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Grade 6 Math
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Grade 6 Math


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  • 1.  Invade- enter by force in order to take over  Chariot- two wheeled cart pulled by a horse  Empire- when one group controls many others  Obelisk- tall stone column built to honor gods  Tomb-room or grave where someone is buried
  • 2.  The Old Kingdom weakened ◦ The Pharaohs lost power ◦ Kings fought for control of the land
  • 3.  New rulers took over and moved the capital to Thebes ◦ Egyptians focused on art and writing ◦ Built canals  Canals were used to drain swampland  Canals connected the Nile River to the Red Sea  Improved trade
  • 4.  The Middle Kingdom only lasted a few hundred years ◦ Invaded by the Hyksos (1700 BC)  Hyksos easily defeated the Egyptians  Used chariots •Hyksos were cruel -burned cities and destroyed temples
  • 5.  The Egyptians fought back against the Hyksos ◦ They used chariots too ◦ The Egyptians drove the Hyksos out of Egypt Pharaoh Ahmose defeating the Hyksos
  • 6.  The Egyptians used their army to expand their empire  Egypt became one of the strongest and richest empires in the world ◦ Built temples: for religious worship and schools ◦ Statues: obelisks to honor the gods
  • 7.  Pharaoh Hatshepsut was a woman ◦ She often dressed like a man ◦ Her reign (period under her control) was very peaceful  Increased trade  Repaired damage created by the Hyksos
  • 8.  This couple believed that there was only one god: The Sun God ◦ They built temples to honor The Sun God  The temples are open to let in the sun  The art from this period often shows the Pharaoh and Nefertiti giving gifts to the Sun God
  • 9.  King Tutankhamen (Tut) became pharaoh ◦ He was only 9 when he became the leader of Egypt ◦ He is the most well known of the Pharaohs  His tomb was filled with may riches  It was discovered by archaeologist, Howard Carter
  • 10.  Pharaohs began losing power ◦ Egypt became weak • Egypt was invaded first by the Kush •Assyrians later controlled Egypt
  • 11. Face of King Tut
  • 12.  During the Middle Kingdom, the Egyptians continued to develop their art, writing and trade  The Hyksos, who rode chariots, defeated the Egyptians  The Egyptians fought back and drove out the Hyksos  The New Kingdom became the strongest and richest of all empires