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Local from its origins, mobile and social in this present time, the billboard has been transformed from a static surface to an interactive and geo-targeted advertising hub.

This presentation examines how to engage with the Total Available Audience and how to amplify Out of Home (OOH) engagement using social media. Case studies included.

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Location Based Marketing Association

  1. 1. Monster Media: Mobile Social Platform EVP Mobile & Social: Stephen Randall MOBILE: +1 781 888 1417 EMAIL: stephen.randall@monstermedia.net TWITTER: stephenrandall Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  2. 2. Overview Out-of-Home: Times Sq, Vegas Movie Theatres, Malls Airports, Stations, Bus shelters Bars, Cafes, QSRs, Offices Events, Concerts, Conferences We use social media to amplify audience engagement across out-ofhome (OOH) networks and on-line. Our platform enables OOH networks reaching over 100,000,000 people every day in airports, movie theatres, cafes, QSRs, colleges, malls, arenas, bars, conferences, at bus shelters, events and at iconic locations including Times Sq and the Vegas strip. We have exclusive relationships with the largest OOH networks, to enable, produce and manage interactive digital media. Over 3,000 interactive campaigns… Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  3. 3. OOH Is Evolving… • OOH is a $35 Billion global market. (Source PWC) • Social and Mobile platforms are making OOH more engaging, measurable and relevant. • In Oct ’13 the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) published a Mobile & Social Application Guidelines a Standard for Social and Mobile engagement. Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  4. 4. Where Do People Use Smartphones? (Don’t think about mobile tech, think about mobile) 93% 87% 77% 73% 72% 66% 50% 29% School Library Airport 32% Dr’s Office Coffee Shop Social Gatherings At Work Restaurant In a Store On The Go Home 54% 53% Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX Media CT, 2011. Base: Smartphone users. Q: Where do you use your smartphone? Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  5. 5. Total Available Audience = Audience In Front of ALL Connected Screens OUT-OF-HOME SCREENS TOTAL AVAILABLE AUDIENCE WEB SCREENS MOBILE SCREENS Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  6. 6. The Total Available Audience Isn’t Just In Front of Our Screens Millions of people here Billions of people here Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  7. 7. OOH + Social = Increase Engagement For BOTH OOH and Social Screens 10x Increase in OOH engagement when screens are connected to social networks 30% Increase in online engagement when social networks are connected to OOH screens Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  8. 8. The 3Fs Of Cross Channel Engagement FUN CROSS-CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT FAME FORTUNE Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  9. 9. Campaign Examples and Case Studies Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  10. 10. GAP: #BeYourOwnT (Viacom/MTV Screen, Broadway between 44th & 45th Times Square, NYC) Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  11. 11. GAP: #BeBrightNYC (Viacom/MTV Screen, Broadway between 44th & 45th Times Square, NYC) Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  12. 12. Titanic Blue-Ray DVD Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  13. 13. Titanic Headline Data • 5.1 million reach (10x DOOH/DPB) • 440,435 unique users liked, commented, shared or viewed • 688,704 new likes • 2,700 comments • 2.7 million fans talked about campaign • 44% more shares, likes, comments & posts Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  14. 14. Titanic Sales Impact • Blu-ray sales: $34.22 million in 2 Weeks (w/e 15th September 2012) • Blue-ray 82% of all disc sales Source: Home Media Magazine • Already 25.35% of TOTAL DVD (from 1999) revenue Source: Home Media Magazine Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  15. 15. Levi’s Instagram (34th & 7th Ave, Opp Penn Station, NYC) Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  16. 16. Tide NFL: Mudsling (CBS Roadblock 8th Ave & 42nd St, Times Square, NYC) Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  17. 17. Monster’s LocaModa Mobile Social Platform SOURCES LOCAMODA LOCAMODA Moderators curate/approve messages Pending messages CHANNELS MODERATE Rejected messages Moderator approved messages USER CONTENT AGGREGATE SOURCES Real-time sources: keywords, tags, accounts, location, check-ins, posts, trending, plays etc CURATE/FI LTER CONTENT WEB Auto-approved messages e.g. client accounts, admin users. Fine-grained filters to enable “brand-safe” messages: Language, profanity, brands, “nottags”, users, accounts etc DISTRIBUTION/P UBLISH DOOH OS PLATFORM S AGENCY, BRAND, NETWORK, VENUE, CONTENT MARKETING ASSETS APP CONFIGS Configured applications and ad units MOBILE Interactive elements, brand assets, marketing messages, CTAs etc Layout, number of messages, pre-roll, screen attributes,, locations, timings, etc Hierarchical access/ Ops configurations – networks, venues, devices, Real –time data and analytics, Security, permissions and access etc Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  18. 18. Moderation Screenshot Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  19. 19. Summary In a Nutshell • Think about Total Available Audience • Use Social to Amplify engagement • 10x for OOH and 30% increase on-line. • Networks Operators – Screens are more valuable when they are connected to more screens/people (Metcalf’s Law) • And finally…. Content is still King, but Connectivity is the Emperor Copyright © 2013 Monster Media
  20. 20. Thanks For Listening! Questions? EVP Mobile & Social: Stephen Randall MOBILE: +1 781 888 1417 EMAIL: stephen.randall@monstermedia.net TWITTER: stephenrandall Copyright © 2013 Monster Media