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Accessible dock design

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Dock Proposal

  1. 1. Waiting To Be Polished
  2. 2. City of St. Petersburg, Florida COMMITTEE TO ADVOCATE FOR PERSONS WITH IMPAIRMENTS Community Affairs Dept. Phone: (727) 892-5507 P. O. Box 2842 TDD: (727) 892-5064 St. Petersburg, FL 33731-2842 Fax: (727) 892-5259 May, 2001 To the Members of City Council: I bring you greetings and good news. The Committee to Advocate for Persons with Impairments (CAPI) has adopted the undertaking of a major project and has allocated $60,000 out of it’s Budget to fund a portion of that project. This project is an upgrading of the Sailing Center, a much-used, but sorely neglected City asset. The project entails a significant addition to the dockage, handicapped parking and access and upgrading the restrooms to fully comply with the Florida Accessibility Code. Enclosed you will find: • A Project Use of Funds Statement • A Site Plan of the Sailing Center • A Design Layout of the new Accessible Docks • Material List for the new Accessible Docks • Pictures of Hoyer Lift and Existing Gangway • Letter from Ian Harrison MBE, Chairman, International Foundation for Disabled Sailing • Shake-A-Leg Miami Information CAPI now comes before Council to request additional funding. The good news is that the funds are available and would not impact the City’s Budget. The amount CAPI is asking Council to authorize is $108,300. This Proposal will explain the details of the project and the funding request. E-mail: — Website:
  3. 3. The Proposed Project The City’s Sailing Center is a diamond in the rough. It is an asset to the community that definitely needs some polishing. There are some homemade wooden docks that have seen better days. The ramp to the docks that CAPI funded some years ago is too short to accommodate the tidal fluctuations and is not in compliance with the Florida Accessibility Code. There are no disabled parking spaces. There are handicapped restrooms, but they need some upgrading to be more ‘user friendly’. The Sailing Center is managed by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club and the facility is well-used. In 2000 the Sailing Center was the site for the Paralympic Sailing Trials and in October of this year it will be the site of the World Disabled Sailing Regatta with over 20 countries planning to participate. The City is in the unique position of creating a world-class site for disabled sailing as well as getting the exposure to showcase it. If the Tampa Bay area is successful in getting the Olympics in 2012, the Sailing Center and the City will be the obvious choice to host the Paralympic sailng events. CAPI has undertaken the project of making accessibility improvements to the Sailing Center. These improvements include new, low-freeboard docks and ramps to access them, improvements to the accessible restrooms and the addition of disabled parking spaces. To show the strength of CAPI’s commitment to the project, it authored the expenditure of $60,000 out of its budget. The total cost of the project is $168,300. $168,300 This Proposal will provide the documentation to show what is involved in the project as well as a proposal for funding the $108,300 balance needed to make the project a reality. Page 3
