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Rfp lime stone transportation Rfp lime stone transportation Document Transcript

  • RFP FOR ‘TRANSPORTATION OF LIME STONE FROM THE QUARRY OF A CEMENT PLANT TO ITS FACTORY’ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATIONA. Purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP)The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain the services of one or morequalified transportation vendors to transport registrants to and from the ___________SUM & CO. Ideally, _____________ SUM & CO would like to use the services of onetransportation vendor. If the scope of work is too great for one vendor, however, additionalvendors will be selected. All vendors will be chosen through the RFP process.The successful vendor(s) will enter into a contract with _________ SUM & CO, or itssponsoring facility _____________, to provide these services for a period of ______ years(s).This RFP defines the minimum requirements necessary for a transportation vendor to beconsidered in the selection process.B. Issuing Institution:This RFP is issued by _____________________ SUM & CO in association with itsponsoring facility, _______________________ Under Indian Law.The address of SUM & CO and the contact person for this RFP are listed below:Contact____________________________________________________Telephone number (_____) _____________________________________FAX (______) _______________________________________________E-mail______________________________________________________Street Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________C. Timeline:Event Date__________ SUM & CO issues RFP ____/____/_____Deadline for questions related to RFP ____/____/_____Proposal from transportation vendor(s)Due to _____________ SUM & CO ____/____/______Meeting with vendor(s) that submitProposal (s) (if needed) ____/____/______Notification of Award ____/____/______Start date for transportation contract ____/____/______D. Questions:All questions related to this RFP should be directed to ___________________, by telephoneat____________________ or in writing at the address listed in Section B (Issuing Institution)above.
  • RFP FOR ‘TRANSPORTATION OF LIME STONE FROM THE QUARRY OF A CEMENT PLANT TO ITS FACTORY’E. Submission and Content of Proposals:All proposals must be submitted in writing and mailed to ________________________ at theaddress listed in Section B (Issuing Institution) above. In order to be considered, we mustreceive a proposal by close of business on _____/_____/_____.In order to be considered, an interested vendor(s), you must complete Section I (VendorQuestionnaire) below, as well as a technical and cost proposal.F. Notification of Award:All vendors that submit a proposal will be advised in writing by ___/____/___ of the name ofthe transportation vendor(s) that is selected to provide transportation services to the__________________ SUM & CO. Work on a contract between the selected transportationvendor(s) and the __________________ SUM & CO will begin within ten days of thenotification of award.G. Overview of SUM & CO: The Company is the largest producer of cement in South India. The Companys plants are well spread with three in Tamilnadu and four in Andhra Pradesh which cater to all major markets in South India and Maharashtra. The Company is the market leader with a market share of 28% in the South. It aims to achieve a 35% market share in the near future. The Company has access to huge limestone resources and plans to expand capacity by de-bottlenecking and optimisation of existing plants as well as by acquisitions. The Company has a strong distribution network with over 10,000 stockists of whom 25% are dedicated.H. Description of Vendor Responsibilities:The selected vendor(s) will be required to meet the expectations and responsibilities listedbelow.It should include any of the expectations and responsibilities listed below that SUM & COthink are appropriate for the effective delivery of transportation of limestone.These items may then become part of your contract with the transportation vendor. Transportation will be reliable, consistent and timely. The appropriate mode of transportation will be provided by the vendor based on the needs of the registrants as outlined above. Transportation will be safe and the selected vendor will adhere to all applicable safety standards. All vehicles will be clean. Vehicles will meet the standards required for their operation as dictated by their size and as established by the Indian Motor Transport act.
