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Introduction to Multimedia
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  • 1. Multimedia
  • 2. What Is Multimedia? Multimedia is a computer-based interactive communications process that incorporates text, graphics, sound, animation, and video
  • 3. Need of Multimedia Multimedia enables us to provide a way by which learners can experience their subject in a vicarious manner. The key to providing this experience is having simultaneous graphic, video and audio, rather than in a sequential manner.
  • 4. Class of Multimedia Streaming Stored Audio and Video Streaming Live Audio and Video Real-Time Interactive Audio and Video
  • 5. Multimedia Advantages Deep involvement Multi-sensory Creates knowledge connections Individualized Teacher and student creation
  • 6. Multimedia Disadvantages “Lost in cyberspace” Lack of structure Non-interactive – if one-way, no feedback Text intensive content Complex to create Time consuming Cognitive overload Linear content
  • 7. Multimedia in Distance learning
  • 8. Distance Learning Distance learning refers to the physical separation of teaching and learning. Compared with the older term distance education, the newer distance learning puts an emphasis on the “learner.” Student-centered learning is an especially appropriate concept in distance learning, where students need to take greater responsibility for their learning.
  • 9. Distance Learning Technology No single technology is considered the “best.” The trend, however, is to use more digital, computer- based technologies, especially the Internet.
  • 10. Technology use in Distance Learning Chat room Collaborative Project Email Message board Podcasting Vidéo Web Conferencing
  • 11. Advantages of Distance Learning Lots of flexibility. No commuting. Numerous choices for Universities. Lowered costs. Learn while working.
  • 12. Disadvantages of Distance Learning Lack of social interaction. Format is not ideal for all learners. Some employers don’t accept degrees. Requires adaptability to new technologies. Not all courses required to complete the degree my be offered online.
  • 13. The End