  4. 4. The Sailing Center Project CAPI has involved the City Administration in the project; namely, Lee Metzger, Director, Leisure Services Administration, and Michael Perez, Port Director; Rick Musset, Director, Community and Economic Development; Clarence Scott, Director, Community Affairs Department, and Jeannine Williams, Esq., Assistant City Attorney. CAPI has also involved the St. Petersburg Yacht Club through the efforts of Tom Rinda and received the Club’s cooperation and support. CAPI also has the support of Sailing Alternatives, Inc., a sailing program for sailor with disabilities, through the cooperation of Serge Jorgensen. Sailing Alternatives was the host for the Paralympic Sailing Trials and will be the host organization for the World Regatta in October. It is CAPI’s hope that with the Council’s blessing and support, this project will be funded and go forward to further the promotion of the Sailing Center and the disabled sailing programs, including the addition of disabled sailing programs through the City’s Therapeutic Recreation Department. There are many disabled sailing organizations and clubs throughout the world (See page 12). The completion of this project will make the Sailing center a world-class sailing facility for disabled sailing making it and the City a shining star that will attract more disabled sailing events in the months and years to come. In closing, CAPI directs your attention to the attachment which describes the Shake- A-Leg Miami, Inc. program. The information describes a proposal for an expansion program to build a world class community water sports center in the City of Miami. The City of St. Petersburg and its citizens take great pride in its waterfront and steadfastly defends its preservation. The upgrading of the Sailing Center could be the cornerstone for a project as proposed for Miami. Page 4
  5. 5. The Sailing Center Project Use of Funds Statement - The Sailing Center Accessible Dock Expansion and Disabled Parking / Bathroom Accessibility Launching Ramp $ 92,670 Floating Docks Gangway Fixed Platforms and Bridge Shipping Removal of Existing Wood Docks, Installation of Pilings, Launching Ramp, $ 15,000 Docks, Gangway, Fixed Platforms and Bridge, Permits Hoist Relocation $ 3,000 Hoyer Lifts (3) and Sockets $ 4,000 TOTAL DOCK COST $ 114,670 Additional Funding for Marina Handicapped Parking $ 16,800 • Excavation / Paving / Striping / Signage / Moving the Mast Stepping Boom • Block Retention Walls • Ramp • Handrails • Concrete Pad in Front of Doors Additional Funding for Bathroom Accessibility $ 5,000 • ADA Compliant Toilet Paper Dispensers • ADA Compliant Paper Towel Dispensers • ADA Compliant Sanitary Napkin Dispenser • Replacement of Wall-Hung Sinks and Faucets • Replacement of non-ADA compliant Shower Seats • Replacement of Shower Controls Project Administration $ 7,300 Engineering Fees $ 14,530 Project Contingency $ 10,000 TOTAL PROJECT COST $ 168,300 CAPI FUNDING ALLOCATED $ 60,000 Funding Requested from City out of Handicapped Parking Reserve Fund $ 108,300 Page 5
  6. 6. The Sailing Center Project Sailing Center Site Plan B 20' 20' 20' 20' 20' 6' 8' 20' 30'7" 20' 30' High Tide Mean Low Water 1'8" 7' Low Tide 1' 3'6" 1' 6" Existing Ramps / Docks 30'7" 102'6 1/2" 20' A C 8' 5' 4'3 1/2" FINGER PIER 18' 10' 2'7 1/2" 6'4" 5'4" 6'4" 20' 12' 20' 91'10 1/2" 6'4" 4'9" GANGWAY 13'8" 13'8" 13'8" 13'8" 13'8" 13'8" 10' 29'9 5/16" 6' 11' 11' 30' FINGER PIER 30'7" ACCESSIBLE RAMP 20' BOAT RAMP 30' 24'6" BOAT RAMP BOAT RAMP 9'11 3/4" 30'7" 30'7" 30'7" 5' 5'9" 5'2" 5' 4' 20' 5' 5' EXISTING RAILING BOAT HOIST E D 157' 38'9" 30' 11' 4' 8' 6' 21'4" 4' 38'3" 4'8" 20' 9' 10'8" 12' 12' 12' 10'8" 12' 11' 4' 10' 10' 28'8" 85' EXISTING SIDEWALK 61'9" 3' 3' 5' 5' 8' 5' 30' 37' 20' 20' 85' 4' 4' 10'8" 12' 12' 12' 10'8" 4' A/C Compressor PLANTER 3' East Boundary 8' LEVEL RAMP LEVEL RAMP 4' 5' 8' 5' 30' PAD / Level w/Bldg. Floor 27' 3'6" concrete bumper concrete bumper concrete bumper concrete bumper SLOPE SLOPE SLOPE DUMPSTER 23'6" Light Pole 12' 5' 12' 5' 12' 5' 12' 5' 41' 20' 22' 22' 22' 22' 22' 22' 20' 20' 20' MAST PLACEMENT 10' 30' Page 6
  7. 7. The Sailing Center Project New Accessible Docks 8' 30'7" 30' High Tide Mean Low Water 1'8" 7' Low Tide 1' 3'6" 1' 6" 30'7" 102'6 1/2" 18' Toe Plate 8' Toe Plate 5' 3'3" 3'3" 4'3 1/2" Toe Plate 4' Toe Plate 10' 2'7 1/2" 6'4" 5'4" 6'4" 8'3" 8'3" 12' 20' 91'10 1/2" 4'9" GANGWAY 6'4" 29'9 5/16" 6' 11' 30' 8'2" 25'6" FINGER PIER 30'7" ACCESSIBLE RAMP BOAT RAMP 20' 30' Toe Plate BOAT RAMP 9'11 3/4" 8'2" Toe Plate 30'7" 30'7" 30'7" Toe Plate 4'4" 28'10" 28'10" 28'10" 5' Toe Plate Toe Plate 5'9" 5'2" 4' 5' 20' 5' 5' EXISTING RAILING BOAT HOIST 157' Page 7
