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Thoughts to ponder

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  • 1. Beautiful Photographs Advances automatically every 12 seconds Or by clicking.Music: Lady in red. JHM’s personal collection
  • 2. A man often admits that his memory is at fault but never his judgementAlaska cruise
  • 3. A prudent youth is superior to a stupid old man Antarctic iceberg
  • 4. Apple blossoms aplenty of us must be drunk once,youth is drunkenness All Without wine.
  • 5. Better to live well than to live long.Autumn Lake, Ohio
  • 6. Balloons at sunrise He lives long that lives well
  • 7. In youth beauty and wisdom is but rare. Beaver pond reflections
  • 8. Old age is a troublesome guest. Blood-Brook.Wilton,NH
  • 9. In childhood be modest,in youth temperate,in manhood just,in old age,prudent/Blue heron taking flight
  • 10. Life is half spent before one knows what life is.Blue-Mesa reservoir
  • 11. Reckless youth makes rueful old age. Bohemian Forest
  • 12. The great man is he that does not lose his child’s heart.Sunrise ,Bryce Canyon
  • 13. The only jewel you can carry beyond the grave is wisdomButterfly
  • 14. True wisdom is the price of happiness.California coast
  • 15. Wisdom is the sunlight of the soul.Fireweeds
  • 16. Young men think old men are fools,and old men know young men To be soCastle mountain
  • 17. Who is lazy in their youth must work in old age.Peito Morino glacier
  • 18. Wisdom is more envied than riches. Cerro Torre, Patagonia
  • 19. Wisdom is the sunlight of the soul. Cherry blossoms in D.C.
  • 20. You are as old as you feel. Cheshire pond
  • 21. A brain is worth little without a tongue. Church on the rocks
  • 22. A good archer is not known by his arrow but by his aim.Cold day at the river
  • 23. A good name is a second inheritance.Columbia glacier, B.C. Canada
  • 24. A liar ought to have good memory Cottonwoods
  • 25. Actions speak louder than words. Desert
  • 26. Ask advice of your equals,help of your superiors. Edge of wood
  • 27. As you sow,so you reap. English spring
  • 28. Be what you appear to be.Sidewalk in the fall
  • 29. As the man so is his speech.Fall at the lake
  • 30. A gentleman should be honest in his actions and refined in his Language.Fall scene
  • 31. A silent tongue and a true heart are the most admirable things on earthField of
  • 32. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Fiji sunset
  • 33. Brave actions never need a trumpet.Frost
  • 34. Cleanliness is next to godliness.Frozen Heaven
  • 35. Do not always judge by appearance. Frozen Niagara Falls
  • 36. Every thorn has Its thorn.Glacier NP, Montana
  • 37. First impressions are the most lasting. Golden sunset
  • 38. Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.Golden Gate
  • 39. Mind no business but your own. Grand old Mill
  • 40. Necessity is the mother of inventionGrand Teton mountains
  • 41. Life gives nothing to man without great labour.Ice blue
  • 42. Sacrifice money rather than principle. Half Dome, Yosemite, CA
  • 43. Endure trials patiently.Happy Halloween
  • 44. Use your leisure for improvement.Haystack Rock
  • 45. Watch carefully over your passions. Grand Tetons
  • 46. Injure not another’s reputaion.Honeymoon shack Last slide. Click to exit …..