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    Service  Marketing Service Marketing Presentation Transcript

    • Evaluation Report
      • Street food is food obtainable from a street-corner vendor, often from a makeshift or portable stall
      • While some street foods are regional, many are not, having spread beyond their region of origin.
      • Most street food is both finger and fast food
      • Food and green groceries are available on the street for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal and a supermarket
      • Concerns of cleanliness and freshness often discourage people from eating street food.
      • Lack of refrigeration is often construed as a lack of cleanliness or hygiene; on the other hand, street food often uses particularly fresh ingredients for this very reason
      • The food and green groceries sold in farmer’s market (vegetable market) may also fall into this category, including the food exhibited and sold in various gathering fairs
      • Street food is intimately connected with take out, junk food, snacks, fast food
      • It is distinguished by its local flavor and by being purchased on the sidewalk, without entering any building
      • Both take-out and fast food are often sold from counters inside buildings. Increasingly the line is blurred, as restaurants such as Mc Donald’s begin to offer window counters.
      • With the increasing pace of globalization and tourism, the safety of street food become one of the major concerns of public health and a focus for governments and scientists to raise public awareness
      • hence provides comprehensive guidance of food safety for the vendors, traders and retailers of the street food sector
      • Other effective ways of curbing the safety of street foods are through mystry shopping programs, through training and rewarding programs to market stallers, through regulatory governing and membership management programs, or through technical testing programs
      • Competition
      • Fast Growing Market
      • Globalization
      • Changing societal concerns, attitudes and lifestyles
      • Marketing Innovation
      • Emerging New Technology applications
      • How Strong are competitive pressures stemming from the efforts of rivals to gain market position
        • More and more competitors from different backgrounds entered the market
        • B2B / B2C a lot since its beginnings
        • New entrants over the past
        • Competition increased as more players entered to take the opportunities of the fast growing market In a league by itself
      • How strong are the competitive pressures associated with the entry threat of new rivals
        • Technological barriers of entry
        • Traditional retailers do not exist are in the similar market
        • Customer base retention is important
        • With new entrants from traditional industries the market changes
      • How strong are competitive pressures coming from the attempts of companies outside the industry to win buyers over?
        • Increasing number of coffee shop(CCD, Barista), tea bar, snacks store (Fingertips), Global Players (Mc Donald’s)
        • Traditional retailing sales over
        • price- comparison
        • *The fast growing nature of the market lead to stalls differing their products slightly to take part in the market
      • How strong are the competitive pressures stemming from supplier/ buyer bargaining power and seller-supplier collaboration?
        • Suppliers
          • Casual sellers
          • Power and corporate sellers
        • Buyers
          • Regular buyers
          • Bargain hunters
        • Similar Pressures
          • Diverse customer base
          • Quality checks are difficult
        • Especially in the case of online auctions suppliers and buyers and their pressure on the companies are very similar
    • Key Success Factors
      • Quality
      • Service
      • Product Offerings
      • Demand Variability
      • Price range of Competing products
      • Barriers to entry into market
      • Price elasticity of demand
      • Competitive Pressure
      • Growth potential
      • Profit Potential
      • Product Quality
      • Product Replacement option
      • Customer loyalty
      • Return on Investment
      • Ease of exit from Market
      • Financial stability
      • Resource utilization
      • Productivity, capacity utilization
      • Are the identified strategies moves in alignment supporting the strategic intent?
      • Vision
        • “ To serve the Customers with ultimate service”
      • Mission
        • To serve them with complete satisfaction, and to treat them as GOD
      • Objectives
        • Identified action group
    • Ahana Ganguly Sumana Bose Sreeparna Majumder Sonia Mondal