  • RFP FOR ‘TRANSPORTATION OF LIME STONE FROM THE QUARRY OF A CEMENT PLANT TO ITS FACTORY’ Drivers should communicate to the necessary authorities if an unforeseen event will delay the transport of limestone by more than _______________minutes. Drivers will report any accidents or injuries that occur on the vehicle to SUM & CO Directors The transportation vendor, at the vendor’s expense, will fingerprint all drivers and conduct criminal background checks on them. At the transportation vendor’s expense, the vendor will provide a supervisor on-site in the SUM & CO during the hours that transportation services are being provided. The selected vendor(s) will carry liability insurance in the amount of $__________.I. Vendor Questionnaire:To be completed by transportation vendors interested in submitting a proposal.(SUM & CO directors using this RFP should review this section carefully and include onlythose questions that you consider important for the operation of transportation of limestone tofactory)Interested vendors must complete this questionnaire and must submit it along with a technicaland a cost proposal.1. General InformationName of Transportation Company _____________________________________Address____________________________________________________City_________________ State__________________________________Zip code_________ -__________Employer Identification Number______________Telephone (____) _______________FAX (____) ___________________E-mail_______________________Name of Transportation Company Owner___________________________________Telephone ________________________________________________CEO ___________________________________Telephone ___________________________________________Chief Financial Officer _________________________________________________Telephone __________________________________________________________2. Is your company a subsidiary of another company ____ Yes _____ No? If yes, what is thename of the parent company? ____________________________________________3. In what state is your company incorporated? _________________________________4. For how many years have you been in the transportation business? __________
  • RFP FOR ‘TRANSPORTATION OF LIME STONE FROM THE QUARRY OF A CEMENT PLANT TO ITS FACTORY’5. Please provide information on the vehicles in your company.Category of Age of the vehicle(s) in this How many vehicles Load/capacity of thevehicle category in this category do vehicle you have?7. How many drivers do you employ? ____________________________8. In addition to a driver’s license, do you require any additional credentials from youdrivers? ________________________9. Does your company test drivers prior to hiring them? ________________________10. Does your company provide drivers with any additional training? _____Yes___NoIf yes, please describe this training___________________________________________________________________________________________________________.11. What is the average rate of time a driver remains with your company? ___________.12. Do you fingerprint your drivers as part of the hiring process? ______Yes ______NoIf no, would you agree to include this as part of your hiring process? ____Yes _____No13. Do you conduct criminal background checks on your drivers prior to hiring them?______Yes_______NoIf no, would you be agreeable to including this as part of your hiring process? _____Yes______No14. Have the vehicles you plan to use to transport our registrants been approved by theTHE MOTOR VEHICLES ACT, 1988 ? ____ Yes _____. No If not, whynot__________________________________________________________________.15. Have you or your transportation company ever been convicted of any fraud?_______Yes______No. If yes, please explain_______________________________________________________________________________________________16. Do you have an individual within your organization that reviews scheduled trips andprovides daily supervision of your drivers? _____Yes ______NoIf yes, describe the general duties of this individual and the length of time he/she has beenwith your company. _____________________________________________
  • RFP FOR ‘TRANSPORTATION OF LIME STONE FROM THE QUARRY OF A CEMENT PLANT TO ITS FACTORY’__________________________________________________________________17. Do you provide transportation services for another COMPANY at this time? _____Yes______NoIf yes, how long have you been providing services to this program(s)?_____________________________________________________________18. If you provided transportation services for LIMESTONE TRANSPORTATIONCOMPANY in the past, for how long did you provide this service? ________why do you nolonger provide transportation services to this LIMESTONE TRANSPORTATIONCOMPANY?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________19. Please provide the names, contact persons and telephone numbers of three organizationsthat could provide a reference for your company as a transportation vendor.Name of Organization Contact Person Telephone Numbera. ______________________________________________________________________b. ______________________________________________________________________c. ______________________________________________________________________Name of Transportation Vendor Submitting this Technical and Cost Proposal______________________________________________________________Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________Name of person to contact at transportation vendor officeTelephone Number: __________________________________Fax Number ________________________________________E-mail ____________________________________________J. Technical Proposal:A transportation vendor interested in providing transportation services to the_________________ SUM & CO must complete the Vendor Questionnaire in Section Iabove and provide a technical proposal that includes the following: A description of how you plan to effectively provide transportation services. Thisdescription must include the number and kind of vehicles you will use to transport theregistrant population described in Section G (Overview of the SUM & CO, and a statementthat you will meet all the expectations described in Section H (Description of VendorResponsibilities). A statement regarding the characteristics that make your company uniquely qualifiedto provide transportation services to the ______________ SUM & CO. Please include anymarketing materials that you usually use as part of this description. The date on which you will be able to begin providing services.
  • RFP FOR ‘TRANSPORTATION OF LIME STONE FROM THE QUARRY OF A CEMENT PLANT TO ITS FACTORY’K. Cost Proposal:Please provide the following information when submitting your cost proposal.Effective date of the rates offered ______________The rates offered will be effective for _________ year(s) and will include transportation fromquarry to factory only. This rate offered is guaranteed for _______ days. Unless indicatedotherwise, the ________ SUM & CO will assume these rates are guaranteed for 180 daysfrom the date the proposal is provided to us.Please mail your technical proposal, cost proposal and completed vendor questionnaire to:Name of SUM & CO program director-_____________________________________________Address of SUM & CO Program____________________________________________City____________ State__________________ Zip code__________________Proposals must be received by close of business on _______________________.SOURCE: http://www.indiacements.co.in THE MOTOR VEHICLES ACT, 1988 http://construction.cwctenders.com/cement-industries-tenders.htmPREPARED BY: UMAR HASSAN, MALLESWAR SRI GANESHDATE: 21ST AUGUST 2012