TL Cafe: Knowledge Building Centers with Dr. David V. Loertscher

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Power Point from the TL Cafe Webinar series. Power Point Authored by Dr. David Loertscher …

Power Point from the TL Cafe Webinar series. Power Point Authored by Dr. David Loertscher
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  • Build a structure where collaboration is presumed such as a Google Site that can be a part of Google Apps Education Edition; Could be a giant wiki with blogs all connected to individual learners with RSS feeds. Check out collaborative environments such as Kohive.


  • 1. A Starter Discussion with We
    If WE gave you ___, WE would expect _____
    A Presentation by:
    David V. Loertscher
    Marie Slim
  • 2. If WE gave you _____, WE would expect _____
    A collection of library books…
    A bank of computers…
    A network open to Web 2.0
    A library clerk only to run the LMC
    A credentialed teacher librarian
    Better tests
    Race to the Top money
  • 3. Conclusion:
  • 4. What Kind of Results?
    A Premise:
    Separate or Integrated?
    I know a lot and I can learn anything I want to learn!
  • 5. Premise: The Central Function of a Library Media Program:
  • 6. The If…Then Dilemma
    If a warehouse is central, then…
    If teacher prep time is central, then…
    If knowledge building is central, then…
  • 7. If we accept Knowledge Building:
    Knowledge Continuum
    Learning to Learn Continuum
  • 8. Train Wreck!!!!!!!!!!
    Kids are not responding at the pace we expect!
  • 9. Helpful Strategies in the Literature
    Understanding by Design
    Learning Styles
    Now, Common Core Standards
  • 10. Consider Knowledge Building Environments
  • 11. Try a Knowledge Building Center
    Google Site / Google Apps for Education; Kohive; Moodle; etc.
  • 12. Advantages for the Part Time TL
    Maintain the central focus of the Learning Commons/LMC
    Invite all specialists to join in collaborations
    Be able to track impact on learning
    Push innovation
  • 13. An Invitation:
    Start your own “diary” of Knowledge Building Centers and connect with David and Marie. We will comment; offer suggestions; share across blogs