The Anchor Investment Sites
moZamBIQuE TourIsm anCHor InvEsTmEnT program

Introduction                                    Page 2

Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program    Page 3

The Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program is a joint initiative of the Government of
Mozambique repr...
Mozambique Tourism Anchor
Investment Program

The Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program was created in 2006 as a pa...
Crusse/Jamali Anchor Site
                                                      TourIsm rEsorT

Situated alongside the w...
Gilé Anchor Site
                                                    ECo-TourIsm dEvEopmEnT

The Gilé Reserve, a beautif...
Inhassoro Anchor Site
                                                   InTEgraTEd rEsorT

With elevated views across t...
Maputo Elephant Reserve Anchor Site
                                                    ECo-TourIsm dEvELopmEnT

Lying b...
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If you are an experienced tourism or property developer and/or operator, we would be d...
Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet
Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet
Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet
Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet
Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet
Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet
Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet
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Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet


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Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet

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Mozambique Anchor Sites Booklet

  1. 1. The Anchor Investment Sites moZamBIQuE TourIsm anCHor InvEsTmEnT program
  2. 2. Contents Introduction Page 2 Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program Page 3 Crusse/Jamali Anchor Site Page 5 Gilé Anchor Site Page 7 Inhassoro Anchor Site Page 9 Maputo Elephant Reserve Anchor Site Page 11 Next Steps and Contact Details Page 12
  3. 3. Introduction The Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program is a joint initiative of the Government of Mozambique represented by the Ministry of Tourism, and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group with the objective of securing high-quality tourism investment in Mozambique. Mozambique has a wealth of natural tourism assets: 2,700km of tropical coastline, wide sandy bays, coral reefs, 15% of land declared ‘Protected Area’, and a consistently warm and sunny climate. Over the centuries, the Portuguese, Arabic and African influences have fused together to create a uniquely Mozambican culture, reflected in the architecture, cuisine, language, art and music that provide an element of the ‘exotic’ amongst the homogeneity of English-speaking southern Africa. Stretching the length of the country, Mozambique’s striking white beaches have been voted some of the most attractive in the world with many rare and endemic species, such as dugongs, manta rays and whale sharks, thriving in the undisturbed marine environment. The current rehabilitation of the Game Parks and the Transfrontier Conservation Areas is putting Mozambique back on the map as a major wildlife destination, and offers investors an opportunity to combine both wildlife and coastal assets into unique, high-quality tourism developments. Today, Mozambique still represents a relatively untouched, pristine paradise for tourism development. With tourism in the sub- Saharan region growing at the fastest rate in the world and the attention of millions of people focused on neighboring South Africa for the World Cup in 2010, now is the time to capitalize on the unexplored opportunities of Mozambique. Page 2
  4. 4. Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program The Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program was created in 2006 as a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism and IFC in order to directly facilitate high-quality tourism investment into the country. Already well-established and recognized in Mozambique, it has received substantial time and resource donations as well as full commitment from the Government, donors, multi-lateral organizations and local stakeholders. The Program has identified and selected a limited number of investment opportunities across the country, known as ‘Anchor Investment Sites’. Each of these sites has been legally secured in the name of the Program’s implementing partner, FUTUR, the National Tourism Fund. Together with IFC, FUTUR has carried out considerable work in conducting pre-feasibility studies, assessing the viability of the sites, registering the land, liaising with communities and clearing the sites of all administrative and regulatory barriers, leaving them free, clean and available for immediate investment. The Anchor Investment Sites are developed according to the following models: • Eco-tourism development model Low impact, environmentally sustainable developments in Protected Areas. • Tourism resort model Sustainable tourism development in a pristine coastal environment. • Integrated resort model Large-scale integrated development in an established destination with multiple components (golf, retail, hotels). The Anchor Investment Sites have been selected for their advantages in terms of natural assets, location, access, development potential and proximity to existing attractions. Page 3
