Tweeting from Oracle Fusion SOA Suite

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It is about adopting Social Media in a Organization level use. …

It is about adopting Social Media in a Organization level use.

It is about sending application notifications to users not as an email but as a tweet.

It is about sending tweets from the Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite as a Web Service Post.

The custom built ‘twitter web service’ hosted within OFM SOA Suite sends ‘tweets’ to account for user subscription.

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  • 1. Tweeting from OFM SOA Web Service
    Social Media in Organizations
    Sreeni Setty
  • 2. Changing technology in digital communication in general, and social media in particular...
    Social Media in Organizations
    organizations of all types can leverage social media to maximize the effectiveness of their interactions with individuals who are both internal and external stakeholders, as well as with other organizations
    enhance the ability of individuals within their organizations to interact more effectively with each other
  • 3. Social Media Quiz
  • 4. Social Media Quiz
  • 5. Performance Values
    Accessing information and resources quickly and easily
    Enhanced communication and collaboration within groups and across stakeholders
    Innovation Values
    Openness to change
    Knowledge value
    Human Capital and Communication Values
    Employee engagement
    Open, two-way communication
    Value in Social Media
  • 6. People depend on smart phone to stay in touch with business applications
    On an average 1000 email notifications arrive to the mail box.
    10% of them are very important –
    critical bank feed went fine
    the long running nightly scheduled job succeeded, etc.
    To pull out the important ones on the go, on a smart phone, is tedious.
  • 7. The significant notifications are tweeted to the smart phone, where as the others (along with the tweeted ones) are still emailed to the mail box.
    The important messages are delivered fast and available for quick view and its details available in the mail (just like in the traditional method). 
    With all the technology, it is as secure as it can get. The tweets are sent out only to the followers, who are monitored by the tweeter. The tweeter permits as to who can be the followers.
    Solution - Twitter
  • 8. TwitterFactory Java API - Twitter4J.
    The Java API encapsulated in BPEL and deployed as a Web Service on Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite. 
    The Web Service deployed as a common service and invoked by other orchestrations to send tweets.
    Implementing Tweets in SOA
  • 9. Tweet Web Service in OFM SOA
    OFM SOA Services
    OFM SOA Services
    BPEL Service n
    Service 2
    Service 1
    web service
    Twitter Account
    Twitter Account
  • 10. The Twitter account can be restricted so that its visibility in the internet is restricted.
    The users ‘follow’ requests are verified by the Twitter account admin before allowing them to follow the account. 
    Even the tweets are invisible to the public except for the approved followers.
    Applications use OAuth to authenticate to send tweets.
    Is tweeting secure?
  • 11. The Tweet Web Service “Tweet_BPEL_WS_V1” is built as an asynchronous BPEL service, and invoked by other orchestrating services.
    The service receives the message to be tweeted from the invoking services. 
    It uses the twitter4j factory classes to make a connection to the twitter account and posts the tweets.
    Tweet Web Service - Prototype
  • 12. The Tweet Web Service View
    BPEL Web Service built and deployed on OFM SOA Suite
  • 13. The users who follow the Twitter account get the tweets on their smart-phones or on their web accounts.
    Here is view of trial tweets viewed on Twitterrific application on iPhone. 
    Viewing the Tweets
  • 14. Twitter makes following the notifications easier.
    An organizations’ biggest concern is information security, which is taken care by account settings, monitoring and administering the followers by the Twitter account administrator.
    To Wrap it Up
    Tweeting is cool!
  • 15. About me…