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  • 1. Gradebook What can I do with the Grades Feature?
  • 2. What can I do with the Grades Feature? view or download student submissions manually enter scores / grades hide scores from students until ALL are recorded. message students who have not submitted work. leave comments for students sort assignments by due date, category, student name etc. curve all scores
  • 3. How do I get to the Canvas Gradebook? Select “GRADES” from the Navigation bar on the left.
  • 4. What do icons mean? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Speech Bubble - graded discussion, not yet graded Paper Icon - document submitted, not yet graded Filmstrip Icon - media recording submitted, not yet graded TypeWriter Icon - text entry submitted, not yet graded. Blank cell - URL submitted, not yet graded.
  • 5. What do colors mean? 1. yellow = re-submitted assignment 2. pink = late ( according to due date listed in actual assignment.) 3. gray = dropped
  • 6. What types of grades are available? When creating the assignment, you have 5 choices of how to score it. In the Canvas Gradebook: 1. Dash = no submission 2. number = points given for assignment 3. check mark = complete 4. x = Incomplete 5. letter grade - according to grading scheme set up at Admin level. 6. percentage - score
  • 7. What does the Assignment Drop down Menu ( )allow me to do? Assignment Details: tells average, high and low score for this assignment. SpeedGrader: takes you to the speed grader Message students: send message to all who did not complete or who scored lower than X or higher than X. Set Default Grade: Give all the same score. Curve Grades: curve scores Download: download assignment submissions. Mute: hide score until all are graded.
  • 8. How do I sort my gradebook? Select the gear wheel at the top left of the gradebook. Scroll down and arrange by due date or assignment group. Use tiny triangle under Student name to sort students by name or ID