  5. 5. Crusse/Jamali Anchor Site TourIsm rEsorT Situated alongside the warm, azure waters of the size Indian Ocean, this large pristine site of scalloped Total size of the site is 1,750ha. Crusse Island is approximately 16Ha, Jamali Island is approximately 75ha. bays and two small islands in Nampula Province has been selected for development of an exlusive site description tourism resort. A short boat-trip away from the The site is made up of three scalloped bays of white coral sand, dark petrified coral outcrops, inland tropical coastal forest and 15th Century UNESCO World Heritage Site two small islands, Crusse and Jamali. The mainland Napenja peninsula separates the islands, with the northern edge adjoining of Ilha de Moçambique, this site offers excellent Crusse giving way to a tidal creek and mangrove forest. Bordering the Indian Ocean on the east, the site is bordered to the west potential for the creation of clusters of boutique by a 4,000ha protected woodland reserve. hotels, a marina, stilted chalets, tented camps and Location a number of select high-end residential units. The site lies 30km off the nearest main road and is approximately 150km away from the provincial capital, Nampula. It is also 40km from Ilha de Moçambique, and 30km from Nacala, eastern Africa’s deepest natural harbor, earmarked for the development of a large commercial airport. The international airport in Nampula has the second largest landing capacity in the country (apart from Maputo) and is able to land planes up to a Boeing 737. From the site, high and low voltage power lines can be found approximately 18km and 10-12km away respectively. Ilha de moçambique Ilha de Moçambique, the 15th Century former Arab trading post and later capital of the country, lies just 45 minutes south of the Crusse/Jamali Anchor Site by boat. Featuring a unique blend of European, Arabic and African history, culture and architecture, the small island is one of the country’s tourism gems. Concept development The characteristics of the site facilitate a variety of developments, including exclusive island lodges, marinas, hotels, restaurants and waterfront residential developments. The protective character of the islands, scalloped bays and shallow coast provide extensive opportunities for safe swimming and recreational water activities, whilst the reefs and coral outcrops are ideal for snorkeling and diving at all skill levels. Excellent potential for game fishing is offered in the neighboring deep-water channel, and the adjacent woodland reserve has the potential for future development into a game reserve. Page 5
  6. 6. Gilé Anchor Site ECo-TourIsm dEvEopmEnT The Gilé Reserve, a beautiful, remote, wild size and unpopulated Protected Area in Zambezia The total size of the Reserve is 2,100km2. Casuarina Island is approximately 30ha, and Epidendron is approximately 40ha. Province, comes hand-in-hand with two small Concessions within the Reserve and islands will be awarded to investors. They will vary in size and can be negotiated. offshore islands some 40km away; Casuarina and Epidendron. With both components rich site description in biodiversity and home to some of the most The Gilé Reserve is one of three Protected Areas north of the Zambezi River in Mozambique. It covers a vast tract of wilderness prized species of flora and fauna in the world, comprising mature miombo woodland interspersed with grassland dambos, inselbergs, numerous watercourses and large this package is perhaps one of the last remaining stands of intact riverine forest. It is bounded to the east and west by the Molocué and Mulela rivers and by a ±30km wide corridor of land to the south between the Reserve and the coast. Lying in clear blue water 10km off the coast and 5km opportunities for large-scale investment in apart, Epidendron and Casuarina Islands are fringed by excellent beaches, harbor well-developed indigenous forests and are conservation areas in Africa, as well as a unique surrounded by extensive coral atolls. opportunity to develop world-class bush-beach eco-tourism. Location Gilé is ±410km by road from Quelimane and 210km from the nearest airport at Nampula. The road from Nampula to Moma is due to be paved, making Moma the major staging point for supplying the islands. Moma, Pebane and Gilé all have registered airstrips. Within the Reserve there are six warden posts and a road network of approximately 180km that is due for rehabilitation under the park management agreement between MITUR and the International Foundation for the Conservation of Wildlife. There is no grid electricity in Gilé or on the islands and, although the Reserve is well supplied by surface fresh-water, the presence of underground reserves will need to be explored on the islands. Concept development The beautiful, remote wilderness of Gilé, combined with the pristine coral islands, offers a unique opportunity to package Mozambique’s wildlife experience with an outstanding tropical island and marine opportunity. The entire site is of sufficient scale to facilitate the development of several luxury lodges and secluded villas both in the Reserve and on the adjoining islands. Restocking the Reserve with wildlife brings potential for the site to become a spectacular wildlife destination, combined with an exclusive beach, diving and snorkeling experience just a short plane-ride away. Gilé Anchor Site is remote and relatively inaccessible. For developments of this nature this is a rare advantage, providing opportunities to develop a secluded, exclusive retreat for visitors, well off the beaten track. Page 7
  7. 7. Inhassoro Anchor Site InTEgraTEd rEsorT With elevated views across to the spectacular size islands of the famous Bazaruto Archipelago, this The site is 2,500ha. It has 5.7km beachfront and extends to a depth of 5km inland. mainland coastal site in Inhambane Province is a stunning location for large-scale tourism site description development. Comprising sandy beachfront, Inhassoro site is made up of 2,500ha of riverine forest, woodland and bush. Towards the coast this gives way to dunes and a dunes and semi-dry woodland ecosystems, wide sandy beach followed by clear, shallow water that is protected by the Bazaruto Archipelago to the east. The water in the this site is bounded to the north and south by bay can recede significantly at low tide, but is no more severe than at other comparable coastal resorts such as Zanzibar. The two two spring-fed rivers. The site offers a unique freshwater rivers at the northern and southern boundaries have created attractive pools and forest glades, with a tidal mangrove forest growing at the mouth of the northern river. opportunity to develop an exclusive integrated resort in a much sought-after, well-established Location tourism location. Inhassoro site is located approximately 30km from Inhassoro and 25km from the town of Vilanculos and its international airport, currently undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion for completion in 2008. A small airstrip is located within the site and could be rehabilitated with ease. There is a 27km dirt road direct to the site from Vilanculos. Low voltage power runs parallel to the western boundary of the site, and there are future plans to develop a gas-powered electricity plant approximately 