX and this new high class Machine Gun. Introducing Inherently Social Games Introducing the Element of Politics Introducing ‘Money Exchange’ and ‘Barter System’ Deal!!
    7. 7. Earning Model Freemium Free Game Virtual Goods and Virtual Money Advertisements
    8. 8. Market Situation 2011-12• Approximate Number of Mobile Gamers: 600 Million and growing rapidly.• The mobile gaming industry is predicted to reach $54 Billion by 2015• In 2011, mobile gaming generated $12 billion.• 84% of tablet owners play games• 70 – 80% of all mobile downloads are games• Android is soon to overtake Apple in number of total available apps• In-game purchases should overtake pay-per-downloads by 2013• Can you imagine ? Angry Birds has been downloaded 700 million times, and makes $6 million per month from display ads.• 52% of mobile gamers play for more than 1 hour per day.• 34% of the top 100 grossing mobile games use a “freemium” model – game is free to play but users can purchase in-game upgrades.
    9. 9. Indian Mobile Gaming Market:• The mobile gaming market generated revenues of about INR 4.3 billion in 2011, growing 55 percent from 2010.• An Edelweiss report projects that the mobile gaming will grow to INR 16 billion by 2015.• Internet connectivity is improving at a great rate as 3G is giving boosts at high speeds, and internet penetration is growing rapidly.• The number of smartphone users increasing exponentially, mostly android based.• Heavy scope of entering this market because of no big competitor, and low quality existing games.
    10. 10. Technical Details of the Game:• Our first game would be developed for Android based smartphones, considering that we are first targeting Indian user base which mostly comprises of Android users.• The game would be developed in Java using Android libraries and SDK.• The graphics of the game is to be designed using OpenGL ES.• We will be using Facebook for registration and logging in.• The database will be web based (MY-SQL) on our own server.• We will be making API calls to server for updating the in-game information and data.• The user’s personal data will be safe and secured.• We will publish the game on Google play and make it free but before that we will make a beta-launch for testing and bug killing.
    11. 11. Competitors and Competitive Advantages:• Almost no Competition• No big leader• Targeting User Base compared over Money
    12. 12. Business in next few Years• Making newer and better games• Expanding to other parts of the world• Proper advertisements and promotion• The top Mobile Gaming Company in India