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Melodrama hopkins


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  • Blood Draw doc
  • Transcript

    • 1. Escaping Melodramas: Reflections on Historical Events, Government Apologies and Public Outcries Susan M. Reverby
    • 2.  
    • 3.  
    • 4.  
    • 5.  
    • 6. Rivers hands out drugs
    • 7. Nurse Rivers in Field
    • 8. Spinal Tap
    • 9. Your Blood is Bad
    • 10.  
    • 11.  
    • 12.  
    • 13. In a well written drama the story comes out of the characters. The characters in a well written melodrama come out of the story. Sidney Lumet
    • 14.  
    • 15. Blood draw
    • 16. The Cabinet of Dr. Cilgari (1920)
    • 17. Island of Lost Souls
    • 18. Frankenstein, 1931
    • 19. Three men
    • 20.  
    • 21. Apology, Families/Men
    • 22.  
    • 23. Mr. Shaw, Clinton, Gore, Satcher
    • 24. Fear and Loathing in Bioethics Blog A blog by the Investigative Journalism and Bioethics seminar at the University of Minnesota December 10, 2010 ASSANGE AND REVERBY SHOULD TEAM UP
    • 25. John Cutler ’s Legacy
      • Public Health
      • Family Planning
      • STD/HIV
      • Sexual Health
    • 26.  
    • 27. Top Left: Harold Jaffe Top Right: Ezekial J. Emanuel Bottom Left: John Douglas
    • 28. October 1, 2010 Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of DHHS Kathleen Sebelius offer a formal apology for the study on the part of the United States Government calling it “abhorrent,” “unethical,” and “reprehensible.”                                              
    • 29. President Barack Obama calls Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom “to express his deep regret.”       The President ’s Commission on Bioethical Issues is now scheduled to provide reports both on what happened and the current protections in place by next September.
    • 30.  
    • 31. Presena Libre October 3, 2010, p. 21.
    • 32. Clinton: Mr. President, I apologize for our government’s inoculating your people with syphilis and gonorrhea. Short man representing the Guatemalan people: Besides the cold war, the paramilitary groups, the demand for drugs, and The hate toward immigrants? Prensa Libre, October 2, 2010, p. 18.
    • 33. Example of medical record   Inoculation is done through the abrading of arms, faces, mouths and men ’s penises. Other efforts use ingestion of distilled water with the syphilitic mixture, spinal taps, and venipuncture of vein in the forearm. Transfer of the infection proves difficult. Interest in prophylaxis is waning in the United States as penicillin is being used more widely and proven its success in curing the disease.         Example of Medical Record
    • 34.  
    • 35.  
    • 36. Comparisons In Guatemala 1946-48 In Tuskegee, 1932-72 In Guatemala, the subjects (men and women) are given syphilis. In Alabama, the men already had the disease and were supposed to be in late latency. In Guatemala, the subjects were given penicillin (even if not everyone is cured). In Alabama, the men were kept from treatment (even if not always successfully).
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    • 38.