20km away. Freshwater is in evidence on both the northern and southern boundaries in the form of spring-fed rivers. Tourism supply and demand Inhassoro is part of the greater Vilanculos and Bazaruto Arpichelago tourism area. This area is currently Mozambique’s most developed and upmarket tourism destination. Collectively the area has in the region of 1,900 beds. Concept development The vision for this site is to develop a unique integrated resort of low to medium density with a mix of uses that cater for a range of tourism market segments including international, regional and domestic. It is intended that the resort supports at least one golf course and up to 1,800 residential units. The surrounding archipelago, reefs and islands are ideal for snorkeling and diving at all skill levels, whilst the offshore deep water channel also provides opportunities for game fishing. It is envisaged that the rehabilitated airstrip could potentially link with airstrips on the islands of the archipelago to better facilitate circuits and linkages between the proposed resort and the islands. Page 9
  8. 8. Maputo Elephant Reserve Anchor Site ECo-TourIsm dEvELopmEnT Lying between the capital city Maputo and the size South African border, the Maputo Elephant The Anchor Program offers within the Maputo Elephant Reserve (also known as Maputo Special Reserve) three separate Reserve with its unique and beautiful mosaic of concessions varying in size from 3,000ha to maximum 15,000ha. forests, freshwater lakes, dunes, floodplains and rivers is the site for eco-tourism development in site description Maputo Province. The 800km² Protected Area The entire Reserve is made up of riverine forest, wetland, freshwater lakes, grassland, dunes and several kilometers of wide is home to a rich birdlife, about 300 elephant, sandy beachfront. Each concession is situated on the coast with an uninterrupted view and exclusive access. The Indian Ocean, and is a breeding area for the almost extinct with its pristine corals, spotted manta rays, whale sharks and turtles, provides excellent diving and, whilst the inland wildlife is currently at an early stage of development, it too will become a significant tourism attraction. Responsibility for the management sea-turtle. Within easy distance of Maputo of the Reserve is with the Ministry of Tourism, and the Reserve is also one of the beneficiaries of a 7-year, US$35 million World and the wider Kruger National Park area, this Bank-funded ‘Transfrontier Conservation and Tourism Development Program’. site offers a unique opportunity to integrate a luxury coastal tourism product into existing Location tourism circuits. The Reserve is about 2 hours from the nearest international airport at Maputo via a variety of paved, sand and 4x4 roads. From South Africa access is granted by a high-quality paved road to Ponta do Ouro, followed by a sandy track, and access is also available from Swaziland via the Goba border. The Reserve’s internal network consists of sandy tracks that are only passable in 4x4 vehicles. There are airstrips at Ponta do Ouro ± 50km south, and on the Machangulo peninsula ±25km north of the Reserve. High voltage power lines supplying the Machangulo peninsula traverse the north of the Reserve in a generally east/west alignment and freshwater is available from the rivers and/or underground sources. Concept development The Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) has adopted an Investment Procurement Strategy for the Reserve, which is aimed at three distinct investor profiles. An international lead investment is sought for Ponta Milibangalala in order to build investor confidence and raise international awareness of the Reserve as an investment destination. A regional investment is designated for Ponta Chemucane to further build investor confidence, integrate the Reserve into regional eco-tourism circuits and establish a model community/private partnership. A domestic investment at Ponta Dobela will facilitate a development that is majority-owned by a national investor and that opens the way for domestic participation in the tourism economy of the Reserve. Page 11
  9. 9. Next Steps register your interest If you are an experienced tourism or property developer and/or operator, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are looking for primary developers for the resort sites and lodge operators for the eco-tourism developments but would also like to hear from hotel and/or golf-course investors and operators. Please register your interest in one or more of the Anchor Investment Sites with the Anchor Team. The Anchor Team will then update you with news on the program and the individual sites. site information and visits Detailed briefs of each Anchor Investment Site are available on request. The Anchor Team can also facilitate site visits to the Anchor Investment Sites and co-ordinate meetings with the relevant authorities and stakeholders. Investment process The investment procurement process seeks to broker a partnership between world-class tourism and property investors and the Government of Mozambique. The procurement method is designed to secure the best possible investment for Mozambique, whilst also acting to fast-track and streamline the investment process. We are looking for larger scale developers and operators with a proven track record of similar developments in other emerging markets that subscribe to environmentally and socially sound development principles. Requests for Expressions of Interest (EoI) for each site will be publicly announced at staggered intervals. Following receipt and evaluation of EoI, prospective bidder(s) that meet investment criteria will be invited to submit detailed proposals. Land title Provisional land-titles for the Anchor Investment Sites have been secured and the sites are available for immediate investment. Final land title is subject to completion of due investment approvals, authorization by the Centre for Investment Promotion and the environmental impact assessment. The Anchor Team will provide guidance on the procedures on obtaining the required licenses and approvals. anchor Team contact details IFC FuTur Irene visser Zacarias sumbana Anchor Program Manager Director Hermione Nevill 1023 Av 25 de Setembro Investment Analyst 3rd Floor, Maputo 1222 Av. Kenneth Kaunda Mozambique P.O Box 4053, Maputo Tel: +258 21 307323 Mozambique Email: Tel: +258 21 482320 Email: Page 12