GBG Mumbai Introduction


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Google Business Group | Mumbai Chapter | Introduction & FAQs Deck

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GBG Mumbai Introduction

  1. 1. #GBGmumbai What is Google Business Group Mumbai? Sreeraman Thiagarajan GBG Manager – Mumbai Chapter
  2. 2. #GBGmumbai
  3. 3. #GBGmumbai
  4. 4. #GBGmumbai We’re a network of independent but synchronized groups, aligned with a common purpose, set of values and a way of doing things. Nobody is there to tell us what to do and when, and we have no boss.
  5. 5. #GBGmumbai Mission To help business professionals, entrepreneurs or anyone interested in using technology for business success through the use of Google web technologies by interacting, inspiring & collaborating with local community.
  6. 6. #GBGmumbai Who are part of GBG Mumbai? Business Professionals from Corporates Start-ups Entrepreneurs & SME Intrapreneurs Marketing & Advertising Fraternity Passionate Techies Bloggers & Press friends Its free for all to join & be a member
  7. 7. #GBGmumbai Constantly evolving technology has changed the business landscape. Why Join GBG Mumbai? We Collaborate to help each other achieve success in this changing technology environment by leveraging Google’s solutions to business advantage. ”Learn to use technology for business success” In short,
  8. 8. #GBGmumbai Speak! What can I do in GBG Mumbai? Share your ideas, present a case study, teach others…. Listen Become a core member Grab some pizzas (vada pav maybe) Help us run the show better! and learn how technology can help your business grow
  9. 9. #GBGmumbai How to Join GBG Mumbai? Its FREE Very Simple Visit our site, leave your details. Click Here to Join GBG Mumbai
  10. 10. #GBGmumbai When & Where is the next event @ GBG Mumbai? Click here to visit the events section
  11. 11. #GBGmumbai Sreeraman Thiagarajan Chapter Manager Google Business Group, Mumbai Connect with us Facebook - Web - G+ page - Twitter - @gbgmumbai YouTube - Click Here to Join GBG Mumbai
  12. 12. #GBGmumbai GBG Mumbai - FAQS 1. Who can join GBG Mumbai? – Anyone is welcome to join a GBG. If you’re an owner of a company, business professional or just interested in Google products, then GBG Mumbai is for you. 2. How much does it cost to join a GBG Mumbai? – Being a GBG Mumbai member is completely free. You will not be asked to pay membership fees, or to pay to attend events. 3. Are there any hidden cost to join GBG Mumbai? – No, GBG Memberships are free for all (speaker, core member or listener) 4. What is the level of commitment? – A GBG is what you make of it. You can be actively involved in organising events and promoting the chapter, or you can simply attend events and join discussions in online hangouts. In any case, the GBG is YOUR community, and it is only through participating that you can make the most of all that it has to offer. 5. Do I need technology knowledge background to attend GBG Meets? – No, you do not need any technology background (that is covered by GDG) to attend.
  13. 13. #GBGmumbai GBG Mumbai - FAQS 6. Can I get a friend along for the meet-ups? – Yes, but please register your friend here some events may have limited seats 7. I want to be a core member - Yes please, write to us with your phone number & lets discuss the roles & responsibilities. 8. I would love to present a topic! – You are most welcome, please use this form, we will get back to you soon. 9. What role does Google play in GBG? – Google supports and recognizes GBGs, but they do not own or manage them. GBG is entirely independent from Google, the corporation, but Google is highly supportive of groups getting together to discuss Google related technologies. 10. Will there be Google speakers at GBG events? – Yes, Most of the speakers come from the community itself: business people who have successfully used the technology. However, at some events there might be Google employees visiting the community as guest speakers