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Persistent Analytical Instrumentation Expertise
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Persistent Analytical Instrumentation Expertise


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Presentation of Persistent Company competencies in analytical instrumentation

Presentation of Persistent Company competencies in analytical instrumentation

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  • European Union GMP Annex 11 for computerised systems has new requirements that also impact the validation and operation of computerised laboratory systems.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Persistent’s expertise across multiple Analytical Instruments© 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
    • 2. Our Expertise LC GC FC Our Expertise MS across multiple Instruments NGS PCR Bioinformatics CE2 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
    • 3. Instrumentation Offerings Performance & Computational Support Product Development Data Analysis and visualization • Performance optimizations in algorithms and• Automate data acquisition / signal workflow tools • Comparative sequencing analysis for processing systems SNP discovery and mutation detection • Enablement of workflow on public/private cloud• Automated testing to speed up • Fully integrated base calling, sequence validation assembly, alignment, and sequence comparison tools• Research and clinical applications. Instrument control software, primary • Reusable parsing framework and ,secondary and tertiary analysis components for biological data formats applications • Implement visualization techniques for• New application development or structured, unstructured and domain customize widely used open source specific data sets sequence analysis tools to support • Automatic data filtering and results specific analysis reporting • Data migration & integration services • Integrate existing analysis tool to well established visualization tools Regulatory Compliance Driver Development • Developing generic solutions to satisfy guidelines mandated by• Driver Portfolio management FDA (Development, Maintenance and Bioinformatics versioning) • Workflow automation by interfacing with various• Development of drivers, plug-in’s Chromatography Data Systems and custom solutions Bioinformatics • Develop applications that are• Single shop of device drivers for 21CFR part various instruments (Driver  Development of new algorithms for secondary 11, DQ, IQ, OQ, PV, GAMP, EU Central) and tertiary analysis, implementation of GMP Annex published algorithms 11, HL7, HIPAA, LOINC, ANSI• Continuous Product Engineering (CPE)  Performance tuning of prototype algorithms/ X12, ICD-9/10, DICOM tools compliant  Algorithm/Functional Testing • Usability engineered workflow designs to ease on compliance delivery 3 • Deliver compliance services at © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
    • 4. Instrumentation (Chemistry) Expertise Domain Experts In-depth knowledge of high- Global Strategies throughput laboratories needs Localization and globalization of Software Liquid Chromatography Sample preparation, µ HPLC, UV, DAD, fraction collection Software Design Designing Ergonomic software using Agile methods Bioinformatics Gas Chromatography Sample preparation, headspace, SPME, Mass spectrometry FID, ECD, TCD Strong expertise in Tuning, Mass locking, MS/MS, MSn, complex method edition4 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
    • 5. Instrumentation (Biology) Expertise Real Time PCR NGS • Developed software for multiple • Developed Instrument Control generations of real time PCR Software, instruments • Applications Framework for NGS • Primary and secondary Data data analysis primary, secondary collection and analysis software and tertiary data analysis, • Application specific analysis software • Clinical application of NGS data including pathogen detection, gene • Cloud hosted solutions expression analysis software • Performance optimization of algorithms and workflow tools Flow Cytometer Capillary Electrophoresis • Multicolor Flow Cytometry Instrument • End to end software development • Flow Information System for Mining Bioinformatics • Primary and secondary data analysis Of Flow Cytometry Data tools for fragment and Sequencing • Rich tools for flow cytometer and data analysis. application setup, data • Next generation platform for Assay acquisition, and analysis that help integration for clinical use streamline flow cytometry workflow.5 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
    • 6. Our Experience Platforms Drivers Migration • Diamir  Galaxie CDS • 100+ developed • CDS migration: Galaxie  OpenLAB • Varian Next Gen. GC/MS CDS • Varian, Agilent, PE, Thermo, Waters, CTC, Kontron • Agilent OpenLAB etc. • Bruker CompassCDS • Native drivers,, ICF integration • Agilent Cerity • Continuous Product Engineering (CPE)6 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
    • 7. Why Persistent? Years of experience of Years of experience in 20+ producing chromatography software for petro-chemical and pharmaceutical companies 15+ Instrument Driver development In-house Laboratory for Instrument Drivers development & acceptance testing 100+ developed Strong cross-disciplinary Agile Practices for software team – Computational development improving both Scientists, Molecular customer satisfaction and time to Biologists, Medicine, Bioinforma market tics, Instrumentation Specialists7 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
    • 8. Contact Us Sebastien RATTIER R&D Manager for instrumentation Persistent Systems France SAS + www.persistentsys.com8© 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd