Autonomy implementation options 052013


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Autonomy implementation options 052013

  2. 2. Overall Objective for Implementing CMS Efficiency: Free up ITD resources to build and redesign websites while business maintains content Capability: ITD can apply foundation level changes to all websites as mass updates Modernization: Upgrade tools and infrastructure to be contemporary, scalable, reliable, and secure
  3. 3. Project Objective Build a website with Autonomy Maintain that website and develop other websites using internal resources Leverage SSA’s TeamSite licenseProject Issues Autonomy license Need to carry-over websites history for SSA Change in Infrastructure design Lack of sufficient Autonomy skillset among internal resources
  4. 4. Steps Taken to Mitigate Project Issues Met with HP to update them on project status, get their commitment for project success HP did a half-day project review and provided their analysis on gaps and solution to address them HP has provided cost estimate to implement the SSA’s staff website Met with GSPAAN on requirements review and get estimate for implementation of SSA’sstaff website Talked to independent consultant (thru Savitartech) regarding implementation Spoke to Gartner regarding Autonomy, implementation approach and support model Discussed with Digital Strategy & Services (DSS) team on addressing the project issues andcommitment Ram became more educated on this project Have daily touch base meeting to resolve open issues
  5. 5. Key Facts Learned We didn’t allow enough time with implementation partner for acquiring the developmentskillset Resource with programming background (JAVA, XML, XSLT) is required for this project andfuture support Project team would require resource(s) to develop HTML, CSS, .pages in Autonomybesides other development work
  6. 6. Project Issues – Mitigation Autonomy license - $605+ Bridge license until May 31, 2014 - $605 ($500 + 21% of $500) After twelve months there is a monthly fee of $4,840 ($4000 + 21% of $4K). If existing SSA websites are migrated to Enterprise TeamSitev7.3.2 before May 31, 2014, we would not require this monthly extension Need to carry-over websites history for SSA - $87,500 Cost estimate from GSPAAN for migrating sites – $56,000 Software license cost for creating separate Intranet infrastructure – $31,500 (2 Open Deploy Receivers - $6K, 3 ColdFusion Std. ed. -$25.5K) Cost of server virtual instance - $(ask Geoff) Change in Infrastructure design HP recommend we implement TeamSite v7.3.2 instead of v7.3.1. Requires minor upgrade. Middleware team would do the software install/upgrade. They would like the external partner to review & help resolve issues fromTeamSite/LiveSite install/upgrade Cost part of GSPAAN/HP implementation quote (cost provided in subsequent slides) Lack of sufficient Autonomy skillset among internal resources Gap due to combination of missing skillset and needing addition project resources with different skillset Multiple options for acquiring missing skillset reviewed in the following slides
  7. 7. Acquiring Skillset - OptionsOption 1: External Help Option 2: Internal OnlyApproach  Leverage Consulting resources (vendor orindependent) to build the first site Take the most complex website (SSA’s Staffsite) and implement it first ITD would acquire knowledge transfer incl. fewhands-on experience as passive partner Purchase consulting/support hours fromvendor to assist, if needed, when ITD buildnew site on their own ITD takes a simple website and implements it On successful completion, develop otherwebsites in the increasing order of complexity
  8. 8. Acquiring Skillset – Options – Contd.Option 1: External Help Option 2: Internal OnlyPros  A working website in relatively short time ITD learn methodology, best practices fromimplementation partner ITD will have library of code line to use fornew sites External partner would review the softwareinstall/upgrade ITD has external help forguidance/development, if need be, whendeveloping other sites internally Cost no money Retention of knowledge acquired is highCons  Expensive option Internal staff may be slow initially to build thefirst couple of sites post-transition No guarantee we’ll have a working website Rework and inefficiencies due to lack ofawareness of best practices Resource constraints due to longer duration ofthis project with other future concurrentprojects
  9. 9. External Resources – OptionsGSPAAN HP Professional Services Independent ConsultantPros  Knows the County environmentbetter than the other two Possibly more accommodatingto our questions and demands May have best expertise of thethree Ensures HP has deepercommitment to theproject/product success Works at a pace conducive forinternal resources to learnAutonomyCons  With John leaving, may nothave the top notch consultant Expensive option Possibly less accommodating toour questions and demands Internal resources have to takemore share of project workload Will take longer to implement asite compared to the other two High hourly rate. May end-upmore expensive that GSPAANafter six monthsCost  $129,920 ($114,400 + $15,520) 1,048 hrs. incl. 128 bank hours $241,120 1,096 hrs. incl. 80 bank hours $126/hr (1040 hrs. - $131,040)
  10. 10. Acquiring Skillset - Options – RecommendationOption 1: Utilizing external resource, GSPAAN, to implement framework for one site (SSA’s Staff site) Have a working and complex site framework developed1 using Autonomy in relatively short amount oftime ITD would acquire KT and reusable code line for subsequent implementations ITD would have consulting hours with vendor, if need be, for guidance and for issue resolution whendeveloping subsequent websites in Autonomy GSPAAN has a good understanding of the County environment, project requirements and can hit theground running1 The site framework would be developed to the point where SSA can migrate content to make it a fully functional website
  11. 11. Implementation Approach and High-level TimelineAutonomy Implementation High-level TimelineMajor Activities Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb MarMigrate SSA Sites for HistoryStaff SiteHR EBC SiteITDITD TasksBusiness Tasks
  12. 12. DSS Team Autonomy Support ModelRole ResourceArchitect Michael RockTeamSite, LiveSite Support (Layouts, Templates,Straight-forward components)Michael R., Tess, Dinesh, Mike K.New complex components, Workflow changes, Java,XML, XLST, etc. supportNew HireHTML, CSS, etc. Michael R., Tess, Dinesh, Mike K.
  13. 13. Cost Breakdown for Recommended OptionItem Cost CommentsMigrate SSA sites to Enterprise Teamsite v7.3.2 $ 56,000 Brings history and licenseSoftware license for intranet servers $ 31,500 SSA would like to separate internet and intranetSSA sites migration Total $ 87,500GSPAAN cost for Staff site development $ 129,920Bridge license cost $ 605Autonomy Implementation Cost $ 130,525Grand Total $ 218,025New developer resource for ongoing support $120,000/yr
  14. 14. Next Steps Establish project timeline Identify additional internal resources required Hire Java programmer preferably with TeamSite experience Complete paperwork with GSPAAN Include SSA resources in core project team Establish project team working model