  8. 8. The Sailing Center Project Dock Material Listing Qty Description 1 6'-4" x 30'-7' Aluminum Frame Floating Dock w/Aluminum Deck 1 30'-7" Lin. Ft. Two Line Dock Rail 1 30'-7" Lin. Ft. Dock Rail Toe Plate 1 6'-4" x 25'-6" Aluminum Frame Floating Dock/Aluminum Deck 1 25'-6" Lin. Ft. Two Line Dock Rail 1 25'-6" Lin. Ft. Dock Rail Toe Plate 2 8'-4" x 30 Aluminum Frame Floating Dock w/Aluminum Deck 6 10' x 30'-7" Aluminum Frame Floating Dock w/Aluminum Deck 31 Cleats 1 72 Lin. Ft. Dock Edge Rollers 12 4 Roller Internal Pile Guides 1 300 Lin. Ft. 2" x 8" PT Wood Fendering 1 300 Lin. Ft. Vinyl Dock Bumper 1 12' x 30' Sailboat Transition Ramp Dock w/2 Exterior Piling Hoops 2 5' x 5' Landing w/42" Guardrails 1 4' x 20' Aluminum Bridge w/42" Truss Handrail and Toe Plate 1 4' x 30' Aluminum Gangway w/42" Truss Handrail and Toe Plate 1 4' wide Gangway Apron Plate 1 10' x 18' Aluminum Frame Floating Dock w/ Aluminum Deck 1 12 Lin. Ft. 2" x 8" PT Wood Fendering 1 12 Lin. Ft. Vinyl Bumper 8 Corner Bumpers Page 8
  9. 9. The Sailing Center Project Hoyer Lift Hoyer Lift - Sling Existing Ramp - Sailing Center Page 9
  10. 10. The Sailing Center Project Project Funding CAPI funds projects out of a Handicapped Parking Reserve Fund which is funded by one half (50%) of the monies received from fines assessed for disabled parking violations. However, CAPI, by state law, must limit its expenditures to less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars (- $100,000). While it is troublesome to say that disabled parking violations continue to occur, the other side of the coin offers value in that the monies received make it possible for CAPI to fund projects to raise the level of accessibility to facilities, programs and services within the City. The conundrum that CAPI faces is that the allocation of monies to the Handicapped Parking Reserve Fund exceed the amount that CAPI can spend. As a result, the Handicapped Parking Reserve Fund builds up. It is these excess funds that CAPI is looking to as a means of funding the Sailing Center Project that is above the Sixty Thousand Dollars ($60,000) that CAPI authorized from its FY 2001 Budget. Therefore, to complete the proposed Sailing Center Project, CAPI respectfully requests the City to authorize the expenditure of One Hundred Eight Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($108,300) out of the Handicapped Parking Reserve Fund. Page 10
  11. 11. The Sailing Center Project Page 11
  12. 12. The Sailing Center Project About Us Shake-A-Leg Miami, Inc. is a non-profit organization which offers year round universally accessible water sports and recreational programs for the disabled, youth at risk, as well as able bodied individuals. The facility is open 7 days a week and is located on the shores of Biscayne Bay at Dinner Key Marina. Shake-A-Leg is operated in conjunction with the City of Miami Parks and Recreation and also works with a wide variety of participants---from young scouts to youth-at-risk, from college students to seniors. Additionally, Shake-A-Leg Miami serves as an international model for the development of accessible programs open to people of all ages, gender, race, ethnic background, and level of ability. Working with the City of Miami administration and the YMCA, Shake-A-Leg Miami has developed a plan to expand our current programs and build a world class community water sports center. This completely accessible, fully integrated center, will be housed on the historic site of South Florida's first Coast Guard Sea Plane Base in Coconut Grove. It will function as a positive environment