Netness: Enabling Unintended Conversations + Unintended Communities


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Presentation on importance of netness (growing fabric of ubiquitious connectivity) for survival of communities and species. Presented December 4, 2009, at "ARE YOU READY FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS" in Brussels (conference organized by LIFT, Tinker-It, iMAL & Rob van Kranenburg.)

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Netness: Enabling Unintended Conversations + Unintended Communities

  1. 1. enabling unintended conversations unintended communities sheldon renan 12/4/09 netness
  2. 2. in which connectivity is increasingly ubiquitous , participants are increasingly entangled. world of atoms + world of bits become one. IS AN EMERGING STATE OF BEING netness
  3. 3. post-network age networks > internet > netness netness is about connectivity itself
  4. 4. the more things are connected the better things work the smarter things are… the safer things are… the more opportunity is created for sharing resources and collaborating
  5. 5. EVERY DAY it becomes more important to be able to connect, communicate, and collaborate anywhere with anything on an ad hoc basis
  6. 6. how is connectivity changing?
  7. 7. as connectivity becomes ubiquitous systems (networks) become fields. networks > connectivity fields > “ the field ” how is connectivity changing?
  8. 8. a new class of connectivity is evolving. 1 st degree: loosely connected 2 nd degree: closely connected 3 rd degree: embedded 4 th degree: “ entangled ” < loosely but deeply connected > how is connectivity changing?
  9. 9. two worlds the world of atoms the world of bits become one how is connectivity changing?
  10. 10. connecting everything , at every level particle planet
  11. 11. Confluencing crises of population growth, climate change & insufficient resources & reserves
  12. 12. john hagel on december 2, 2009: “ a networked world means more black swan events ”
  13. 13. mitigate risks + optimize outcomes for individuals , communities & species we need to radically improve ability to cooperate and collaborate maximize efficiency minimum waste
  14. 14. “ unintended conversations ” enabling more inclusive conversations between people, places, devices, sensors, etc. every thing needs a voice. every thing has something to say
  15. 15. “ unintended communities ” temporary communities of circumstance… converged communities of common interest… heterogenous communities… people, places, things, and parts of things
  16. 16. “ conditional openness ” enabling anything to connect and collaborate on an ad hoc basis as circumstances require no walled gardens allowed
  17. 17. our new to-do list: - create a taxonomy of connectivity. - validate value of scaling up connectivity. - make connectivity visible. - specify, implement and grow “the field”. < move from networks to connectivity fields > - evolve new governance and business models <move to building on connectivity instead of owning, selling, keeping connectivity scarce>
  18. 18. implicit in Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man isolation = death
  19. 19. implicit in Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man isolation = death connectivity = life
  21. 21. thank you see you soon on sheldon renan [email_address]