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Discovery Education
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Discovery Education


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  • 1. Discovery Education Coming this Summer 2008 2 Content courtesy of Discovery Education
  • 2. Discovery Education streaming is getting even better…
    • Expanded content library
    • Higher resolution files
    • More granular search taxonomy
    • Clip-level standards correlation
    • Enhanced site administration and user-friendly reporting capabilities
    • Student Access
    • Integrated Student Center for streaming and DE Science
  • 3. Content—Recently Added
    • Discovery Education streaming BASE: 97 titles
    • When We Left Earth (6 Episodes)
    • Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye (8 episodes)
    • The Human Body: Pushing the Limits (4 episodes)
    • Decisions that Shook the World (3 episodes)
    • Moments in Time Series (8 episodes)
    • Thomas Friedman Reporting Series (4 episodes)
    • Fearless Planet Series (6 episodes)
    • Grossology Series (26 episodes)
    • TimeWarp Trio Series (26 episode)
    • Discovery Education Science Middle School: 53 titles
    • Back Yard Habitat (3 episodes)
    • Buggin with Rudd (3 episodes)
    • Chasing Nature (8 episodes)
    • Dragonfly TV (39 episodes)
  • 4. Content—Coming Soon
    • Discovery ATLAS (Mexico, Japan, India and France)
    • Curriculum Connection: Geography / World History
    • Stuff Happens with Bill Nye
    • Curriculum Connection: Earth Science
    • Extreme Engineering
    • Curriculum Connection: Science and Technology
    • Gettysburg
    • Curriculum Connection: American History / Language Arts
    • Koppel: People’s Republic of Capitalism
    • Curriculum Connection: World History / Current Events
  • 5. Site Administration
    • A consistent, extensible, common platform for Administrative
    • tools used by our customers across all school products
    • This will enable customers to:
    • Manage users
    • Report on usage
    • Configure tools (network manager, server manager, local host, etc)
    • Exclude videos
    • Find technical documentation
  • 6.  
  • 7. Reporting
    • Enable administrators to create detailed, flexible and
    • exportable reporting for all media asset types and to
    • review and analyze product usage patterns
    • Usage Reports
      • Reports can be viewed by account, site or user
      • There will be one usage report per product
    • Asset Reports
      • Reports can be viewed by account, site or user
      • There are two reports per product—top videos and top assets (non-video)
    • User Information
      • User roster by acct or site
  • 8. Reporting
      • Time frame:
      • Week-to-date
      • Month-to-date
      • Year-to-date
      • Last month
      • Date range
      • Report formats:
      • Web
      • .pdf
      • .xls
      • .csv
      • .rtf
    Reporting will include the flexibility to select from a variety of timeframes and report formats
  • 9.  
  • 10. Usage Report Top Video Report
  • 11. Discovery Education Student Access
  • 12. Student Access
    • There will be One New Student Center for DE streaming and DE Science
      • Students will be able to search and navigate within the products
        • Students will be able to save content into their own My Content area
        • Students can access media assets, assignments, quizzes, writing prompts, assessments (Science), content folders, etc that teachers choose to make available
      • Each student will need a username and password
        • Using an Excel template, class lists can be uploaded to DE by a teacher or by a district administrator
        • Individual students can register using a passcode
  • 13. Student Access: Controlled Content
    • Students will inherit the same network rules as the acct (stream, download, block time, network manager)
    • Will not include access to any teacher materials including Teacher Center and Professional Development areas
    • Due to nature of content, students will not have access to DE Health
    • Administrators will have the ability to block videos by grade, subject or title
  • 14. Student Access: Managed by Teacher
    • Teacher-selected content publishable to Student Center
    • Teachers have the ability to assign content to an individual student, multiple students or an entire class
    • Ability to track student submission of assignments and quizzes and student progress
  • 15. KET EncycloMedia Redesigns Content courtesy of Discovery Education
  • 16. What’s Else is New for 2008?
    • Improved Layout and Design
    • My DE
    • Help and Customer Support
    • Professional Development
    • Builder Tools
    • Asset detail pages
  • 17. [email_address]