for the challenged and the young. The proposed plan has received numerous endorsements, the most significant coming from Dade County voters by way of the Safe Neighborhood Park Act, approved on November 5, 1996. This act provides capital funds to improve selected parks, beaches, natural areas and recreational facilities throughout Dade County. Shake-A-Leg Miami's proposed water sports center was selected as one of the premiere regional recreational facilities. Our Mission To bring hope, confidence, social integration, independence and fun back into the lives of people with disabilities, youth and their families. To provide affordable and effective services and programs that will enhance the participants independence, employment potential and quality of life. Shake-A-Leg Miami, Inc. 2600 South Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Phone: (305) 858-5550 Fax: (305) 858-6262 Page 12
  13. 13. The Sailing Center Project Accessible Sailing Clubs • Able Sail / Handi Voile, Shediac, New Brunswick • Access to Freedom, Chicago, Illinois • Access to Sailing New Orleans, New Orleans • Access to Sailing, Long Beach, California • Baerum Seilforening, Norway • Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS), San Francisco, California • British Paraplegic Sailing Association, England • BSA: Sea Explorer Ship 296, Virginia Beach, Virginia • Buffalo Community Boating Center, Buffalo, New York • Challenged America, San Diego, California • Changi Sailing Club, Changi, Singapore • hesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Annapolis, Maryland • Circolo Nautico Porto Santa Margherita, Padova, Italy • Carroll Center for the Blind, Newton, Massachusets • Delegacion Murciana de Deportes de Minusvalidos Fisicos, Murcia, Españña • Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta • Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia • Disabled Sailing Association of Kelowna, Kelowna, British Columbia • Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario • Disabled Sailing Association Racing Club, Vancouver, British Columbia • Disabled Sailing Association of Victoria, Canadian Forces Sailing Association (Esquimalt), Victoria, British Columbia • Etgarim-Challenge, Tel-Aviv, Israel • Federación Insular de Vela de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain • Footloose Disabled Sailing Association, Washington State • Association québécoise de voile adaptéé, Montréal, Québec • Jubilee Sailing Trust (Tall Ship Sailing) Southampton, UK • Kongelig Norsk Seilklub, Oslo, Norway • Llyn Brenig Sailing Club, Denbigh, Conwy N Wales • Mariners of Bewl, Bewl Water near Lamberhurst, Kent, UK • Magonc SC Budapest, Hungary • National Capital Able Sailing Association, Ottawa, Ontario Page 13
  14. 14. The Sailing Center Project • National Sports Center for the Disabled, Winter Park, Colorado • Ro-Ro Sailing Program, ocean cruising in England • Sailing Alternatives, Inc., Sarasota, Florida • Sailing Challengers Trophy,Brussel (Belgïe) • SailAble, Halifax, Nova Scotia • Sailability, An organization facilitating sailing for everyone, regardless of age or ability. • Sailability Victoria Inc. Community based Sailability Centres throughout the state of Victoria, Australia. • SailBlind, Boston, Masschusets • Sail-Habilitation, Toms River, New Jersey • Sailing Fascination, Newport Beach, California • Sailing iz4 Everybody, Union, Mississippi • SCAMP, Southern Chesapeake Adaptive Maritime Program, Norkolk, Virginia • Sea Legs, Cutchogue, New York • Shake-a-Leg Miami, Coconut Grove, Florida • Shake-A-Leg, Newport, Rhode Island • St. Petersburg Yacht Club, St. Petersburg, Florida • Thin Air Model Yacht Club of Colorado, Evergreen, Colorado • Vaagsbygd Seilforening, South Norway • Vela Escota Españña • Vela Insieme, Italy • Y Knot Disabled Sailing Club, Lake George, New York • Zeilcharter Nieuwe Maen, Holland Page 14