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Voice & image based mobile phone agribusiness support--Quality assurance of field operations in Seed Production
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Voice & image based mobile phone agribusiness support--Quality assurance of field operations in Seed Production


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Voice & Image based mobile phone agro-advisory support can be of immense help in assuring the field quality operations for seed production. Seed companies and contract farmers can benefit from the …

Voice & Image based mobile phone agro-advisory support can be of immense help in assuring the field quality operations for seed production. Seed companies and contract farmers can benefit from the support given by this tool to the logistics of seed production and improvement of farm productivity.

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  • 1. E-mail: Mobile-Phone Voice & Image based Advisory Solution/Platform for Farmers and Agribusiness Current Application Topic: Mobile-Phone Support for Field Quality Assurance in Seed Production Chain Beneficiaries: Seed Companies & Contract Farmers Illustrations for Agri -Application -- Sridhar Rudravarapu
  • 2. Slide 2Mobile-Phone based Agro-Advisory Service Seed Production: Farmer/Field Operators’ Requirements* Traditional agriculture extension systems require extensive manpower for effective support . Farmers in several regions of the globe lack basic literacy to understand modern technologies. They essentially need skills and support for good seed production and processing activities. Phone based agro-advisory services can provide technical expertise on a one to one basis for agricultural practices, seeds, and other allied activities (Ref: S.M. Haider Rizvi & Andy Dearden, News Letter: Information Technology in Developing Countries; Volume 20, No. 3, October 2010) However several existing phone based platforms do not facilitate transfer of visual data along with voice to seek the solutions. Limitations of these technologies result in low interactivity between the users/farmers and the agri-experts. Another drawback is that the queries are not answered instantaneously in an useful manner. *The need of the hour is effective provision of audio visual information through SMS from mobile phone costing lesser in this process. Latest availability of advanced voice & image based mobile phone systems (eg., Agrifone, Vaudiofone Corp., USA) could address these aspects and immensely benefit the agribusiness operations.
  • 3. Slide 3Information and Communication Technologies Support Logistics of Contract Farming/Seed Production Agribusiness operators can directly interact with groups of technically-challenged farmers over mobile phones Improve Farm Productivity By facilitating high-quality personalized, farm-specific agro-expert advice in a timely manner--- if required instantaneously too! The messages are typically a combination of voice record and an image/text. At an individual level, the mobile phone platform makes it possible for farmers to easily interact with each other, seek/share information, get help and sell produce etc. Voice & Image based Mobile Phone Services
  • 4. Farmers/Field Staff: End users of the system (may be illiterate) (Each farmer gets proactive advice at required stages/time starting from pre-sowing operations to post-harvest precautions) Coordinator: An educated and experienced farmer stationed in the village/ Field officer deputed by the Company (Collects details of weather, soil data, water resources, entomology, pathology, agronomy, etc. and sends the information to the advisory team) Agricultural Experts Qualified to provide expert advice Mechanism- Information transmit from farms to agricultural experts & vice versa Communication System Slide 4
  • 5. Application Benefits as envisaged in e-Sagu model; ICT (Ref: Agro-advice following a proactive approach Two-way communication. The advice is comprehensive, complete and regular in terms of diagnosis, analysis, advice delivery, follow-up and feedback. Develops networks for information and knowledge exchange Enhances farmers and producers’ information on farming techniques and practices. Advice can be provided on a regular basis on everything from sowing to harvesting, which reduces the cost of cultivation and increases farm productivity as well as quality of seeds. Improves dissemination of and access to scientific and technical information Averts problematic situations and enables quick deployment of services during times of crisis. Cost-effective system. Famers/Field Staff articulate their problems using participatory communication methods and also share field observations recorded on mobile . Significantly reduces the lag period between research efforts and field application. Aids in successful implementation and validation of agriculture technology. Add on! Instant surveillance & monitoring; Decision support …... Benefits of Application Slide 5 Voice & Image based Mobile-Phone Services
  • 6. Seed Company Supply Chain-- Field Quality Assurance Voice & Image based Mobile Phone Advisory Services * Help in •Research Trials/ Green-House trials/ Grow out trials •Production - Foundation seed, Commercial seed •Selection of compact areas with sufficient isolation •Fertilizer application for proper synchronization and effective pollination •Trail Lead- Land marks •Ensuring grain filling and good seed size •Implement effective Farming Practices •Incorporating the latest developments in crop production and protection •Assessment of Competitors’ field quality •Bench marking Areas for Application Slide 6 * Immensely help in communicating the basic knowledge and practical information required for successful seed production. Advice from experts can be effectively passed on to the needy field staff in identifying anther types, control of off-type plants/pollen shedders, planting date options to optimize “nicking” ………etc. Trust Build-Up Cost Reduction Value addition
  • 7. Proper you sow - Profit you reap Mr. Das: Follow the Instructions passed on to your team for sowing. This picture guides you further -Gowda, QC Manager Sir: Here is the pic of GOT-trial for #CT242- along with the poorly performing lot #CT150 by the side. -Rupesh, Field Assistant Re: Good Job Mary! Weeds have been fully controlled now -Pathak, Asst. Production Manager Grow out trials Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 7
  • 8. Hey! Was nicking done at the nick of the time? Sir - Proof is in the Phone ! Guys ! Get your Morphology Right Vegetative, pre-flowering and flowering stages Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 8
  • 9. Tassels began Pollen Shedding Checked Pollen Shedders Hybrid crop- Integrity maintenance Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 9
  • 10. Somu Sir! I have noticed some spots on cotton leaves in plot-1. I am sending its picture to you -Nirmala, Field Helper Sir! Some infection has been noticed in few cotton plants at Sirpur location . Please see this picture and guide us further steps. -Soman, Field Coordinator Dr. Modi: Please note the attached information. I will be in your cabin in a few minutes with more details for discussion. -Gupta, Cotton Production Manager Mr. Soman: I have discussed with Dr. Modi reg. your message. Please follow the instructions being forwarded to you. I am coming along with Dr. Gupta to your site tomorrow for further follow up. -Gupta, Cotton Production Manager Crop Pathology Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 10
  • 11. Crop Entomology Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 11 Sir: Need your attention and help for control steps. -
  • 12. Mr. Syed: This is not a pathological issue. It is due to nutritional deficiency specifically Zinc. Follow it up with Soil Nutrition team -Rama Rao, Production Manager Sir: I am surprised with the poor pod content and fill up. Please make a visit and suggest remedial measures. -Alex, Farmer Nutritional deficiencies Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 12
  • 13. Seeing is believing Trouble shooting Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 13 It has just Began Serious Problem !
  • 14. Sir: We have to urgently do some thing about the bird damage. Could you please arrange extra help for scaring away the birds? -Durga, Field Coordinator Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 14 What’s this Doc ? Trouble shooting
  • 15. Field Unit-8: This is not the way to cover your produce! We expect you to do a proper job. Please ensure necessary care. -QA team Guys! Threshing this way is totally unacceptable. Trust this is not done by our farmers. -QA team Harvest / Post-Harvest operations Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Slide 15
  • 16. Thanks to Voice & Image based Mobile Phones! Field Quality can be assured better with this technology support now. Illustrations for Application – Field Quality Final Slide 16